Gorillaz - How Far? Ft. Tony Allen & Skepta

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“I want to take care of youngsters - they have messages and I want to bring them on my beat.” - Tony Allen

Gorillaz present Song Machine | Season One
How Far? ft. Tony Allen & Skepta
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Image: Jamie Hewlett
Photo: Bernard Benant
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May 2, 2020




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Comments 80
the2dcore 32
the2dcore 32 Day ago
That means were not having another rocket juice and the moon album?
David Galván
David Galván 2 days ago
Wtf que paso con los integrantes? Noodle ya está bien buena y... 2D sigue igual lol
Sebastian Diacono
Rest in power to Tony Allen
Justin Drewry
Justin Drewry 4 days ago
Dosnt sound good :( but still support it
Landon Eslinger
Landon Eslinger 5 days ago
People who meet Gorillaz be like 👁👄👁
Caylan Campbell
Caylan Campbell 5 days ago
Only song about reality thats new i know is this
Yooo this ones dope tho
Anonymous Mad Lad
Humanz vibes lowkey
Murilo Pereira
Murilo Pereira 8 days ago
wow this aged well
Beutiful Boys
Beutiful Boys 9 days ago
ay bro hit the restart button on that dont let it go into autoplay
E3 JIKO 9 days ago
This will be on Fifa 21
daniel mckenna
daniel mckenna 9 days ago
I love this song because of the collabs with Tony Allen and skepta, brilliant drummer and rapper. RIP Tony Allen
Mike D
Mike D 10 days ago
Hes just "hustling for the money", and "taking what's mine".....now he's dead. How misguided and sad was his life? Life is short, live a life that your grandmother would be proud of. Death is only a heartbeat away.
The Wonderful Lilly and Oz.
This is probably one of my favorite gorillaz songs now
MrChickenStrips 14 days ago
I am trash
I am trash 14 days ago
Leave it to gorillaz to make the best of everything
Juan Duarte
Juan Duarte 17 days ago
Jo¡ i rrealy enjoy dis song
Niels Miller
Niels Miller 18 days ago
Reminds me of music on digimon world for ps1
Joanna Mayerling 0 Mendieta Vargas
lo peor que hecho gorilas
David Galván
David Galván 19 days ago
He was such a skilled man. Why haven’t I heard this before...
daniel martinez
daniel martinez 19 days ago
Ya dejen de hacer colaboraciónes mierdas u hagan un álbum de verdad
That One Asian Girl
I had a dream today that damon albarn went to my school and I somehow always ended up following him to places like in a building where he was after he did a tour and I got to his mini studio with keyboards and instruments and lots of electronics with wires and when he left I started to play his melodica terribly and he came back and gave me an encouraging look on his face, like he wanted me to discover more instruments, he gave me a look that encouraged me more than my parents ever did in my lifetime. I was never so happy in my life. I think I’m gonna get a melodica for Christmas this year.
Donovan Orion
Donovan Orion 21 day ago
2koolken 21 day ago
Where is 2D on this track? If it wasn't for Tony Allen I would have said the vocals towards the end was Russel Hobbs? #TonyAllen
Wireless Cord
Wireless Cord 22 days ago
So happy to hear my local dialect (Yoruba) in a Gorillaz track, big ups to Gorrilaz and Skepta RIP Tony Allen
Kauê Ferreira
Kauê Ferreira 23 days ago
strawberrie 23 days ago
i love the dark sound
escape tecnico
escape tecnico 24 days ago
Este rap es asquerosamente mejor que viernes 13.. en especial en la letra..
Leo Kostas
Leo Kostas 24 days ago
Is this episode 3.5?
Lance Jones
Lance Jones 12 days ago
Probably ✋🤚👋
Flamestar320 power to the people
I feel like Damon should've sang a verse for this song, but it's a very nice one either way.
Takamator 24 days ago
can someone clear this up for me? is this part of song machine season 1 or no... it isn't listed as episode 4, because Friday 13th is, even though this came out first
Dazed and Dead
Dazed and Dead 24 days ago
Tony Allen, the badass drummer, passed away, so this song was released early in tribute. No official Song Machine # at this time for it, if there will be.
s liz
s liz 25 days ago
this ones my favorite 😌
Aldo Maldonado
Aldo Maldonado 25 days ago
So is this gonna be in the song machine in the future?
Uganda Knuckles
Uganda Knuckles 24 days ago
Aldo Maldonado no it’s a tribute
Daniel Pineda
Daniel Pineda 25 days ago
"you can't fight your demons with vitamin c" damn
Matt -
Matt - 25 days ago
Wagwan means what’s up or what’s good.
Immanismjr 23 days ago
As far as I know “wha gwaan” means “what’s going on”
Coyson RG
Coyson RG 26 days ago
So so far
Under Ground
Under Ground 26 days ago
Its lit as fuck.
The Watched
The Watched 26 days ago
Love the song
Ballzac 26 days ago
I miss the sound of the old Gorillaz :/
TheLucasShow sars
@Mag1Krap exactly
TheLucasShow sars
@Anson Hartzler yes agreed
Mag1Krap 22 days ago
What does that even mean?? Every Gorillaz album is a completely different experience from the previous
Anson Hartzler
Anson Hartzler 26 days ago
This could have easily been on any of their first 3 albums.
Peek the Ankylosaurus
This is some of the best Gorillaz stuff I've heard in a long time. Song Machine is a big success!!
Captain Flodd
Captain Flodd 26 days ago
I was left shaking after I heard this, so powerful.
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 26 days ago
rest in peace tony may you drum for god and his angels
RIP Tony Allen
TORD LARSSON 27 days ago
My last name is allen and his last name is allen so r we related?
/.--.\ 23 days ago
No one cares
Maxiboom03 27 days ago
This feel so. Dancy, and vibey and chill and im lovin every second of it
sasorisa sama
sasorisa sama 27 days ago
waiting for noodle turns
Ghost E
Ghost E 27 days ago
I met gorrillaz back in school. It made me feel awkward. Cause how I viewed others was personally wrong. They preach equality. I was stalling it out of fear. Remember only the evil run when there is no danger. And only the ignorant hate blindly. I love you guys and RIP Mr Allen. This a banger 😁
Norma IEIS
Norma IEIS 27 days ago
Paul Novickis
Paul Novickis 28 days ago
OMG! i checked this channek out bc i missed gorillaz! this band is my childhood!
Pitt b
Pitt b 29 days ago
RIP Tony allen.
stuart pot
stuart pot 27 days ago
is sad
Matteo Quimerch
Matteo Quimerch Month ago
Belly of the beast
NaimMacD Month ago
Imma tell my kids this is god
James mason
James mason Month ago
I like how new Gorillaz keeps that same 2001 feeling everytime I listen to them
αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd
Genre: Drill but good
Seth Belfort
Seth Belfort Month ago
I think drills ok. Although I do feel a bit weird listening to it.
Patrik Lörinc
Patrik Lörinc Month ago
The B A F F
Month ago
omg wow Gorillaz workin w skepta never even expected this 😍👌👌👌
カツK a t s u
カツK a t s u Month ago
Juan 雪
Juan 雪 Month ago
Skepta and gorillaz = perfection
PantEon Month ago
Politisk Korrekt
When is the next fucking Song Machine?
Anson Hartzler
Anson Hartzler 26 days ago
I’d guess Wednesday
rex will end you
this song is really bad but rip that guy
Anson Hartzler
Anson Hartzler 26 days ago
What’s so bad about it? Are you one of those weird fans who doesn’t realize that rap is a fundamental part of Gorillaz?
Seth Belfort
Seth Belfort Month ago
What didn't you like about it?
Lyrics (Laughing) Wah gwaan Brodda? Time to hustle for money, give the change to your mother Change them sheets you got stains on the cover Better look sharp, now your face on the cover Like a chameleon, see change in your color Crabs in the barrel wanna hate on each other So my life gets better, whatever the weather I dance in the rain and I bathe in the summer It's the black Corleone in the button up shirt Before we take off, you better buckle up first Fresher than the President, psychedelics got me in my element All negativity, oh that's irrelevant Unbelief or ganja leaf, I back strap when I wrap the sheets Now I feel to go for a drive so I grab my keys Shades on, roof down, tryna catch a breeze Ridin' round the hood, got the Devil in my ear Can you smell that? It's like jealousy in the air Don't know who they're tryna scare Looked at the man in the mirror; that's the only enemy that I fear A zombie knows who to frighten Just know I love the action but I move in silence And, right now, I'm just taking what's mine 'till Elizabeth returns to diamonds Wah gwaan Brother? Time to hustle for money, give the change to your mother Change them sheets you got stains on the cover Better look sharp, now your face on the cover Tryna' be the boss of life, gets tougher I hope you're ready for the truth that you're gonna discover Always gonna be a Judas at the Last Supper Stay woke, it's a rocky road on the come-up I take the shots like Scorsese More money, more problems and more ladies Everyday somebody die, still, mother gives birth to more babies The earth spins, the world gets more crazy You gotta have a suit for the christening A suit for the wedding and a suit for the court case Probably wear the same suit to the funeral Tryna' see the bigger picture, man it's bigger than the portrait Bigger than me, no, you can't fight your demons with Vitamin C Have to open your mind, use your vision and see Keep your eyes on the prize so vigilantly Love how you live, remember the world, full of expensive sht Can't forget the poor 'cause you're friends with the rich Stay true to the mold, I ain't ever gonna switch Yeah, yeah-yeah, wah gwaan Brother? Time to hustle for the money, give the change to your mother Change them sheets, you got stains on the cover Better look sharp, now your face on the cover Hm, who's pressin' on the buzzer? Better check the camera, you don't wanna get stuck up You listen close, you hear Death around the corner One wrong move and we're all gonna suffer Ah, yes, ooh, yeah And take it, and lose it, ooh, yeah And take it, and lose it, ooh, yeah And take it, and lose it, ooh, yeah And take it, and lose it, and take it, ah How Far Brother? Time to hustle for the money, give the change to your mother Change them sheets, you got stains on the cover Better look sharp, now your face on the cover...
@Adhan Miah search google: lyrics to how far? gorillaz there he says it clearly
Adhan Miah
Adhan Miah 24 days ago
Isn't it Wagwan? Ik that's what we say here in North London
Astral_z Month ago
How have I only just heard of you when you're gone R.I.P Tony Allen another inspiration to keep on my shoulder
Tactical note2.0
Rip Tony Allen✊🏿
Megan Boatman
Megan Boatman Month ago
ok so when I was like probably six I saw this video by gorillaz its could do your thing I did know it was by them.and then while I was going to school my dad showed me this video it was could feel good I'm like omg its them I know them!
S Wilson
S Wilson Month ago
Eduardo Cortes
Eduardo Cortes Month ago
Gorillaz es lo mejor❤
Maik Mejia
Maik Mejia Month ago
Best song I heard in my life dude
Noon Johnson
Noon Johnson Month ago
best song on song machine
Elías Zerbini
Elías Zerbini Month ago
Love being stoned n listenin 2 dis
Seth Belfort
Seth Belfort Month ago
I love being sober and listening to this
Ricardo Trinca
Ricardo Trinca Month ago
this is very fuck (isso é muito foda)
Boo It’s me!
Boo It’s me! Month ago
It’s okay 2-D, everyone goes at some point. He may be reborn and you’d never notice, Noodle. One day you’ll drum like him, Russell. Be easy with the alcohol, Murdoc.
Sloth Sin, Harlequin
I wanna see if Gorillaz would do anything about the Floyd situation, because they have quite the political stand point.
Luis Daniel A.
Luis Daniel A. Month ago
Goodbye Tony allen...
Legion Whatever
Legion Whatever Month ago
I’ve been waiting so much for this, new songs are good guys, I can’t wait for a new album, I only have 2 but I have mastered feel good inc.
Arpey Month ago
When Skep said “change those sheets you got stains on the cover” I noticed couple stains on mine and now I’m very self conscious ☹️☹️ Banger Rest in peace Tony Allen
Megan Boatman
Megan Boatman Month ago
that probably freaky0.0
Svetlana is lord
Hmm this come out after my birthday? Wow.
ಠ_ಠCrazy. Queen
Eu achava que era o pelé KKAKSKSKSKSKSKKS
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