GRANDMA Had A CREEPY Secret.. I Went UNDERCOVER To Expose It! (Roblox Bloxburg)

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GRANDMA Had A CREEPY Secret.. I Went UNDERCOVER To Expose It! (Roblox Bloxburg)
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Comments 80
kitty corn 4 life
kitty corn 4 life 19 hours ago
Old people cheeks are squishy
kitty corn 4 life
kitty corn 4 life 19 hours ago
You are not on the roof this time
Sam Remacle
Sam Remacle Day ago
Cari: “old ppl are so cute and small.” Me:”well my dad is a grandpa and he is 6 foot”
Luvingili 06
Luvingili 06 4 days ago
My grandma had a crush on me, OMG.
Luvingili 06
Luvingili 06 4 days ago
Hahahaha, NO. 😐
Audrey Briceland
Audrey Briceland 5 days ago
i love ur vids
Mariam Joseph
Mariam Joseph 5 days ago
My name is mariem so that’s me when I will be old 😂
Thani hs Thani
Thani hs Thani 7 days ago
Cari l am your biggest fan
Erica Hogan
Erica Hogan 7 days ago
due dumb
Adventures With Scott
If you are reading this, I hope you have all of your wishes come true and that you will succeed in all of you dreams.Never think something negative about yourself is true. You are SO important and that you mean the world to all of us. When your life is hard just remember that I am here for you. you will always be amazing and i know it you are amazing and everyone loves you so much.
Danielle Cara!
Danielle Cara! 8 days ago
Did she say the b word she was like:why can’t I go down there b****...oh it’s were the power boxes is!! What the.. 5:15 ✌🏻😲
justyna herrera
justyna herrera 9 days ago
Lol she has no pants
Cristina Granados
You are like then why cant go down there b*😱
unicorn GAMES
unicorn GAMES 10 days ago
Yo Cari! i turned on post notifications and subsribed!
Mohlis Ab
Mohlis Ab 11 days ago
me thinks i'm early
Kaylee Ramos
Kaylee Ramos 11 days ago
can you add me on roblox and plssss trade me robux my name for robux is pupkkyoyo1
Taylor O Donovan
Taylor O Donovan 11 days ago
LaceeJo Healy
LaceeJo Healy 12 days ago
Did you see that cari was not wearing pants
Makayla Hall
Makayla Hall 12 days ago
you look cute as a grandma. go into the room and you can find out what is in there. but you better be careful and have a good day at the house and get a chance to get a look at the room and you and Dylan have a good time making videos of crazy stuff in videos. OMG I can't believe that a grandma she's cute but crazy. I love it you videos on RUvid
adriana garcia
adriana garcia 12 days ago
bruh no pants HAHA
Karin Santos
Karin Santos 12 days ago
I have never heard of a boomer who plays roblox. XD
Amelia Borromeo
Amelia Borromeo 13 days ago
This video like Poke before video😵😵😵
britany cox
britany cox 13 days ago
Cari you say you have a pretty good house I would say it looks heavenly amazing;D
Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore 13 days ago
you are amazing
Lele Green
Lele Green 13 days ago
That was good
lucciana landers
lucciana landers 14 days ago
Cari my username is philicia25
assassin23good ez
assassin23good ez 14 days ago
wow cari loves old people for the same reason as raven from teen titans cool
Roberto Manenti
Roberto Manenti 15 days ago
I love your vids
Elaine Mei
Elaine Mei 15 days ago
Cari: Turns into grandma Me: why do you have washington's hair?
Lee Carlisle
Lee Carlisle 16 days ago
garth tutte
garth tutte 16 days ago
Cari . I love grandmas they are so cute and small Me . WHAT. Ps. I love grandmas to
• A t h e a s t i c • M e s s
I love old people because there so wise!
Everly Davis
Everly Davis 16 days ago
its a retiermet home
kamri bailey
kamri bailey 16 days ago
Cari you should get a dog
kamri bailey
kamri bailey 16 days ago
Cari is fan I love watching her video
Ella Domino
Ella Domino 17 days ago
you are a SUPER GOOD youtuber!
Danessa Bristol
Danessa Bristol 17 days ago
I love old people too I fell like squeezing there checks thehe
Jasiah Williams
Jasiah Williams 18 days ago
TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM
How many times do cari says I saw your ad like 👇🏻
Raven Sangine
Raven Sangine 19 days ago
wait cari said they are so small and cute but what if a old person is 7 foot11 is that small XD
billie EILISH fan
billie EILISH fan 22 days ago
lol my grandmas name is miriam
SummerDIY 22 days ago
no pants?
Saeed Akhtar
Saeed Akhtar 23 days ago
try some other games in roblox plz
Macy mkal
Macy mkal 24 days ago
Hey. You. Need to. Break up now💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 And get back to together
Garuda adv
Garuda adv 26 days ago
Oh my god
Garuda adv
Garuda adv 26 days ago
Garuda adv
Garuda adv 26 days ago
Garuda adv
Garuda adv 26 days ago
Garuda adv
Garuda adv 26 days ago
Garuda adv
Garuda adv 26 days ago
Garuda adv
Garuda adv 26 days ago
Her:i'm just chilling Also her:jumps on car
Natalia Maloney
Natalia Maloney 27 days ago
Can you accept my friend request
Chadae Harvey
Chadae Harvey Month ago
Can you tell Ashley can she add me as her friend in roblox my name in roblox is FiFi love 05 biggest fan
Niyah & Lay Lay
Niyah & Lay Lay Month ago
Talking some nice old people wait till you meet mine she’s very mean 😂
Railyn Butler
Railyn Butler Month ago
Hi Cari
Mattie Starks
Mattie Starks Month ago
this grandma almost copied my grandmom's house
Shoshanah Hunter
dailys martinez
dailys martinez Month ago
How many times did she said ummmmm
Madalena Donato
Madalena Donato Month ago
I know these are fake (Dylan and Poke included) but I still enjoy watching them!
Virginia Vandenburg
at least im 1148
【whisxr】 Month ago
Cari: I got some white hair Cute lil glasses and a sweater Me: with no pants
Jan Cantrell
Jan Cantrell Month ago
OMG HI PLS TEXT ME HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Layla the gamer 123
This is a bit rude but I know theese vids are planned for entertainment but I still luv the vids and keep doing your best
funny kids channel
I hate u cari bye bye
funny kids channel
I dont really like u because i am so poor in roblox i have nothing i dont like you tubers hahaha.......................whats so special in u huh get with me people who dont like cari hahaha😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
funny kids channel
Hey cari idc if u r a you tuber whats so special
Ravenclaw 4life
Ravenclaw 4life Month ago
Cari said she never meets a mean old person .then she would LOVE repeat LOVE my nan
GalaxyGamer Vids
Cari: I LOVE OLD PEOPLE... THEYRE SO SMALL AND CUTE!!! Me:ummmmmmmmmm... you good girl?
Sandra Felgueiras
when u dont like the user GrandmaMiriam bc ur name is Miriam and ur not old but u like bc Cari said my name XD
Maddy Ramos
Maddy Ramos Month ago
Omg hi! I'm a fan!
Oumar Barry
Oumar Barry Month ago
Can you make a good home for me please Summercool1312
fydfdf ydfyy
fydfdf ydfyy Month ago
I LOVE U SO MUCH!!! can you pls give me 30 roux my name is lejco123
Daisy Masegman
Daisy Masegman Month ago
Cari looks like a *minister* ..lol.
Marjouree. Kincy
Something says keep out in Roblox right next to you🧐
Jude Alhumaidhi
Jude Alhumaidhi Month ago
5:11 this is my first time hearing her say b*tch
Dani Wilson
Dani Wilson Month ago
Cari I love your BoyFriend and I love you!!🤩🤩
R gaming
R gaming Month ago
At 9.45 she looks old
Daniela Bermudez
Your amazing
Kennedy Hinrichs
I like how all your vids are like the same prompt in every vid like when she sees the same stuff in the chat they are all very interesting
DEWEY _ DUDET Month ago
I once watched a video with 666 likes and I gave it the 667th like to not keep the video cursed. I don't remember what video it was but I remembered that! 😂
Ігор Охріменко
I really like old people also!😋😄☺️
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