Gordon Ramsay vs Microwaves On Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon Ramsay has been served numerous microwaved meals on Kitchen Nightmares.
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Mar 24, 2019

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Comments 5 126
LouisBunce 2 hours ago
Microwaves be like mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Jake Lakota
Jake Lakota 7 hours ago
BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Ramsay called that black chef a donkey and you edited it to donut! It's ok to call WHITE PEOPLE a donkey but not blacks?
Jimmy Da boi
Jimmy Da boi 11 hours ago
I love you so much sealah, I hope I see you again soon
James Soltis
James Soltis 15 hours ago
...I never knew Harvey Keitel was a third rate chef.
zoe mcmeme
zoe mcmeme 16 hours ago
okay but the chef mike part KILLED ME
ignore the search bar In my pic
Gordon wtf are you banning some of your vids in America I don’t know if he runs this shit but damn man Also I going to be seriously disappointed if there isn’t a nationality war in the comments
Ziliang Du
Ziliang Du Day ago
MILF tho😍
apex Day ago
rip chef mic he was like a father to me
apex Day ago
Waitress: **hands Gordon cups of ice water** Gordab: did u not season it?
Wolf Urban
Wolf Urban Day ago
"if its time for me to go I go"
Ibrahim Meshaal
Gordon : is there anything i ate today that wasn't microwaved ? Chef : the salad Gordon :U FuKinG DoUnuT!
Andre Goodridge
6:51 "YOU'RE FOOCKING BUSTIN MY BALLS" of course he's Italian
Michael Alguire
Food in the microwave in a restaurant ? Horrible.
Araz 15
Araz 15 Day ago
Her chin is a slurpy mess of blap
cold_rain Day ago
The lady with the lamb shanks I want to karate chop in the neck LMAO. I get it that she was unsatisfied with the lamb, but shut the fuck up KAREN.
BrokenFilmS 2 days ago
9:05. That was a weak as throw but yet the microwave went 10 feet away from the window😂😂 there is no way he was the one that threw that
Antrax Kid21
Antrax Kid21 2 days ago
Rip chef Mike!
ironman80us 2 days ago
I'm never going to run a restaurant, but years of watching Gordon Ramsay tells me I wouldn't even have a microwave in the building if I ever do run a restaurant.
JarsaPlayz 2 days ago
"Who cooked that?" "Chef Mike" "Chef who?" "it's a microwave"
GLC522 2 days ago
chef mic im geekin
Tidal Gaming
Tidal Gaming 2 days ago
Pewdiepie curses in a video, gets demonetized. Gordon Ramsay kills a chef, gets praised.
Delaney W
Delaney W 2 days ago
“you fookin doughnut of course you don’t put salad in the microwave” me: *dies of laughter*
jacob j
jacob j 2 days ago
We can all talk about chef Mike and him being brutally murdered but can we talk about Gordon's workout routine 5:41
bgtkv4 2 days ago
• Night Of Wishes •
*Gordon Picks Up Microwave* "Time for you to take a vacation" *Makes Microwave Commit Suicide*
jnixa1010 3 days ago
Microwave....oven. See, microwave oven is an oven, right?
jnixa1010 3 days ago
“ slurpy mess of blap “ is my new favorite way to describe bad food
Fnafgirl Fnaflover
the last part thouht XD
CUtxtxtu YCocohoy
after watching this show, i’m scared to go to any diner
Brad Redford
Brad Redford 3 days ago
"Enjoy!"...Walks away as fast as she can
Marine Swoldier
Marine Swoldier 3 days ago
The lady speaks English tf
V 3 days ago
I dont get this, if Martine is such a shit chef, why dont the owners fire him and get a new guy to make the food? Like, its common sense, if a worker isnt working to standard then get a new worker. This isnt the only restaurant that has this dumb mentality of like honor and nostalgia or something and keeps shitty workers. Then they wonder why their business is shit.
Grand Master Bushido Brown
I don't like when the server/ waitress tries to pander to Gordon. Bitch just threw Martine under the bus without hesitation as if she isn't apart of the problem.
Jordan Carpenter
Jordan Carpenter 3 days ago
How can you call someone a donut and make it sound so offensive. Lmao I love Chef Ramsay!
Just a human like the rest of you
Chef mike 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brendan Blab
Brendan Blab 3 days ago
If your resturaunt has a microwave, please close your business right away and never look at a job in culinary ever again.
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez 3 days ago
Rip chef mike
Mike Gibbons
Mike Gibbons 3 days ago
Chef Martine resembles Keith Richards. If only he had the passion Keith does!
Arica Vang
Arica Vang 3 days ago
Which episodes are these?
Jerel Moore
Jerel Moore 3 days ago
You know who really gives a shit about this honestly
Raymond Su
Raymond Su 4 days ago
Rip chef mic
spart icuz
spart icuz 4 days ago
Gordon throws chef mike out the window.... MURDA!!!!
Shelly Daniels
Shelly Daniels 4 days ago
Gordon blows up spots like little sisters😳😳😂😂😂😂
Shelly Daniels
Shelly Daniels 4 days ago
This is why I cook at home, people. More cost-effective AND you know what you're getting😳😳😳
Austin Campbell
Austin Campbell 4 days ago
Whoever disliked this video are in denial
toxic_tux51 5 days ago
Gordon:is there anything that wasn't microwave Guy : the salad I fucking died 😂😂
The Apostle
The Apostle 5 days ago
*food comes out* Me: Looks pretty go- Gordon: Disgusting Me:Disgusting
Ville Lepoaho
Ville Lepoaho 5 days ago
"What? We don't microwave food" *sticks the food back in a microwave*
Jorel McCoy
Jorel McCoy 5 days ago
5:47 The salad lmaooooo. Spit my coffee out on that one lol.
EVAN BARLOW 5 days ago
The salad 😂😂😂
ron wood
ron wood 5 days ago
The sad part is, chef mike had a wife and 3 little toaster ovens at home, did anyone think of them?
john prn
john prn 5 days ago
We will remember chef mike
Caesar 5 days ago
white polka dot purple shirt is sexy af
The Kameleon
The Kameleon 5 days ago
Gordon wife : Baby can you go down on me? Gordon : Raw! Bland! Dry! What a sloppy mess. DISGUSTING
Purple Heart
Purple Heart 6 days ago
Lady swear she didn't know any spanish lol
Regina 6 days ago
I want to see what happened with the guy that was rude to the customer
juana moreno
juana moreno 6 days ago
This man made me hate microwaves to a whole other level
Brett 00
Brett 00 6 days ago
Am I blind or does Gordon have like no eyebrows
HI AM PAJU - 6 days ago
When you just know Gordon has made more enemy’s then Batman.
HorseShit35 6 days ago
Gordon Ramsey killed Chef Mic you B***d😂😂
HorseShit35 6 days ago
Missed opportunity for naming this, Gordon Ramsey Vs chef Mic😂😂
Daspiko 7 days ago
Lady: has the food been microwaved? Chef: no. Camera man: im about to end this mans whole career
BrokenFilmS Day ago
Daspiko someone 2 months ago commented the same exact thing and it’s the second comment from the top
Daspiko 2 days ago
BrokenFilmS wait what? I didn’t ;(
BrokenFilmS 2 days ago
Daspiko nice job stealing that comment
finnf4 7 days ago
holy fuck, it's chef mike
SpiderDan PinoyParker
Sammy the owner: goombatz galore.
Captain Penkz
Captain Penkz 7 days ago
the title should be gordon ramsay vs chef mike XD
NumberZ Letter0
NumberZ Letter0 8 days ago
Wow, they're happy chef Mike died...
Austin Anderson
Austin Anderson 8 days ago
"If it is time for me to go I go." Said like a Boss.
cool omya
cool omya 8 days ago
ok Im not a chef or expert in this but the thing he took out of the microwave at 1:26 doesn't look anything like the thing on Gordan's plate. it's more liquidy in a cup
no name
no name 8 days ago
the salad
chris hubbard
chris hubbard 8 days ago
Mr "you work for a microwave company?" Oh my god, that would have been the end right there. "You can take your microwaved food, shove it up your macrosized ass and keep shoving till it hits your micro sized brain."
biggie moz
biggie moz 9 days ago
You would be surprised how many kitchens actually use a microwave
loopje 8 days ago
Doesn’t make it right
yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah 9 days ago
rip chef mic
Vegito Blue
Vegito Blue 9 days ago
Gordon vs freezer
Can we get an F in the comments for Chef Mic
END JOY 9 days ago
I could of used that microwave 😥
tasty 9 days ago
Gordon : German ? Women : Yes a little bi t Gordon : i Dont speak German
Stephanie Trier
Stephanie Trier 10 days ago
First them I genuinely thought that the food looked disgusting 0:18, most foods that Gordon doesn’t like actually look good😂
rishab thapliyal
rishab thapliyal 10 days ago
He guess right that one 3:20 lamb shame 😁😁
My Face
My Face 10 days ago
Everybody to chef mike: Adios amigos Chef mike stans:...NOOOOO-
DavidoffAdamska 10 days ago
RIP chef mike
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