Gordon Forces Owners To Eat Their Own Disgusting Food | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Three-week old potatoes!?
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May 25, 2019




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Comments 80
midwings00 20 hours ago
This is a particularly sad one. They are just ignorant. They could have saved themselves early one, but they just sank deeper into debt. Honestly this one could have been saved by anyone other one Mr. Ramsay. This one has no arrogance, no ego just ignorance.
Hannah Day ago
This is the only thing that is getting me through lockdown 😂
Daniel 2 days ago
I love how the waiter made the message more savage - "I want you to taste the shit you're serving people"
JA Purnell
JA Purnell 2 days ago
why to americans have to change good old british food and try and call it their own
JA Purnell
JA Purnell 2 days ago
females owners we dont know, gordon man needed to sort it out lol. and feminist go
JA Purnell
JA Purnell 2 days ago
funny gordan tied them up and spoon fed them their own food, by what the heading says lol
coral smith
coral smith 2 days ago
Aww she's a baby ,no wonder the good shit ,she just like cooking how you would for kids at home , in time and training maybe good
TY LESNAR 3 days ago
Stupid Restaurant
Monkey News
Monkey News 3 days ago
Does Gordon not know a potatoe skin has no potatoe inside
Jehan Wadiwalla
Jehan Wadiwalla 4 days ago
I am.a home cook and I swear to god I make far far tastier food
Stay Once
Stay Once 4 days ago
what is 9+10? THE 3 OWNER: *21?*
Kangwa Mfula
Kangwa Mfula 5 days ago
"He wants the 3 of you to taste the SHIT you serve people " 😂😂 he enjoyed delivering that message.
Nishant Joshi
Nishant Joshi 6 days ago
5:24 what a savage XD
D JJCW 7 days ago
This women’s haircut looks like a Karen
Wrong Think
Wrong Think 7 days ago
3 Karens and no Tater
Luke Paki
Luke Paki 8 days ago
Like calling my kid ugly..hehehehe
senapi 8 days ago
Nobody: The owner: "I'm going to go kill myself in the kitchen"
Shehan Vihanga
Shehan Vihanga 9 days ago
Am I the only person annoyed that the video is shot in 2 different frame rates?🤔
mr nick21
mr nick21 9 days ago
5:26 " taste THE SHIT you serve to people"
DLZ Media
DLZ Media 9 days ago
Why is the camera laggy whenever they're videoed?
Ernes Filipovic
Ernes Filipovic 9 days ago
Kitchen Nightmares (US) Season 3 Episode 1: Hot Potato Cafe. For people interested in watching the whole episode.
Treviscoe 10 days ago
I felt sorry for that girl. By her own admission she's had no formal cookery training and yet she's been expected to turn up every day and serve up a menu she didn't even choose. I hope she gets that training - if it's what she wants to do.
Balu 92
Balu 92 11 days ago
This video is shit. The comment section is shit. The community guidelines are shit. The bell icon is shit. That subscription bar is shit. My hand is shit. My life is shit. Gordon approved.
Gaming death silent gamer
im bored to the point of watching
Jerzy Dziś
Jerzy Dziś 12 days ago
Speciality of The House: potato crapcakes 💩
braviss Loki
braviss Loki 13 days ago
i like Ramsay a lot but dare not invite him for a home cooked meal .., afraid we get into a serious argument.. hahaha..
Andy x
Andy x 13 days ago
why is every single owner delusional ??
Celestina Mansoor
Celestina Mansoor 13 days ago
bro not everything is perfect
gelectrox 14 days ago
5.24 Brian gives no fucks
Ponnada Jaidev
Ponnada Jaidev 14 days ago
"He wants all three of you to taste the shit that you serve people". Lol😂😂
Mieses Arts
Mieses Arts 16 days ago
I want the full episode of this pls. Anyone ?
Brendon Moselen
Brendon Moselen 16 days ago
Still a good show to binge even tho it’s no more
khurram khan
khurram khan 16 days ago
kitchen karens
Bella selleugra
Bella selleugra 16 days ago
what season and ep is this?
Cs 17 days ago
That cheff loves her some pants pie...no sausage for her tho....sexy blond vajj slurper.
Creative Mallus
Creative Mallus 17 days ago
What are you talking about Ramsey... when someone eats your food in Asia; They gonna tell it as a shit... be in a place where you are.... you cannot taste a cassava from south east Asia .. who give you all the stars? Michelin stars are bull shit. If it is only applicable for Italian dishes , where the fuck we are... it is disgusting experience ....
Creative Mallus
Creative Mallus 17 days ago
What is he doing? What if dont blame him? Ah Ramsey.... how long we keep quiet???
akex005 17 days ago
Gordon - "your food is shit........ ok, see you later"
KomRad FuZe
KomRad FuZe 17 days ago
Crab cakes.... sheppards pie... a shit, here we go again
Mike Cui
Mike Cui 18 days ago
Wuselmann 19 days ago
I wonder whether there is a single episode of american Kitchen Nightmares without those added slimy food soundtracks xD
amco hh01
amco hh01 20 days ago
I would love to see Chef John #Foodwishes Cook for Chef Ramsey..Enjoy!
El Othemany
El Othemany 20 days ago
What episode and season please?
Automatic Reset
Automatic Reset 20 days ago
someone needs to meem this part 2:44
Minkerson_ios 20 days ago
Trading subs
Nishit Singh Birman
Anyone else on a serious Gordon Ramsay binge in quarantine
Chad Dick
Chad Dick 21 day ago
If you have 0 passion for food, maybe dont start a restaurant you fucking weirdos
Ki Faye Olaya
Ki Faye Olaya 21 day ago
thank God I'm Asian
Ki Faye Olaya
Ki Faye Olaya 20 days ago
Technically i did
Andi Wand
Andi Wand 22 days ago
All of the three owners look like karens
Aleksi.O 22 days ago
Me: S.. Ss.. sSorry I didn't like the soup. ._. Owner: Alright... I'm gonna go kill myself in the kitchen.
ZeroS 22 days ago
"I'm gonna go kill myself in the kitchen" ???
BlindGuardian050 23 days ago
That girl is gorgeous btw.
Dandafryingpan 23 days ago
2:28 . "It looks a mess." No offence, but no sh*t it looks a mess after you stirred it. Just my opinion.
simon gislingham
simon gislingham 23 days ago
That food is SHIT!!!
EZ30Cuber 24 days ago
Danielle is kinda hot ngl lmao
The Demon
The Demon 24 days ago
Chances are your kid is fucking ugly
Phil Henderson
Phil Henderson 24 days ago
“I’m gonna go kill myself in the kitchen” Weird flex but ok
Mr Infamous
Mr Infamous 24 days ago
Yo that head chef is cute as hell
Real Muru
Real Muru 25 days ago
Before Gordon Ramsay I didn’t even know...outside food can be bad as well
UsmanNabi - Pothwari Sher - Pothwari Saaz -
Baked 3 weeks ago?! Wtffffffffff i would of flipped i feel like gordon held back alot 😂😂😂
kruemelmonster 25 days ago
waiter:"lukewarm potatoes" Ramsay:"Damn, that sounds intriguing"
Mostwanted 25 days ago
I feel like people just rent out these places to meet Gordan Ramsay and to be on TV.
Albedo D. Overlord
Albedo D. Overlord 25 days ago
at least their kitchen aren't dirty!!!
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad 26 days ago
4:07 Claire laughs 4:18 Claire talks about suicide That went from 1 to 100 real fast.
Shay D. Mann
Shay D. Mann 26 days ago
Or: what happens when 3 facebook moms try and run a food joint
Karl Salamera
Karl Salamera 28 days ago
What's 9 plus 10, 21
Princess YuBeace
Princess YuBeace 28 days ago
Poor Danielle, she just wants to help her family and she’s just tossed into a kitchen with terrible recipes with and no experience.
Princess YuBeace
Princess YuBeace 27 days ago
@Sita Nalla Follow your dreams, not your aunts!
Sita Nalla
Sita Nalla 27 days ago
Princess YuBeace I've heard she became a nurse
sarabpereira 28 days ago
“I’m gonna go kill myself in the kitchen” ok but that’s a mood ngl
Pixels and Colors
Pixels and Colors 28 days ago
nettocop1 29 days ago
hummm sounds so sexual
walid barhoumi
walid barhoumi 29 days ago
the chef is high af lmao hahahah her ayes are red
Taegigguk !
Taegigguk ! 29 days ago
At this point it is rare for me to come across a Gordon Ramsay clip I haven't seen before.
BP Month ago
You know what is worse than the food? This TV show... The original UK version is a damn good show. The American version is just pitiful..
BP Month ago
Americans are so weird with the kissing on the cheeks. So mechanical..
over opinionated
Breeze Month ago
i must say the chef looks quite pretty
These people seem to have the humility to accept the feedback. Nice to see
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl Month ago
21, she never got the chance to learn yet A girl younger than her becomes the masterchef in season 1
Nick Gibbs
Nick Gibbs Month ago
I swear to god if I hear him say that arrogant “ah” one more time I’m going to do things.
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