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Jan 31, 2018




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Comments 80
Jack McClelland
Jack McClelland Month ago
The city it picked is a bit..ironic this day in age considering that's where the protests started
Luke Rankin
Luke Rankin Month ago
Random bruises can always be blamed on jiu-jitsu.
yam manatee
yam manatee 3 months ago
Never have I seen someone so violently clean they’re laundry
Brian Lewis
Brian Lewis 3 months ago
Did anyone else in 2020 get this in their recommended, and got scared that it was about the virus.
Leah L
Leah L 4 months ago
2:23 Did... Did he just accidentally Meme??
Leah L
Leah L 4 months ago
Hahaha that intro 😂 Julien you a comedian!
Zinniye 4 months ago
1:21 is that lamp from Amazon
Gefen Arnon
Gefen Arnon 7 months ago
Damn thats a dope intro
HBCAT 13 7 months ago
Background music : chill Julien : throws tide pod and flips it off
gremlins 17
gremlins 17 8 months ago
Julien's mom is so pretty!
jssc Lzd
jssc Lzd 8 months ago
Mom so kool 👍🏽🥰
A is for Annihilation
Walking with kermit on his back in your arms or jenna's looks like a kermit delivery service. It's so funny & goofy. I 💗 Cermet!
purple guy
purple guy 10 months ago
My dogs went mad when peach started crying lol 😂
imogen harrison
imogen harrison 11 months ago
‘i cant describe how he smells’ start with what you call people from a country in the United Kingdom beginning with i and then the season after winter ..... there’s your answer.
Peter Girgis
Peter Girgis Year ago
4:55 did peach just wink?
Veronica Year ago
Lol they in LA ?
Kazuichi Souda
Who’s Siri got triggered
Siya Paliwal
Siya Paliwal Year ago
Ive always wondered what being part of a white family is like xD
Erika Year ago
Anybody know the intro song??
Rachel Lentz
Rachel Lentz Year ago
thank you for not eating the tide pod #actuallysmartadult
PurpleBirdy Year ago
The beginning reminded me I had to put my laundry in the dryer.
Make Love
Make Love Year ago
I didn’t want to like you Julien, but i guess i do. Plus you have my only sons name but you spell it wrong. It’s JULIAN. But it has taken me many hundreds of hours of video vlog watching. But ya did it. So you better make good content cause I’m watching you.
Renpeach Year ago
Julien almost looked naked in that one part. I doubt he actually was but it looked like it
Victoria Cuellar
Julien definitely has his mothers eyes. They are so beautiful. Love you guys, Jenna and Julien.
▪ ¤ R A E ¤ ▪
Right when i saw the tidepods i immediately thought of the title and just sat there for a second
Brunette Designs
Wow your mom is so beautiful and lovely and warm.
Koin Token
Koin Token Year ago
It’s currently snowing in Minnesota
Alyna Waters
Alyna Waters Year ago
Omg, Jenna has an awesome mom and you have an awesome mom? Lucky duckies!!!
Gagaius Year ago
Peach looks like leo the lion in the thumbnail
Anonymous 1307
Julian is drinking orange juice out of a Coca-Cola glass. I am *triggered*
Rena Ieace
Rena Ieace Year ago
I feel like he said "fuck you Dale " when he dropped the tide pod in lol
Charlie Parker
kermit's such a bizarre creature - he's adorable in one shot and NASTY in the next
Aidan Ziegenhorn
Such artsy vlogs with the strangest titles
Pancake Panda
Pancake Panda Year ago
The beginning of this video made me feel like I was in hell, it gave mr so much anxiety for some reason
No homo Fz
No homo Fz Year ago
Hinata Year ago
Why is Kermit always my current mood, wanting to cry but not having the energy and breath to do it. Plus I’m always eating lol
Joos Hungerecker- de Bruin
CBD is a miracleproduct. Finally something that is working Wonders
Levi Mead
Levi Mead Year ago
Orange juice, a coka cola glass, he dont give a damn
Ruby Bruce
Ruby Bruce Year ago
Harper Long
Harper Long Year ago
Hair lookin like Wybie in this vid 😂
Bridget Riley
Bridget Riley Year ago
eew julien what was this intro
Eve Diaz
Eve Diaz Year ago
Cockatiel Handbook
The area around you eyes looks like your having allergic reaction kinda scared me at first...🙁
morr_13 Year ago
your vlogs are so chill to watch
bella Year ago
She is so cute 😍😍
Terry Marston
Terry Marston Year ago
Juliens video style is sick !!!
Misshna Weby
Misshna Weby Year ago
6:21 kermit little tongue
Amalia Roberts-Smith
When he puts the tide pod in lol!
Lívia Jäger
Lívia Jäger Year ago
grace s
grace s Year ago
grace s
grace s Year ago
I really liked that intro
Peachy Bear
Peachy Bear 2 years ago
Filia Lee
Filia Lee 2 years ago
His mom is sweet
reagan congdon
reagan congdon 2 years ago
in a while crocodile
Leslie Rae
Leslie Rae 2 years ago
Julien’s vlogs are really very heart warming and beautifully shot. It’s like these beautiful little snap shots of your life, it’s intimate but not in a sexual way, like I couldn’t vlog my life, I wouldn’t have the courage.
Lill Dogg
Lill Dogg 2 years ago
That intro with the tide pod tho 😂
1nv1s1bl3 2 years ago
He looks like Tom Cruz when his beard is shaved!
Brooke Anderson
Brooke Anderson 2 years ago
AHHHH i live like 25 mins from the stadium even tho it’s like months later
crazyjack24 2 years ago
please collab with your mom! :)
Gemini Jpeg
Gemini Jpeg 2 years ago
What are those plastic things on the wall they look like packets of something?
Jennifer_B 4256
Jennifer_B 4256 2 years ago
Did peachie just wink at 4:54 or am I tripping
Yasmin Waheed
Yasmin Waheed 2 years ago
I need me a Julien
Heather Smith
Heather Smith 2 years ago
Julien your mom is adorable
Coffee pls
Coffee pls 2 years ago
Thanks juilen's mom, i love u 2
Allen 2 years ago
I legit thought the beginning was urine because it said gotta go in the title
Hubbagub 2 years ago
cya later alligator *AFTER A WHILE, CROCODILE*
Katy Krepp
Katy Krepp 2 years ago
You literally have the best editing
Bellona Belladonnam
i would watch a peach vlog
Alyssa Waisner
Alyssa Waisner 2 years ago
"I'm sorry to myself and everyone involved" I love Julien vlogs, even the simple things like shaving 😂😂
Sarah Echeverri
Sarah Echeverri 2 years ago
❤️❤️i love this video
Zuzuzucchini 2 years ago
I’ve always been very cognizant of the fact that vlogs are very boring to me and I️ don’t like to watch them, but I️ just realized the only thing I’ve been watching at all lately, are Jenna and Julien’s. I️m so emotionally invested in them, and their dogs, and their new house, and the couch they bought a while back, and julien’s rack. Like wow
Lisa Mwah
Lisa Mwah 2 years ago
0:40 😂
RavenousMedicine 2 years ago
I totally wasn't subscribed to your channel yet, but I did so because you're mom asked at the end.
sillyoz 2 years ago
His mom closing the vlog makes me so happeh
laurel marie
laurel marie 2 years ago
"Pretty clear skies and snow" hm um
Sylvie Wawracz
Sylvie Wawracz 2 years ago
I live in Minneapolis
I love how they forced peach to high five so much that she has war flashbacks now
Kate K
Kate K 2 years ago
6:18 that face.
Kayla 2 years ago
Forever loving your vlog intros. They're so soothing and creative.
Haven Lewis
Haven Lewis 2 years ago
i really loved that intro for some reason wow
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