Gordon Ramsay vs Microwaves On Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon Ramsay has been served numerous microwaved meals on Kitchen Nightmares.
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Mar 24, 2019




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Comments 6 072
San Ghuloom
San Ghuloom Hour ago
3:43 Gordon: Who cooked that? Justin: Chef Mike Gordon: Chef who? Justin: Chef Microwave *can't stop laughing at Gordon being trolled*
Sydney 5 hours ago
The end played while I was awake in bed at 4 in the morning and I thought someone was sharpening a knife down the hall outside my room
Martin Mena
Martin Mena 11 hours ago
0:00 describing my fat ex gf
LongDuk Dong
LongDuk Dong 13 hours ago
Sammy should’ve been popped in the mouth. Hope he left cooking and collects trash for the city.
Sin Sanity
Sin Sanity 16 hours ago
"So, nothing was good?" Goes to answer... Lady interrupts "Sorry, no English." WTF
-Hears see you again -Weeps for chef Mike
R A D O N Day ago
Dustin should be recognized as one of the founding fathers of Gordon Ramsay memes
Giant Panda Lovers
I want chef Gordon to compare the food cooked in the latest microwave ovens of various manufacturers.
Vanilla_ Bean_Nöel
I fucken died laughing when he took that microwave lmfao😂
Great Googly Moogly
Ramsey turned to Shaggy
loopedd Day ago
I would live to thank ramsay for showing me what goes on in the kitchen in restaurants and now i don't eat out and will never eat out..... I will cook for myself and family...thanks ramsay
Bytemosery 2 days ago
We want chef Tony
James Loves Games
R.I.P Chef Mike we will never forget you
Roman NumeraI
Roman NumeraI 2 days ago
When no one has any original jokes so they just comment quotes from the video :/
Hless421 2 days ago
I miss that show LMAO the nerve of some people
Mats Nyman
Mats Nyman 2 days ago
0:58 grr gonna smash everybody
Proud Jayhawk
Proud Jayhawk 3 days ago
Generally speaking, I honestly think Gordon exaggerates alot of the time to a ridiculous level.
Floofer Pupper
When you’re cooking someone’s food, in a restaurant, that environment should be professional. If you don’t cook it right, the food is not going to taste very good. If you don’t cook it long enough, the food could make someone sick or even worse, kill someone. If the food isn’t good enough, you’re not gonna get much business. So, no I don’t think he’s exaggerating too much, they are all adults and should know better. It’s a it’s a job, not a game. It’s a business, not a hobby.
Marcus Lopez
Marcus Lopez 3 days ago
It's sad that men like Sammy exist.
WWE EmpireFight
WWE EmpireFight 3 days ago
Gordon: Spanish? French? German? This lady: German a bit. Gordon: sorry I don't speak German thank you. What a attitude Gordon 👌👌
Blueninja 177
Blueninja 177 3 days ago
That lamb shank at 3:25 is the same lamb shank I by frozen to heat up at Costco
Noah Totty
Noah Totty 3 days ago
Customer: It was clearly micro... Chef Sammy: WHAT YE WORK FOR A MICROWAVE COMPANY OR SUMETHIN
R A D O N 3 days ago
Owner: *completely rude to customer* Owner: “there’s a right way and a wrong way of handling something like that and she was completely wrong” Me: B R U H W H A T A R E Y O U S A Y I N G
Halzer Net
Halzer Net 3 days ago
This should be Gordon Ramsay’s war on microwaves
Lipe Kit Rinehart
I love how you finished this video
TheMatrix1101 4 days ago
Scottish? No French? No Spanish? No Hotel? Trivago
TheMatrix1101 4 days ago
“Who made this?” “Mike” “Mike who?” “Mike Rowave”
LongDuk Dong
LongDuk Dong 13 hours ago
TheMatrix1101 Mic not Mike Dumb Dumb 😭
hari jo
hari jo 4 days ago
R.I.P chef Mike
davids11131113 4 days ago
She speaks no languages....sorry.
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez 4 days ago
Chef Mic's assisted suicide
shaftslammer 4 days ago
Kyle Penn
Kyle Penn 4 days ago
There's a right way and a wrong way to cook lamb too, medium rare or not at all.
Overwatch 4 days ago
jabari kidd
jabari kidd 4 days ago
Called that man a donut
7 77
7 77 5 days ago
You know your poor when all the food of hells kitchen looks good
Discord 5 days ago
We not gonna talk about how he just murdered the best chef in that restaurant by chucking him off a building?
Margarita Palacios
That woman: Adios amigos. Me: Oh god, the cringe...
Shadowgt 6 days ago
That guy was pissed she busted then microwaving the lamb even tho he’s the one that said to microwave it.
Eman 6 days ago
Lady at the end "die it's bad"
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer 6 days ago
R.I.P chef mike He was such a beautiful part of the kitchen. In loving memory
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer 6 days ago
When he called the guy who said "The salad" a doughnut I fkn died😭💀
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