GoPro VR: Swimming with Wild Dolphins in the Ocean

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Dive below the surface with Jim Abernethy to enter a deep blue world and find yourself surrounded by a pod of dolphins.
For the full 360 degree experience, view on your mobile device or on the GoPro VR app: vr.gopro.com.
Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪GoPro.com.
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"Emy and Nat"
Composed by Benny Abel

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Comments 80
JG-ThePresent 21 day ago
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 22 days ago
Oh Yeah
Christine Chow
Christine Chow Month ago
So fan
Alex Torres H
Alex Torres H Month ago
That is cool moving the screen
チョコChoco Month ago
Ursula Corpse
Ursula Corpse 2 months ago
Dolphins are water fairies.
Micaela sejas
Micaela sejas 2 months ago
Hola 2020 like si lo ves en este año
yallzdid 2 months ago
Wheres the thumbnail images
Rockssel 3 months ago
Keion crazy yo
Keion crazy yo 3 months ago
It can move
石川由美子 4 months ago
石川由美子 4 months ago
Kevin Uchiha
Kevin Uchiha 6 months ago
Holy Viper
Holy Viper 7 months ago
Dolphin men are kill their own kid
Sonja Trl
Sonja Trl 8 months ago
Not trying to be a buzzkill buuuuuuuuut you can see were you cut and pasted images into the frame.
InamberI 8 months ago
Love it. Next time no background music, please
WolfiePlayz 7 months ago
InamberI Then turn off your sound and add dolphin sounds on another device
Thành Nguyễn
Thành Nguyễn 8 months ago
That is the video cool best ever
Nicholas Masters
Nicholas Masters 9 months ago
XxBad._. OnexX
XxBad._. OnexX 9 months ago
Get me out!!!!!
srihitha sampelli
srihitha sampelli 10 months ago
I love dolphins u love hit a like k
Mxystic Mike
Mxystic Mike 11 months ago
I’m not begging but can people sub to me because I lost my other channel :(
AMAZING! I can touch video & rotate. I'm swimming with the dolphins
youngae Mrs.Namjoon
I love dolphins I used to have a pet dolphin her name was pearl
Lucy Furr
Lucy Furr Year ago
Bad Ass
Gabriel Marinho
This is fake, look at the end, its like a pool .. fake but good video
Fabiancho Slzh
Wooow! Como lo hace? 😵😵😵
Jiwon Kim
Jiwon Kim Year ago
I volunteered at a dolphin research center/tourist spot. They are the smartest/cutest things alive 💕
Amanda Month ago
Hopefully you have learned how cruel it is to keep them in captivity. Look at what happens in Taiji. The research center supports the capture and killings of wild dolphins!
music is awful...
Chaotic Bash Studios
cool video thank you very much! I made a 360° video from 300 wild dolphins! Maybe you are interested: ruvid.net/video/video-D74BpWUaCeE.html
Billie Pierce
Billie Pierce 2 years ago
So amazing... I have always loved dolphins and having VR even tho I don’t live near a beach I still feel the joy and happiness they bring to me. Thank you so much!
Canada Arrow
Canada Arrow 2 years ago
to think some people eat dolphins -_-
pineapplepen 2 years ago
Such a beautiful planet we have. Too bad people are idiots. The most useless species so far.
Zairita 2 years ago
my favorite animal
Bunnyshooter 223
Bunnyshooter 223 2 years ago
beautiful sounds of dolphins In the ocean blue
Bunnyshooter 223
Bunnyshooter 223 2 years ago
beautiful blue ocean deep grey dolphins
Melissa Perez
Melissa Perez 2 years ago
This was in bimini right? What company did you go out with? We went last week but only got to see Atlantic bottlenose would have wanted to see spotted they are friendlier.
Lukluk Auliya
Lukluk Auliya 2 years ago
Nice View. I really like!!!!!! :D
Aun 06
Aun 06 2 years ago
Dang it! The quality on video.....i dont blame it in this video i blame it with my very slow wifi connection
Fiorella Pacheco
Fiorella Pacheco 2 years ago
г绿鳄鱼 3 years ago
всё такое классное . дааа...
อิสระ พันมะลี
Don Chetty
Don Chetty 2 years ago
Use the word and the app
little 3 years ago
Algum BR aí?
Vampy Bampy
Vampy Bampy 3 years ago
I can die happy now
oceantransistor 3 years ago
Which VR Rig are they using for these GoPros?
Atul Goel
Atul Goel 3 years ago
Can I use the video in one of my project?
Georgina Román
Georgina Román 3 years ago
Felicia Waters
Felicia Waters 7 months ago
You go boy who who
Kawaiipusheenlove Xoxo
At first I was like wtf
Beatrice Beatrice
Beatrice Beatrice 3 years ago
David Person
David Person 3 years ago
guys u can touch vid and rotate
Saurav Asthana
Saurav Asthana 3 years ago
everyone knows that...
mariideen 3 years ago
Omg 360 is spooooky!!! 😅. Like looking down towards the bottom of the ocean oh wow!
Kind0 CSGO
Kind0 CSGO 3 years ago
where are the narwhals?
Nicole V
Nicole V 3 years ago
This a 360. Video
Myla rose444
Myla rose444 3 years ago
Maria Bjorklund
Maria Bjorklund 3 years ago
hey naty hernandez
hey naty hernandez 3 years ago
they is ameize
iwtdl 3 years ago
I did this with the Google Cardboard and it look awesome
Amenia 3 years ago
it need much Mord than 4k
Jeffery Spicioli
Jeffery Spicioli 3 years ago
Dolphins,... The Golden Retrievers of the Ocean.
Austin Koenigseder
Austin Koenigseder 7 months ago
3D-VR-360 VIDEOS 2 years ago
you nailed it
TheTerrible Blue
TheTerrible Blue 3 years ago
This is amazing
Thang Do
Thang Do 2 years ago
mat na tinh yeu tap cuoi
Thang Do
Thang Do 2 years ago
TheTerrible Blue mmmmmm
Lou Thuler
Lou Thuler 3 years ago
This is awesome! I experienced this multiple times in Australia. I also went swimming with whale sharks and jet-skiing with massive crocodiles :D There's a video on my channel if anyone's interested, let me know what you think of my video!
Olá Marilene
Olá Marilene 3 years ago
Top This is Man
nadhiya 321
nadhiya 321 3 years ago
.Olá Marilene
Marie 3 years ago
Wow. Just Wow.
PICKLE RICK!!! 3 years ago
There is a shark at 1:26 look there is
Michael Ängu
Michael Ängu 3 years ago
lol i didnt realise its 360. i was like. dude its out of shoot. hey! the dolphind are out of frame. and then i read the comments amazing 360 shots. then i realized :D
laura lorca
laura lorca 3 years ago
this dolphins are fake or they are real ?
Amany Kamal
Amany Kamal 3 years ago
Lee Bledsoe
Lee Bledsoe
Lee Bledsoe 3 years ago
These dolphins are very much real, i put the 360 camera in the water. We captured a beautiful moment, i am thrilled to see the positive feedback this experience has gotten.
Lightning Fire 007
Lightning Fire 007 3 years ago
bloody awesome
Camaras 360
Camaras 360 3 years ago
scc1010 3 years ago
GoPro I'm not your fan, I'm your air conditioner.
Lil demon Tayvon
Lil demon Tayvon 3 years ago
This is amazing
alicia Diaz
alicia Diaz 3 years ago
The epic Edu .
The epic Edu . 3 years ago
This is epic
Nate G
Nate G 3 years ago
So cool
Персей 3 years ago
Дети природы, они выше нас в своём развитии..... "человечество" не справилось со своей задачей - деньги - дом построенный на песке....
João Chichetto
João Chichetto 3 years ago
Star Kids
Star Kids 3 years ago
Spenner Production
Spenner Production 3 years ago
Yo i'm doing extreme sport and traveling edits all around the world. I'm showing my audience how to live life! Check me out and follow my adventure! Peace!
Pamela V.
Pamela V. 3 years ago
Wow is awesome ❤️💚😊
FULMINE55AZ 3 years ago
WOW :)
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