(GoT) Sandor Clegane || A Real Warrior

Zurik 23M
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Fandom: Game of Thrones.
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May 27, 2019




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Comments 80
Zurik 23M
Zurik 23M Year ago
Support with my creativity: www.paypal.me/zurik23m You don't have to make a big donation, even $1 is already a lot. Thank you for your support and love my channel, guys!
Brandon Grose
Brandon Grose 2 months ago
This is absolutely incredible...Tyrion was my favorite character but when GoT wrapped up, the Hound surpassed him...I've watched this so many times and I get choked up every time...kudos to you my friend!
Jake JJacob
Jake JJacob 3 months ago
Change!! ANYBODY GOT SUM Change!!! Be a begger in the street not here
SCRUMM scrumm
SCRUMM scrumm 4 months ago
Outlaw Dragon
Outlaw Dragon 5 months ago
Just to Watch Sandor realize he only had one option left and tackle his brother through that wall so they both plummeted to their death........
TSR 390
TSR 390 5 months ago
Brother u have created a masterpiece....
Jaggyroad Films
Jaggyroad Films 22 hours ago
Quite well done. Thank you for putting this together.
PrimaDeluxe 23 hours ago
Should've been called "A True Knight."
Lucia 2060
Lucia 2060 Day ago
His story makes me so sad, I want to go through the screen and hug him
Sams Ssa
Sams Ssa Day ago
He is het by thunder
Brian Thompson
really well done video
generalnawaki 2 days ago
the hound could have found some semblance of peace, oh how that hurts my soul.
Dusan Acimovic
Dusan Acimovic 2 days ago
id say hes a true soldier but warrior is a bit broad for a 8 season character
Evzais 2 days ago
Sandor Clegane's screen presence might be the only reason I continued watching the hellish season 8. He's by far my favorite character. A terrific actor Rory McCann is...
MrRUKidddingMe 3 days ago
Exceptional job of editing. You brought the essence of the Hound. Nice work.
Jack Philipsen
Jack Philipsen 3 days ago
I loved the Sandor Clegane, best char of them all.
resma maharjan
resma maharjan 4 days ago
We love youuuuu
Sanjay Dodia
Sanjay Dodia 4 days ago
Fuck The Kingsgard Fuck The City Fuck The King Always one of my favorite dialogue...🖤
Sativa Emjay
Sativa Emjay 5 days ago
I love this guy he was one of the best they're all great actors and actresses! He had such a great story throughout got. I'm so glad I had the audacity and patience after hearing so much about got and many attempts of watching got I'll sit there and watch from season 1 to the latest last episodes in a whole 5 months!!! I admit it I fucken loved it as much as I love Vikings ❤✌
arz_esen 5 days ago
protects birds , eats chicken
Eamon Brennan
Eamon Brennan 5 days ago
Someone is....
Al Mackay
Al Mackay 6 days ago
Awesome actor, awesome character.
eric wagner
eric wagner 6 days ago
you never used to shut up, now you're just sitting there like a mute ( silence) these words for ARYA touched my heart .
Fight Fury
Fight Fury 7 days ago
Life of the hound are can make series 2-3 season
strole mefo
strole mefo 8 days ago
Why isn't anyone talking about the fire fart 4:06
Mehga 8 days ago
I hated how he died. At the end of the show, he was definitely the best swordsman on the show., with Brienne and Jon following after him. Instead of a whole epic close up death we get "death by CGI dirt and fire".
Hand Abuser
Hand Abuser 9 days ago
Such good editing for my favorite got character! I enjoyed this so much
SeBmw 9 days ago
This guy is exactly like Jaime Lannister at the very beginning of the series ... We knew how to hate him, then we understand his motivations, his story and we ended up loving him ... Sandor is one of the top 5 of my favorite characters and the actor who plays it is EXCELLENT !!
Snehashis Majumdar
Sandor sometimes reminds me of kratos from god of war
T Agim
T Agim 9 days ago
With all going on in the world right now, I've been watching a lot of Game of Thrones videos, top 10 this and that, etc. I've seen this video now at least 4 times now and, even though the Hound was my favorite character, this is the best synopsis of a character, fight scene, satisfying moment, etc. that I have scene. It is short , to the point, and encapsulates the subject perfectly. Well done!
RoBo mAn
RoBo mAn 9 days ago
Without sander.... no one can win💗
Just GOT Fan
Just GOT Fan 9 days ago
A song of brotherly love
amar Nath
amar Nath 10 days ago
Subscribed , just for this video 😍😍😍
artbydabney 10 days ago
great edit!
iron man
iron man 10 days ago
his last fight with his brother was a stupid thing .. i mean he put that whole fuckin sword into his head still he was alive
iron man
iron man 9 days ago
@T Agim the knife thing was stupid am just saying .. even if he was converted itno a monster, somehow hound put that into his head still he was fighting i mean seriously
T Agim
T Agim 9 days ago
If he killed him at that point then what? They didn't have time for him to call Greyworm a dumb cunt and the consequences when they sit at that meeting and GW says the city is theirs.
James Miles
James Miles 10 days ago
i love final fight with the hound and the mountain
A W 10 days ago
i was a medic - and we kill you - if need be - you knw that ? Not to hurt you but out of mercy- in FACT it is part of our duie to kill you, if you need help the only reason, we wear a psitol - friends - is to kill you and to get you out of your misery - this is so hard but must be done - P38 -a German medic with love - it is such an honour to be a medic - my people decided me to be one - because, I am not a fighter - but a medic, I AM
eric wagner
eric wagner 10 days ago
when ARYA told him Sandor thank you . he saw love touch his heart for the first time .
Sandesh Gupte
Sandesh Gupte 11 days ago
Thanks for making this tribute . It was so heart touching. I literally cried watching it .
pawel czupryn
pawel czupryn 11 days ago
Hound is like a Piccolo of GoT :P
Douglas Downes
Douglas Downes 11 days ago
best character in the entire book and show
Nadim Mahmood Ayon
Nadim Mahmood Ayon 11 days ago
Sandor A man of Honour who always in a foul mood because of his brother's bad deed
Pirate king
Pirate king 11 days ago
In every season i used to think he'll die in this season but beating all odds he survived till last
Xander Pierce
Xander Pierce 9 days ago
He's one big mother fucker and he's hard to kill.
puneet batra
puneet batra 13 days ago
One of my most favorite and sensible characters on the show. I loved hir character and the stunning performance of the actor so much so that I have named my dog "Sandor" after him. ❤️❤️
oiJules 15 days ago
amazing edit!
Patrick S
Patrick S 15 days ago
"Someone is."
Patrick S
Patrick S 15 days ago
He's definitely become my favourite character now on my latest rewatch, can't wait to rewatch cleganebowl. Decided to start another rewatch before I watch the finale for a second time.
Alex Noah
Alex Noah 15 days ago
530 people are the mountain's supporters
Anthony Jemison
Anthony Jemison 15 days ago
Sometimes in life we never know where it leads us! It makes u or break u. Many people come out better than when they went in
Dodgy_ Jammer
Dodgy_ Jammer 17 days ago
seeing the hound care about sansa but try to hide it was one of the best things about the show
Jaanus Valdna
Jaanus Valdna 17 days ago
My hero
asrar ahmed
asrar ahmed 17 days ago
You dumb bitch wolf
Craig Bennett
Craig Bennett 18 days ago
My favourite in GOT
I don't understand why they left him die ... he could have had his revenge and survive .... second thing: I don't understand why they lost time on a improbable relationship between Brianne and Jaime, instead of Sansa and the hound , that's what most of us were waiting from the beginning.......
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh 18 days ago
The saddest thing in GOT is seeing him dying...😖😖
Jim Islam
Jim Islam 18 days ago
a tough fucker who is tough to kill..... a precise killer with zero hater :*
Akash Mohile
Akash Mohile 19 days ago
Sador Cleagane's bond with Arya Stark was awesome. He was the best protector & bravest character of the series who survived wars & even the fucking bad writing. He was everything - good, bad, sassy, badass, meaningful, hateful, The Hound, The Man.
THEBLACKWASP 19 days ago
personally i think sandor cleagene won because he took out guards like a several ants and also if the mountain never was a zombie he would have lost to those 4 -3 knight queen guards also the mountain had super strength and still the hound stabbed him several times and pushed him into the fire first so the hound won watchng this is the corna virus wrecked the full show in 8 days with online school really good show but season 8 was fun to watch but a rushed and unthoutful stroy line to the end
Bart3k PL
Bart3k PL 19 days ago
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Bart3k PL
Bart3k PL 19 days ago
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Bart3k PL 19 days ago
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TechneGaming 20 days ago
I wanted him to live so badly, to have a happy ending. At least he got to become a better person, learn through Arya and Sansa that he was loved and not the monster that his past tried to make him be.
e c
e c 20 days ago
“You think you wanted revenge a long time? I’ve been after it all my life”
Roll3 Park
Roll3 Park 20 days ago
2:38 greatest chicken advertiser from all time
leighmossien2009 21 day ago
20 years from now the young people will wonder why this show didn't continue ! And we old people will say the same thing !!
Lelouch Lamperouge
"every men die with a clean sword, i will rape his fucking copse!"
Thảo Đỗ
Thảo Đỗ 21 day ago
Sandor cứu arya và sansa rất nhiều lần, cũng là người tốt, chỉ là lúc đầu theo nhầm vua thôi
Kevinski 22 days ago
Best character in GoT. For me.
Kelvin Cruz
Kelvin Cruz 22 days ago
When he smiles and says..."You're a talker...talkers make me thirsty"...ohh boy all hell about to rain on you!!!
Pablo Perthes
Pablo Perthes 23 days ago
Fuck the king!
_TeaBagzzz_ 23 days ago
That moment when you realise this guy played the retard in hot fuzz that could only say “YARRRRP” 😂
Kleinvadder 23 days ago
Would have love to see him travel with arya as her guard :/
Kleinvadder 22 days ago
@e c excuse my bad english - i meant that it would be nice if he survived and traveled with arya in the end
e c
e c 22 days ago
Kleinvadder arya was no where near the fighter she became when clegane was protecting her. It was needed
Akhil Dev
Akhil Dev 23 days ago
Nobody: Clegane to white- walker : Dumb cunt.
pasan gimhana Pasan
The Dude I always wanted to be in RPG games
alessandro girardi
alessandro girardi 25 days ago
Yess, this ser is a very best WORRIOR 👍👏‼️
You'll make it
You'll make it 25 days ago
When him and the mountain were going to their end, into the fire. I without knowing howled like a hound to honor their house.
jacques mesrine
jacques mesrine 25 days ago
Sandor mon personnage préféré, le vrai guerrier par excellence ❤️
Euan Adams
Euan Adams 26 days ago
The Hound and Arya what a story
Alex Kertamus
Alex Kertamus 26 days ago
Why cant we get a love icon for youtube like in facebook. Love this video so effing much! Best character progression hands down
Lajceps 27 days ago
Best character! Cheer Rory McCann!
Suprotim Karmakar
Suprotim Karmakar 28 days ago
Oh man i forgot how good this show was.
The Black Alex Jones
He's officially the main character.
Oğuz Bali
Oğuz Bali 28 days ago
what makes it this series the best? Every character has it's own story.
Action6 News
Action6 News 29 days ago
the GOAT.
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan 29 days ago
He was more knight than 99% of the actual fucking knights in the show.
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