Gordon Ramsay Learns How To Make A Beef Rendang In Malaysia | Gordon's Great Escape

Gordon Ramsay
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While travelling around Malaysia, Gordon Ramsay helps an auntie prepare a beef rengdang.
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Mar 31, 2019




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Comments 100
Uber Dummy
Uber Dummy 19 minutes ago
We don't measure ingredients in Guyana either. Lol
Qayyum Azmi
Qayyum Azmi 13 hours ago
Malaysians: *so you have summoned us*
Athena Chong
Athena Chong 17 hours ago
why is it so fancy-
Azri Wafiy
Azri Wafiy Day ago
Even marco pierre white uses "agak-agak" in his cooking. "There's no real recipe, it's just... let's have a guess!"
Dawn White
Dawn White 2 days ago
so typical of Malaysian LOL! The guesstimate type of cooking!
jdfireplays 3 days ago
im so proud of my fucking country
azlee bakar
azlee bakar 5 days ago
Agak-agak = use your heart..lol
Natalia S
Natalia S 5 days ago
anwwww i luv the auntie
Tan Wen Shi
Tan Wen Shi 6 days ago
Gordon ramsay is opening a restaurant at Malaysia on June this year
@Steven Gamer jom apply
Steven Gamer
Steven Gamer 2 days ago
@CookieeMonstarr666 Dekat Sunway Resort
Dekat mana?
Player 2-LightWater
Get ready to hear some foul languages in the kitchen
Ivan Firmansyah
Ivan Firmansyah 8 days ago
Rendang punya indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Budaya itu bukan milik sesebuah negara, tapi milik sesebuah bangsa✌️
Akkun 6 days ago
@Ivan Firmansyah gak nanya lagi
Ivan Firmansyah
Ivan Firmansyah 6 days ago
@Akkun ya,klo g nanya diem....kok ribet😒
Akkun 6 days ago
Gak nanya anjir
Tidder T
Tidder T 8 days ago
Women: ThiZ is whEre you eAt ReAl pRopEr MaLay fOoD Also Women: *Order Indonesian West Sumateran food*
Tidder T
Tidder T 5 days ago
@Akkun what types are there?
Tidder T
Tidder T 5 days ago
@Akkun yep it is
Akkun 6 days ago
@Tidder T rendang have two types kid
Akkun 6 days ago
@Tidder T nope its not
Tidder T
Tidder T 6 days ago
@Akkun yep it is
Arham Haziq 4 Berlian
Lol, so many indonesians were triggered....
mohammad shakry yaacob
hey thats my country i was born
Pathogen Apex
Pathogen Apex 10 days ago
Clitoria Bush 👀
River Jude
River Jude 11 days ago
"im not shy though, im just shitting myself" I ALDRY DIED FROM LAUGHTER
frans rald
frans rald 12 days ago
Rendang is an INDONESIAN spicy meat dish originating from the MINANGKABAU region in WEST SUMATERA, INDONESIA. It has SPREAD across INDONESIA to the cuisines of neighbouring Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines. Rendang often described as a rich Southeast Asian curry that's made by stewing meat in coconut milk and spices until it becomes tender. Rendang is a piece of meat - most commonly beef (rendang daging) - that has been slow cooked and braised in a coconut milk and spice mixture, well until the liquids evaporate and the meat turns dark brown and tender, becoming caramelized and infused with rich spices. The origin of rendang could be traced back to the Indian merchants links to West Sumatra before the 15th century. There are Dutch archives about Minangkabau that state regular contacts between India and West Sumatra in the early second millennium, thus suggests that north Indian curry was possibly the precursor of rendang. Indian curry was adapted by the Minangkabau people as gulai, a local version of curry. Minangkabau people then cooked this gulai further in order to prepare kalio also known as wet rendang. This cooking process was then continued until it thickened and became rendang or also known as dry rendang. . . . Andalas University historian, Prof. Gusti Asnan suggests that rendang began to spread across the region when Minangkabau merchants began to trade and MIGRATE to Malacca in the 16TH CENTURY, "Because the journey through the river waterways in Sumatra took much time, a durable preserved dry rendang is suitable for a long journey." The dried Padang rendang is a durable food, good to consume for weeks, even when left at room temperature. In fact, the earliest written records of rendang is from the Malaccan Malay manuscript of Hikayat Amir Hamzah, which date back to the 1550’s. Rendang is said to have been invented during this time - when chili from America had arrived in Malay archipelago through Portuguese traders in Portuguese occupied Malacca. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rendang . . . Rendang actually originated in West Sumatra of INDONESIA with the Minangkabau people and was BROUGHT to Malaysia when the Minangkabau settlers MIGRATED to the southern part of the Malay peninsula during the era of the Melaka Sultanate. This was a special dish to the Minangkabau. It was prepared at traditional ceremonies to honor guests, festivals, weddings and Hari Raya. Rendang is even mentioned in many classical Malay literature such as Hikayat Amir Hamzah which date back to the 1550’s. simplyenak.com/stories/rendang-daging/
Dar Syaz
Dar Syaz 14 hours ago
might as well call rendang a Malaysian dish now. Never have I seen rendang on my trips to Indonesia.
Ma Kill
Ma Kill 13 days ago
Seriously .. this is Zarina Anjou lie mother
Yevgeniy Fureyster
Yevgeniy Fureyster 13 days ago
I cook aga aga style too , I don’t need no instructions
Fun Garden
Fun Garden 14 days ago
Very nice video
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata 14 days ago
Ain't crispy enough for me
Andi S
Andi S 15 days ago
Agak-Agak = Eye ball it !
SOPI 15 days ago
I never knew this video exist
Terpuji Mulia
Terpuji Mulia 17 days ago
Siapa tahu kedai Gordon makan ni kat mana? macam nak try je
Alip Azyandanish
Alip Azyandanish 19 hours ago
@Terpuji Mulia boleh dikatakan berpatutan jg.. pernah makan kt situ sekali dgn family dulu.
Terpuji Mulia
Terpuji Mulia 23 hours ago
@Alip Azyandanish Ooo tq tq ..harga macam mna
Alip Azyandanish
@Terpuji Mulia Jalan Salak Tinggi - Nilai. Kalau dari salak tinggi restoran tu kt belah kiri jalan.
Steven Gamer
Steven Gamer Day ago
@Terpuji Mulia Oooh Minta Maaf 😅😅 Saya Tak Tau
Terpuji Mulia
Terpuji Mulia 2 days ago
@Steven Gamer Errr saya tanya kedai makan yang gordon makan rendang ni kat mana...bukan kedai gordon ramsay kat mana 😂😂
Izzan Qistan Kamarulzaman
Not the clitoral bush, auntie 😭😭😭😭
AMH Journal
AMH Journal 18 days ago
Seriously we cook everything with 'agak-agak' bcos we do it so often that we know how it taste like only by smelling it or by looking at it.. we only use measurements in baking 😅
Prab 19 days ago
Alip Azyandanish
Yes, we already knew and cut that off please.
Yes kau tahu boleh diam tak
Jay Mex
Jay Mex 20 days ago
FINALLY I get to see someone that can command Gordon😂😂😂😂
Sarah Malique
Sarah Malique 20 days ago
Anju’s mother !! omg im proud
kuali & roda
kuali & roda 21 day ago
In malaysia when someone say thank you we reply thank you for the thank you...thank you🤣
kuali & roda
kuali & roda 17 days ago
Yes aky tahu sekarang boleh diam tak?
Sylvia 24 days ago
Malaysian habit; when someone says thank you, we say thank you too
Wen Jie
Wen Jie 26 days ago
Hi Gordon. Just to let you know, "agak agak" in Malaysia, is quite literally, "follow your instinct". In other words when she say agak agak, she actually meant, "you just follow what your heart tells you.". You look at the texture, how long do you think its gonna cook for" some sort like that. Yes agak agak is a very common technique used here. Cheers from Malaysia.
Ahmad Abdullah
Ahmad Abdullah 26 days ago
Still funny even it’s 2020
Yanie Sumarni
Yanie Sumarni 26 days ago
Firdaus Aiman
Firdaus Aiman 27 days ago
I love how she teach gordon🤣🤣🤣
Faizun Asyraff
Faizun Asyraff 28 days ago
Is no one going to talk about the clitorial bush?
ZUL BAHRIM46 28 days ago
Normal people eating satay : wow delicious. Gordon eating satay : yes it's delicious..the charcoal flavour really mix
tim 28 days ago
Is it just me, or is there something extremely arrogant about Gordon Ramsay, where he's like "I'm in this country for a week and in that time I'm going to master the nation's cuisine". Like, sure, you're a great chef, but there are people in that country who have spent their entire LIVES mastering a single DISH, let alone a cuisine, and this dude flies in thinking he's got it all covered. I say this as a fan of Gordon Ramsay's shows but seriously, wtf.
ummu zahara azlina
Bangga gila.. Bila org malaysia boleh kongsi resepi kepada masyarakat luar.. Tahniah untie.. a.K.a ibu kepada anjue.. Masak lomak dia paduu uiii..
Periwinkle Tape
Periwinkle Tape Month ago
"you just agak-agak" the secret recipe of good food
ShiroxYume Month ago
agak agak is basically the same as eyeballing it :D
peanut butter
peanut butter Month ago
Ciri-ciri orang bodoh,provokator: woi,rendang itu dari Indonesia,malaysia taunya claim rendang Silahkan belajar sejarah lg yak,bagaimana rendang bisa sampai ke malay,di malay aj ada suku minang,salah satu suku trbesar di malay..tinggal dinikmatin aj lah rendangnya,ribut napa..trkdg yg bukan minang nih yg suka cari gara-gara,org minang mah santai.
Ahmad Zaki Zayani
Ahmad Zaki Zayani 23 days ago
peanut butter
peanut butter Month ago
malu-maluin indo keles,netijennya pd ribut..overproud bget dh
Yeon Sha
Yeon Sha Month ago
agak-agak will lead you to your own cooking way, that's what I believe when my mom saying agak- agak to me..😂
I’ve went to this restaurant and the satay is good , Im malaysian and they’re rendang is very good
gare naville
gare naville Month ago
Their* you're welcome buddy
Vyone Violet.
Vyone Violet. Month ago
this is the only person i've ever heard order gordon "don't burn my food" and gordon just like, "yes im sorry master"
natsume hana
natsume hana Month ago
Malaysian anyone🤣🤣🤣as malaysian I'm so happy 😊. I want gordon to try all kinds of malaysian food
clint ml
clint ml Month ago
Hahaha agar agar
Parsa Rathernotsay
Respect Gordon so much for realizing how anal European cooking is with all its measurements and shit. Sometimes you just gotta go with the vibe of the cooking, and you’ll make some incredible shit
Player 2-LightWater
Have you seen his Fried Rice video?
Parsa Rathernotsay
I respect Gordon so much for saying how anal western cooking is with all the measurements and shit
Parsa Rathernotsay
Ok but that clitorial bush is GORGEOUS
KeiaBun Month ago
“I boss him around a lot but he loves it. Men love to be bossed”
KeiaBun Month ago
Gordon: well that’s because you let me touch your bush Auntie: well I suppose you did
KeiaBun Month ago
I came to this video right after watching crispy rendang
Aye yo
Aye yo Month ago
Im still searching non asian comments haha i want to know what they think
OMA GAWD Month ago
Omg the antis was like: Dont be shy pour some more
3:57 Wtf why hasn't anyone talked about this ??? 😳
lutfi ramly
lutfi ramly Month ago
Marco : there is no real recipe
sujurati Naz
sujurati Naz Month ago
I'm a fellow malaysion but i like how he says aga aga
Andon Laku
Andon Laku Month ago
Zidny Sadan
Zidny Sadan Month ago
indonesia, malay and Singapore has similar food
Saiful the Beekeeper
Lol, stop bickering between Malaysia and Indonesia.... By history, South Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo, Kalimantan, Philippines, Aceh, Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, and Papua are the Malay Archipelago... The word Indonesia itself doesn't exist until Soekarno gain independence... Under colonial rule that we start to get brainwashed, by religion, cultural and state difference... Their strategy is divide and conquer, so the people are fighting against each other instead of fight against the colonial rule... To show example, Dutch (Indonesia) have agreement with Portuguese (Malaysia) then British to exchange? Port and Fort etc... They stand united under the mission of God (Christianity) , Glory (Greater power & Larger Empire) , Gold (Gold Silver and other Wealth) while the sultans, kings, and lords of Malay Archipelago bicker and fight among themselves to gain power
Toula Zitro
Toula Zitro Month ago
This just shows how Asians really value their food
keraman bin mohamad iemansah
Haha cerzy
Raivon Month ago
You'd think it's a joke but no it's like us asians are straight up hardwired to never use measurements more exact than 'fucking throw as much of that shit until it tastes good'
Lateralus_Lcs Month ago
She turned me on when she said men love to be pushed around
radiohead tv
radiohead tv Month ago
When Gordon is a bit nervous with you then you know you’re scary
Trouserstain Month ago
Looked for the doofus going "tHaT's nOt rEaL rEndAnG" Didn't find him. This video is a cool place to be.
Aliya Firda
Aliya Firda Month ago
Terang Month ago
That aunty looked like the phua chu kang actress, tan kheng hua lol
john_blaze39 Month ago
That aunty rocks
Haniii Ahkmenrah
yang aku tauuu ni mak anjuuu
Xe LiO
Xe LiO Month ago
agak-agak is the real deal with Asian. lmfao
Daz72dan -.-
Daz72dan -.- Month ago
a few people have referred to my mother as a crazy dragon lady =\ lol
Peters Keuken
Peters Keuken Month ago
The girl is riding the best sportster ever 1200 sportster sport
Mythical Slayer 258
This is my first time say Gordon Ramsay being teach by a chef
mrbeadfor Month ago
For those who dont know, “agak-agak” means “roughly” or “estimated” or “gamble”
Brsafrizal 246
Brsafrizal 246 14 days ago
agak agak can also mean you just eyeball it
Just Saying Guy
Just Saying Guy Month ago
or guess... the auntie already tell people what it means... "up to you"
Aprianto Subagyo
Fake rendang huh
Dory 22 hours ago
What? Try if your country is talked about so much what do you feel?
The Good ole clitoria bush
Mobile Legend
Mobile Legend Month ago
Well in malaysia theres no how much because we just throw the ingredients until we feel that its right there no 1 spoon of dalt or anything we just use our finger throw it and taste it 💘❤️
Lucas Wong
Lucas Wong Month ago
Hey Gordon if you come to Malaysia i will bring you to the east coast
Iqmal Hakimi
Iqmal Hakimi Month ago
clitorial bush? u srs? damn
Hey Hey
Hey Hey Month ago
AUNTIE LOOKS LIKE NANNY MCPHEE!! or it's only me....
juice melon
juice melon Month ago
Thanks gordon for visiting malaysia😁
ONG YU TENG Moe Month ago
I live at Malaysia
KIM 085601
KIM 085601 Month ago
I heard Spongebob kehahhahaha
Arsenal Rex
Arsenal Rex 2 months ago
Gordon in Asia: Really Polite Gentleman Gordon in US: $#%&×£×,@&×,-£@) But to all the people that think Gordon is arrogant and rude or anything but he is really respectful when he comes to learn from others . Huge up
noor indra
noor indra 2 months ago
Authentic Rendang recipe is the one from West Sumatra..other than that, sorry
GP Month ago
So entitled and arrogant. Perfect description of overproud Indonesians.
Noor Amir
Noor Amir Month ago
Are you sure that some Minangs from West Sumatra, Sumatra had migrated to Negeri Sembilan, Peninsular and preserve their culture there? Does it wrong to share it to people? About perspective of "claiming", only "minangs" can claim it. Javanese & other ethnics, races please don't be triggered.
Hashi Chan
Hashi Chan 2 months ago
How much do you put in? Throwing the ingredients until our ancestors tell stop
Xxx Oo
Xxx Oo 2 months ago
Gordon TRY to make more sophisticated Asian dishes lah you famed chef of the world instead of just egg fried noodle egg fried rice as if stealing credits of/faking being a big Asian chef too as if you were diversified using these simple Asian dishes anyone could make!!
pixies dusties
pixies dusties 2 months ago
It’s 2020 and I keep coming back to this video 90% for the clitorial flower part. I love this woman’s energy haha
Akmal Hakim Zaid
Akmal Hakim Zaid 2 months ago
Wow. Rendang is very delicious dish.
Amar Arief
Amar Arief 2 months ago
Gordon,we malaysian just agak-agak.we don't really need exact measurements.
Hareshlfc rejani
Hareshlfc rejani 2 months ago
I'm Malaysian hahaha
cheuck008 2 months ago
It's like Karma to Gordon Ramsay.
Luke 94
Luke 94 2 months ago
That woman was fucking hilarious. I loved her!
RareBlox 2 months ago
Fwaff Weee
Fwaff Weee 2 months ago
I can't lol.. It just so funny to watch this, I really do enjoying this haha
DC4 2 months ago
REndAnG hAs t0 bE CRispY
Kranky J Smith
Kranky J Smith 2 months ago
I boss him around... but he loves it.
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