Gordon Ramsay Forced to Wait Over an Hour for RAW Fish! | Hotel Hell

Gordon Ramsay
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He can’t even fit the sushi in his mouth!
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Aug 14, 2017




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Comments 80
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 56 minutes ago
Lion:roar Gordon: *SHUT THE FUCK UP* Lion:yes chef-
Leonardo Gutierrez
Leonardo Gutierrez 3 hours ago
Papi Gordon😤
Dabio320 3 hours ago
5:27 - does anyone recognize this sound from shark tank 😂
Svenny 5 hours ago
1:25 she put a different plate on the table. He is eating different sushi 😅1:44 was he gone two times?
GrandTheftPuck 7 hours ago
Strawberry sushi is a thing? I don’t understand? Can someone tell me what was wrong with it? 😄
Moonlight babe
Moonlight babe 9 hours ago
Obviously they've never been in Japan before 😂 if sushi is too big for your mouth just take little bites, you don't have to shove it all in your mouth. That's seen as rude.
Elliot Batt
Elliot Batt 13 hours ago
The owners here were actually so sweet
•suki mwilki•
Awe I feel bad for her! She is trying her best and seems so nice, but of course, your best will never be enough. I wanna give her a hug! ;C
Nhi Nguyen
Nhi Nguyen Day ago
I’m all for originality but you should make sure it taste good
FlannelFlax Day ago
The only time I’ve seen Gordon Ramsay not complain it’s undercooked
phantom anomaly
Gordon why you always on your grand dads head 🤣🤣
Tyrone Huston
Who pairs strawberries and raw fish??? Whoa
Š Ãrt Śtudio
Why did I get a ad explaining how menus are as dirty as toilets before this? Guys I think RUvid is trying to tell us something...
Del Luna
Del Luna Day ago
it's kinda good..
2:20-2:30 and close your eyes. You know exactly what it sounds like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Freak Tale 21xp
Freak Tale 21xp 2 days ago
ROM ROM ramsay
Yee ¿
Yee ¿ 2 days ago
At least its not like the owners who really wanted to kick Gordon’s ass off when he doesn’t like their food
PaBloxDZ9 3 days ago
They do it on purpose
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix 3 days ago
Rip $1,000,000 for a hotel and hiring chef. Its useless
vincent florez
vincent florez 3 days ago
I feel bad for old ladies sometimes old men to if they are respectful
Tanner Markland
Tanner Markland 3 days ago
I feel bad for that lady so bad man
alien dude
alien dude 4 days ago
is it just me or is the video a bit fast
Chef de Cuisine by Avi Saxena
I feel like the lady really needs to update the menu i feel sorry for her kinda like she does all this work to try and support herself
Shuriken 6 days ago
Try listening to 2:36 - 2:46 with your eyes closed... I must just be dirty minded
Cindy Malfoy_Snape
This is just sad TnT the poor owners
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer 7 days ago
Im sure that blonde has put bigger things into her mouth
Rodrick Heffley
Rodrick Heffley 7 days ago
xoxo Little Devil xoxo
I would throw up if I ate that
enqikhaw 9 days ago
This is one of the few videos where the chef doesn't give horrible attitude and tries her best. I kinda feel bad for the chef
lancegaming 889
lancegaming 889 9 days ago
1 like = 1 train for the poor japanese chef ;(
Vi K-C
Vi K-C 9 days ago
He goes "strawberry on sushi?" and I'm sitting here laughing because a Japanese restaurant where I currently live does that exact thing and everyone in the town loves it.
yodiekio 10 days ago
rather eat a fookin beetle
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 10 days ago
Imagine waiting over 1H for some sushi just fir ir to be disgusting
Joey the toner guy
Joey the toner guy 11 days ago
I really find it hard to believe that any of this is real no person who is sane would ever serve this food expecting to make money at it this has to be made up
Max&Company 11 days ago
That’s some clever clickbait right there
Arham Gomez
Arham Gomez 11 days ago
2:38 oh it will fit just open up baby
Mia I
Mia I 12 days ago
Me: the Las Vegas looks great !!!! Gordon: disgusting Me: omg disgusting how could they serve him that lol
Nohaila Nur
Nohaila Nur 12 days ago
That japanese chef is the best , it may not have a good food but she's so calm and respectful .. i wish i know her instagram
Bilal Sufiyan
Bilal Sufiyan 13 days ago
He wasted his one hour for a raw fish
Casper K
Casper K 13 days ago
Yea No shit sherlock
Julio Daquigan
Julio Daquigan 13 days ago
Bruh freaking debt of 900,000 what kind of debt is that this is gta san andreas when where you get a debt you get chased by the mafia and you die and nothing happens when you respawn no this is real life this doesnt happen that way
Meh K
Meh K 13 days ago
Jay Millzz
Jay Millzz 13 days ago
Maybe sell before you go into a million in debt. Just maybe. After all, you are a business, not a country.
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez 13 days ago
I bet she gets bigger things in her mouth
Ali Kadem
Ali Kadem 13 days ago
2:49 IS HELLA EPIC
Slizzlemeister 14 days ago
Waiting over an hour for RAW FISH!!! but it’s sushi though...
Yousef Alsaidi
Yousef Alsaidi 15 days ago
Watch this if you felt bad for the old lady... ruvid.net/video/video-vPD3wU10xow.html
Hoist 15 days ago
Is it me or does anyone else want to pipe Ramsay while listening to him whisper insults in your ear? @2:22
Cool Vibes
Cool Vibes 15 days ago
“He doesn’t like any of it” The old guy: *This is the pinnacle of comedy.*
ash ツ
ash ツ 15 days ago
“I’d rather fucking eat a beetle” lmao
María Giner
María Giner 15 days ago
Well, they had to go buy the fish.
Thiago Mascalchi
Thiago Mascalchi 15 days ago
“Fried Salmon with Cream Cheese... Disgusting” My brazilian ass just watching this scared for my life...
oglozyboy 15 days ago
What episode and season is thai
lucas8265 15 days ago
I don’t think this woman has a clue
Dean Richie
Dean Richie 15 days ago
She should have taken some Sushi Classes which I believed would have helped her. What a shame!😞
blue birb Eemeeri
blue birb Eemeeri 16 days ago
0:46 *why does her face looked edited??*
Pikolow1 16 days ago
*OH!* It's the *I respect rice!* Lady! Oh boy... 🍿🍿
Asian Sauce
Asian Sauce 16 days ago
Only reason that this place was bad is only because of legit reasons to be bad.
ArilDae 16 days ago
Looking the way these shows get edited, the truth must be boring.
Zyxickal 16 days ago
Its weird how gordon can be rude and not rude at the same time
Victoria Albastra
Victoria Albastra 16 days ago
If I was such a picky eater like Gordon I wouldn't be overweight. I fear I would like all the food served and have no idea that it actually is Disgusting
inwan 16 days ago
Gotta love how the title emphasizes the RAW factor but it’s sushi so it doesn’t really work
David 16 days ago
Yeah because it should be served quickly they don’t have to cook it
Itz Dylan
Itz Dylan 16 days ago
I thought salmon with sushi raw is good:/
David 16 days ago
It is
nytolstoy 17 days ago
Is there a full episode? I would love to see the changes
Ceyda Tursucu
Ceyda Tursucu 17 days ago
I love how he always says thank you to the waiters and waitresses
Da_Yanti. F.
Da_Yanti. F. 17 days ago
Sometimes Gordon is being a nice guy
Luke Schriever
Luke Schriever 17 days ago
Sushi is Raw
Happily Ham
Happily Ham 17 days ago
I can't really feel bad for the lady. She obviously had no business making sushi so why the fuck was she making sushi? At the very least she should have made normal sushi, but instead she was trying all these crazy combinations.
3DLavaLamp 17 days ago
Imagine getting backed up with one single order.
Logan 18 days ago
It looks yummy
Heяø ᗩᗰᗴᖇIҜ 3
this video is more like Gordon Ramsay Forced to Wait Over an Hour for a Sushi ... kinda clickbait to be honest because you expect not really cooked fish not sushi.
Mythic Bopzz
Mythic Bopzz 18 days ago
If your waitress doesn’t like the food then you’re doing something wrong
Roger Hammond
Roger Hammond 18 days ago
What kind of moron waits an hour for food
Shadowcanedits71 19 days ago
It hurts to watch this
Helpxxdd YT
Helpxxdd YT 19 days ago
Her face when the chef is making the sushi tho....... Can't lie, I feel a bit creeped out.
XxElixX 20 days ago
I kinda feel bad for the cooker she is the only one
Lilith Incubus Garden
Damn, I feel sorry for that woman. I imagine shes my mom and my heart breaks.
what a surprise
what a surprise 20 days ago
fried salmon and cream cheese would be something famous nowadays..(in my country) but it's boba tea as of now
Sorbus R
Sorbus R 20 days ago
Over nine hundred thousaaaaaaand!!!!
p1ka 20 days ago
I mean its better than a live fish right..
Marylin Sendo
Marylin Sendo 20 days ago
That waitress is way too cute.
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