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Jun 2, 2019




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Comments 190
TheTargaryenWolf 27 days ago
Thank you all for the comments and support, it means a lot to me. I'm pleased that this video is so appreciated, I put all my heart and my love for the show. I love making videos, but it takes a lot of time and effort. And I aim for the best, especially for you guys. If you want to help me improving the quality of my videos, I would appreciate it so much: paypal.me/TheTargaryenWolf
Mr 3000
Mr 3000 3 days ago
So guess what that means i am older now just remember you hired a minor
Pamali Dhar
Pamali Dhar 14 hours ago
The ending was tremendous... With Ned and Lyanna's voiceover
Александр Alexander
Жалко русских субтитров нету😿😿😿
Mr 3000
Mr 3000 3 days ago
Do you all think I care about you all I do I just don't like BS Sayer nop this white boy didn't I have done it song it from the beginning to the end watch it play it over and over again and again yep
claytonmoree 4 days ago
Patricio Guerreiro
Great Vídeo
Dovaogedys 6 days ago
still heartbroken watching this. DAMN you D&D!
Lovely Skull
Lovely Skull 12 days ago
This is the finest Jon Snow video ever produced, Thank you☮️❤️🇨🇦
Moose 2_the_O
Moose 2_the_O 16 days ago
That. Was. Incredible. Awesome edit my man.
Isaiah Quinn
Isaiah Quinn 19 days ago
I know a lot of people feel.like Dany got the short end of the stick, but it'll my opinion Jon 100% got the worst end of the stick out of all the characters. He just been through so much since he was born, and than he always did the right thing. Maybe not always the brightest ideas, but definitely the most honorable. I really will never appreciate how the series ended for Jon. He definitely deserve an better ending.
Hithu aradhya
Hithu aradhya 21 day ago
It was fantastic loved it
Ilija Milovanovic
Ilija Milovanovic 23 days ago
One of the best characters in fiction!!!
Rollin s
Rollin s 24 days ago
Season 8 as well as jon snow in it is a bigger disappointment then I am to my parents
Bonnie Cull
Bonnie Cull 26 days ago
this video is wonderful V10/A10
edgar bahena
edgar bahena Month ago
i think we have plenty of info to make at lease a trilogy of movies of jon snow.
Israr Awan
Israr Awan Month ago
I never watched the Game of thrones and never wanted to, But somehow I started it and fell in love with its brutality and completed all 8 seasons in 5 days and I hate it for not making the end look like the end and I wish that I should have never watched it.
HALO3 English
HALO3 English Month ago
The real song of ice and fire
oliska 133
oliska 133 Month ago
anyone knows the best quotes from the game of thrones i will be grateful
EVIL QTip Month ago
I could I have watched this a thousand times and it's funny I see some of my life in this what amazes me Hidden Truths hidden realities within the show how does someone watch such amazing things and write them in his mind. then on paper Then on screen. with magical sound.
MysticFriday 404
He protect He attack But most importantly he always come back
Heather Storey
Heather Storey Month ago
Long live the true king of the north.. beautiful video
EVIL QTip Month ago
Wow. section 107. God bless. old school rules..
EVIL QTip Month ago
Thank you for this. Thank the makers. Thank the creators Thank the editors Thank the magic Thank you.
EVIL QTip Month ago
What kind of person drives a dragon a F******* Madman or a. King. Wow love this thank u
Phoebelle Month ago
It's been a very long time that a fanedit made me cry that much. The first 3 minutes and the last 3 minutes almost killed me (that part with Ghost... oh gosh). Your video showed me how they messed him up, how they kicked his development and his whole parentage with feets. But still I only hear Dany stans crying. Dany at least had a own story in the last 2 seasons. He didn't. He became from the most important character to a minor character. They didn't even let him kill the Night King. I never expected him to become king like obviously the most of the Dany stans expected it for their favorite. But I did wanted a story for him and an ending he chose all alone. I'm pretty ok with him in the real north. But not how it happend. Anyway: You did a fantastic job with this tribute and you did him justice.
Reda Qetrani
Reda Qetrani Month ago
eagon starkargaryen
Clive Njoke
Clive Njoke 2 months ago
what soundtrack is this?
reginald short
reginald short 2 months ago
I hope GRRM does better by Jon and Dany.
Ariadne Oliver
Ariadne Oliver 2 months ago
You killed Daenerys. May you ever burn in hell!
Shona Phillips
Shona Phillips 2 months ago
Jon never wanted to be King and he hated war. He didn’t want to be King of the Seven Kingdoms. I found it interesting that it was Ned’s idea that Jon join the knight’s watch where he couldn’t marry, own land and more importantly couldn’t have children. His children would have been Targaryen. The first time I watched season 8 I was upset but after I watched it again, it made more sense. I couldn’t see Jon and Danny as King and Queen. Jon fell in love with a Widling but she died.. no children. Danny couldn’t have children. The Targaryen bloodline was supposed to end. From season 1, all of the foreshadowing pointed to Sansa as being a Queen. I think a better ending would have been Sansa as the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms though. I’m okay with Danny dying. She was always threatening to burn cities to the ground. If you didn’t lover her you were the enemy. There was no in between for her until Jon. The only reason Danny was ever “good” is because there were people around her keeping her deadly impulses in check. I’m happy Jon got to ride off into the woods with Ghost and his people.
Rana Awais
Rana Awais 2 months ago
Best ever character. The Iron Throne & seven kingdoms didn't deserve Jon Snow.
James Grimaldi
James Grimaldi 2 months ago
Sick edit. Props!
Janely Santiago
Janely Santiago 2 months ago
4everHalo 3 months ago
When you get the game of thrones app add before the GOT video your about to watch
Landor Blackeagle
Landor Blackeagle 3 months ago
Did D&D watch their own damn show, ever? GRMM can fix this by giving us the same ending but putting complete power in Jon's hand to make that decision instead of being shafted the way he was at the end of season 8 by all those spineless bastards around him. Jon making all those decisions. Not Tyrion or that joke of a "council".
Magnum Pratchett
Magnum Pratchett 3 months ago
This is magnificent, Thank You.
KK and sims 4
KK and sims 4 3 months ago
But “ I don’t want it.” I will say the way you put cat edit in there had me like I know in the books she’s a non favorite but she’s my home girl in the show I am not even annoyed she hated Jon I get her I do but I like how you made her sound like she was on his side even know I think if she had lived she would have bent the knee to him like she would end up at the walk at his mercy and be sorry she was a bitch.
evg129 3 months ago
Awesome editing
Cheryl Baxter ,Stormborn
What did Brann mean by ,You were exactly where you were supposed to be
Mohammad Rasool
Mohammad Rasool 4 months ago
Jon snow the real king 👑❤🙌
Mario Popescu
Mario Popescu 4 months ago
Damn, I must watch it again...Overall, the best show ever!
Kishore Reddy
Kishore Reddy 4 months ago
He deserved the night king kill
The viral Vloggers
The viral Vloggers 4 months ago
#TheTargaryenWolf This is quite simply A MASTERPIECE You are amazing I really hope @KitHarington sees this and D&D Brilliant work on a brilliant actor who for me and many milloins more is the one true King of the Iron Throne HAIL Aegon Targaryen 111 of his name Ruler of the 7 Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. Thank you so much for this.
Maryjane Shelby
Maryjane Shelby 4 months ago
Awesome video!! 👏👏
Степан Черкашин
В конце женский голос что говорит мм?
Cathy Fleming
Cathy Fleming 4 months ago
That was an amazing video. Thanks for the tribute to Jon Snow and a reminder of why he was The Prince who was Promised.
Matt Nieto
Matt Nieto 4 months ago
Great music and even better editing wow amazing
chanel henderson
chanel henderson 4 months ago
Yezen 4 months ago
D&D: Jon is the heir to the throne. Us: Ok cool, is this gonna be important later on? D&D: Well yes, but actually no.
LynniePooh 4 months ago
How the two of them put any of this together is mind boggling considering Daenerys forgets about the iron fleet? Wtffff???? No one who is conquering forgets an enemy. They let us down. The Mother of Dragons is my favorite, however the true King should not be at the wall. Tear from eye ⚔😥😭
Ezequiel Arcangel
Ezequiel Arcangel 4 months ago
Porfavor subtitenlo en español 🙏
Yumna Rawoot
Yumna Rawoot 4 months ago
So. Fucking. Awesome. The way you put this together is incredibly epic, you are truly talented. Also, who the fuck is cutting onions 😭
LemonboyGaming 4 months ago
He is ice and fire sucks that the show didn't did home justice
Angyl Dust
Angyl Dust 4 months ago
This is an amazing video for an amazing character. Beautifully done and I hope to see more like it!
Fight Ronin
Fight Ronin 4 months ago
All Hail The King in The Real North!!!
Eve Niu
Eve Niu 4 months ago
This video made me cry so hard. Thank you for the beautiful work.
Jacob I.
Jacob I. 4 months ago
"Kill the boy Jon Snow, and let the man be born"
Samsonite 4 months ago
Brandon Carrasco
Brandon Carrasco 4 months ago
That was really really great! Love me some Jon Snow. Best character ever in the best show ever. A tortured soul as is any man strong enough to always do the right thing. Even got his happy ending although it came with a heavy price. What a story....
Trevor Winn
Trevor Winn 4 months ago
I don't hate season 8 like everyone else , but this was such a build up to him finding out and what that will bring and all that , but it didn't mean anything him being aegon didn't affect anything didn't change anything , it just made Danny upset lol
Holtbeast70 4 months ago
But he doesn't want it
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