Gordon Forces Owners To Eat Their Own Disgusting Food | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Three-week old potatoes!?
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May 25, 2019

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Comments 1 828
Fox StylezZ
Fox StylezZ 2 hours ago
What's wrong with one of the camera, are they at 17 Frame per sec
Angel Duenas
Angel Duenas 4 hours ago
I feel bad for the chef, just another employee following orders 😐 from idiotic owners
Super Slovak
Super Slovak 9 hours ago
Is there anything we dont freeze? The water I know you dont freeze water you donkey.
Zac Monarch
Zac Monarch 9 hours ago
I love you chef Randy
Ashsaloft 11 hours ago
4:18 dats the most funniest thing ive heard today
Rafa1589 12 hours ago
A bit disappointed that there was no actual footage of Gordon force feeding the owners...
Kip Lambert
Kip Lambert 13 hours ago
Oh my God, does Gordon ever like anything? I don't know what the series finale was, but would be funny if he actually liked a dish, clutched his heart and died!!
canessa johnson
canessa johnson 18 hours ago
"I'm gonna go kill myself in the kitchen." 😂😂😂
ElGringo 19 hours ago
How dare Gordon, a white cis male, go and criticize women for their shitty food! Their food is shit because of the patriarchy! ReeeeeeEEEEEE!!!!
Moreira Da Lima
Moreira Da Lima 19 hours ago
in my opinion the food looks appealing
Nine tails gaming
Nine tails gaming 20 hours ago
She not good at cooking but she cute
Reanna Hall
Reanna Hall 21 hour ago
Your kid IS ugly!😆
jujin918 21 hour ago
Wow ! The chef is so hardcore! 🔪🔪🔪
Semantic Samuel
Semantic Samuel 21 hour ago
How do you screw up shepherd's pie (unless you think you're making a trifle and your name is Rachel)? I'm also amazed shepherd's pie is served in American restaurants. Here in the UK it's a quick and easy evening meal - not restaurant food. You just fry up beef and onions with whatever veg you have on hand (usually diced carrots and peas), add a gravy, top it with mashed potato and bake it in the oven until the potato goes crispy. Tasty and wholesome, and dead easy.
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 23 hours ago
I just don't get it. Why are they freezing potatoes? Potatoes can lest a very long time on their own if properly stored. Unless these are months old, I genuinely don't see a reason to freeze them.
Gordon: Also, Mate, your fuckin' kid is ugly. Sorry, it's hard to hear.
Fiat Punto
Fiat Punto Day ago
Me : oh that soup doesn't look so bad Id eat that Gordan : what a fucking embarrassment Me : what a fucking embarrassment
Phantom Gaming
Spudy hell..... this announcer man, fuck...
This is the first time I ever heard someone here what pierogies was
masked kulprit
Dang bruh Danielle is cute af
Lagaule Refractaire
who knows ? her kid might be ugly
Coobster432 Day ago
Guys, what episode is that clip from?
Bad MamaJama
Bad MamaJama Day ago
😂😂😂😂😂 It’s like someone fucken calling Your kid ugly 😂😂
Dan Day ago
How... do you make a bad baked potato?
Jasmine Washington
It's funny that she laughs at the fact that she is serving Ramsey three week old baked potato. What if he was the health inspector, would she be laughing then?
Slogo Pig
Slogo Pig Day ago
The head chef was cute 😳
AskPete Day ago
Dumbass and clueless Southerners
Asia Pick
Asia Pick Day ago
I wanna see Gordon eat nursing home food
Damon Moreau
Damon Moreau Day ago
The chef is like ten years old What do they expect??
Ashley James Baller
I’m absolutely amazed how the 4 women took that criticism super well!
Bobby salcido
Bobby salcido 2 days ago
I feel bad for the young girl but the waiter is a dick. Only took 7 min to notice that
... 2 days ago
Damn Gordon is right Like what kind of restaurant calls theirs food “fresh” even though they are 3 weeks old..
Iam 20 Years old and got better recipes and better dishes than that goonies
Kook 2 days ago
4:20 “ Its like someone calling ur kid fucking ugly” hahah
Anthony Galiazzi
Anthony Galiazzi 2 days ago
These people are so stupid if u know he’s coming why not make the stuff as fresh as possible why would u give him old ass food
Kimberly Tran
Kimberly Tran 2 days ago
I love this series/channel/show
Wish I was creative
Tbh if I owned a restaurant I would serve scrambled egg because that is all I know how to cook
kieran wizzard
kieran wizzard 2 days ago
What season , episode?
Ashmodai 2 days ago
that chef is a beauty... my god...
Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Johnson 2 days ago
Claire doesn't *care* .....lol
antoniaowns 2 days ago
The waiter loved telling the owner to taste their food 😂😂
Jeremex 2 days ago
“There lukewarm potatoes when you come on the right shift” At least the waiter is self-aware
Namazi 2 days ago
*what an embarrassment* *what a shame* Mhmm
Ó Slattarra
Ó Slattarra 2 days ago
Jack Nasty
Jack Nasty 2 days ago
Gordon: Here eat this. It's from your restaurant eat it.... Owners: No thanks I ate already. I'm full... hehehe ...... (awkward silence) 😳
Zaid Abdiel
Zaid Abdiel 2 days ago
The waiter had alot of fun ! 😁
alan liu
alan liu 3 days ago
Judging from the video at least, at least the owners don't seem to be delusional and were quick to realise that it was bad.
Lol Gamezz
Lol Gamezz 3 days ago
*It TaStEs LiKe HeLlO*
Cory Ariana
Cory Ariana 3 days ago
So one is going to talk about how at 4:20 she said she’s going to kill herself in the kitchen 😂
Sunny C
Sunny C Day ago
Cory Ariana tons of people have already said someone
DoubleAMakki 3 days ago
FYI I would eat the food Ramsay eats. I'm saying that because I'm so fucking hungry right now and we just ran out of eggs.
Qef Rugova
Qef Rugova 3 days ago
You find baking potatoes 3 weeks and its ok to serve that to Ramsey ??? They had some balls to do so.
Jason 4 President
5:43 Imagine her name was karen
Kaitou Splattershot
Me: I like this food what do you put inside Waiter: mmmm water and wheat Me: WHAT Waiter: oh no I mean potatoes and sea- GR: NO! YA DONT PUT WHEAT N WATER IN UR POTATOS!
Lauren Jones
Lauren Jones 3 days ago
Finally, some owners that aren't in denial
Boba 3 days ago
"I want you to make the three owners to try this *shit* " Waiter: *ok* Waiter walks in Waiter: he wants you three to try this *shit* Let's give this waiter some respect
Wayne Wintermute
Wayne Wintermute 3 days ago
Danielle is a cutie!!
Hendrik van Leeuwen
'Is everything frozen?' (Everyone freezes)
Knee Caps
Knee Caps 3 days ago
THE FACT THE WAITER CAME BACK LIKE “he wants you to taste the shit you cook.” HAD ME SENT
Link Hyrule
Link Hyrule 3 days ago
The blue jacket blonde chick cute. If you ever need some pipe laid down hmu.
ItsCodeJay __
ItsCodeJay __ 3 days ago
Now I where were to eat.
BlueFlameBird 3 days ago
"I can't even blame you because you're forced to be here for family reasons" Gordon with an untrained chef who admits she knows nothing vs Gordon with grown trained chefs who don't take his advice
Ingvild Sangesland
gordon: *eats a tablespoon of salt* gordon: *iT’s FuCkInG bLaNd*
Aussie Unicorn
*ItS gHasTlY*
Grace GamingYT
*WheRE'S tHe FUckInG lAmB sAuCe*
DumbDuck44 Day ago
iTs fuCkinG SalTY!!!
Sugoi Stalin
Sugoi Stalin 3 days ago
Gordon Ramsay probably has a feeder fetish tbh.
kasanza 3 days ago
The owner was like: yeah I know the food taste like shit but we're selling it so people are supposed to eat it. Duh.
"He wants all three of you to taste the shit you serve people"
koala_ Dailygacha
I like how the staff follows what gorden says 😂
ENON ENON 4 days ago
Gotta break em down to build them up,
Artvincent Grasua
How gordon enter restaurant No one: Gordon: Im here, Sup!
Jadeeyyy Kim
Jadeeyyy Kim 4 days ago
Who the fuck freezes potatoes???
Rahmat A
Rahmat A 4 days ago
Can anyone please tell me how to get in touch with danielle?
Yzzami 4 days ago
Poor girl
Brightheart 4 days ago
In the beginning he says what do you recommend and the answers are crab cakes, shepherd's pie and pierogies. Gordon says not one of you recommend a potato. Ummmmm ok shepherd's pie and pierogies have potatoes right
Ana Bowman
Ana Bowman 3 days ago
But if their whole branding is potatoes, they should have a good potato.
Elle Dean
Elle Dean 4 days ago
Danielle is a ten, just a side note.
Richard Grossguth
She is, and so are you :)
Eeriel Constantine
I thought the woman in the blue shirt was accidentally edited in while one of the others was talking, how does she enunciate anything without moving her mouth
Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson
At least these people are handling the criticism fairly well. They're not screaming at Ramsey
「Squodwurd」 4 days ago
5:24 💀💀💀
Ryan Marquez
Ryan Marquez 4 days ago
"He wants all three of you to taste this shit that you serve"
Zeeshaan Ahmad
Zeeshaan Ahmad 4 days ago
First time he didn’t chew out the head chef.
Big Egg
Big Egg 4 days ago
I feel genuinely bad for Danielle
Mr Offensington
Mr Offensington 3 days ago
I'd like to feel Danielle.
Young 4 days ago
Bruh the waiter was a fucking savage
Yo face
Yo face 4 days ago
That waiter is such a god
LaTrina Powell
LaTrina Powell 4 days ago
Which season and episode is this?
Yao Tzio
Yao Tzio 4 days ago
This is what happens, when people say. OMG, your food is so good, you should open a restaurant. Haha And, that's just people being nice about your shit food.
Taliesyn42 4 days ago
They actually took that better than most have.
williams9071 4 days ago
Michael Funsho
Michael Funsho 4 days ago
"He wants the three of you to know the shit food you serve people"....love that waiter😂
Zach 4 days ago
Haha it's funny as hell when the staff acts like they've been waiting to tell the owners the truth for years. I'm going to rewatch this episode now cause I like the chef girl and how she becomes really good later.
lisa 4 days ago
wait what?? I want to see him redeem the place!
Sippin’ Tea
Sippin’ Tea 4 days ago
What season and episode is this?
alfandeddie 4 days ago
The woman in teal is especially annoying.
hottacatta yaya
hottacatta yaya 4 days ago
I don't like being forced to watch a commercial before the video so I won't be watching your channel again.
Do you know The way, My bruddah
Not all women are supposed to be in the kitchen.
William Akiu
William Akiu 4 days ago
Waiter wants to crap on his bosses lol
William Akiu
William Akiu 4 days ago
Just that restaurant down.
kyle edwards
kyle edwards 4 days ago
“It’s like someone callin your kid fuckin ugly”
Praxics 4 days ago
One honest waiter... lol xD
Cam The Man07
Cam The Man07 4 days ago
People think Gordon is mean I think he is just brutally honest. 🤷‍♂️
Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker 2 days ago
@Isti TS while that is true, molly coddling people should be avoided. I'll grant you that you cannot do that with mentally unstable people, so I guess that covers about 3/4 of the population who cannot handle the truth.
Isti TS
Isti TS 2 days ago
@Lisa Walker who said that there is any problem with this? Sometimes it is hard to accept the truth.
Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker 2 days ago
@Isti TS and... Wtf is wrong with that? People shouldn't go around in life expecting to suck on a pacifier all the time and be talked to like a little baby.
Isti TS
Isti TS 2 days ago
Being honest is often mean or rude :(
Monika Žídková
Thank you
ginger ling
ginger ling 4 days ago
"not one of you recommended a potato" Chef do you remember what's in shepherd's pie or pierogi?
Zahra Aurelia
Zahra Aurelia 4 days ago
ginger ling I think that Gordon meant as in just a potato dish?
Alex Cross
Alex Cross 4 days ago
Perogies are potatoes though...? At least where I live. Potato based “noodles” with a potato and cheese/meat/etc. filling.
Soksody Sim
Soksody Sim 5 days ago
"he wants all three of you to taste the shit you've served people" THIS DUDE OML I CANT- KAKDJFG It felt like he meant that too 🤧
KVSNGLNSO 99 5 days ago
Your kids fucken ugly Susan
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