Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 SHUTDOWNS! | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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5 of our favorite restaurant shutdowns from the archives of Kitchen Nightmares.
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Jan 28, 2017

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Comments 22 990
Boku no Keki
Boku no Keki 6 hours ago
Seeing the customer eating the tomato *{°O°}* *LOOK HOW SLIMY IT IS... LOOK HOW SLIMY IT IS*
hi 9 hours ago
"Ratth is all ovr teh pless."
Human Trash169
Human Trash169 13 hours ago
Me: *see's a roach, has a panic attack* Gordon: *has one on his head* "oh wow there's one on my head" Me:...... Gordon... STOP chasing the roaches and RUN!!!!!
Sanjaya Gunasena
Sanjaya Gunasena 23 hours ago
I can't help but think a lot of these episodes are staged - the British version had less drama but felt more real.
theouter banks
Bruno H
Bruno H Day ago
Why am I watching this while eating, what’s wrong with me😂😂
Pourya Fahim
Pourya Fahim Day ago
I felt bad for mama rose , she deserved better
Rollie Delosreyes
Gordon gloves= 1 like ⬇️
ibrahim javed
Isn't the guy at 11:00 Royce from HK season 10?
Kpop Stan
Kpop Stan Day ago
5:45 i mean hes not wrong😂😂
XDsweatyTaco_ _
I wonder how many people want to kill Gordon
Magari Day ago
Honestly If Gordon Ramsay burst out of the doors yelling shut the place down with cameras I would absolutely shit myself
Justice Bruyere
6:33 “Thats fucken older than me!”😂
M G Horvath
M G Horvath Day ago
It's roteeeeeeeen xD I'm dying
Dimas Mursyid
Woman: "May i have ur attention please?" Me: "will the real slim shady please stands up"
Dimas Mursyid
Gordon *touch rotten tomatoes* "eww, that makes me gag" Also Gordon: *Keeps touching it*
serghei Avocado
serghei Avocado 2 days ago
YoungSupremeBeat 2 days ago
Soon as the really good parts happen it cuts off😬😣😂
Pold daal
Pold daal 2 days ago
Makes u think that the food u order in any restaurant could potentially put u in hospital or worse.
naverfeb17 2 days ago
Omg look that ,,,,, omg look it , oh god ,
Mher Saribekyan
Mher Saribekyan 2 days ago
Wait a minute. In my country(Armenia) there are periodical tests for a restaurant's hygiene. If they don't pass the test, they are getting closed. Idk how this many restaurants passed!
End Boss Eleven
End Boss Eleven 2 days ago
Where's Fiesta Sunrise?
_Choco Cream_
_Choco Cream_ 2 days ago
I’m surprised Gordon isn’t in the hospital yet after all the bad food he’s eaten
Cristian Carvajal
10:46 jajaajjajaja
Reasons of shutdowns: 5. Cross contamination, fridge 4. Cross contamination, fridge 3. Cockroaches, rotten food 2. Cross contamination, fridge 1. Cross contamination, rotten food Anybody see a patern?
just faize
just faize 2 hours ago
@Robert Apin not zobel account by the way the cooks are shitty and some managers dont give a fuck
Bloodhound A&GV
Bloodhound A&GV 3 days ago
Cherry Pop
Cherry Pop 3 days ago
I don't know why but I can feel the bugs and cockroaches all over my skin on the 3rd spot
Frederik the Wolfman
Never mind cross contamination, he should be arrested for that fucking disgusting haircut.
Itsme Jeehyunie
Itsme Jeehyunie 3 days ago
Gordon: *Caughs After taking a taste of a food* Employees: Guess i'll die.
Isavoorhorstx 3 days ago
"look its fucking rotten you idiot" "roTtEeNn" "tomatOOO"
Jasmine Ceran
Jasmine Ceran 3 days ago
8:04 the cook looks like jay-z😅
Miko 3 days ago
Gordon touches em cockroaches like nothing. If I saw that many cockroaches I would get the fuck out of there.
ItsMe Kryptic
ItsMe Kryptic 3 days ago
Wet Mustard
Wet Mustard 4 days ago
*Binge watches kitchen nightmares* *girlfriend fucks something up in the kitchen* Me: "you fucking yanky doodle bellend shitcunt", "look at it!"
Tv8 4 days ago
6:00 When you know the shit is about to hit the fan
A. Glennon
A. Glennon 4 days ago
which episodes are these from?
Gadget Millenial
Gadget Millenial 4 days ago
*smell mushroom Gordon : Thats fucken old than me
Saida Mahamoodally
Lol q When ever fuck he sais it bad
Saida Mahamoodally
I seen gkrda
ilaDali 4 days ago
Anybody hear that idiot saying "everybody hates our food, and she just turns a blind ear to that"
TheRedGuyYT 4 days ago
Guys:eating fatal tomatoes Film crew:let’s just film them eat something potentially dangerous and not tell them that
Chloe Ward
Chloe Ward 4 days ago
That Irish restaurant is a disgrace to the Irish
Chloe Ward
Chloe Ward 4 days ago
Did anyone else get the creeps seeing those cockroaches...
The Gaming Roblox Bros
yuck imagine knowing you ate at these places. I would be like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH AM I GONNA DIE
NinjaaBrian2 21
NinjaaBrian2 21 4 days ago
Dem cockroaches
Jack and the pals
The thing is they know that chef Ramsay and the camera crew are coming so why don't they clean up and check everything before and it's common sense
Jack and the pals
I can't understand how they want chef Ramsay to come in and help them but then they argue with him he is the number one chef in the world surely he knows more than them their business is thousands upon thousands of pounds in debt it's just common sense to me like lol
Insert Good User Here
"This has been here since thanksgiving" "IT'S JULY!!" Me: *confused look in British*
Mercedes Sosa
Mercedes Sosa 3 hours ago
Same here, only a confused filipino look
TheRedGuyYT 4 days ago
The Gaming Roblox Bros
same here
Jac Fourie
Jac Fourie 5 days ago
Salty stake:like No salt stake:reply
elia simanjuntak
elia simanjuntak 5 days ago
ever hear The Left Hand of God?? He is God's bad side
3:21 Stop ryt there young man
Youssef Hafiz
Youssef Hafiz 5 days ago
Gordon: smell that Gordon again: that's fckng older than me
Faizaan Zakir
Faizaan Zakir 5 days ago
The owners of these shitholes are absolute specimens
M J Grasscutter
M J Grasscutter 5 days ago
What's that there? What is that? Oh my God, look at that!! Love his honest surprise time and time again
Jack Bradbury
Jack Bradbury 5 days ago
Gordon doese not give a fuck
Karipap Angin
Karipap Angin 5 days ago
Sarah Møller
Sarah Møller 5 days ago
“She turns a blind ear” Me: ...
TrasH 5 days ago
I love Gordon’s voice throughout this video
[AOV]Sliver Sufer
1:43 how much pans you need to cook food lol
Tariq Aslam
Tariq Aslam 5 days ago
You dirty bastards
Artvincent Grasua
After seeing this i felt like not going to any restaurant id just cook for myself
Rhys Davies
Rhys Davies 6 days ago
It's fucking rotten you idiot!
Oxagon Official
Oxagon Official 6 days ago
Gordon will be so pissed if he finds out Philippines uses freezer always but he will be surprised and happy if he sees us soak in the water and cook it
Trivas  Palmer
Trivas Palmer 6 days ago
Gordon: its rotten....its fucking rotteeeeeeen!! **I died**
Louis Meikle
Louis Meikle 6 days ago
We are not worthy . Wtf
3EyedRebel 6 days ago
The classy restaurant with roaches was disgusting. Shut that mfer down
JIA 6 days ago
after watching this video i will NEVER eat out anymore. DISGUSTANG
Sanan Muhammad
Sanan Muhammad 6 days ago
there's always that one honest waitress who tell gordon that the food is shit.
Ffion Jones
Ffion Jones 6 days ago
"Ah, you dirty bastards."
sally kilby
sally kilby 6 days ago
Gordon :" This place is closed!" Me: " And pay a visit to A & E , I've just seen what's in the kitchen. Rotten food😷 & bugs, ...lots of Bugs! 😫😫 ( skin crawling, toes curling)😨
niko lina
niko lina 6 days ago
I'm surprised he hasn't died from food poisoning...
Skipper847 6 days ago
Whats that, Whats that, Whats that Whats that, Whats that, Whats that Whats that, Whats that, Whats that Whats that, Whats that, Whats that.
EhHab Hazard
EhHab Hazard 6 days ago
3:21 your reaction when you finished your assignments and start to relax but teacher gives you extra assignments
Richard Chookomolin
6:33 “That’s fucking older than me!!” Lol haha
Jonathan Anastopoulos
1 like = 1 bottle of hand sanitiser and gloves for Gordon
The Gaming Roblox Bros
perfect 2 likes for a pair of gloves
RNG Yarsan
RNG Yarsan 7 days ago
Thank god am addicted to home food is way cleaner
Jirou Fujikawa
Jirou Fujikawa 7 days ago
Have you any idea how bad the human brain can be for these people to be this dumb?
AnimeLover000 7 days ago
Gordon:”I don’t know what’s going on,But can someone get a grip...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Rhiannon Heale
Rhiannon Heale 7 days ago
"It comes like that" "that's fresh" DONT BUY IT ANYMORE THEN
Justina Petkevičiūtė
iT's RotTeN
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