Gordon Murray reveals the secrets to his new 663bhp T50 supercar. Better than the McLaren F1?

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Gordon Murray takes me round the GMA T.50 and explains why he decided to launch this new supercar now, which he sees as the rightful successor to the mighty McLaren F1. With a bespoke 3.9litre Cosworth V12 that pumps out 663bhp at an incredible 11,500rpm and weighing only 986kg at the kerb, performance is going to be astonishing. Yet there's enough luggage space to make this a usable GT. The T.50 looks to be a truly amazing new supercar..
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Aug 4, 2020




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Comments 100
David Bouckley
David Bouckley 2 hours ago
Great video, but I wonder how it compares to the F1.
the question is does it have ah micro wave on board lol
Pookytroll Day ago
will he do an suv ?
Oh Day ago
Antonio Farina
Antonio Farina 3 days ago
Gordon Murray interests me just like Marcello Gandini, Giugiaro and Scaglione do. Incredible
Antonio Farina
Antonio Farina 3 days ago
Gandini is also engineering driven just like Murray.
Antonio Farina
Antonio Farina 3 days ago
Everytime i see this video its like ive gone 500 years into the future
jim wilkins
jim wilkins 4 days ago
I wish this interviewer would have stopped talking over Gordon's answers so much.
ThatJZX100 guy
ThatJZX100 guy 6 days ago
Piece of crap. ICE is dead. Tesla is the king. We Musk we trust.
T TT 6 days ago
Thank u Harry and thank u GM
Andreguy Dubar
Andreguy Dubar 6 days ago
Mr MURRAY ... ? Please DO quickly a T10, as an "Elise-Like" for us ! ! To taste every day your genius, and feel how is the T50.
amp t
amp t 6 days ago
Very very impressive,but i would hate to get into an accident in it. Doesn't look like a safe car.
Soren Stirling
Soren Stirling 7 days ago
as the man himself said, an engineering work of art - inspiring stuff!
Kent Nielsen
Kent Nielsen 8 days ago
This is just fantastic!
Sheeezus 9 days ago
@18:20 "We suck the air off at 90 degrees, and we suck it through a filter"
manatoa1 9 days ago
Fantastic! Both of you made this magic.
Richard Mahoney
Richard Mahoney 10 days ago
My biggest fear this car is so unbelievable no one will drive them they’ll be stuck in garages but for all of us who can’t afford them we got RUvid to watch them lol 😂
Richard Mahoney
Richard Mahoney 10 days ago
Everyone always said the genius of Gordon Murray but being younger never understood it but I am so great full u guys did this interview to listen to his thoughts and beliefs on automotive design and engineering and working in the automotive world eye opening is what this was
Matthew Daniels
Matthew Daniels 10 days ago
Harry had to take his shoes off to get in the car but GM didn’t 😂
1 fine bull
1 fine bull 10 days ago
Modern streamline design, elegant and funtional
Turbos&Twelves 11 days ago
Riccardo Andreotti
Riccardo Andreotti 11 days ago
Am I the only one who sees the rear fan ackward and ugly? I am an engineer, I understand the function, but to me it seems not at all integrated in the shape.
pablo rages
pablo rages 12 days ago
That is a well packaged car ... I don't know how they have fit everything in !
Kryptoknight 13 days ago
Is that a Lotus?
simon menzies
simon menzies 13 days ago
His wife must be ugly if he thinks this is a return to beauty. Bug looks. Also looks like a lotus
Brian Bray
Brian Bray 13 days ago
I just became a supercar fan.
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior 14 days ago
I just don't like the fan on the back, so gimmicky to me, functional or not.
G. Classens
G. Classens 14 days ago
Gordon Murray T.50: $3 million McLaren F1: $15 million - $20 million
Soundtrack-Audio 14 days ago
Wow ... The purity of the car was matched by the purity of the interview ... just brilliant.
Pedro Vieira
Pedro Vieira 14 days ago
Is Gordon Murray the most spiritual car guru there is?
M79 Ba11Dog
M79 Ba11Dog 15 days ago
"engineering work of art" - GM on T50 -
sonnyreddevil69 17 days ago
36:28 yeh sure ok mate lol
Eric Boers
Eric Boers 18 days ago
What a genius mr Murray is. I need to whatch this episode again tonight..wow!
I'd love to see Gordon do a TED talk
James Yoh
James Yoh 19 days ago
Unexciting styling, ugly rear fan, light weight but Ferrari SF90 Stradale is about the same power-to-weight ratio for $545k with torque-vectoring all-wheel drive. T-50 for $2.5 million is not my cup of the tea.
andy pandy
andy pandy 20 days ago
Ferrari were the first to add a central driving seat. They did a 3 seater Dino
Chris G.
Chris G. 21 day ago
Wheels straight off the Acura NSX and look really similar to the old TL -S wheels
Aaron M
Aaron M 21 day ago
I like Gordon Murray mind set
charles webster
charles webster 21 day ago
Its a bit of a jump from me dads old morris marina them where the days
Ralph111417 22 days ago
It's a fact that Gordon Murray, like Christian von Koenigsegg, teleported here from 30 years in the future. But don't worry Gordon.... for 2.5M and a place on your build list, your secret is safe with me. Oh, and I'll have the Retropower Escort too please.
EE DESIGN 22 days ago
I watched this second time and could watch the third.
Chris johnson
Chris johnson 23 days ago
2 titans of the auto industry having a gaff......epic!!
Tractorhead 25 days ago
Swollen livers!
Ian Edmonds
Ian Edmonds 25 days ago
Excellent as always Harry. Gordon Murray is a hero of mine. Great interview. Luv and Peace.
Graham Reid
Graham Reid 26 days ago
Genius. Purist. No bullshit. Complete opposite to what most vehicle (including motorcycles) companies/designers/engineers/etc. are doing. Lots of crap on cars that serve no real purpose.
ToughKookie 26 days ago
Hopefully Mansory don’t get there hands on one 😂😅😂🤢🤢🤮🤮
Micah Lewis
Micah Lewis 26 days ago
Why is Harry so anxious? Does he have to pee?
Carl Jepson
Carl Jepson 26 days ago
I'm afraid that if Harry had to carry on anylonger with this interview he would have had an embarrassing accident, true car guy Harry and I truly enjoy this man's passion for great engineering. If you are not truly passionate then how will you be able to convince anyone else to be passionate. Great car show.Harry
Jonathan Wiggill
Jonathan Wiggill 27 days ago
Thank you Harry for getting the inside track here and to you Gordon for your time, truly appreciate the opportunity to enjoy such a high level of insight into the master vision and the combined innovative thinking & clever packaging that has gone into this, quite frankly, incredible work of engineering collaboration and prowess. I can still remember the sense of awe I felt when I first read about the engineering that went into the F1 to achieve the ultimate driving experience, one dreamt of ever since, I am sure that once again we will have the opportunity to dream of the 'ultimate driving experience'
crxdelsolsir 27 days ago
No fake exhausts, no fake engine and exhaust sounds, no fake glass roof, not fake vents, geez the cars today are so rice even if some are expensive and fast.
Ivana Notyers
Ivana Notyers 27 days ago
Bigger cars is because of fatter Americans.
Excellent Car Videos
Did anyone whisper to him that a $70K Camaro ZL1 will smoke it?
Proton Jicari
Proton Jicari 28 days ago
OH MY WORD 500kg lighter than 992 c2s!! Its another 2 ducati v4’s plus 100kg sack or rice on a car!
Le Spaz
Le Spaz 29 days ago
Mr Murray with that Pimp Shirt! what a car, what a genius
Sam Wong
Sam Wong 29 days ago
Thank you for another engineering master piece Prof Murray!
Jochen De Jager
Jochen De Jager Month ago
Stunning! Gordon reminds me of Doc from ‘Back to the Future’ getting excited about the Delorean time machine 😀
AM4N18 Month ago
I hope you've put your name down for one Harry!
filmdatride Month ago
Mesmerising hearing Gordon speak about his design 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
FreshlySnipes Month ago
It’s disappointing that there are screens in the car. In a couple years the screens will be outdated, in a decade they will be ancient and useless. I wish someone would build a new car that doesn’t have any of that techie crap and will be mechanical and timeless (regulations tech aside). Beautiful car tho, that’s my only flaw. I also hope that’s a manual. I’m excited to see it drive.
sidhant panda
sidhant panda Month ago
Flaming Hedgehog
I want to it drive past soup kitchens throwing truffles at homeless people
Nabeel Jafri
Nabeel Jafri Month ago
This great really great but I am afraid that this will not sell well
M. Montgomery
M. Montgomery Month ago
51:14 does someone know why now 13 instead of 5 prototypes are needed? Does this include crash testing?
Tristan Blaine
Tristan Blaine Month ago
That's got to be one of the most enjoyable videos on cars this year, I want to see some T50 content with Harry, Gordon and George!
aikenforjeff Month ago
I’d watch something like this about any car, any time
MOWOR1 Month ago
Not sure about the fan size and shape it looks like it was an afterthought rather than being fully integrated and built into the rear.
Michael Aebi
Michael Aebi Month ago
I think it will be one of my favourite cars because it breaks with some idiotic trends... no BS - everything has a function, superb V12 engine, small size and low weight, elegant timeless design - nowadays I feel every super car wants to be more aggressive, and by that removing classic elegance.
colin young
colin young Month ago
not bad
steve Month ago
I really don't like the fan design on the back. Why not have a clear tunnel leading to the fan rather than having that grid and horrible slats design? It looks like a bad mishmash of design. The rest of the car I really like.
robert alexander ho
Geometrically logical and simple!!!
robert alexander ho
Such a beauty!!! Totally brilliant!!!!
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco Month ago
How special it would be to be able to buy a car from this man.
Sarah Michelle
Sarah Michelle Month ago
the front bumper nose is not to my liking, I don't like the fan or the entire rear design either. The vent in the center on the top needs to be a little more narrow and I don't like the separations on the side windows (obstructing the view) making a car light is easy...just google lightest strongest materials and use them. Weigh out the options of the world elements and uses the best ones. Easy when you have unlimited funds. :)
sebastian Sm
sebastian Sm Month ago
does it work? why not drive it bro?
Jocelyn Brisebois
in a F1 i think, the center of gravity (in normal racing speed) it's under you, and you feel it in a curve.
Me Tz
Me Tz Month ago
Gordon Murray: "More than 12 cylinders is showing off."
Amarjit Singh
Amarjit Singh Month ago
He's on record praising the Bugatti Veyron!?😂
ForcesNL Month ago
For some reason I thought it was a 911 GT1. It's beautiful. Not so sure about the rear though. Looks a bit like Pagani.
matty drebz
matty drebz Month ago
Can I ask is the gear stick always going to be on the right ????or can you option it for the left ???
David Lewis
David Lewis Month ago
Love it. Harry wetting himself like a school boy with his favourite sweets meeting his popstar idol, and quite rightly so. Normally so composed, but Harrys passion took over on this video. Absolutely stunning car, quite simply the best car designer ever being very candid about his new baby. I could almost feel the goosebumps Harry was getting. Harry, love your videos. Gordon, love your ethos, you stand for everything all petrol heads aspire to. To be honest, when I heard about this car and the fan thing, I was worried it was just a play on the old Brabham, one of those marketing things harking back to the past....now the reasons behind it have been explained, I totally get it and admire it. Boundary layer control in a practical application. Superb!
John Techwriter
John Techwriter Month ago
This car's understated, flowing lines remind me of the 1966 Jaguar XJ 13. Truly, Murray is the worthy successor to aerodynamist Malcom Sayer, whose Jaguar D-Type pioneered fuselage chassis design, inspired by the Spitfire fighter. Say what you like about the Krauts and the Eyeties, it's the Brits who consistently come up with the most exotic technology packaged in the most beautiful form factor, from F1 racers to Concorde.
Erb Terb
Erb Terb Month ago
As an environmentally damaged motorcycle enthusiast the original red arrow would be a perfect low consumption, high fun evolution. Extreme low weight, GSX-R 1000 engine or KTM 1290 and two seats. A perfect mix for low emissions, yet stunning performance. Add an electric variant with easy replacement bottom battery pack closes the loop. 150-200 kW in such a small body is enough and says "I want fun fun, but am afraid to be a climate douche and conform to my indoctrination. Take my car loan!"
mclaren viper
mclaren viper Month ago
Darth nataS
Darth nataS Month ago
This car is designed as it should be. When you are this wealthy, you need to take both girlfriends at the same time.
joao rodrigues
joao rodrigues Month ago
Its sad that all of these amazing details, to make a car very fast and manageable to drive fast and vigorously, to provide driving pleasure and adrenaline..... All end up in garages or are way to rare for anyone to experience them. Its just sad really🙄 Thats why i love porsche 911's, boxsters renault clio cup's, in general all hot hatches, because they are at least "real", and in many respects, way more fun to drive, also because they are driven.
Super Schott
Super Schott Month ago
Mr. Murray is an automotive god and this car is astounding except for the rear. I understand it holds great functionality but it looks like it was just thrown together.
By making a no non-sense car and deviating from the modern current, Gordon created a car way more artful and striking (in my opinion) than the artsy-looking mainstream supercars that while beautiful, have gotten too big and heavy. He creatively used modern technology to stay away from...modern technology. I mean, everything is purposely-made in the T50, and the wheels...they are exactly what I would've put on that car. They are just the right shape, size and color. Wow, for me this car is literally an improved, modern successor to the iconic F1's formula. I love the look and performance of modern McLarens, but the T50 IS the F1 Mark II.
Ronald williams
Ronald williams Month ago
There is a cosmetic irregularity in the leather in the center of the steering wheel....a sort of bunching...or gathering.....otherwise an AWESOME machine.🙂
BrainzZzZz Month ago
04:56 sums up all you need to know about Harry. Such a gentleman. Thanks for giving us the chance to watch you
KatDriv Month ago
2J Mclaren F1 lol xd
Antonio Farina
Antonio Farina Month ago
Second viewing of this car. Gordon that car is a masterpiece, the more i see it the more i love it. That Cosworth engine is pure art. Great British engineering at its very best. Just wow. Thanks Harry
Aziz HACHIMI Month ago
Finally an engineer who knows his stuff! What a thrilling pre-taste of the real ultimate driving machine!
vimocasin Month ago
wow !
Aziz HACHIMI Month ago
God Bless you Gordon for this fine piece of art....ART at it's finest!
Aziz HACHIMI Month ago
Harry to Gordon: I will ask you in ten years time, to see if everything goes through! What a smart response!
Aziz HACHIMI Month ago
You are doing such a great job Harry, but you have to get a very skilled cameraman! Charlie is doing a decent job, but not outstanding: he does not react to the situations during the interview...like when GM mentioned the air vents on the headlights, he should have done a close up to show those vents,...etc....I give him a B- at most! Get a A+ cameraman, because your You Tube channel needs it to make it even better! Cheers from Montreal!
chriskeenan1 Month ago
Dear Santa...
gooni goo goo
gooni goo goo Month ago
the rear fan is ridiculous. good I can not afford this car. so I won't worry about it...
JHvids Month ago
ill take one vvithout the ugly fan
Anthony Knox
Anthony Knox Month ago
This has got a real 60's LeMans racer feel about it, and that's a good thing!
I totally agree. He maintained the old-school approach but used technology to refine and improve on those unattainable concepts back in the early days.
The Generous Degenerate
Old world design philosophy executed with modern manufacturing techniques and materials and 50 years experience. Absolute perfection.
I said old-school mentality with new-school technology, but what I meant is what you said, ha-ha!
p Yo
p Yo Month ago
I watched Engineering Explained, 2 videos on the T50 before this video and i must say, what a gorgeous, incredible, genius Gordon Murray is with this Design The engineering is insane and the beauty , Form fits Function is just so Beautiful!
David Shaw
David Shaw Month ago
I'm not a FAN of that rear end
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