Gordon Ramsay Forced to Wait Over an Hour for RAW Fish! | Hotel Hell

Gordon Ramsay
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He can’t even fit the sushi in his mouth!
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Aug 14, 2017




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Comments 15 250
Azka Azkiya
Azka Azkiya 43 minutes ago
In Indonesia wasting foods was very unpolite and bad thing
Syed Asrar
Syed Asrar 8 hours ago
He is the best thing to happen to the retail food sector.. When you look beneath all the cursing, it’s just a person who wants good food to be served at any part of the world.. ❤️
Nicholas Simmons
Nicholas Simmons 9 hours ago
You’d think once you hit half a mill in debt you would self evaluate yourself hahaha
Cute waitress
William 11 hours ago
At 1:25 she puts down the strawberry field, goes to get him, and the Las Vegas is on the table.
IamCornholio69 11 hours ago
2:20 close your eyes
Helen Luo
Helen Luo Day ago
Course it’s raw fish it’s fricking sushi
Bert Brown
Bert Brown Day ago
Everybody feels sorry for that cute little lady but if she was your QB you would call her trash and tell her there isn't any participation trophies in the NFL!
TJ G Day ago
1:30 you can see the puff of dust in the sun coming off the couch when she knocks on it.
ThatOne Guy
ThatOne Guy Day ago
Still remember ITS FUCKIN RAW
Mirlo Ruiz Jenko
Kinda make sense that Ramsay has a big mouth xD
Fullmetal Anime Otome Jasmine
Sukie is like i aint no Mori Moto i was like wait MORI MOTONARI
Kenneth Rodriguez
Everyone saying I feel bad for the lady but she making my state "Mississippi" look bad
Efrain aka Abel
Efrain aka Abel 2 days ago
I will have a restaurant one day and I will not get ANY NEGATIVITY FROM ANYONE I actually feel bad for the chef
Scott Bott
Scott Bott 2 days ago
2:37 That's what they all say. But in the end.....
Nino 2 days ago
2:36 😉😉😉😉😉
Jokers R Wild Studios
2:21 this entire conversation while closing your eyes.
Robert Emery
Robert Emery 9 hours ago
Baruchas 2 days ago
"We're in the debt?" - the owner
James Smith
James Smith 3 days ago
Lol he starts saying omg before he even sees the food
NabilRider555 3 days ago
Ironically, none of the sushi he ate had any raw fish.
C V 3 days ago
i could 100% be chef ramsay. "disgusting. blend, mush. soaked. was this frozen?" :D
Drew Rycerz
Drew Rycerz 3 days ago
An hour? My max is 45 minutes then I just leave.
rVnsunshine 4 days ago
Ira W.
Ira W. 4 days ago
2:50 😂😂
erka erka
erka erka 4 days ago
that waiter is cute💕
Brittany Gudgeon
Brittany Gudgeon 5 days ago
Lol some of her shusi rolls sound like they can be very weird pregnancy cravings
generic MoDz
generic MoDz 5 days ago
2:39 that's what she said 😂
Vincent Cutrufello
2:23 thats what she said
Slimy Fork
Slimy Fork 5 days ago
dAmN iT
Rahel Pie
Rahel Pie 6 days ago
„Theres no way thats gonna fit in my mouth“ thats what she said👀
CryptoKnot 6 days ago
Gordan: how much debt are you in? Onwer: over 9 thaousaaand!
Free For All
Free For All 6 days ago
Poor lady didn't even know
Alex Wongalong
Alex Wongalong 6 days ago
It’s fucking raw where is the lamb sauce
Fish Tank
Fish Tank 6 days ago
Houw yoo gooo
Devyn Yates
Devyn Yates 6 days ago
"Gordon doesn't like my sushi :(" Husband: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
fran goodburger
fran goodburger 6 days ago
pretty impressive at 15 million views
Starscream 7 days ago
And that is why i changed teams
iiElysium x
iiElysium x 7 days ago
this was actually a super sad episode, the owner's husband had been in a severe accident and was basically paralysed, they had to sell their house and move into a room in the hotel to pay the medical bills and business debt. it was a really sad episode
Tod Vulpes
Tod Vulpes 10 hours ago
Can I get a link for the episode?
Burbs 7 days ago
Gordon puts his money where his mouth is. I wouldn't have the balls to tell a Japanese chef that their sushi was awful.
Kaitlyn Thompson
Kaitlyn Thompson 7 days ago
They have the Las Vegas roll at Benihana and it’s soooo good
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