Grass In The Desert | Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen
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When you're in a difficult season, you have to remember that God is still in control. While you wait for the promise to come to pass, He's going to fill you with the strength you need. Because you're a child of the Most High God, that difficulty is not going to overwhelm you.
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Oct 26, 2020




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Comments 100
Violet Strachan
Violet Strachan 9 hours ago
I listen to your program all the time but I was just saying it seems like I am not going to find that house and your topic was just about buying a house I claim this message in jesus name I am going to find one tks u Joel keep you the good news blessing always
Creatorchahn 11 hours ago
Agnes Joseph
Agnes Joseph Day ago
Iam from India pl pray for my daughter s marriage to happen waiting for a long time
Ophiea Best
Ophiea Best Day ago
Amen. God is able.
bill barden
bill barden 2 days ago
Joel saved my life He is truly blessed by God
Brian Davis
Brian Davis 3 days ago
Amen. Thank you Joel! 🙏
Jason Oquinn
Jason Oquinn 3 days ago
I had an inner ear virus in my left ear this last January, God and Jesus healed me and i regained full hearing back from almost full loss. Trust God even when broken and He can heal you. Thank you Lord. Good sermon Joel.
Halo Investments
Halo Investments 4 days ago
Yes I see see the green grass in the desert🙏
Nicole Mudekereza
God gave me grass in the desert in 2015 i met a man in new york city❤️❤️❤️🥰 thank you God. Give me that again
Home Treats With Sara
Whoever reading this, God knows what you are going through, He has heard your cry and He is going to deliver you, just trust in Him.
rani rao
rani rao 8 days ago
Thank you Jesus, thank you Br for wonderful message and prayer 🙏
rani rao
rani rao 8 days ago
Br kindly pray for my financial problems
rani rao
rani rao 8 days ago
Br kindly pray for my house loan to sanction and registration
rani rao
rani rao 8 days ago
Praise the lord Br, I am suffering from insomnia, kindly pray for me 🙏
RC Gaming 29
RC Gaming 29 10 days ago
🙏👌 I always pray for word🙏
Sumnima chhetri
Sumnima chhetri 10 days ago
Jesus bless 🖐u amen
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia 12 days ago
Please pray for my wife she suffered a cardiac arrest 2 weeks ago an she’s only 31 years old. The dr.s are saying she has brain damage an she may never be the same. Please pray 4 her to make a full recovery our 2 lil girls need their mommy! God bless 2 all
Maureen Muthoni
Maureen Muthoni 10 days ago
May she receive healing in Jesus name..
Anthony Briggs
Anthony Briggs 13 days ago
Prayers for your spouse..may they recover quickly
Scherry Barnett
Scherry Barnett 13 days ago
God plz help me today I was accuse of something god that not me god I'm not rude god I'm bully harass treated like dirt /garbage God plz take my enemies away I realized ppl who authority use it to hurt others God keep me strong keep me humble god it hard in here victory is coming for me n my family they a saying hate is heavy love is lite I choose lite Amen
Kalema Christine
Kalema Christine 14 days ago
AMEN May God bless you 🙏
Aaron Finsrud
Aaron Finsrud 14 days ago
honest question god is all good and the devil wants evil but is there not a gray area like just because it's not good doesn't mean it's evil.
Selina Celine
Selina Celine 14 days ago
God give me grass in the desert
SpeakNow with GENA
SpeakNow with GENA 15 days ago
Blessed, Blessed, Blessed “I am” to be able to receive constant reminders through your teachings Pastor Olsteen of who God is and his promises for me! Agape Love I send to you and yours! Thank You 🙏🏾
Rose Banor
Rose Banor 15 days ago
You are always encouraging me. Thank you. God will continue to bless you in Jesus Name.
Easter R Hmar
Easter R Hmar 15 days ago
Amen and Amen... Thank You For Sharing Incredible Message With Us... Would Love To Attend One Of Your Service Personally..
Christopher William
Don't tell about Lent Sunday easter man
JULIET ACHEN 16 days ago
My sister lost her hubby last month...Oct 2020 and this sermon is really meant for her...I pray God to heal her..
Brittney Renea
Brittney Renea 16 days ago
D W 17 days ago
The ad from supreme has cursing.
Flavor Eats
Flavor Eats 17 days ago
Lord Thank you for the green pastures! My husband was working on middle east 4years ago, but the company closed down. He came home without salary, that time my daughter was sick getting in and out of hospital. We wonder how to make things work. Paying bills, paying installment land, and his family side also relying on him. Months have past, our savings is already empty. And we rest listened to a sermon by Joel and Joseph. They really help us to connect with God.. surrender everything on him. Trust him,.. That was 4 years ago. Now my husband works at home, we paid the land, built our own home even in the middle of pandemic. My children are healthy. Praised the Lord 🙏
Javier Serrano
Javier Serrano 18 days ago
Thank you Lord for this great motivations to continue in the road. I am from Costa Rica. God bless you.
MOSES ADEWOLE 18 days ago
Thank you Joel Osteen. You are a beacon of light and brighter shall this light grow in the matchless name of Jesus Christ
Arunasri Goswami
Arunasri Goswami 18 days ago
Thank you for this message. This has encouraged me a lot. My two children diagnosed with autism. I'm always worried how am I going to bring them up especially my second son who is non verbal and challenging. I felt helpless and completely broken. But now I know God gives me strength and will lead me. He is my lord.
Eli Ramos
Eli Ramos 18 days ago
This was one of the best.
Taremwa Joshua
Taremwa Joshua 19 days ago
Blessed are the eyes and ears which pay attention to Joel osteen sermons.
man syla
man syla 19 days ago
Friend On the Line
Friend On the Line 19 days ago
Wow!, this is so amazing. Thank you
DJMTRAXXX 19 days ago
Amen 🙏🏼
G O I T S E 19 days ago
Funny how I can relate to exampled he gives. Amazing
DRUNKDONKEY100 20 days ago
Stop praying and start doing the work 👆
Pradeep Joy
Pradeep Joy 20 days ago
Please pray for me and my family along with my two daughters. I lossed my livelihood for my family. It was too difficult day's in my hole.I was facing deep difficulties in my hole life.Lot of finance crisis. Every month ,I was Barrow money for 5% interest. Please help me. Please help me.
Prince Christopher
Prince Christopher 20 days ago
Thank you Jesus.
隨性巫師 20 days ago
Thanks for this god bless
Liliana Leao
Liliana Leao 20 days ago
Poonam Paul
Poonam Paul 20 days ago
I'm from India, Punjab. Please pray for my future so God bless me with good husband. I love and believe Jesus christ.
allayndengu 2016
allayndengu 2016 21 day ago
allayndengu 2016
allayndengu 2016 21 day ago
Thank you for joel osteen pstor for preaching the bilble tyes i will discover the green posture in desert
Vanessa Reed
Vanessa Reed 21 day ago
So encoraged
Angelique Gil Hägglund
Thank You Lord! Thank You Joel, Victoria and All Your blessed Family! Thank You Lakawoodchurch and All People there!
Sam M
Sam M 21 day ago
these are old messages? ?
Nyah Fierro
Nyah Fierro 21 day ago
Who is your gospel about? For us or for god
Wong Kenneth
Wong Kenneth 22 days ago
Greetings from Malaysia, Pastor Joel your message is a push in my life, oftentimes I felt heading nowhere and things desired to do did not come to pass, just as what you said there is green grass in the desert. Thank you so much for the inspiring and courageous message, God bless you and your family.
daniagirl68 22 days ago
thank you!!!
Jesu Yasu
Jesu Yasu 22 days ago
I love you my god
Janet Milliner
Janet Milliner 22 days ago
Please pray for my son who is battling mental illness and don't want to admit it or recognize
elahe mahdavi
elahe mahdavi 22 days ago
Thanks pastor God Father bless you and your family now and forever brother joel osteen. Amazing preach like always thanks.
Rogers Kiprotich
Rogers Kiprotich 22 days ago
Please pray for me.. I want to get out of alcohol addiction... And I want God's Grace in everything I do. Each time I'm about to make in life I go back to square zero.
Alexsander Da Silva
Hi - Pray for my daughter Alexandra to be free of drugs. God Bless Pastor Joel - God loves you and we too. 🙏
Kristie Miller
Kristie Miller 23 days ago
Thank you Joel! I so needed this today!
Christopher William
Not unless you have a Family Air loom that belong's to me Called a Ditch Witch like a Giant Chain Saw that starts at the waters edge and works its way through the Desert ware water is life is !
Kyle Gilbert
Kyle Gilbert 24 days ago
Joel and Victoria, and his mother that beat cancer are such an inspiration to all of us! Teaches us that the struggles aka contrasts are simply there to build your stamina and character. God bless them and Lakewood church!!! Namaste! 😍🙏🏼😇
Lynda Louis-smith
Lynda Louis-smith 24 days ago
LORD JESUS thank you for your wonderful favors & your green grass in my life Amen 🙏❤️🙌
Doreen 24 days ago
Amen! Thank you Pastor Joel
Rhulani Poetry Factory
Glory to God🙌🏾🙌🏾
geidi calcagno
geidi calcagno 25 days ago
This man belong to God. Its such a pleasure to use your phone to listen to him, l grow up in the grass but growing up l realized l was in a dessert with scorpions, snakes and without water, for more than 20 years. Now lm renew in health, faith and love, JESUSCRIST gave me exactly what l need, and keep away from me the things he knows that can damage me.l thank God and his mother for rescued me... save my life. Ready for the DESSERT and ready for the Grass with a lot cows.
Steve Finesse
Steve Finesse 25 days ago
23:18 well said
Major Major
Major Major 25 days ago
Amen 🙏🏾
Carol Knop
Carol Knop 25 days ago
I started listening to you regularly last month when Nancy Brown told me she listened to you on RUvid. I have not listened to a religious sermon since the 1970s. I maintained my spirituality, but I was always resistant to religion, especially Christian. Listening to you has made my heart thaw and I am able to forgive events in the past. Three years ago I was a pro-choice, feminist, democrat. That has all been changing gradually in the past few years. Thank you, Pastor Joel, for your part in opening my hard heart and for providing uplifting, motivational, free sermons on RUvid.
Prayer Power Partners
Come out of her my people.
Ajeeth Sing
Ajeeth Sing 25 days ago
A powerful word of God that has been spoken in season. God bless Pastor Joel. Instagram @ajeeth.sing
Ajeeth Sing
Ajeeth Sing 25 days ago
This is a powerful Word of God that is spoken in season. God bless Pastor Joel. Instagram @ajeeth.sing
REV. ARPAN MASIH 25 days ago
I m serving the Lord jesus in India, pls pray for me n ministry growths and pls my contact number 9990214654pls reply Rev.dr arpanmasih pastor, I m praying for u dear friend that you may prosper in your life.
REV. ARPAN MASIH 25 days ago
I thank my God that feeding me in the time of pandemic, He is true shepherd of His people in His own.
REV. ARPAN MASIH 25 days ago
Pls pray for me n ministry growths and finance n win souls for God
Shundria Brown
Shundria Brown 25 days ago
Amen. I receive 🙌🏾
Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler
Jesus Christ, is the name of God. Jesus lives. Praise and Bless God's Holy name.
Lyn Pista
Lyn Pista 26 days ago
Pls. I need your prayer for my totally healing bcoz the lining of my ovary bcome thicker,so pls include me on your prayers that the lining if my ovary bcome normal…thanks a lot & May the good Lord continue to bless us
Gina baby
Gina baby 26 days ago
Wow a message! I am touched with this. God bless you 🙏🙏
biju baby
biju baby 26 days ago
And that desert is my life. The treatment is my this new treatment for addiction. The destiny is becoming holy and mystic of the church.
M.A. McCool
M.A. McCool 26 days ago
I used to be addicted to alcohol and so did my wife I found it very difficult to break the alcohol addiction. It was ruining my life and so I asked God for help. I spent a year researching some way to stop this and I found Don Wood at the inspired performance institute. I signed up for their program and that ended my addiction and it eliminated the trauma that was the source of my addiction. This is not an endorsement, but I can tell you that I was desperate and I am no longer desperate. God bless you and your family ! I know what this is like and sometimes you feel like you are better off if God would just take your life. I know I felt that way. I was hoping God would just end it for me. But remember that all of God's promises and with yes I will! Godspeed! May the Lord bless you and keep you! May the Lord make his face to shine upon you and give you peace
joe brown
joe brown 26 days ago
Kevin Trudeau murdered my father
Doreen Amos
Doreen Amos 26 days ago
Amen,Amen,Amen...i receive all in Jesus name,Thank you Jesus
Tessie Bugarin
Tessie Bugarin 26 days ago
Iam going to my grassland
Thankyou lord for the grass in the desert. Bless my you tube channel so that I m able to reach out to all the students of this age group like you blessed the fish and bread to feed the multitude. May I be blessed to fulfill the educational needs of children.
kehinde isaac
kehinde isaac 26 days ago
Rose Johnson
Rose Johnson 26 days ago
Paula Walsh
Paula Walsh 26 days ago
OhmyGod Sending Prayers and Angels Just make Sure that he’s loved And that he knows it 🌹🙏🏻♥️🦋
Gisele Kapinga Sveshnikov
Please pray for my nephew who being a pain in his foot for 4 mouths now.joel osteen message really motivated and inspired me. Praise the lord.
Rene Nugent
Rene Nugent 26 days ago
God is good
carlos costa
carlos costa 26 days ago
Cara Mia
Cara Mia 27 days ago
Becky Essilfie
Becky Essilfie 27 days ago
Thank you very much, my Lord, for sending me the right message.
MrMaloty 27 days ago
Powerful message!🙌
@JoelOsteen , pretending I belive,. Used your name and reached out being you... be aware.. i think they are scamming people. I could be wrong. Just FYI. Keep preaching our HeavenlY Father & ○UR°• Lord Jesus CHRiSt lives, love you all. Even mE,.. a sinner. Reborn of spirit amen and aAHMEn. Hosanna in the MOST HIGH
true7love7 27 days ago
I pray that I can get help with my rent and bills please lord I seek help at this time It has been 7 months and I have not received unemployment or Government benefits yet still waiting as I am a single mother of one I seek help lord I am lost and worried tht I will be homeless I seek work and that someone can help this is beyond crazy that I have not received any help yet please God Please Please
Jyoti Gurung
Jyoti Gurung 27 days ago
Thank you Lord Jesus, for your blessing. One of the deposits my late sister had in the bank has been received that was done to me as the next of keen, in the purpose of fulfilling my sister's task for our Jaigorakh family and social work, as the responsibility was given to me. I will complete my sister's instructions given to me. It has been difficult position for me to receive another deposit ,because of my sister's sudden death. She couldn't hand over the paper that is in someone else's hand. Please Lord bless me to overcome this difficulty in my sister's name. It is my duty sincerely to fulfil her wish .Oh God ! Let my sister rest in peace. I will continue to express the progress of my sister's project. Amen.
Mina Sapalo
Mina Sapalo 27 days ago
My daily motivation
Positive Mind
Positive Mind 27 days ago
Hi friends. Always TRUST in GOD and just then you will see the truth. God is good, God is nice. Love you all.🌍🕊
joan coleman
joan coleman 27 days ago
Never give up. Never stop believing, God has blessed me with His love and goodness. He has helped me go on I realize I'm here for reason, here to help others! Thankyou Father!
S Davis
S Davis 27 days ago
Joel, you are such a great speaker, motivator, a child of God and a nice person...keep smiling 🙂
Tiarra Hopkins
Tiarra Hopkins 27 days ago
Pray for me! Im standing in the need of prayer
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