Gordon Ramsay Prepares & Cooks His Vietnamese Menu For Locals | Gordon's Great Escape

Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon Ramsay's trip to Vietnam comes to an end as he has demonstrated everything he's learned throughout his trip in a menu.
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17 фев 2019




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Комментарии 4 341
Luis 4 часа назад
Gordon was definitely hitting on that girl and she was liking it . You can’t hide it 😂😂😂😂😝
Alexander Ho
Alexander Ho 12 часов назад
The food had an essence of Gordon's sweat... nice touch! :D
van Rensburg
van Rensburg 16 часов назад
02:30 There was a drop on your nose Mr. Ramsay, where did that go. Extra flavour perhaps??
Necron 17 часов назад
sweet fall into the duck
robert 20 часов назад
To be fair not even gordon can master just other whole new style of cooking just in 2 weeks.
Adam 23 часа назад
lmaoo using dropped rice when he's yelled at chefs for cooking dropped food
Matt Barone
Matt Barone День назад
2:32 Gordon has nose sweat dripping into his food he is prepping...cmon man lol
Mega Bucks
Mega Bucks День назад
i love pig ear
Tike Myson
Tike Myson День назад
0:44 mr rice made a statue of himself
TAF Corduroy
TAF Corduroy День назад
Jack Baer
Jack Baer День назад
Watching this while hungry is a bad call
Austin Davidson
Austin Davidson День назад
@2:30 he literally sweats into the food...
Thieu Quang Trung
Thieu Quang Trung День назад
crispy, crunchy, chewy, soft and silky..... right... Apple!
HydnBB2 День назад
Food mixed with Gordon’s drippin sweat🤭
Tony12097 День назад
"If you want to eat well, get rid of your fridge" Very good quote actually
Jeffery Williams
Jeffery Williams День назад
6:40 wow my cute little friend you were shopping with... Seemed so meek.. Harsh lol
Jeffery Williams
Jeffery Williams День назад
6 minutes in this looks fantastic
Monkeyenglish TOEIC
Monkeyenglish TOEIC День назад
i watched your videos about VIETNAM food and i had to say that it was not VIETNAM cuisine what you done!
Akef Mozid
Akef Mozid День назад
oh man oh man oh man , he was killed in this battle
These people are hard to please for real
jasonx409able День назад
When Gordon cusses that is normal!! 😂😂😂
Makara Kh
Makara Kh День назад
Vietnam look like a piece of shit
abi_shek limboo
abi_shek limboo День назад
2:30 did a drop of sweat fell??
Ten Du
Ten Du День назад
2:28 to 2:31 watch carefully ... his sweat droplet...could you say where exactly did it drop guys? haha
A. C
A. C 2 дня назад
You're sweating in the food you pig!!! Fuck off yea!!
javon johnson
javon johnson 2 дня назад
I dont care what anyone says Mrs V and Mrs Duck can get it lol
neil elleston
neil elleston 2 дня назад
2:30 mins sweat drips from Gordon's nose straight into the food mix, for extra added flavour. Nice, bleurgh!!
The One Dud
The One Dud 2 дня назад
I'm asain and I'm like wow he did like 75% of the work nice job
SileTa Mus
SileTa Mus 2 дня назад
Is it only me who noticed Gordon sweat about to drop into the food?
Hafiz Baihaqi
Hafiz Baihaqi 2 дня назад
usually gordon season it with salt and pepper.. but for this dish he use his natural salt to season it.. haha
Markov Soh
Markov Soh 2 дня назад
This is not padthai
Josh Huß
Josh Huß 2 дня назад
@2:30 needs more salt? just let your sweat drop into it :D
Alan Gaming
Alan Gaming 2 дня назад
Gordon Ramsay own kitchen nightmare
O Devious
O Devious 2 дня назад
Mr rice and mrs duck lmao
Ya suo
Ya suo 2 дня назад
Lawton Kit Alingal
Lawton Kit Alingal 2 дня назад
Hahaha gordon sweat getting to the food
vincent nguyen
vincent nguyen 2 дня назад
Isis Smith
Isis Smith 2 дня назад
Those guys are sweating awfully hard to be cooking someone’s food, not very sanitized for sure. It’s nice seeing him struggling a bit as he’s always giving others such a hell of a kitchen time lol
dubcindub15 3 дня назад
@2:31 Gordon drips nose sweat into the dish
dubcindub15 3 дня назад
@0:57 that's definitely a Dublin HWYuuge...and ya know.......love the Asian Dublin accent :D
Big Lou
Big Lou 3 дня назад
Ms. V is so hot
Paulie Walnuts
Paulie Walnuts 3 дня назад
did that little zip say hes gonna go in the kitchen and kick ramsay in the ass...……………..look here you little zips hes doing that all by himself you little ungrateful fucks
Jakerjkl 3 дня назад
2:29 the sweat/snot drip into the food haha
Jess July
Jess July 3 дня назад
Why no one is talking about how his sweat from his face is dripping down to the dishes at 2:34?
Steven Ahern
Steven Ahern 3 дня назад
I am amazed that being the so called professional cook Ramsay is that he should know 1 wear a cooks cap or hair net 2 use plastic gloves when handling food 3 don't sweat over the food that being prepped. I was a cook in the military and learned that. I am really surprised that food critics did not notice.
Svtethan 2 дня назад
Steven Ahern 1. In Britain many chefs do not wear hairnets and even if they did it’d be more in the cafeteria, factories, or military as you might have 2. Chefs are required to clean their hands for sanitary reasons and gloves again are primarily used in the aforementioned 3 I stated. 3. As someone who has travelled to Vietnam that place is muggy and hot as hell, while yes it’s still nasty to see him have a drip of sweat or two into the food, I don’t really blame him all that much, he was definitely struggling.
An Pham
An Pham 3 дня назад
Although born and raised in America; I’m Vietnamese, my family uses the oven for storage, we have 3 fucking refrigerators but never actually meals inside them, and I’ve also almost never seen meat without it’s bone; when my family cooks.
Kyle Whitaker
Kyle Whitaker 3 дня назад
Mr.Gordon please do an episode at the country known for their delicious meals, THE PHILIPPINES!
Terracraft 3 дня назад
Nice and early
l l
l l 3 дня назад
2:29 don't know about blood but sweat went in to that meal
T Johnson
T Johnson 3 дня назад
1:57 dude was melting. hahaha
TCS Admin
TCS Admin 3 дня назад
sweat dripping down his face. i wouldn't mind eating the food if it drips into it, tbh.
Youssef Ganggay
Youssef Ganggay 3 дня назад
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Almighty Dorr
Almighty Dorr 3 дня назад
Did his sweat drip on the food ?
It's Phoenix Flame
It's Phoenix Flame 3 дня назад
Who else noticed he was left handed?
hacker pro
hacker pro 3 дня назад
welcome you to vietnam gordon
chuba meren
chuba meren 3 дня назад
Vietnam victimized Gordon hahahaa
Psyc Ink
Psyc Ink 3 дня назад
I think he is sweating his nose off on those dishes
Kim Kim
Kim Kim 3 дня назад
This pretentious jerk want to cook Vietnamese now haha..
uce chapo
uce chapo 3 дня назад
"if you want to eat well get rid of your fridge it forces you to buy fresh ingredients twice a day"-ramsey *Me* drives to McDonald's
Jayaraj Goval
Jayaraj Goval 3 дня назад
i did notice gordon`s sweat dripping .. plz tell its not dripping on the food which he were cooking...
littlejohn2010 3 дня назад
Props to him for trying. Not easy to cook in a foreign country and kitchen as well. But he took it on the chin.
thatchillkid07 4 дня назад
They roasted Gordon 😂
thatchillkid07 4 дня назад
Why do I get the feeling his names not actually Mr. Rice lol
Bin Bin
Bin Bin День назад
thatchillkid07 yas, he’s not mr. Rice
CYRIL Dyunis
CYRIL Dyunis 4 дня назад
😅😅😅 the first time i saw Gordon apparently struggling.
Katrina Arceno
Katrina Arceno 4 дня назад
Please visit Philippines
Darius Dowlat
Darius Dowlat 4 дня назад
Mrs duck & mr rice hahah
Lion Of Judah
Lion Of Judah 4 дня назад
Gordon definitely got sum head that night. Well deserved neck.
Paul . Mayers
Paul . Mayers 4 дня назад
@2:30 his sweat dripping off his nose into the bowl of meat lolololol
JC DIAZ 2 дня назад
Paul . Mayers I thought I was the only one 😂
Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen 4 дня назад
He sucks,
SCGunDog 4 дня назад
Gordon pushes people past their limits, but it's nice to see that he is still always willing to learn, and can still get as good as he gives. And the same is true from MPW and Robuchon when he was still learning. A good leader never stops learning.
jibel the
jibel the 4 дня назад
All the kitchen assistants looked din not understand what Ramsay was saying
BountyAsh 4 дня назад
i like how he speaks English and all the other chefs like what he talking about XD
O O 4 дня назад
Damn I love it, seeing gordon struggle
Winning FTW
Winning FTW 4 дня назад
Remember people get rid of yer fridge 😲😲
Golden Pleb The
Golden Pleb The 4 дня назад
Isnt this the series from like months ago
Ghosty 4 дня назад
There should be a Vietnamese guy in the Kitchen yelling and screaming at him telling him how much of a fucking moron he is for making the skewers too sweet and the meats too dark. Fucking idiot!
Pterodactyl Tits
Pterodactyl Tits 5 дней назад
2:30 nose sweat for flavor mmmmmm
Black Hawk
Black Hawk 5 дней назад
kitchen job indeed.. thats what a chef does.. 😊
Linda Le
Linda Le 5 дней назад
If those people saw the rice on the ground they would slap him across the world and back and again until he sees stars in front of him and I’m not joking 🙃
Chase Morgan
Chase Morgan 5 дней назад
2:29 Gordon Ramsey wants to call out people on the past to wipe their sweat from their foreheads but lets his own drip straight into that pork... disgusting🤢
Joe Black
Joe Black 5 дней назад
He didn't do it. They was just nice to him. Good try. He does need time one week way to short to be good.
Nik O
Nik O 5 дней назад
5:02 love you long time
DeVon 5 дней назад
love this kind of thing
Irene Rejie
Irene Rejie 5 дней назад
Dont use the word 'fucking'. Eejit in the country with different culture.No respect for people's culture.
Berto Zepol
Berto Zepol 5 дней назад
Lmao stupid whity he goes anywhere & he thinks he is in control and runs everything.
Berto Zepol
Berto Zepol 5 дней назад
This idiot doesnt know anything lmao he thinks he is a bad ass chef stupid caucasian
Adrian Vlacuha
Adrian Vlacuha 5 дней назад
Well your wank at Vietnamese food
auzio 5 дней назад
Mr. Rice? hahaha
Yazz kros
Yazz kros 5 дней назад
1:56 when you have no fking clue what your teacher is talking about, but you pretend to understand.
Yazz kros
Yazz kros 2 дня назад
+Kabim Shrestha touché
Kabim Shrestha
Kabim Shrestha 3 дня назад
Damn i was gonna comment the same😂
Michael Minh
Michael Minh 5 дней назад
I'm Vietnamese and I think no foreigner can cook Vietnamese dishes as well as we do. It's simple your taste is different us. If I have a choice I will choose Vietnames cook.
OrbitingOneneSS 5 дней назад
Mrs. Duck and Mr. Rice.....?! I am dying....
dustin vo
dustin vo 5 дней назад
Sweating like a a motherfucker! It's salty from the sweat, don't add anymore salt.
Hector Espinosa
Hector Espinosa 5 дней назад
He got his butt handed
Bruce A. Johnson
Bruce A. Johnson 5 дней назад
The eaters/critics were very generous with their comments from what I can see, so not to offend. "Very bold" was the most positive comment. Gordon Ramsay really f+cked up, I figure, and his host probably suffered. Now, years later, everyone involved probably say, "Ramsay Who?".
Salty Steven
Salty Steven 5 дней назад
Feels like I'm watching rush hour with that restaurant
Gilbert Rolle
Gilbert Rolle 6 дней назад
one hell hot kitchen there
WhiterunThane 6 дней назад
Who else is getting the "Cooks His Vietnamese Men..." title?
Skape Arts
Skape Arts 6 дней назад
Ma'am Duck is the Vietnamese Cruella De Vil and she's disappointed for not getting a taste of the country's most authentic dish aka dog meat LOL !
meldj14 6 дней назад
All marinated in Ramsey's sweat.
Ron Gillespie
Ron Gillespie 6 дней назад
The kitchen is a tough place. But for those of you that wondered if he was going to pull it off, he’s Gordon fucking Ramsay.
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