GR Yaris v BMW M2 CS v Fiesta ST - TRACK BATTLE and 0-60mph 1/4 mile test: AWD v RWD v FWD!

Mat Watson Cars
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In this video I wanted to see which was the easiest and most fun car to drive on a short technical circuit - rear-wheel-drive, front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. So I lined up the new BMW M2 CS, Toyota GR Yaris and Ford Fiesta ST edition. And of course I also launched them to see how quick they are from 0-60mph and over the quarter mile.

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Apr 4, 2021




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Mat Watson Cars
Mat Watson Cars 5 months ago
Which do you prefer? All-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive or front-wheel drive? Let me know below. And don't forget to listen to my next show with Yianni on Stereo here: stereo.com/u/r21686FPvo0jZ21
Pawel Kostecki
Pawel Kostecki Month ago
Why you didn't have British legend in program. MG 6r4 with Toyota GR , ford focus rs , BMW M1
Angelo Podavitte
Fiesta vs i20n ...thanks!!
pantelis aggeli
pantelis aggeli 2 months ago
Matt make a track battle between the fiesta st mk8 and the new i20n
Letsie Mutlanye
Letsie Mutlanye 2 months ago
Matt you are so wrong
Danger M
Danger M 4 months ago
If you can't afford the m2 just work harder
Peter Lane
Peter Lane 7 days ago
Stupid …… M2 with a Fiesta and Yaris.. dumb
Luke Sullivan
Luke Sullivan 10 days ago
Nice that they gave Matt a custom helmet with his nickname on for this video ;)
Karl Walls
Karl Walls 16 days ago
Car that costs twice as much as the others wins shocker
sizwe nzama
sizwe nzama 18 days ago
This video perfectly explains the performance car segment from entry level Fiesta to sweet spot Yaris and to the beast of a bmw
Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez 22 days ago
So you are saying bang for the buck i could purchase 2 of the Toyota Yaris and have money left over for hookers and cocaine OR i could purchase a BMW M2 and beg my friend to let me bang his mum and drink cough syrup because i cannot afford a pint at the Pub ! Sign me up for the Yaris x2 !
Henrik Luthman
Henrik Luthman 24 days ago
Before I see the result...Yaris...very fast in these type of tracks...lets see...
DDT DDT 27 days ago
This guy rather dies than saying something positive about a ford.... and comparing a fiesta and Yaris with an M2....🙈
Bradboy73 28 days ago
Hardly a fair comparison.... Money talks here. If the Fiesta had a map and over 300bhp, different ball game.
Zorkki 28 days ago
You could have at least got a Focus ST instead of a Fiesta ST to make it a more even fight, why you gotta do us Ford fanboys dirty like that :(
Pravin ranchhod
Pravin ranchhod Month ago
Wow bmw blew the yaris away incredible
Prices in Greece : Yaris gr from 40k Fiesta st from 22k , bmw m2 from 100k.... the st is the best for its prize
Janelle Tzoumanis
You are cool
Yarne Van den brouck
you would have beaten the mini in the 1/4 with the .5
V R Month ago
To get an equal test go on a dirt-track as well
George A
George A Month ago
Dont talk oldschool for the Torque, can we get it in ft lbs, unless youre stating PS for the (bhp)?!
Exklusive Skill
Exklusive Skill Month ago
Hi can you please tell me the exact color of the fiesta? I want my fiesta the same way
Paok Salonica
Paok Salonica Month ago
This fiesta is limeted edition with coilovers and performance wheels.. The colour is azure blue. Only 500 pieces in Europe and 300 Uk..
Dariusz Ciesielski
Dariusz Ciesielski 2 months ago
Track car - and there is not Megane 4 RS Trophy ? ? Car wow !!????
jonyb4 2 months ago
LOVING these, especially compared to the likes of the carwow stuff
Muhammad Ziya Patel
Muhammad Ziya Patel 2 months ago
A real disadvantage to the hot hatches because its manual vs auto😂
Nathan 2 months ago
Yaris 👍🏼
rHiAnNeXjAzE 2 months ago
I think hes the new ken miles
João Sousa
João Sousa 2 months ago
3 different hp. all 3 top of the game, but the Yaris man…. What a beauty
Davideo Jockey
Davideo Jockey 2 months ago
MAD respect for toyota puting frameless doors.....meanwhile subaru and others that had them before they all look like cheap buckets now
David Wales
David Wales 2 months ago
M2 is such a weird car to include in the comparison. Totally different price range
Ernesto GM
Ernesto GM 3 months ago
Hello there Mat! Now that you have driven the GR4 for a while... how is the maintenance schedule? how often do you service your car? how much does it cost? Would really appreciate a video with a complete long term review about the GR4: how is it living with it? Servicing? Etc. Cheers!
Ridscoツ 3 months ago
Where are the Hyundai i20n
Jay Nelson
Jay Nelson 3 months ago
Thanks for making this my last video
Idef1x 3 months ago
Where I am from the GR cost basically double of the Fiesta ST mk8.....
Bertrand Rongé
Bertrand Rongé 3 months ago
I've been waiting to take my coffee to enjoy this video and seing the M2 take the sweet deserved revenge after you made fun of the old timer 328 vs the Yaris GR. Props again to the e36 328i btw to have been able to get a draw on the rolling race vs a car 20 years newer and with 50 hp more ;)
Dylan 3 months ago
I love that there is a Matt channel as well. Get to see real track stuff not just drag racing.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 3 months ago
How are those even comparable cars? Lol 70k new versus 30k cars...
Ice B- aka P77ice
Ice B- aka P77ice 3 months ago
Well that outcome was expected from the start. Why bother. Might as well just of tested that rimac with em too. Doh.
Doubleyougee 3 months ago
The fiesta goes well. It's just so ugly. I hate the upswept rear window deign and the headlights are an abomination imo.
pvtjoker73 3 months ago
The most telling part of the video, was that you had a permanent grin on your face whilst driving the Fiesta.
Filip A. Urbanski
Filip A. Urbanski 3 months ago
Hey look mat can you do a m240i review or track time? I know you are getting lots of comments and I am NOT saying I'm the most important comment 🙂 But I want to buy my car through carwow and I think you should listen to every comment. And I only want you to read and reply to this comment if you do the m240i review it is is less important. It would be appreciated 😊!
Γεώργιος ιωακειμιδης
Chobbsy 3 months ago
I paid a lot less for my Fiesta ST Edition through CarWow ! I've had a MK3 Focus RS ..... Comparing the stats and reviews of both the RS & Yaris......., The Yaris is so over hyped !
Sergio 4 months ago
If only yous would've gotten the VA wrx sti
Alex Bazeos
Alex Bazeos 4 months ago
So Mat actually knows how to turn the steering wheel...
Zifiso Ndlovu
Zifiso Ndlovu 4 months ago
Good to see you doing solo its high time..behind you all the way.
Saifeddine Zouini
Saifeddine Zouini 4 months ago
Track's Name please
Francis Maina
Francis Maina 4 months ago
Realised it's not Carwow as it ended.
DanieI Joseph
DanieI Joseph 4 months ago
M2 is the best, who new! 😆
DARYL HUNTER 4 months ago
Much more interesting than 1/4 mile and 0-62 tests.. fantastic!
Max Wheatley
Max Wheatley 4 months ago
STOP PRESS!!! Most expensive, most powerful car is quickest and least expensive, least powerful car is slowest
Big Red
Big Red 4 months ago
BMW The most expensive??? You can buy two Toyota's for the price of one BMW. Not much of a comparison? Six cylinder v 3???? .😴😴😴
Doubleyougee 4 months ago
The ST is a good car, it's just so hideous to look at. The way the back windows slope upwards is dreadful which leaves a chunk of metal between the bottom of the window and the wheel arch.
Trevell John-charles
On the Peugeot 208 what trim has the massage function
Red Cracker
Red Cracker 4 months ago
Matt Please consider reviewing Porsche 918 spyder either on your channel or on carwow.
Santosh Yadav
Santosh Yadav 4 months ago
Hey Mat, can I get some information about your career details? As I'm a teenager, I'm planning to become a motoring journalist just like you. I have pretty good interest in cars! Please help me out Mat☺️
alex stokes
alex stokes 4 months ago
This that the top gear track?
Quwin Whittaker
Quwin Whittaker 4 months ago
Hi Mat , I would like to know if you have ever reviewed a proton Gen 2?
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma 4 months ago
RELUCTANT 5 months ago
I love my Fiesta ST mk8, 100000km / 62000 miles and no problems at all
Kabir Narula
Kabir Narula 5 months ago
Your nearly at 500k subs, just less than a thousand to go..!!!!!
JakobusVdL 19 days ago
1200 short of 600k only 4 months later
Faheemul and Tanisha
Next video on Mercedes AMG S63 Convertible
Faheemul and Tanisha
Next review of your house mat !!
kk gg
kk gg 5 months ago
Master yon
Master yon 5 months ago
Almost 500k subs
Amaro86YT 5 months ago
Hi Matt, I'm a big fan of yours.
Alejandro Ochoa
Alejandro Ochoa 5 months ago
All this, and not a single use of a Transponder. FAIL.
Vishal Bhanot
Vishal Bhanot 5 months ago
One day I just randomly bumped into ur channel...now case is...if I dnt take ur review...I wont be able to finalize the car...
diamus100 5 months ago
How are you getting along with your RC car Mat? Nice to see you branching out for yourself with your own channel and having a bit of fun instead of just reviewing new cars to plug carwow. You need to get yourself a Traxxas Xmaxx 8s and the Felony 6s. 😉
Mpha Ntata
Mpha Ntata 5 months ago
well for me i prefer for wheel drive, awesome review by the way
RYAN SHIBU 5 months ago
Hi Matthew Watson really enjoy watching your videos keep up and stay safe
Markey Westskies
Markey Westskies 5 months ago
Eh...why not CVR instead of the Fiesta?
Ruslanas Filipovas
Ruslanas Filipovas 5 months ago
Nice video, interesting comparison
Shesh Ramtohul
Shesh Ramtohul 5 months ago
Hello Mat Please make a review of the new eqs😑
Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf 5 months ago
Love the video!
lone warrior
lone warrior 5 months ago
Mat...your the best podcast out there...seriously leave em all behind...want to see 10 million subs
OSEH 5 months ago
Are you gonna get an exhaust on your Yaris? At least a cat back?
Lakisleon 5 months ago
Worst director ever! Show us the track not the driver!!!
Christian Giger
Christian Giger 5 months ago
On a slower trak or hill road i think the yaris would win.
Faheemul and Tanisha
Video on top 10 most luxurious cars please 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Faheemul and Tanisha
@Mat Watson Cars but I asked to make a video on top 10 most luxurious cars
Pocket Fella
Pocket Fella 5 months ago
Matimum performance
Pocket Fella
Pocket Fella 5 months ago
More on your GR Yaris please
Adrian Sz
Adrian Sz 5 months ago
try this video when the track is wet, probably find the yaris to be the fastest.
Not_Real 5 months ago
fiesta ST is dead, GR Yaris is not in American, and BMW M2 is overpriced.
Isaac Lelisha
Isaac Lelisha 5 months ago
pls race the lambo aventador svj and your new tesla model s plaid +
Alfha Risqi Wicaksono
Mart test on gravel track
Christopher Mattheys
I love you Mat but it's painful to see you kissing ass for money.
Abba Dabba Jabba
Abba Dabba Jabba 5 months ago
Nice video as always. What's the mode you select on the timing gear for 0 to 60? Do you use the rolling one as your times are always better than the manufacturer quoted times ?
Ramon Rosales
Ramon Rosales 5 months ago
hey Matt! I just applied to a job posted by Car wow on LinkedIn. located in Madrid. just wanted to let you know im a big fan of both of your channels and working with you would be a pleasure. I love the automotive industry and I know how important and troublesome it is to buy a car and carwow actually makes people´s lives easier when it comes to the final choice.
Nathan Weber
Nathan Weber 5 months ago
Just a very great video 🤘
notesi 5 months ago
1.8 seconds vs 41000 €
NorthernN54's 5 months ago
that ford was 3 wheeling half the fucking track XD
jamviator 5 months ago
That m2 is gorgeous
Haseem Hyder
Haseem Hyder 5 months ago
Can you send me your carwow company business model to my email (Not asking stupid questions nor do i have any bad intention) just burning desire of an MBA from WMU to excel in entrepreneurial world. God bless carwow company, staff and epic swag you tuber Mat Watson . @Mat Watson Cars @carwow
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 5 months ago
ford 1.17 toytoy gr 1.14, close for the HP difference and AWD.. better chassis ? I dont know what does everyone think ?
Yama Fanboy
Yama Fanboy 5 months ago
What kind of monster would pick TV over the internet? Can we even trust Yianni after hearing that?
Rafael Cury
Rafael Cury 5 months ago
It should have been the civic type R instead of the fiesta, just saying...
Daniel Soriano
Daniel Soriano 5 months ago
They did that already check their videos
British Agent
British Agent 5 months ago
Great video, much more interesting and fun compared to drag racing
TL BC 5 months ago
The cars are so different in bhp doesn't really matter about rwd awd fwd does it
WrighterLights BrighterLights
This vid is not in carwow ... somehow it is in Carwow America Latina channel ....
ryan juarez
ryan juarez 5 months ago
How’s a M2 in this? A M2 would be Better w a RS
Simon Healey
Simon Healey 5 months ago
Why did they not use the new focus ST as its at a closer price point?
fluffy91 5 months ago
If the BMW were manual, it wouldn't be much ahead of the Yaris. Very impressive for 33 grand.
JUSTADRUST 5 months ago
There was alot more smiles while in the Fiesta ST!!
JUSTADRUST 5 months ago
What the hell is all that shit about?
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