Gorillaz - PAC-MAN ft. ScHoolboy Q (Episode Five)

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Gorillaz present Song Machine | Season One
Episode Five: PAC-MAN ft. ScHoolboy Q
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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Co-Directors: Tim McCourt, Max Taylor
Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
Production Manager: Samia Ahmed
Production Assistant: Laurence Moss
Animation Supervisor/Lead Animator: Venla Linna
Animators: Simone Cirillo, Marc Valls, Seti Setareh Seto, Peter Baynton
Clean Up Lead: Eleonora Quario
Clean Up Artists: Seti Setareh Seto, Paola Costigliola, Denise Dean, Venla Linna
Compositors: Courtney D. Pryce, Valerie Guichard
3D Modelling: Maximilien Bougeois

Production Company: The Line

Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management

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Jul 20, 2020




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Comments 100
gassin 197
gassin 197 30 minutes ago
I want that as a rom hack
Diopsido Illuminati
Que horrible Man.
Player 10
Player 10 3 hours ago
Did Noodle age really quickly or is it just me? Like, I guess she glowed up, probably still early teens, but she doesn’t seem like that tbh
leonardo Moreira Farias
It’s me , Teehee
It’s me , Teehee 4 hours ago
I play this when I play pac man
Fabian Vera
Fabian Vera 4 hours ago
it is very rare to see 2D with pupils
Harrison Sellers
Harrison Sellers 5 hours ago
maybe the powerpuff girls will meat gorillaz on a songmachine
Libby Penner
Libby Penner 6 hours ago
0:15 He's just vibin
i love my dog
i love my dog 7 hours ago
The thumbnail makes it look like 2D has pupils and I am very scared.
Joseph Leonardis
Joseph Leonardis 7 hours ago
gotta love the fact that Russel punches the punching bag to the beat of the song
Кирилл Замай
не че себе у него глаза
Christopher D
Christopher D 8 hours ago
Is Noodle waring Lola bunny's Toon Squad uniform?
Milky -San
Milky -San 9 hours ago
1:15 pause . Why does 2-D now have eyes
edexgun 122
edexgun 122 9 hours ago
No saben cómo extrañe esto
Jody Marie
Jody Marie 10 hours ago
Is it me, or russel stops hitting the bag when murdoc opens the door?
Calebe Nóbrega
Calebe Nóbrega 11 hours ago
Minha CIPA
Lolman Nut
Lolman Nut 11 hours ago
Reign Of Ashes
Reign Of Ashes 17 hours ago
Would prefer the song without the feature ... sounds like 2 separate songs... like i love the first half of this song so much but not the last half.
codgepodge 17 hours ago
I managed to get a screenshot of 2d with full pupils and it's looks both strange and normal simultaneously
Wider Thumbs
Wider Thumbs 22 hours ago
Bruh why noodle like actually hot now
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 23 hours ago
Cassidy Kleis
Cassidy Kleis 23 hours ago
just noticed "MELT ITS FACE" written on the side of the pac-man machine, nice little callback to the eel short they made back in phase 1!
Gavin Palhinha
Also are we gonna ignore the fact that at 3:10 there was another Russel staring at Russel punch the punching bag through the window?
Gavin Palhinha
Noodles the youngest character yet she’s the most mature out of them all 😂😂 actually scratch that, Russell is aswell, but you get the point
kyle parton
kyle parton Day ago
I needed this today
eduardo perez
_ Decu
_ Decu Day ago
the william khamo
I still cannot stress how incredibly great this song is, holy shit, it’s inexpressible
Izzywastaken Day ago
No one: My brain during class: hehe peanut noodle go happy
Aantuan Hernández
El primer el. Que le dijo like like a mi comentario
Raeann the Turtle
3:26 When your parents catch you playing video games instead of doing your homework.
CG 225
CG 225 Day ago
Peanuts noodle isn’t real she can’t hurt you Peanuts’s noodle:
Elba R. Silva R.
2:36 mah little noodle is back
gerift Day ago
Without schoolboy q its would be better
Kevin Adrian Camacho Cruz
like si hablas español y escuchas esto
EL DROGILLAZ 21 hour ago
Uni Corn
Uni Corn Day ago
Ok im a fan girl for 2D there I said it after years I finally said it but not like "Oh 2d MaRrY mE" helll NOOO. JUST AA BIG FAN OF HS VOICE OK?!?
Adan Macias
Adan Macias Day ago
2:22 is when the bass kicks in
Gojifan KOTM
Gojifan KOTM Day ago
It seems like 2-D's eyes have been staying white more often lately. That means he's been more happy. And that's amazing news.
Sheep Izme
Sheep Izme Day ago
I could totally listen to this while playing minecraft pvp
ReDD MJ Day ago
I love how Gorillaz mix up wit different rappers, that’s what makes there music fire 🔥
nina bobina
nina bobina Day ago
please get this account famous
Follow me
Nicolas Arriola
Nicolas Arriola 2 days ago
sooooooooo dope in like 18 september in chile, living alone with my save, celebrating my country and his people(sorry for my english) greetings for all who end here ;D
freerunner the lord
2:20 k just look noodles.............
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma 2 days ago
i love 2-D’s little dance at the beginning
Common TF2 Player
Murdoc gets more and more green cause he sell his soul to satan for the best guitar in the Word and he is a zombie (and is sin)
Leonora Carrillo
Leonora Carrillo 2 days ago
Espera quién eres tú
Lil Balrog
Lil Balrog 2 days ago
2:07 omg thats a fucking pride flag hell yeah
LazuliKafe 2 days ago
so no one's going to talk how noodle changed styles?
Aleksandar Feher II3
Best ,,song machine" song
Kewpie Doll
Kewpie Doll 2 days ago
Seeing 2d with eyes is weird
Legend Thompson
Legend Thompson 2 days ago
It’s funny how 2D is playing a 2D game
Jack Schöl Bourne
I really miss you guys
Jack Schöl Bourne
Slothy387 Pooh
Slothy387 Pooh 2 days ago
Lyrics : Alrighty Let's go Uh, ah You can freak me out, you can throw me in the lion pit You can borrow my hands and tell me I'm not here I'm a mad Pac-Man, livin' in a leveled world Everywhere I go I don't know where I am You can call me cracked, you can call me mad and stifled You can hold my hand, sail me into bathing light Everybody knows, when I was sad, I fell for you Everywhere I go, I'm stressin' out, I'm stressin' out I'm stressin' out, I'm stressin' out, stressin' out You can hide your head, you can throw me in the lion pit You can borrow my days and tell me I'm not blue Everybody knows, when I was sad, I fell for you Everywhere I go, I don't know where I am I'm stressin' out, I'm stressin' out I'm stressin' out, I'm stressin' out I'm stressin' out, I'm stressin' out I'm stressin' out, I'm stressin' out I'm stressin' out, I'm stressin' out I'm stressin' out, I'm stressin' out I'm stressin' out, I'm stressin' out I'm stressin' out Uh, how can I trust truth? Uh, when I ain't got nothin' to sell I shattered my thoughts to get out my shell Uh, why would I hold my tongue to tuck in my tails? Ayy, can't dream if my ego is broke The jokes that try to find the answer to nope (uh) My type of drive, you can't buy this shit You got a heart but it don't beat like this I had a spark, then my mind went trip Create the wave so the vibe all mix Suu (Livin' in a leveled world) Yo, I been at the top of the top Fell from the ceiling before I fail 'Cause I needed to grow, Bruce Lee, royal with the glow Uh, walked on the edge, fuck tryna dream in the bed 'Fore I die on these meds, niggas gon' die on the feds 'Fore I make it to jail, prolly put one in the head Fuck the judge and the prosecutor for hangin' me dead Plus thirty and still movin', I'm closer to live, right? Closer to live, right? All the trauma from past never taught me to fear heights Normal to fly now, can't be stuck in the red lights Take flight, the life gon' bloom for the Black Knight Keep a piece, no Buddhist, got the whole hood boomin' I'm like a Crip how I stewed it, you on your ass, stuck, stupid You makin' we look bad, I rock the beat, won't crash I had to fill my bag, I had to hide my stash You know the cops' lights flash, I had to clear my dash I represent my flag, I gave the hood my last Every full-grown minute, I had to change my image The brain don't got limits, you think a mill' mean winnin' Pigs out here skinnin', your soul ain't authentic You died and still ain't livin' ☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️
Slothy387 Pooh
@ashlee pyciak it sounds like that but it's not, put on earphones and you'll see 👀 sometimes our brain hears something different or changes words based on what we feel and think of
ashlee pyciak
its no stressing out not i'm stressing out
Miguel Gomez
Miguel Gomez 2 days ago
2:31 noodle peanuts version!
HUNNI B 2 days ago
0:13 “ALRIGHTY” * cute lil dance*
Uni Corn
Uni Corn Day ago
U a fan girl or boy?
Roberto Ortiz
Roberto Ortiz 2 days ago
cuddlydonut 1
cuddlydonut 1 3 days ago
Im sorry but why is 2D such a bean
Suann Leroikaowsieiue
Can we also talk about how this song is about how murdoc cheated WITH 2d's girlfriend and that's why 2d is so depressed
Suann Leroikaowsieiue
Agreed also whatever the ones called with 2d and murdoc on the motorcycle he's not murdoc it's his long lost brother I swear
SrGema DelAlma
SrGema DelAlma 3 days ago
Guillermo Garcia
Guillermo Garcia 3 days ago
Pac man gooooooood
Kevin Gargantini
Kevin Gargantini 3 days ago
Mi the girl
Kevin Gargantini
Kevin Gargantini 3 days ago
Ji ji ❤❤😍😍 i love you 2-D
Kevin Gargantini
Kevin Gargantini 3 days ago
Mi the girl
ennui 3 days ago
this is if a feeling of uneasiness was a song
Thiago Alcantara
Thiago Alcantara 3 days ago
Kyle De cassio
Kyle De cassio 3 days ago
Murdocc is back eh I need to rewatch the chronology also, I miss K.dot, imagine if the Gorillaz announced his comeback
Bora Does Stuff
Bora Does Stuff 3 days ago
anybody notice the ghosts are the members of the gorillaz?
Kiddinosaur1122 2 days ago
bruh, how would we miss it?
Cameron bulk
Cameron bulk 2 days ago
no shit
HenryDude 18
HenryDude 18 3 days ago
Dang murdoc awesome music :D
Just a fluff
Just a fluff 3 days ago
thinking about performing this at my schools talent show, if there is one. is it a good idea? (obviously im gonna need to censor it heavily during schoolboys part)
Turtle 2 days ago
@Just a fluff Good luck! 👍
Just a fluff
Just a fluff 2 days ago
@Turtle ok, ive made my final decision. im performing this at my schools talent show!
Turtle 3 days ago
@Just a fluff its your decision but I think people would like it
Just a fluff
Just a fluff 3 days ago
@Turtle i don't know, what if people dont like it? what if people think its bad? what if? what if????
Turtle 3 days ago
Mitchell Mulligan
This song is my absolute favorite right now! Best collaborations but can you do a collaboration with everything everything Idk I just thought that’d be pretty cool
Rock ‘n’ Roll Battalion
Love the Peanuts Noodle near the end
Kyle Duffy
Kyle Duffy 4 days ago
Can we actually sit here and appreciate noodle and how much she has grown over all this time!
papita f.a.
papita f.a. 4 days ago
MusicMiner Playlister
If you pause at the right time when 2D has Pacman in his eyes it looks like he has normal eyes
Ouroboros84 4 days ago
No one expected another fucking Masterpiece on its face. SURPRISE MOTHER*********.
Steve Garvey
Steve Garvey 4 days ago
Can anyone tell me what caused noodle to unplug the arcade?
JoseLuis GM
JoseLuis GM 4 days ago
Noodle ya tiene cara de drogaticta xD
no 4 days ago
when mom brings home mcdonalds 0:14
Chewbacaxe 4 days ago
murdock pepe physics
Chewbacaxe 4 days ago
How can 2d play pacman beig blind
Justafailure 09
Justafailure 09 4 days ago
Really never have I ever seen 2D so happy besides the song Humility
Z98 4 days ago
(I know I'm late) Anyone notice the monkey?
samarpan thapa
samarpan thapa 4 days ago
Can't stop listening to this 🔥🔥🔥
weston saathoff
weston saathoff 4 days ago
School boy q sucks.
Kristofer 4 days ago
Noodle as my gf is my male fantasy. Change my mind
Mik Hail
Mik Hail 4 days ago
Russel is a tribute to Pac-Man, Manny Pacquiao.
Lillyan Soliz
Lillyan Soliz 4 days ago
hey look! one of 2ds front teeth came in
Marus Eyes
Marus Eyes 4 days ago
1:20 is just so perfect
Kim Majo Rodriguez
Favorite song🤤
Green Heller
Green Heller 4 days ago
2:22 look at noodle
cheap thrills
cheap thrills 4 days ago
Debating on getting my chipped front tooth pulled out and dying my hair blue
Mocoso 4 days ago
Fuck im too high for this💀 def recommend though
SUMIT KRISHNA 4 days ago
the likes its 420k 😂
nguyenthu truongvinh Box
fate grand order
Fricken 4 days ago
How did Murdoc go from pickle to a pea
fred roberts
fred roberts 4 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-G-7U-FDql1I.html forget there was a charlie brown reference in here.
YoteyYotey 4 days ago
hehe murdoc pickle
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