Gorillaz - The Lost Chord ft. Leee John (Episode Nine)

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Episode Nine: The Lost Chord ft. Leee John
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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Featured Artist: Leee John
Co-Directors: Tim McCourt, Max Taylor
Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
Production Managers: Samia Ahmed & Lisa A. Smith
Production Assistants: Laurence Moss & Skye van der Walt
2D Animation Supervisor/Lead Animator: Venla Linna
2D Animation: Amanda Holm, Alvise Zennaro, Diego Porral
2D FX Animation: Mattieu Petit
Clean Up Artists: Laura Büchert Schjødt, Daniel Morales Ramirez, Maria Sandvig Nielsen, Alison Oxborrow, Diego Porral
Matte Paint: Antoine Birot
Compositing: Freddie Lewis-Wall, Bernardo Varela, Elliott Kajdan, Valerie Guichard
Grade: Lewis Crossfield at Time Based Arts

Live Action Producer: Natalie Steiner
Live Action Production Assistant: Alice Hayes
1st AD Day 1: Tom Kelly
1st AD Day 2: Luke Goodrich
Production Runner: Sinead Solomon, Joanna Thompson, Laurence Moss, Skye Van Der Walt

DOP: Max Halstead
Phantom Operator: Stephen Price
Focus Puller Day 1:Toby Goodyear
Focus Puller Day 2: Benjy Kirkman

Gaffer Day 1: Jim Agnew
Electrician Day 1: Richard Harrowing
Electrician Day 1: Charlie Manningwalker
Gaffer Day 2: Will Pope
Electrician Day 2: Jon Prentice
Electrician Day 2: Greg Probart
Rigger Day 1: Steve Daly
Rigger Day 2: Kristian Fletcher

Costume Designer: Catherine Ladd
Wardrobe Assistant: Liz Crossman
Lead SFX Make Up Artist: Natasha Lawes
SFX Make Up Artist: Bethan Adams Stringer
SFX Makeup Trainee: Jane Emily Arnold

VFX Supervisor: Bernie Varela
Special Effects Supervisor: Mats Rivenes
Special Effects Supervisor: George Finnamore
Trainee Special Effects: Antonio Cardoso

Catering Day 1: Aga Aga
Catering Day 2: Little Cooking Pot
Camera Kit: Love High Speed
Covid Supervisor: Karl Lawton

Additional Plastic Beach footage courtesy of Tristan Oliver and Passion Pictures.

Stock Footage: Footage used under license from Shutterstock.com and Pond5 (smithore, elliotdix, pashapixel, Milkare, Paolo_galasso / Pond5)
Visual Effects Stock Footage provided by FX Elements & Action VFX
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Dec 24, 2020




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Comments 100
victor enrique palomares ibarra
Plastic island 😢😢
Lev 2 hours ago
2:41 The way cyborg noodle looks at the light as she sinks to the bottom of the ocean... that plus the music makes me feel an emotion I didn’t even know I had
Exurbian 2 hours ago
as usual with a Gorillaz music vid. music is an absolute bop and the visuals are the strangest thing I've seen this year
Napcons Cruz
Napcons Cruz 3 hours ago
Now I should’ve said this earlier when I watched this for the first time but I’m gonna say it now. Does this mean plastic beach is coming back.
Angel Hallo
Angel Hallo 3 hours ago
Cool 👍
Vale M
Vale M 4 hours ago
On 0:24 there's a sound that i think it's also in another song but i can't remember which one ughh
el pana 2-D
el pana 2-D 6 hours ago
this is amazing
Santiago Taddei
Santiago Taddei 9 hours ago
Godzilla lol
Aurora Willhite
Aurora Willhite 13 hours ago
Zef Davenport
Zef Davenport 14 hours ago
This hit harder than I've anticipated. Plastic Beach was my first physical copy of a Gorillaz album, as well as an inspirational spike in my artistic hobby, which catapulted me into my fame in the fanart world, a fame that ended when I couldn't support it anymore, even if people asked for more. I ended up abandoning the nickname that made famous, and all the galleries I opened. Kind of funny how, ten years after initializing that period of my life, I still feel the bittersweet feeling of having everything and nothing at the same time. This video feels like a proper closure, even if the corpse of what I once was is still maintained by the Internet, long forgotten.
Ebert Cufre
Ebert Cufre 15 hours ago
Comentario en español
Allan Pv
Allan Pv 17 hours ago
Watching this video just to see the Plastic Beach getting destroyed is cathartic.
Shadow Stalker
Shadow Stalker 17 hours ago
Is this song about them moving on?
volos 17 hours ago
Can smn explain, what they are doing on a plastic beach? Thats the alternative story?
Zundapp 18 hours ago
Печально я не понимаю но выглядит грустно
Vegeta Lawliet
Vegeta Lawliet 21 hour ago
I´m sad I haven´t read any comments about Daley´s bones on the beach, I mean I love Doncamatic, and acknowledging that he is dead is kind of heartbreaking for me, rest in peace, I will keep repeating "talk to me" just like 2D once did
legbot124 21 hour ago
Don’t wanna be that guy but 2ds eyes we’re black at the time of the plastic beach attack
Devin Sherman
Devin Sherman 23 hours ago
The End of An Era
Jeremy on YT
Jeremy on YT 23 hours ago
We did it everyone we made a EARRAPE version of this song!!!
snakes are pretty cool if you ask me
2:36 houseplants when theyre in the shade for too long
Stella Day ago
uh oh look who’s crying over the cartoon characters again 🙄
Damn thats Daley from Doncamatic at 1:21
nuyumi_ bean
nuyumi_ bean Day ago
I just found this-
†Shaman ,That idiot †
This feels weird and extremely nostalgic to come back to this channel after so many years
Ala verga está de huevos
g o t t y
g o t t y Day ago
Crist el pro
Crist el pro Day ago
Si verdad uwu
Haydée Fernandes
Alguém br?
Adrian GS
Adrian GS Day ago
Murdoc and 2 D sucks now
ava Day ago
murdoc had saved and pulled everyone up before him and you can tell he's changing :(
Даниил Сватов
Что блять просиходит?
Alexis Scarbrough
tears in my eyes, nose stings as I watch the emotions sweep over Noodle & Beast's faces
CINSERO ! Day ago
Nice godzila
Devin Sherman
noooooo lee john you cant blow up Plastic Beach!
A4 Day ago
una persona
una persona Day ago
0:48 anyone else just looks at the little seagull walking?
Santiago Arango
1:25 sounds like my past life
Computer, query release date and time.
Joe Colzagi
Joe Colzagi Day ago
Top as always
Alex Day ago
why do they all have eye shadow on now lol
F in the chat for Daley
Subtract Seven
Subtract Seven 2 days ago
Cursed Image 1:03
Zosja Sitkiewitz
Zosja Sitkiewitz 2 days ago
Making me feel bad for MURDOC?? Again??? unacceptable
imyerpepper 2 days ago
When Murdock is crying, you know it's bad.
Roberto Clemant
Roberto Clemant 2 days ago
This shit is good
Robert Reed
Robert Reed 2 days ago
This video has started out as a nightmare. Murdoc thinks that the Boogie man had finally got him, but finds himself wearing the mask of the Boogie. For Murdoc, he has been starting to think about his past. Slowly realizing that a large part of past is like a long nightmare. The Murdoc in the submarine is the Old Murdoc. The destruction of Plastic Beach was a reason for Murdoc to move on. His three friends and bandmates save his life. 2D is the bandmate who grab Murdoc's hand. Strangely Murdoc is dealing with what is often call a mid-life crisis. Likely Murdoc is thinking about his past for other reasons. While Murdoc is no longer the leader of the band which he founded, he is grateful that his friends 2D, Noodle, and Russel are allowing him to continue to be a bandmate.
Bad Beard Bill
Murdoc in the submarine?
Kay Silva
Kay Silva 2 days ago
I love Gorillaz music videos because of all the lore and just that it’s basically an ongoing epic tale I’ve been following since I was a little kid 🥲
Yeray Ivan Díaz Díaz
the story continues...
ManOpeace 2 days ago
yall rock
Saarh 2 days ago
I almost started crying when murdoc didnt go to the portal. BUT THANK GOD 2-D!
Tomo Key Cookie
Tomo Key Cookie 2 days ago
Trying to catch up on my godzilla lore, but I think I found the wrong movie...
Fabricio Ramírez
Murdoc recover humanity
Kris. Outcast
Kris. Outcast 2 days ago
R.I.P Plastic Beach (2010-2020)
Dj Brent
Dj Brent 2 days ago
Wow yfm uploaded jk
Privacy privacy
Privacy privacy 2 days ago
Алексей Сердюков
Hvatit ryhut ih mir kotoruy oni stroili tak yserdno
Affan Siddiqui
Affan Siddiqui 2 days ago
The knotty seal scully alert because ground superfamily stir around a beautiful spike. spiteful, nippy channel
David Villouta
David Villouta 3 days ago
Zen Oshima
Zen Oshima 3 days ago
wait was that ghost...del?!?! it had the little cap :(
Vicente González
Vicente González
Vicente González 14 hours ago
Im still discovering gorillaz but this video still has me hyped lol
cofeman347 3 days ago
Shame to see Plastic Beach destroyed. The album came out when I just entered highschool and I fell in love with the aesthetic of it. Even knowing is an alegory of the ticking time bomb we made out of our consumerism and how no matter how much we pollute the Earth and pretend we controll it, it can strike back. It's also real touching to see 2D helping Murdoc in spite of everything.
pixlind 3 days ago
Today marks Plastic Beach's 11th bday. You will be missed Plastic Beach. (And cyborg Noodle lol)
Nyssa Perez
Nyssa Perez 3 days ago
The fact that 2D came back and grabbed Murdoc even after all the ill that murdoc has brought upon him just.. makes my heart skip a beat
Rose BoyPig
Rose BoyPig 3 days ago
I refuse to believe the plastic beach is gone. I refuse it! It's still there! As dang it only seems like yesterday where we we're watching feel good Inc in MTV and the playing plastic beach mini games on the website
francisca fredes caatro
Me encanto que volviera plastic beach pero en este video la destrullen😔😥☹👎
Omar Esparza
Omar Esparza Day ago
Estuvo epico
Ébano Moreira
Ébano Moreira 3 days ago
im not crying you are crying
boni azul boni rosa
SnowyAvian 3 days ago
I feel like that won't be the last time we see Android Noodle.
Abdelkader Elbachir
I'm in again !?
Nazareno Rojas
Nazareno Rojas 3 days ago
Gustavo Lezama
Gustavo Lezama 3 days ago
noooooo Daley!!!! D'':
indigoVAE 3 days ago
Everybody gangsta 'til Murdoc starts crying! also, how is no one commenting on 2D'S FACE WHEN HE GOES BACK FOR MURDOC?? it's like "yeah sure, you may have been cruel to me the entire time of being in this band, but you're still a part of it!" and i just think it's so wholesome and sweet!
nolla noodle
nolla noodle 3 days ago
the last part made me happy in my core i love them sm
Jose blue monster
Que halgien me explique como carajos mordok se combirtio en un jinete del apocalipsis
[Lean] 3 days ago
Aprende a escribir y te lo digo
Enlightened Shenanigans
Internet warriors would know that link immediately
Lima FX
Lima FX 4 days ago
3:35 who else thought he was giving them the finger xD
Goose God
Goose God Day ago
U have ruined this Consider me disenchanted
Ari Contreras
Ari Contreras 2 days ago
K B 3 days ago
I was so certain I had to play back the scene 😂
Melvin 4 days ago
Happy 11th birthday Plast-, wait, he is dead 😥
kawaii potato
kawaii potato 4 days ago
Precious Brown
Precious Brown 4 days ago
This reminds me of a game I’m playing called Oceanhorn 2 I’m almost done amazing my favorite band made this
Cyril Jones
Cyril Jones 4 days ago
4:02 would’ve been PERFECT for one last “Take Me Into The Gaaaaaardennnnnn”
kevin alexis castro gualan
Y así... muere lo ultimo del pasado
Monsieur salé
Monsieur salé 4 days ago
Haha lmao the monster at the end
Mangle :D
Mangle :D 4 days ago
Tokyo Pearl & Glitter
2-D can sing his ass off!!! 💙
Ian johan Tiburón
The alazgar
Drachona The Wolf
Is this going to be on the test?
Noa Mongiovi
Noa Mongiovi 4 days ago
My father and I know leee Jhon
Vincent Eddy
Vincent Eddy 4 days ago
literally melancholy hill pt.2
Rahela Shikorina
Rahela Shikorina 4 days ago
Y’all till this day keep making great hits! I wish once the pandemic over I could see the live performances one day 🔥🔥🔥🔥🦍🦍🦍🦍
Phillip de Souza
Phillip de Souza 4 days ago
Wtf, i come to check on Gorillaz after months only to see plastic island get destroyed with a dope ass song to go with it 0_o
Zandivo 4 days ago
3:18 if that's not a perfect album cover I don't know what is
elbeto191291 4 days ago
It's Vietnam War PTSD flashbacks time, y'all!
Ahmed malaki
Ahmed malaki 4 days ago
now i want a Gorillaz series
Lil Bruh
Lil Bruh 4 days ago
the way murdoc was like OH SHIT when he missed the portal
GorillaTheMan And GorillaTheBoy
I am Monke
alstinson 4 days ago
So the chat replay captured the moment before the video premiered.... and that's it... K
afsmeg 4 days ago
This is amazing...!
joaquin Guillermo Alvarado Lagunes
Caga que albarn invite siempre artistas gays y siempre cantanto con voz aguda.. ya no es lo mismo gorillaz😪
[Lean] 2 days ago
Que tiene que ver que sea gay pedazo de homófobo
no se que hacer
no se que hacer 4 days ago
No le sabes a gorillaz
The_Tokapb 4 days ago
Спасибо. 🍄
Joe Moma
Joe Moma 4 days ago
Whos the dead guy in the submarine? What is his significance?
U need to go back to their 2010 album, the plastic beach... Then, you know well about the story
Julio Arriba
Julio Arriba 4 days ago
that's cyborg noodle
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