Gordon Ramsay's MOST BRUTAL Restaurant Critiques! | Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back

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Some of the most intense moments from Gordon Ramsay telling restaurant staff off from Series 2!
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Jun 13, 2019




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Comments 8 212
All 4
All 4 4 months ago
Favourite snack?? Watch FULL EPISODES on All 4: bit.ly/2mJR9V6
Jus' Cookin'
Jus' Cookin' 4 days ago
Can anyone vouch that this channel 4 actually gives the money they make selling my data to the public?
Aaron Hughes
Aaron Hughes 12 days ago
You're a legend! Thank you
vuvy 22 days ago
Mr. Potato
Mr. Potato 25 days ago
Raw steak
robin mcgregor
robin mcgregor 28 days ago
@brian eikema thanks, I wanted to know this 😊
Lizard Claws And Puppy Tails
5:12 I had to look up the definition of a duvet
Alexa Snowden
2:15 when my mum comes in my room lol
OmegaKingZeroG 2 days ago
Well now we know why Satan hasn't tried to destroy us He is saving us in food
Metacore YT
Metacore YT 2 days ago
Whats reassuring about this is knowing that Gordon only gets this pissed off because he actually cares about people. He gets so mad because people’s lives are actually on the line eating that shit
A Simpson
A Simpson 2 days ago
Someone tell Gordon that white people aren’t allowed to yell at black people On second thought Nobody say a word, this is amazing
BIGBOIIII227 2 days ago
I feel bad for Joe. Gordon basically forced him to go against someone he had known and loved his whole life. Yes, I know he was a jerk but still, that cuts deep man.
Bill Lii
Bill Lii 2 days ago
“Fuck you” “No, thank you.”
Rinalds Awesomeness178 Gaming
im suprised my granny can cook better then them
Chido Mutambiranwa
Its like a cockroach duvet!........OMG Mr Ramsey.
Karen Clai Bagauisan
Girl: F*ck you! Ramsey: F*ck me? Girl: F*ck you! Ramsey: No, thank you.
loli senpai
loli senpai 3 days ago
I wish there's another guy has the same attitude,and skill like Gordon Ramsay Why? Cuz even when he use bad word toward them,he saying that for them to do more good and better
Lewis Is Ok
Lewis Is Ok 3 days ago
8:00 That’s just normal stuff in any kitchen only slightly heightened.
Crazy Catholic Chick
WARNING: THIS CLIP CONTAINS STRONG AND OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE Well, yeah. If the language isn’t strong and offensive I don’t want to hear it!
Ya Boi Tom
Ya Boi Tom 3 days ago
I’m not offended by the word faggot by any means...but I would incredibly offended in a professional environment and beat the hell out of that guy
Javs Xavier Jr
Javs Xavier Jr 3 days ago
Fook me? No thank you ☺️ 👋
Floppy 3 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-9hRjAoxNFP8.html Floppy was here.✌️
JaxonIsShy 3 days ago
Gordon: “Fuck me?” “No thank you” 😂 shit had me dying
Frost 3 days ago
Gordon Ramsay not being naturally blonde but just being in a perpetual state of super saiyan is my favorite headcanon.
Mark Pelayo
Mark Pelayo 3 days ago
Most of them are damn in denial...hahahaha they can't accept their fucking mistakes... Gordon might be so harsh with his opinion but he is telling the truth!!!
Joel Marble
Joel Marble 3 days ago
I've got 10% smell and taste and I can tell when food is starting to go bad for fucks sake and I don't have anyone but myself to worry about feeding rotten food
D̶r̶e̶w̶ 3 days ago
Nobody: Gordon Ramsey: sMeLl ThAt!
Yaqqo 3 days ago
Legend says they even opened the restaurant *TODAY*
Treaty will
Treaty will 3 days ago
I thought the old dad was gonna stay and Ramsay was gonna offer them jobs😂
Jayden Hughes
Jayden Hughes 3 days ago
am i the only one who died laughing at 8:25 ?
Kai Proctor
Kai Proctor 3 days ago
It felt so good to see Gordon talk to those little princesses that way.
Jesus Hipster
Jesus Hipster 4 days ago
5:15 Gordon:Its like a cockroach duvet Employer 2:Cant argue with that 🤣🤣
MartoX Zzz
MartoX Zzz 4 days ago
Get them tiger 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Nikola Dietmar Krapp
some people should not be in the food business.
SoapProducts 4 days ago
Dude shoulda had Chris Hansen come on
Dutch Van der linde
Me: Gets a bad test score My mom: 7:40
CMDR Hanszo
CMDR Hanszo 4 days ago
If we ever faced apocalypse i want gordon ramsey as my leader.
Elisha Istomin
Elisha Istomin 4 days ago
Lol they got offended because he said faggot and retard, that’s kinda pathetic lol. The rape joke was kinda disgusting though I’m not gonna lie about that.
Collin Chen
Collin Chen 4 days ago
This is a major BRUH moment
7:40: my mom @ me after I don’t do the one fork in the sink
Anabel Solis
Anabel Solis 4 days ago
At the end!!! Lmao fudge me???no thank you !!! I love Ramsey 🤣🤣
Jus' Cookin'
Jus' Cookin' 4 days ago
Bruh her eyes runnin away from eachother @11:59
Adil Hoxha
Adil Hoxha 4 days ago
Disclaimer: This video contains harsh language Me: I know 😉
bram merd
bram merd 4 days ago
12:50 damn kanye in the house
Cherette Lynn
Cherette Lynn 4 days ago
“FUCK ME?! No thank you...”
dazuleh 4 days ago
Ghetto ass whores, taking all there parents money. They been saving that since slavery been abolished and they do them like that.
David Wishart
David Wishart 4 days ago
8:24 😡😡😡😡 seriously, forget being fired, he should be arrested!!
Kyah Owens
Kyah Owens 5 days ago
JasonTV ii
JasonTV ii 5 days ago
Smell that
Lindsey Stover
Lindsey Stover 5 days ago
I wish these owners understood that there is a certain standard to which restaurant food is expected to meet if not excel. Just because you eat frozen food at home or don’t clean your fridge often enough and don’t mind it that way, it doesn’t make it remotely okay to do that and then charge money for the food.
Reagan Brooke
Reagan Brooke 5 days ago
Satan is scared of Gordon
Rollick Paul
Rollick Paul 5 days ago
Gordon gordon gordon i will put a photo of you in my kitchen.
Seaturtle Jumbo
Seaturtle Jumbo 5 days ago
13:08 fuck you oh fuck me? ye fuck you no thank you fuckin hilarious
Sherri H
Sherri H 5 days ago
5:00 does she have only one tooth?
Whaltteri 5 days ago
Fired for telling jokes? WTF?!!!!
Abhishek Sathe
Abhishek Sathe 6 days ago
Im surprised that gordon didnt get sick with all this
Breeann Best
Breeann Best 6 days ago
Pete every woman in the world now knows that you joke about raping young girls.
Breeann Best
Breeann Best 6 days ago
I’ve never seen such delusional adults in my life.
Markell Hawthorne
What episode was that last one?
rostyi _
rostyi _ 6 days ago
10:21 a rare moment when Ramsay is actually impressed by the ANGER of someone
thecharacte.r. 6 days ago
Home girl at the end says: “But we should be disrespected right?” Gordon replies “Now hold on a minute” and proceeds to say what he wants instead of answering her. Smart move. Had he replied the way she wanted, it wouldn’t have taken her long for her to make race based accusations.
Rasha Green
Rasha Green 6 days ago
9:29-9:31 The dad spitting in the food thats is fucking disgusting he dont deserve to be around the restaurant industry.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 6 days ago
7:21 ramsey on beat uhhhhhhhhhhh
Caitlin Barter
Caitlin Barter 6 days ago
How the heck are you supposed to yelled at someone like that and have them yell at you without crying?! If I did his job I would be in tears the first 10 seconds while running away screaming “SORRY!”
Hazry JB
Hazry JB 6 days ago
only halal restoran is safe for human to eat..
J. Bar
J. Bar 6 days ago
When I saw that googly eyed sassy fat black chick, I knew there would be trouble.
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