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Gorillaz - Tranz (Official Video)

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Tranz is taken from the brand new album THE NOW NOW. Listen/buy here: gorill.az/thenownow
THE END OF THE WORLD TOUR - gorillaz.com/tour - don't miss your last chance to see Gorillaz live. Get your tickets for the last remaining shows now!
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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Co-director: Nicos Livesey
Executive Producer: Bart Yates
Producer: Georgina Fillmore
Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management.

Production Company: Blinkink
Production Company: Eddy
Executive Producers Eddy: Emilie Walmsley, Lars Wagner
Production Coordinator: Maria Kolandawel
Production Manager Eddy: Stella Ramsden
Line Producer: Fabien Cellier
Production Assistants: Lina Houari, Agathe Derosier

Director of Photography: Max Halstead
1st Camera Assistant: Toby Goodyear
Editor: Paul Moth

Animation by: Brunch
Lead Animator: Romain Barriaux
Storyboard and Layout: Julien Perron
Animation: Romain Barriaux, Julien Perron, Leo Schweitzer, Martin Richard, Paul Nivet, Magali Garnier, Léonard Bismuth, Simon Duong van Huyen, Mathilde Loubes, Victor Chagniot (work experience)
Animation Clean-up: Mathilde Loubes, Antoine Carré
Colour and Shadow animation: Meton Joffily d'Alençar, Rohit Kelkar, Antoine Carré, Constance Bertoux
Compositing: Vincent Ewald
Compositing assistant: Ekin Koca
3D Animators: Erik Ferguson, Oliver Latta, Marco Mori
Analog Synth: Michael Knight
Animation Clips: Lee Hardcastle, Macomoroni, Extraweg, Fergemanden
Animatic: Simone Ghilardotti
Sound FX: Offset Audio




13 сен 2018

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Комментарии 55 742
I LIKE CRACKERS AND Snacks Час назад
0:53 russle looks adorable
I LIKE CRACKERS AND Snacks Час назад
awwwee look at how happy russ is
IRONSTARK 3400 3 часа назад
Did someone noticed that only Russel blinks?
Eluck_ 3 часа назад
that moment when you spend so much time in a submarine, you *B E C O M E* one
Unrealistic Kitty Standards
Unrealistic Kitty Standards 5 часов назад
Noodle sees a spider on the ceiling, that's why she's looking up all the time.
Solidbridge36 SFM
Solidbridge36 SFM 6 часов назад
I remember when I was a kid and they scared the hell out of me...... they still do
Sans modern
Sans modern 6 часов назад
Is ace
first waythe
first waythe 7 часов назад
Noodle is the only one to have visual aged
xX_MeMEgAnG_xX //mega memester
xX_MeMEgAnG_xX //mega memester 7 часов назад
What happened to murdoc?
Fabi_bam 4 часа назад
He was in Prison, so Ace took over for him.
Abridged Media Source
Abridged Media Source 7 часов назад
Musical Genius..
Connrad 25
Connrad 25 8 часов назад
Everyone is talking bout 2-D taking all the drugs when no one is talking about how sexy noodle be looking am I right
xocholate 9 часов назад
When the Flintstone vitamins gummies kick in.
Kylie Martin
Kylie Martin 12 часов назад
Watched this on acid..... it doesn’t look any less crazy lmao
Justin Y. Brother
Justin Y. Brother 12 часов назад
Gorillaz for love.
PanSpaz 12 часов назад
dude wtf is this song about, or are we all just on drugs at the same time and have no idea what's going on collectively? lol
Themindi severything.
Themindi severything. 17 часов назад
This is garbage. Shit music.
w0nd3r 20 часов назад
*smily face paper*
mangoisdead 20 часов назад
Disturbing 2D at 2:24
Defilect ツ
Defilect ツ 20 часов назад
I like 2D so much more
hopper lucifer
hopper lucifer 20 часов назад
what the fuck is in those peppermint teas
Elliot Cuhrt
Elliot Cuhrt 21 час назад
surprised a 2019 comment isn´t on the top
Mr Memes
Mr Memes 21 час назад
2-d has *ASCENDED.*
meridius4510 День назад
Damn, Noodle grew up.
Myonly_ Vibes
Myonly_ Vibes День назад
2d stands for two demision Read more
Dopinder День назад
Never noticed that face 2D makes right before singing
Rinchamaa День назад
omg noodles gotten so big and she dyed her hair!
superemeguy2 the dark lord
superemeguy2 the dark lord День назад
You know when a song is good when the first few words you hear is essentially go masturbate
Emtrovert •
Emtrovert • День назад
Ace is rocking this bitch
* M.J
* M.J День назад
That's *amazing*(dont do drugs please)
Astro Zombie
Astro Zombie День назад
Gorillaz got so weird and I love it
James Enriquez
James Enriquez День назад
Ajjaja murdoc todo calvo
лодка День назад
голубоволосый глаза вернул
Marty99zzz ,
Marty99zzz , День назад
WHAT THE HACK did you show me?
Newby Ton
Newby Ton День назад
I like how Noodle dyed her hair and was there just to play like 3 strums.
politeas ducky
politeas ducky День назад
Anonymous День назад
Keep drinking peppermint teas good sirs.
В. Марк
В. Марк День назад
Niome GhostDreamer
Niome GhostDreamer День назад
This is the song that calms my demonds.
Cross-Commed Chap
Cross-Commed Chap День назад
Where's Noodle , I Thought She Was There For Good
noodle nood
noodle nood День назад
The blonde haired girl is noodle
Walker Bennett
Walker Bennett День назад
At least Murdock and russel are having a good time
Free Pig
Free Pig День назад
+noodle nood what happened to mordoc?
noodle nood
noodle nood День назад
Thats Ace , not murdoc
Casio День назад
it’s just as weird and trippy as i thought it would be 🙂
Xolar YT
Xolar YT День назад
Wait I forget, Whis the guy on the drums?
noodle nood
noodle nood День назад
JazzyCabbages День назад
Huh, this looked a lot like what my recent "trip" looked like.
Chibi Rose
Chibi Rose День назад
When you take 5 Flinstone gummies instead of 2
Chris M96
Chris M96 День назад
¿Qué hace él de las chicas superpoderosas?
vintage_bird День назад
2:20 after 3 am
parkers ,
parkers , День назад
bueno el video pero mucha epilepsia
¡¡OMFG!! :v Dragon Rojo v: OhYeahBaby
no me gusta como esta murdoc nose
Xero День назад
*The Z O O M E R S approve*
Gabriela Rodriguez
Gabriela Rodriguez День назад
Caleb Brito
Caleb Brito День назад
So 2-D is 40...AND now he starts growing a tiny mustache? why now? 1:32
noodle nood
noodle nood День назад
Lmao he shaves maybe
worthless the potato
worthless the potato День назад
I forgot I was on crack again
Glauco Araujo
Glauco Araujo День назад
Hemp ...
Lau Sofi
Lau Sofi 2 дня назад
Desde cuando son así de diferentes??!!!!
A H 4712
A H 4712 2 дня назад
When you wake up in the morning and realise, it’s Saturday
Parastrat 2 дня назад
-When you accidentally mix peppermint tea with sunshine in a bag
Twenti-Fyve 2 дня назад
the ending fucking kills me every time
MothMan Maniac
MothMan Maniac 2 дня назад
That dude
That dude 2 дня назад
I think that wasn't sugar those bastards lied to me
That One
That One 2 дня назад
Oscillate yourself tonight When you're in your bed Assimilate the dopamine Passing through your head When you get back on a Saturday night And your head is caving in Do you look like me, do you feel like me Do you turn into your effigy? Do you dance like this? Forever See yourself with cupid's flame Chipped in your head Pay them a cake, the satellites Passing by the edge When you get back on a Saturday night And your head is caving in Do you look like me, do you feel like me Do you turn into your effigy? Do you dance like this? Forever Do you dance like this? Forever Do you look like me Do you burn like me Do you look like me Do you burn like me Do you look like me Do you burn like me Do you turn into your effigy? Do you dance like this? Forever Do you live like this? Forever
Bo Falcon
Bo Falcon 2 дня назад
Russell is only happy when hes high
HS TOWER 2 дня назад
Brian Tolentino
Brian Tolentino 2 дня назад
Devulapalli Hrishu
Devulapalli Hrishu 2 дня назад
I love the Gorillaz
Sidney Ell
Sidney Ell 2 дня назад
First time I heard this my head was caving in
DIO 2 дня назад
*_Y_* *_E_* *_S_*
Spyder Gilgamesh
Spyder Gilgamesh 2 дня назад
Dante Doucet
Dante Doucet 2 дня назад
Ace and Russell are havin a goddamn blast
커비타일러 2 дня назад
*what the hell did they put in my peppermint tea?*
Reichel Valle
Reichel Valle 2 дня назад
when murdoc it's in Jail and the guy of the powerpuff girls find Job :\_/
lola turtle
lola turtle 2 дня назад
Golden Fur
Golden Fur 2 дня назад
noodle nood
noodle nood День назад
No u
Souleater787 2 дня назад
Finally an accurate portrayal of trans people
Shrek The Ogre
Shrek The Ogre 2 дня назад
2-D - Peppermint Tea Russel - Blue And Yellow Purple Pills Ace - Cocaine Noodle - Weed
spilltheteasis •
spilltheteasis • 2 дня назад
Why is noodles hair not black?
BigForehead124 15 часов назад
she dyed it
Julio Urzua
Julio Urzua 2 дня назад
Like 2019
DFM Bass
DFM Bass 2 дня назад
2:32 CARNIVAL OF SOULS Damn you Gorillaz. You somehow managed to redeem the whole music video with just that
Rimmiting Fool
Rimmiting Fool 3 дня назад
Damn that LSD is messing him up
jam the Lil potato
jam the Lil potato 3 дня назад
*2D ThAt WaSnT sLeEpInG PoWeR*
nonchalantstu54 3 дня назад
The great thing I learned about this album is that we found out that Ace from the powerpuff girls can play Bass well enough to hold his own in a one of my generations best bands. No small feat for a small time hood from Townsville.
Rowdy Rhoda
Rowdy Rhoda 3 дня назад
Something seems off with Noodle. She's either adopted Murdoc's "stand still and look nice" style, or something is wrong. I'd hate to say she "grew up" cause Noodle is childlike in her very nature.
FinnNo.13 3 дня назад
Dammed 1975. This is a comment from the future. It will make sense soon.
XxX tentation
XxX tentation 3 дня назад
Murdoc where you
XxX tentation
XxX tentation 3 дня назад
Noodle grow up
SarQa Games
SarQa Games 3 дня назад
2:47 When 2-D is out of air
2-D Murduc
2-D Murduc 3 дня назад
Gorillaz best!!!
Katie Driver
Katie Driver 3 дня назад
who needs acid when we have Gorillaz
Caeden 3 дня назад
2-D has ascend
hsjs sbjsj
hsjs sbjsj 3 дня назад
Caleb S. Butler
Caleb S. Butler 3 дня назад
Man, this clip is so cool. Russel is just smiling Noodle is... there Ace is havin' a good time And 2D is a s c e n d i n g
Kanashī Fuan'na
Kanashī Fuan'na 3 дня назад
Who ace is?
real mvp meme [Wolfos]
real mvp meme [Wolfos] 3 дня назад
nice to finally see more traditionally animated- looking stuff feelsgoodman
Baiiley 3 дня назад
All my loif
Tovarich Stalin
Tovarich Stalin 3 дня назад
Not gonna lie, I sorta miss Murdoc
Let SEPTPLIER be friends
Let SEPTPLIER be friends 3 дня назад
Ive been with em' since 2005 an' i was born in 2005 so mum was playing Gorlliaz since she found out i was being made
Emiliano Cíntorax
Emiliano Cíntorax 3 дня назад
I preffer te originals sorry
Luke Nichols
Luke Nichols 3 дня назад
I just realized that in Humility 2D was happy and russel was agitated, and then this is the complete opposite
Sophie saoit
Sophie saoit 3 дня назад
Noodle has changed so much over the years
Salad Snek
Salad Snek 3 дня назад
Is nobody gonna talk about how happy Russel looks?
Joking_Oregon1 3 дня назад
Why is Noodle's hair suddenly Orange?
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