Gorillaz - Friday 13th ft. Octavian (Episode Four)

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Gorillaz present Song Machine | Season One
Episode Four: Friday 13th ft. Octavian
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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Co-Directors: Tim McCourt & Max Taylor
Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
Animation: Venla Linna
Shadow Animation: Eleonora Quario
Clean Up Artists: Setareh Seto, Venla Linna
Compositors: Courtney Pryce, Valerie Guichard
Production Manager: Samia Ahmed
Production Assistant: Laurence Moss

Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management


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Jun 9, 2020




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Comments 10 639
Татьяна Никитина
PacoEliel Zuniga
PacoEliel Zuniga 6 hours ago
Love the fact russel is wearing hello kinky glasses👌
Rose__ __the-flower_uvu
Is no one gonna talk about that this video is under 16??and you like 13 but listen to it anyway Xd
Ark _ The Meme
This sounds like a song they would of made if either Damon or Jamie passed away, hopefully they never do
Ark _ The Meme
Tis good
This one takes some time to get used to
DIO 2 days ago
fuck that sopng is really gooooood
404 Velox
404 Velox 2 days ago
This feels like a mix of spirit house and to morrow comes today
Ray The Wizard
Ray The Wizard 2 days ago
who bit murdocs neck?
xavier Domanski
xavier Domanski 3 days ago
this song made me cry first listen because it helped me get though a rough breakup with my girlfriend tamira, and this shit numbs the emotional wound like for real it just really helped becuase we officially stopped talking June 5 after a harsh mistake she wished me best its been almost 3 months im a wreak ps if tamira finds this comment some way or another hi!
Pixel Perfect
Pixel Perfect 3 days ago
No one talking about the fact that 2-D and Murdoc fought?
Blue Phoenix
Blue Phoenix 4 days ago
When Russel said “I don’t talk too much man” I was like, *troo*
TheKnightsofGod1 4 days ago
Noone: Gorilaz diehard fans: Friday 13th is a slang for high tier drugs, bruh. Did you knew that??!!
Paola Ruiz
Paola Ruiz 5 days ago
I been drinkin' and smokin' too much, that shit damages Gimme a lot, I can do it myself, I can manage it Two Xans, I gotta leave, and you know how it is You and me, we can take on the world, we can be savages [Pre-Chorus: Octavian] I called my dealer, said, "Share the white with all of us" (Light) I told him, "We've been so nice, don't turn on us" (Don't turn on us) Is it funny how the time flies by (Flies by) so fast? If we do all of these lines, we go up [Chorus: Octavian] (Oh) And if I look into your eyes, I make you realize (Oh) I can realize, oh (I can realize) [Break: Octavian] Fuck, I meant to just, rhyme to this (Rap to this) (Ayy) Ayy, go hard as shit man [Verse 2: Octavian] It's definitely goin' down (Down) Find a paigon on the strip, spin him 'round (Spin him 'round) Big man talkin' shit 'til we pin him down (Pin him down) Big man talkin' shit 'til we lick him down (Until I lick him down) Far enough, I'ma spin it 'round Put the big **** in your belly then spin it 'round (Spin it 'round) You can ask Kembo if I been about Free him out (Free him out), I don't need to get the pictures out Pre-Chorus: Octavian] I called my dealer, said, "Share the white with all of us" I told him, "We've been so nice, don't turn on us" (Don't turn on us) Is it funny how the times flies by (Flies by) so fast? If we do all of these lines (These lines), we go up [Chorus: Octavian] (Oh) And if I look into your eyes, I make you realize (Oh) [Bridge: Octavian] You know that we can be immortal, immortal Are you loyal? Yeah (Oh, immortal) I'm just prayin' that she loyal, is she loyal? Yeah We coil, yeah (Is she loyal) I don't talk too much, man Have they got mine? Cryin' out finally, and a little mercy (Oh) I don't talk too much, man Came out silent Came out silent Came out silent Came out silent [Outro: 2D & Octavian] Oh, it's a beautiful day (Is she loyal?) Oh, it's a beautiful day (Is she loyal? Is she loyal?) Oh, it's a beautiful day (Immortal, immortal) (Oh, it's a beautiful day) I don't talk too much, man Have they got mine? Cryin' out finally, and a little mercy I don't talk too much, man Came out silent (Immortal)
subscriptnevada 5 days ago
This song slowly grows on you....
Protzero 5 days ago
Es increíble , no me gustaba mucho esta canción y ahora me encanta ewe.
PrestonDCale 5 days ago
This song makes even my drugs high.
Tronnus 5 days ago
Maybe the worst song under the Gorillaz name?
MAT7OPS 4 days ago
Humanz and this song too
Jusnogood 1
Jusnogood 1 4 days ago
Tronnus naw, humanz was worst
The ABacross
The ABacross 5 days ago
I'm putting this Song on the Halloween playlist for 2020
Brenna Joyce
Brenna Joyce 5 days ago
why is everyone all beat up
Sofia Lopez
Sofia Lopez 5 days ago
loving this🥰
Reepecheep 6 days ago
Octavian is hot garbage.
Vanilkk 6 days ago
Frajer Pompka_
Frajer Pompka_ 6 days ago
Sokół kiedyś to fajne piosenki śpiewałeś, a nie ten "niuskul"
Thinginator5000 6 days ago
Gorillaz mumble rap!!!!??? NO. STOP. BAD.
EresableGhost 7 days ago
For a minute I was floating
jetlagmadman 7 days ago
Who abused my weird children?
Jordanrian Anderson
Is this 2d song
Powerto Japz
Powerto Japz 7 days ago
Woah woah woah #MABALLSSWEATY
beckiebella 7 days ago
I am so addicted to this song 🥰 the beat is dope
Pringle 8 days ago
My boy 2d fixed his face
Pringle 8 days ago
Why is gorillaz not replacing the s*** on the radio
Julian Soria
Julian Soria 8 days ago
tema del año
Julian Soria
Julian Soria 8 days ago
el mejor tema lejos
darwin 8 days ago
Jack Daniel
Jack Daniel 8 days ago
What happened to Noodle? Why does she look like someone beat her up?
Lily Beech
Lily Beech 7 days ago
They all do
Majestic Muller Majestic
I feel like I'm one of the few who actually liked this song first listen. But if don't I encourage you to listen more. 👍
Judith González
Judith González 8 days ago
A que lo añado a favoritos
Roberto Wege
Roberto Wege 9 days ago
Dont rly like gorillaz song without gorillaz participating
hi im a normal person
Why are they so injured?
Santiyt1514 ROBLOX!!
gorillaz have 6.666.666 subs... NICE
YaBoiiSwipeyy YT
YaBoiiSwipeyy YT 9 days ago
I think they have ruined their appearance, Murdoc is green, 2D has eyes and noodle looks like a 30 year old drug addict
Cheseecakepay 6 days ago
Lily Beech
Lily Beech 7 days ago
2D doesn't have eyes...
Antonio Cs
Antonio Cs 9 days ago
Chale no me gustó :""(
Cheseecakepay 6 days ago
A mí me cagaba pero la 5ta ves que la escuché me encanto
Cheseecakepay 6 days ago
Amigo escúchala muchas veces
jesssica menendez
Por dios que mal canta el hombre del comienzo
Hans Johansen
Hans Johansen 9 days ago
well they gone shit since 2017 useless rappers with their mumbling gibberish
MAT7OPS 4 days ago
The now now was good
Clam 10 days ago
to anyone thinkin this is the first time russel sang: he also sang in rockit although both times were lipsyncs
"isnt it funny how the time flies so fast" 2D is wearing his Tomorrow Comes Today jacket in this music video
Ines Barrios
Ines Barrios 10 days ago
I love gorillaz
Michael Simpson
Michael Simpson 10 days ago
Bruh not this dude
Sacha Thibault
Sacha Thibault 11 days ago
What a shitty song with no lirics. Nice after effect tho.
Boat Chips
Boat Chips 9 days ago
@SirFlapia that doesn't change his point. This is just some dude mumbling
SirFlapia 10 days ago
Learn how to spell dude...
Gautam XD
Gautam XD 11 days ago
This has to be the worst one as of right now imo
Wyatt 11 days ago
Not a fan of this track really the singer just mumble sings not great
Person of Ethnic Minority
This is defo the weakest track from the song machine
Cabe Skywalker
Cabe Skywalker 11 days ago
"I been drinkin and smokin too much that shit the matrix Gimme the lawn I can do it myself I care, my name jeff two suns I gotta lift you know how it is" Brilliant Jeff, brilliant
J cruz
J cruz 11 days ago
I was high asf thinking i was listening to kid cudi song is dope either way
l'Open-I- 11 days ago
Just a reminder, Octavian was accused of domestic abuse, Damon Albarn was a heroin addict and your cat didnt run away, it died. also santa aint real.
Nines 4 days ago
Unfounded allegations with no citations or proof. And yeah, how dare people get chemically addicted to drugs??? People shouldn't get better, drug addicts deserve just suffer forever, amiright? /s
Gen4John 12 days ago
I didn't feel this track at first but it hit today. I guess I was in the right vibe
Naval Doubloon57
Naval Doubloon57 12 days ago
i just remembered i was born on friday 13th so was my mom and dad so thats kinda convenient as my favorite band or whatever u would call gorillaz ;p has a song named friday 13th to me
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz 12 days ago
I can bearly understand what he's saying....
guilherme martins
guilherme martins 12 days ago
o lix lixo parece o 6ix9ine vai
AvixK 12 days ago
This honestly kinda sucked
gio 12 days ago
What happened to 2D?
Hannibal the cannibal
What happened to them they’ve all got face injuries?
Diamond Gaming
Diamond Gaming 12 days ago
I think this song represents how 2D is going through while drugged up from Murdoc and why it feels like a trippy trip
jack russel
jack russel 12 days ago
0:13 isn't that the same helicopter from phase two el manna
Lite Waze
Lite Waze 12 days ago
tbh I can call asleep to this
Glyn Ridley
Glyn Ridley 12 days ago
They've ruined Gorillaz, why is every song got some rapper swearing. I can't let my daughter listen to them anymore, she used to really like the early good stuff. This latest stuff is trash.
Crushingon 12 days ago
I feel sad seeing noodle all beat up
Blob Universe
Blob Universe 12 days ago
Why does this make my nostalgic
McNibbler 5 days ago
I think it’s the whimsical instrumentals
EX 13 days ago
Having listened to this multiple times now over the past few days I can honestly say the only thing good about this is the production... I wish they'd chosen a different artist to feature that could really flesh it out, but hey, they're entitled to make whatever the hell they want and my opinion doesn't mean shit.
James Isgate
James Isgate 13 days ago
The more I listen to this song, the more I love it.
Christopher Delgadilllo
Would somebody be so kind to get the lyrics comment to the top of the comment section?
ɪʍραα 14 days ago
Евгений Бобинов
фигня какая то
Елизавета Уткина
Дадада новый клип лучше
Soviet Seagull
Soviet Seagull 14 days ago
the number 23 keeps showing up, does it mean something?
James Barron
James Barron 15 days ago
0:41 does anyone see the old macbook wallpaper that looks like a galaxy photo 😂
Vladimir The Slav
Vladimir The Slav 15 days ago
Anyone else notice how much Noodle has grown over the years.
Christopher Hawkins
Absolutely. And Murdock has gotten greener
Dominick Alfaro
Dominick Alfaro 15 days ago
Russel’s Hello Kinky glasses do be looking good
Muhammed Slick
Muhammed Slick 15 days ago
kazak 15 days ago
idk why but out of all 5 i keep coming back to this one the most, it’s hypnotic
Ali Damien Aydin
Ali Damien Aydin 15 days ago
This time it's really sucks. Sorry🤷‍♂️
PreSlicedBagels 15 days ago
I haven't been keeping up with everything so I'm taking the time to catch up
lueni fuapoivaha
lueni fuapoivaha 15 days ago
jelly roll
Stanley Jack Dog
Stanley Jack Dog 15 days ago
Wow, I never knew the gorrilaz were still making music. I was going to ask is damien was still part of them and there he comes in at 3:15
Soulaholic 15 days ago
Tomorrow Comes Today
Lynda Macaulay Eden
Matt and Stuff
Matt and Stuff 15 days ago
Yeah still probably my least favorite from Song Machine so far but it’s still ok
Faker 16 days ago
Souk Eye, but with collab
RbMonkey M&M
RbMonkey M&M 16 days ago
Tip for people who dislike this song: -Listen to it more times.
noobtoob 13 days ago
this song sounds like it was made by a 5 year old with asperges
bat man
bat man 14 days ago
Roberto Rivas
Roberto Rivas 15 days ago
I listened to it only once and fell in love
G68_ landris
G68_ landris 16 days ago
ITS NOT RUSSEL I think....
André Vital Pardue
Wasn't expecting for Octavian to kill it...but fuck. Now I'm crying for some reason.
Paronax 16 days ago
Frozen Heart Art
Frozen Heart Art 16 days ago
This might be 2Ds pov after being drugged in aries. Thats how it feels to me
TIZIZIT 16 days ago
spooky black / corbin ?
Steez ROGERS 16 days ago
I'm surprised seeing people saying this had to grow on them. This Octavian kid has a super cool voice.
あねCrescent 16 days ago
2D and murdoc look a lil rough while noodle and Russel are vibing
PHRO 47 16 days ago
Its a vibe!
Jimbo_The_Wimbo 16 days ago
I like how Russel seems like he would be the strongest and would be the worst damages but he really is just a nice guy
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