Gordon Ramsay Learns How To Make A Beef Rendang In Malaysia | Gordon's Great Escape

Gordon Ramsay
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While travelling around Malaysia, Gordon Ramsay helps an auntie prepare a beef rengdang.
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Mar 31, 2019




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Comments 80
Qeela Yim
Qeela Yim 4 hours ago
Dear to whoever is reading this, please be aware of the Malaysia vs Indonesia thing in the comment section. Since our history are so tied together, people start claiming this and that. It's normal really, it actually gives off siblings fighting over stuff kinda vibe so yeah no need to worry about that too much. This fight has been going on since like um.. 1958? I don't remember lol but yeah it's sad tbh. Hope this pandemic will pass soon and I also hope Malaysia and Indonesia would stop their bickerings and work together... :D #Malaysiaboleh #Indonesiabisa
monza channel
monza channel 9 hours ago
Rendang from Indonesia , but i proud of thath , malaysia negara serumpun :)
dee Co
dee Co 10 hours ago
I thought this is Indonesian food
Ahmad Kahfi
Ahmad Kahfi 12 hours ago
Yeremia Ricmaldo
Yeremia Ricmaldo 12 hours ago
Rendang is from sumatra barat or padang, it is mean Barandang or cook for long long hours, so malaysian rendang is not original
Nash 14 hours ago
That woman is the most accurate portrayal of malaysian school teachers. So calm, yet so strict!
yuli azni
yuli azni 17 hours ago
Sorry , wrong forum .
N J 2 hours ago
its not gordon who make the crispy rendang comment... -_-
Rakha Isa
Rakha Isa 22 hours ago
Rendang is indonesian traditional food dude
Puteri Nur
Puteri Nur Day ago
Rendang is not from indonesia rendang belong to malays recipe ..
AerioWib Day ago
rendang from indonesia malaysia claim rendang
Kny p
Kny p Day ago
Great content. But do check out : www.containerkebab.com.my ( MALAYSIA )
Reinhard Reinhard
Is not malaysia,this is indonesian food....
Reinhard Reinhard
Reinhard Reinhard 18 hours ago
@Eyman Shino iyalah,kan masa claim rendang dari indonesia,dan juga orang indonesia ke malaysia dan juga bikin rendang di malaysia tpi,rendang di malaysia buka milik dia sepastinya masih indonesia bukan malaysia paham,malaysia banyak makanan indonesia ke malaysia clain je terus....aduh...
Eyman Shino
Eyman Shino 18 hours ago
Ye la ye la. Itu indonesian food. Okay i understand
Azin Nudeen
Azin Nudeen Day ago
Non-malaysians , FYI this lady has a celebrity daughter thats even wilder. Im not gonna tell her name though cuz she's really wild ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). She's like a Malaysian Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan even Britney Spears during her breakdown episode .
Joko Ismoyo
Joko Ismoyo Day ago
Wrong country to learn cooking of rendang bro .....
wheresthelatte ?
Dont be shy put some more
Fajar Np
Fajar Np 2 days ago
Minang food
Par Ni
Par Ni 2 days ago
rendang is not from malaysia, but from an Indonesian city named Padang Edit : Satay too
Al Jepri
Al Jepri Day ago
Sate ga cuma ada di Padang bro
Love Life
Love Life 2 days ago
Satay and Beef rendang is Indonesian Disch not malysian .caise the stoel indonesian food . So rendang again is Indonesian food from originaly from west Sumatra. Thats why we called them malingsiang thats mean they re thief .
Aris Winoto
Aris Winoto 2 days ago
You should go to Padang, Indonesia. Not Malaysia
Sandy Widyantoro
Sandy Widyantoro 2 days ago
A Beef rendang is from Indonesian
Sandy Widyantoro
No...no...rendang is a typical Minangkabau dish which has become a tradition served in various traditional events and daily dishes
Puteri Nur
Puteri Nur Day ago
Not from indonesia is a malay dish ....
myahe0 2 days ago
2:50 dOnT Be ShY pUt sOmE MoRe
nufi ahmad
nufi ahmad 3 days ago
Malaysia Nak Mirip Anjing
Edmund Hui
Edmund Hui 3 days ago
*Clitorial Bush*
Univers CV
Univers CV 3 days ago
Beef rendang it's not classic malay food, it's from Indonesia -_- (west sumatra to be exact)
Muhammad Farhan
Muhammad Farhan 2 days ago
Malay means melayu. Minangkabau is part of melayu world too. I'm indonesian minang btw
Shella theodora
Shella theodora 3 days ago
Gold D Garp
Gold D Garp 3 days ago
Gordon Ramsay agak agak pening aku liat e🤣
aisyawa septi
aisyawa septi 3 days ago
Did anyone know if this dish is indonesian national dish..
Nash 15 hours ago
Oh yeah? This world sure belongs to indogs isn't it?
Imam Nafi
Imam Nafi 3 days ago
Exusme..... Rendang is from indonesia.
Puteri Nur
Puteri Nur Day ago
Not from indonesia but malay dish...
Fathan Ma
Fathan Ma 3 days ago
gordon,please try to make indonesian food 😁😁
Marie Isabella Serna - Romero
My feel-good thing about Gordon. I love this show.
ani asdfo
ani asdfo 4 days ago
Rendang was originated from West Sumatera Indonesia, If you want to taste original rendang you could try to cook with recipe from Indonesia or you could come to Indonesia you will taste the most delicious food in the world cnn version.
Bayu Prabowo
Bayu Prabowo 4 days ago
Wtf, Rendang and satai are from Indonesia!!! Malaysia don't have any original food 😠😠😠
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin 4 days ago
Gordon: and Where is Recipes From? Will. Wongso: The Recipes Is From INDONESIA. Edit: UNCHARTED with G. Ramsay Start June 7 2020 on Natgeo Channel.
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin 4 days ago
From the beef wellington turn into BEEF Rendang. Gordon Ramsay Uncharted: Padang, West Sumatera. Start June 7 2020 (Indonesia June 29 2020) On Natgeo Channel.
Jesslyn Esther
Jesslyn Esther 4 days ago
Gordon: “pure malay food” me: *cries in Indonesian*
Nash 14 hours ago
Sure the world belongs to u indog, u people are the only race deserving to inherit the world. Fuckoff
Vanessa Valdez
Vanessa Valdez 4 days ago
rendang is originally from West Sumatra, Indonesia. and many people migrate from West Sumatra to Malaysia. Once Malaysia claimed that Rendang made from their country, but it's not. You can find the difference when you try The OG Rendang from West Sumatra.
Frans Kurniawan
Frans Kurniawan 4 days ago
Rendang is from sumatera , indonesia 🙈
Zow Zzz
Zow Zzz 4 days ago
😂 😂
panama dreamwaves
Since when rendang is authentic food from malaysia.. All i know is rendang from padang West sumatra and very authentic in padang restaurants you should try pagi sore restaurant they have best rendang in town
panama dreamwaves
panama dreamwaves 22 hours ago
@Puteri Nur ok laaah kalau begitu... There is two kind of rendang Malaysian and indonesia.. Same name but different style
Puteri Nur
Puteri Nur Day ago
Your rendang and malaysian rendang are different .. don't claim to muchlah bro ...
VCKRY 4 days ago
ENG: Malay means 'Melayu', not Malaysia. Please don't get triggered, Indonesian. Malay is a diverse ethnicity, even Minangnese/Padangese people is a branch of Malay. To get things clear, we know that Minangnese/ Padangese people is nomad. They usually build their Restoran Padang business in Java. And it's the same in Malaysia, they have been there even during the colonial era. And they eventually bring their culinary tradition. IND: Malay itu artinya 'Melayu', bukan Malaysia. Jangan terpelatuk boskuhh. Melayu itu bangsa yang luas, orang Padang/Minang itu rumpun Melayu. Untuk meluruskan lagi, kita tahu kalau orang Padang itu suka merantau, buka restoran padang di Jawa dan daerah lain. Nah, sebagian dari mereka juga ada yang ke Malaysia, bahkan sejak jaman penjajahan Inggris & Belanda di Nusantara. Akhirnya makanan mereka pun juga ikut dibawa.
Alifa Noor Ameilia
Rendang originated made by indonesian. Sumatra Barat
Vin 5 days ago
lol go to indonesia if you wanna taste real rendang.
normal people with glasses
Rendang is an Indonesian spicy meat dish originating from the Minangkabau region in West Sumatra, Indonesia. It has spread across Indonesia to the cuisines of neighbouring Southeast Asian countries.  en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki Rendang - Wikipedia
varhan vernando
varhan vernando 5 days ago
fyi: otentic rendang from indonesia
damn agak agak
Fachmy Adji
Fachmy Adji 6 days ago
Please come to Indonesia chef
Tigor 6 days ago
Malaysian version of rendang in this video is more like and called KALIO in Indonesia. You need to cook it longer to make this kalio an authentic rendang.
Pron Han
Pron Han 6 days ago
Rendang is the original dish from INDONESIA not malaysia..
Yudi Apidiantara
Yudi Apidiantara 6 days ago
Rendang authentic from West Sumatra, Indonesia
Reinhat Rey
Reinhat Rey 6 days ago
LOL 😂😂 Rendang from Malay, plagiat .
Benedetto Deva
Benedetto Deva 6 days ago
1:57 it's from indo mek
Adrian 6 days ago
sorry it is from Western Sumatra and its Indonesian. not Malaysian !
Gordon: “pure Malay food” Me, a Indonesian: *iT’s LiTeRalLy fRoM pAdAng*
Ilmul Rasyid
Ilmul Rasyid 6 days ago
The Minangkabau clan laugh at those agak-agak thing.
ariy julian
ariy julian 7 days ago
Just info.. Rendang from Indonesia Not malaysia
1410 tari
1410 tari 7 days ago
Sate sebenernya sama rendang sebenerya punya Indonesia Dan malaysia
PoochZie 7 days ago
Samuel Derek
Samuel Derek 7 days ago
Its a missed opportunity to learn to cook rendang not from the original source, when its so close from Malay, u should head to West Sumatera instead and learn right from the source, not some adaptations!!!
Syawaluddin Harahap
malaysian : pround indonesian : that's our food. from west sumatera sriwijaya kingdom : *intensifies sweat*
strong ghost
strong ghost 7 days ago
Mia Veranika
Mia Veranika 7 days ago
Orang Indonesia silahkan komen di sini.
Annisa Sulistyorini
Rendang is indonesian food not malaysia :(
Tata 7 days ago
I mean sure, Gordon's a great chef and all but have ya'll heard of this pretty undergound chef called MAKAJI?
S O 7 days ago
Rendang from west sumatera.. no doubt... and no bullshit word " Agak2" for dose of the recipes
Berli irish
Berli irish 7 days ago
Visit my channel thanks ruvid.net/show-UCyDOjN18Py6DeTXfR1Lkgig
Haq Project
Haq Project 7 days ago
I dissappointed, high level chef like gordon ramsay even don't know where is the rightest place to learn how to cook beef rendang. It's obviously not in Malaysia, but Padang, Indonesia, the origin of rendang meat.
Litteraly Rendang From Padang Indonesia
Adityo Yudha Kencana
Rendang asli dari tanah minang
Sigit Ginanjars
Sigit Ginanjars 7 days ago
Really rendang from Malaysia? I think is wrong
Prabhanjan Navarathna
That's because u let me touch ur bush 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Irvan Gideon
Irvan Gideon 8 days ago
It’s not about butt hurt , its about legacy, how PADANGNESE got their RENDANG legacy many many years and got news Rendang is from Malaysia
alvianto -hpr-
alvianto -hpr- 8 days ago
01:47 rendang is from indonesia minangkabau it's not from malaysia This is just like tasting a kimchi and said it's from japan
alvianto -hpr-
alvianto -hpr- 8 days ago
Janten kumaha koki ķenging henteu leres rendang ti indonèsia
kucing catycaty
kucing catycaty 8 days ago
*Gordon ramsay on rendang : pure malay food* *Start war indonesia vs malaysia*
Aqsha Bintang
Aqsha Bintang 8 days ago
Rendang punya indonesia
KimiNeko 8 days ago
Gordon : "how much do we need" or "how long we wait" Her : "yes"
Drunkzilla _
Drunkzilla _ 8 days ago
Gordon: pure malaysian food Indonesian: *internal screaming*
joneken Wong
joneken Wong 8 days ago
As a Malaysian, it hurts to hear Gordon pronounce it as Beef *REHN-DEHNG*
RasiMelody 8 days ago
This lady deserves her own show
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