GoPro HERO 3+ Video Quality Test & Comparison (WVGA, 720p, 960p, 1080p, 1440p, 2.7k, 4k, SuperView)

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GoPro HERO 3+: amzn.to/GRCtfP
This is a back-to-back comparison of every different video resolution mode on the new GoPro 3+ camera. Make sure to watch in 4K so that you can really see the differences in video quality. For this video I used one camera (the GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition) and filmed clips one after the other, only changing the video resolution and frame rate. The frames per second, or fps, of the clip was always set to the highest possible at the resolution. All of the clips are unedited (no color correction, stabilization, cropping, etc) and were captured with the GoPro in the standard waterproof case which comes with the 3+ camera.
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Capture and share your life's most meaningful experiences with the HERO3+ Black Edition. 20% smaller and lighter than its best-selling predecessor, it delivers improved image quality and powerful new features geared for versatility and convenience. SuperView™ is a new video mode that captures the world's most immersive wide angle perspective, while Auto Low Light mode intelligently adjusts frame rate for stunning low-light performance. Combined with 30% longer battery life, 4x faster Wi-Fi, a sharper lens and compatibility with all GoPro mounts and accessories, the HERO3+ Black Edition is the most advanced GoPro yet.
GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition Video Quality Test & Video Resolution Comparison (WVGA, 720p, 720p SuperView, 960p, 1080p, 1080p SuperView, 1440p, 2.7k, 2.7K 17:9, 4k, 4K 17:9) "gopro 3 plus" "black edition" "gopro 3+ superview"
GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition Video Quality Test & Video Resolution Comparison (WVGA, 720p, 720p SuperView, 960p, 1080p, 1080p SuperView, 1440p, 2.7k, 2.7K 17:9, 4k, 4K 17:9) "go pro" "gopro 3+ footage" "gopro 3+ underwater"
GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition Video Quality Test & Video Resolution Comparison (WVGA, 720p, 720p SuperView, 960p, 1080p, 1080p SuperView, 1440p, 2.7k, 2.7K 17:9, 4k, 4K 17:9) "gopro cold" "gopro winter"

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Jan 18, 2014




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Comments 53
Scamp Shrimpi
Scamp Shrimpi 5 months ago
Should i be watching on 1080p or does it not matter
Javier Iván García Garza
great overall but miss the night footage
Harry 205
Harry 205 5 months ago
The max on my gopro 3+ is 1080 60
Mr. Jonniewalker
Mr. Jonniewalker 3 months ago
What kind of 3+ do you have? White, silver or Black?
ohmigosh ness
ohmigosh ness 5 months ago
I'm going to Washington and want to record while walking around and seeing stuff, help me which settings ?
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
I’d use 2.7k/30 for most stuff - best resolution for good quality video. If you want to be able to slow the video down at all in post though, drop your res to 1080p and use 60fps.
2wheel Tony
2wheel Tony Year ago
i dnt see the 4k option on my 3+
Edward Lorenz
Edward Lorenz Year ago
king cam hero 4 blck
Dawidadb Year ago
nice :) thx for help me :)
keith lardizabal
*Excellent camera>>>**t.co/LLKInNZrhR** I use it for scuba photography. Get yourself a red filter. Very important. The pictures accompanying this review were taken at a depth of around 100 feet in Maui.*
Kipper Klank
Kipper Klank 2 years ago
the video on the hero 3 is AWFUL Have no freaking idea why there going STILLL for hundreds of dollars on ebay
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
That is kinda shocking considering that the HERO5 Black now often sells for $249 new.
Phoenix's World
Phoenix's World 2 years ago
I need to pee after listening to that! XD
Striding for Mental Health
Why would you put your watermark over the stats???
Phoenix's World
Phoenix's World 2 years ago
Or go fullscreen
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
RUvid adds that in the viewer. If you turn off "Annotations" in the video's settings that will remove the watermark/channel branding.
Ben Palladino
Ben Palladino 3 years ago
So if were to post an edit on youtube, and most of it was filmed in 4k but some of it was in 2.7k, would I still be be able to upload it with the option to watch in 4k??
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
+Ben P It all comes down to the editing process. If your using an advanced video editor like Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, etc. it will let you both select the resolution of your project and then when you are done editing it, what you export it at. Obviously if you wanted to upload a 4K video, simply select 4K for both of the resolution options it gives you (just make sure to check that it is 16:9 aspect ratio). Personally I don't upload videos in 4K unless I am doing it as a quality test/sample footage. Most people can't stream anything above 1080p due to slow internet and since most people watch RUvid on a small mobile device (smartphone, tablet) the extra resolution just goes to waste. If you just HAVE to do something above 1080p, give 1440p or "Quad HD" a try (FYI it's 1440x2560).
Seungyil Yoon
Seungyil Yoon 3 years ago
Why doesn't my GoPro show 4K and 100 fps?
JK Mars
JK Mars 3 years ago
Thank you. This was very helpful.
makyah kreis
makyah kreis 3 years ago
how do I access any setting above 1080p? because that all my gopro hero 3+ gets up too
XukX adapt
XukX adapt 3 years ago
He got it wrong it does not have it he is not using a 3+
Arung Taftazani
Arung Taftazani 4 years ago
why no diferrent? because you watch 4k video in 1080p quality! its like you watch 1080p video in 144p quality! that's my opinion i guess......
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
I'd upgrade ^ that ^ from opinion to fact cause when I watch it on my computer in full 4K I can clearly see a difference.
Christian Dipax
Christian Dipax 4 years ago
Hello! Sd card type model?
Christian Dipax
Christian Dipax 4 years ago
+Digital Tech Reviews & Tips thx
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
+Christian Dipax I use the 64gb micro-SD card from Lexar (amzn.to/1rhf1zk).
Bradley Scott
Bradley Scott 4 years ago
Can someone help me with what settings the best for motocross and dh mtb in kind of cloudy conditions please 😀
Ben Brunskill
Ben Brunskill 3 years ago
1080/30 fps lets a lot of light it, it's my go to setting for low light/cloudy conditions. faster FPS mean less light getting into the camera, and therefore more noise.
Ryan Paulson
Ryan Paulson 3 years ago
Use 1440p at 48fps
Bradley Scott
Bradley Scott 4 years ago
+Digital Tech Reviews & Tips thanks but even when it's sunny it doesn't look like the quality of there's even with the same camera could you recommend any good setting like what 'p' and 'fps' 😀
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
Well first, don't film in cloudy conditions if you want your footage to look really good. If you've watched any of the videos that GoPro puts out you'll notice that almost all of the are filmed when it is sunny out. Besides letting the GoPro use a lower ISO (and be less grainy), filming on sunny days also makes colors more vibrant, scenes more dramatic, and your whole video overall more interesting.
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn 4 years ago
Just what I needed. I plan to capture little league baseball with a linkspyder (sp?) mount and it looks to me 1080p SUPER sacrifices clarity for depth of field. Sticking with 1080p. Thanks for the very thorough video.
Kaahn 4 years ago
how do u get that 4K?
mattie030 3 years ago
+Chingus Dude glitchy lol
Ryan Paulson
Ryan Paulson 3 years ago
4k sucks. It is really glitchy.
Where in the world is Tyra Angelita?
Which setting is the best to shoot RUvid videos in? I want to shoot less grainier videos 🙏🏽
Ryan Paulson
Ryan Paulson 3 years ago
If you record high speed sports (mountain biking, bmx race, vehicles, etc.), use 1440p at 48fps.
Where in the world is Tyra Angelita?
+Rox B thank you very much
HeyitsRox 4 years ago
+Tyra 1080 should work just fine for youtube videos
ilovelifan 4 years ago
XxTheDarkOnesxX 4 years ago
1440P on galaxy Note 5
Jesus Mendez
Jesus Mendez 4 years ago
Wow 4K sucks
_ Skylake _
_ Skylake _ 4 years ago
+Digital Tech Reviews & Tips that's false
SpydreX Official
SpydreX Official 4 years ago
+Digital Tech Reviews & Tips Unless you live in the city A.K.A Optic fiber and Google Fiber internet...
PK FPV 4 years ago
+Digital Tech Reviews & Tips mine does
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
Well 4k at 15fps sucks. Also, internet speeds are generally not able to really support streaming 4k in the U.S.
TheElectricMrPJ 4 years ago
that was an excellent video that helped me visually understand what each setting will do for me. thank you!
Menchi Aquino
Menchi Aquino 4 years ago
@TheElectricMrPJ same here!
Chayse Kerzman
Chayse Kerzman 5 years ago
Thank you. Well made
Owen Jones
Owen Jones 5 years ago
Does anybody know is this just the Silver Edition you are using ? Or Black ? Would the Silver 3+ suffice for filming hiking and car journeys? Thank You
Owen Jones
Owen Jones 5 years ago
@Digital Tech Reviews & Tips Thank You for letting me know. I do have a budget and the Black edition is quite a jump. But definitely will take it into consideration :)
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
I used the GoPro 3+ Black for this video. Now while I think that the 3+ Silver could suffice for your needs, I would really recommend the GoPro 4 Silver. The addition of the screen is amazing and since it costs $80 to buy the screen to add to the 3+, it makes sense. If that is way outside of your price range though, then just go with the 3+.
Teddy Strand
Teddy Strand 5 years ago
Hello! Great video!:) i have a question for you and i hopen you can answer it, in own a hero3 black edi and i Love using my suction cup and put it out on the car, but i wonder what setting i should be in??:) i want ofc as good quality as i can but still no lag, please help me, Thanks!:)
Teddy Strand
Teddy Strand 5 years ago
Oh i see! Always thought 1080p/60fps was the best but i have never been really satisfied with the output when the video was ready, i use many diffrent locations and angles, mostly outside of the car :) Thanks for he help! I really appreciate it! Have a nice day!:)
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
@Teddy Strand Depending on where you put it on your car, I might recommend a different mode, but in general I would go with 2.7k at either 30 or 24fps. if you think you're gonna want to slow down the footage, then drop the resolution to 1080p/60fps. If you want some room to frame your shot from top to bottom in post, then try filming in 1440p/48fps.
Tim Sherman
Tim Sherman 5 years ago
thanks for this video
A Tampada
A Tampada 5 years ago
Whoa 4k has like every single detail :o. I wonder what it would be like if 8k came to youtube. (Mind blown)
Moveovita 5 years ago
Hey man, can you take a look at my videos and suggest a way to improve my Gopro 3+ Silver's quality?
Fede nano
Fede nano 5 years ago
yo tengo la gopro hero 3 white edition y cuando el video lo subo a youtube queda en 360 alguien mi puede desir por que es?
Fede nano
Fede nano 5 years ago
es tan hd que no puedo ver el video por que mi compu no lo soporta
Facu 5 years ago
Nice place! Where is it?
Facu 5 years ago
but in wich country? i want to go there so nice place
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
@MrFaxolin This is just a tiny stream I found out in the woods near a friends house.
Matthew 5 years ago
I just Recently purchased a GoPro and all footage I shoot turns out grainy.. Any help is much appreciated :)
Matthew 5 years ago
A Sandisk ultra class 10
Matthew 5 years ago
Hero 3+ black edition and 1080p at 60fps
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
What GoPro is it and what resolution are you trying to film at? My initial guess is that there isn't enough light where you were trying to film with your GoPro, but that could change depending on your answers.
Kenyon Payne
Kenyon Payne 5 years ago
So since most computers can only playback 1080p, is there really a point of filming in anything higher than 1080p? I have seen really good results of using 1080p protune with proper colour correction
Christian Cloutier
Christian Cloutier 5 years ago
@Kenyon Payne If you have a decent computer you can watch 4K. 1080p is very much possible on even a low end pc
Jeff Wezel
Jeff Wezel 5 years ago
Good Job man! how can you upload 4k or 2.7k movies on youtube? because it automatically uploads it at 1080!
Frank Richard
Frank Richard 5 years ago
Big thanks for that simple yet very useful video!
Ong Kelvin
Ong Kelvin 5 years ago
What settings should i use if i just wanna take videos as i walk along streets for my europe tour? is 1080p good enough?
Trash or Stash
Yes. 1080p will be plenty
graham Preddy
graham Preddy 5 years ago
graham Preddy
graham Preddy 5 years ago
i guess.
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
@graham Preddy Well you don't "need" a 4k monitor to watch this, but you can't really notice the difference with just an HD monitor.
Nicolas Maddalena
Nicolas Maddalena 5 years ago
Hi, what is the best mode for camera car onboard on track without loss the "speed sensation"? Thanks!
rynzler117 5 years ago
@Astra Bertone I believe that depends on the lens, if it is a wide angle lens, you get to see more, and so the things as gets closer and on the sides seems to start moving slow, if you have a more closed lens, you only see the center of it and things quicly dissapear from your field of view and that gives you the perception of "speed"
Nicolas Maddalena
Nicolas Maddalena 5 years ago
@Digital Tech Reviews & Tips :) Sorry for the term improvised, I understand that some cameras give the impression to go slowly when in fact you're going fast, this depends on the number of FPS? or the camera? Thank you!
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
@Astra Bertone What's the "speed sensation?
Challis 5 years ago
this is the only video on youtube ive seen to have a quality beyond 1080p
VinGin 6 years ago
the 4k mode is NOT 4096x2160. its 3840x2160
Ettiene Jacobs
Ettiene Jacobs 5 years ago
@Digital Tech Reviews & Tips wow your smart buddy maybe can help me out im looking for some that takes good pics and vid is the hero 3 what I want?
VinGin 6 years ago
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
There are two 4k modes actually. The one you are talking about is called simply "4k" and shoots in a 16:9 aspect ratio (3840x2160) at 15 fps. The other one (or the second 4k in my video) is referred to as "4k 17:9". This is because it sets the camera to film in an aspect ratio of 17:9 (4096x2160) at only 12 fps. For a complete breakdown of every mode and it's resolution checkout. gopro.com/cameras/hd-hero3-black-edition#technical-specs
Ashlyin Whipple
Ashlyin Whipple 6 years ago
I just got a GoPro and I do a lot of outdoor activities that I would like to film. Which setting would give me the best quality for like hiking, canoeing, and swimming. Please help :)
Matt Jackson
Matt Jackson 5 years ago
@Digital Tech Reviews & Tips I've been using this camera extensively for whitewater kayaking, shooting 1080p at 30fps in order to use the simultaneous photo/video option. However, since I can take amazing screenshots with proper software, I'm thinking of moving up to 1440 at 48. Would 2.7k at 30 be better for high-quality screenshots from videos, or would the higher frame rate at 1440 work better?
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
Unless you want to do be able to do slow mo when editing (for like if people are jumping or diving), I would suggest filming in 2.7k at 30 or 24fps. If your computer isn't powerful enough to handle the large files that those settings produce then drop it down to 1080p at the same frame rates.
Niki R
Niki R 6 years ago
Which one do you prefer ?
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
It really depends on what you intend to film. My general rule is to try as shoot at the highest resolution available for the frame rate I have decided I need to dynamically edit the video in post. So, for example, if I was just filming a stream flowing, I would probably film in 2.7k at 24fps since you don't really need a high framerate to capture that. If I was planning on filming someone doing a backflip though, I would go for 1080p at 60fps (or even sacrifice full HD to get the higher frame rate of 120fps in 720p) because I know I would definitely want to be able to slow it way down in post to make it look really epic. Hope this helps somewhat.
Adam POV
Adam POV 6 years ago
i love the 4k what what we gona do with 15fps
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
Lol agreed. Praying for usable 4k with the GoPro 4.
Евлампий Годота
4к amazing
P Howe
P Howe 6 years ago
I'm having massive problems getting superview (super wide) photage to look good on youtube, standing still it looks fine, as soon as I start riding my motorcycle (fast on a trail in the woods) it just turns blurry, pixalated, squares n sh*t. Any ideas or solutions?
David & Daniel Badger
probably you driving too fast (lol ) . i have the same problem and i only cycling .
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
Maybe try a different frame rate would be my first suggestion (30fps is usually a good bet). I don't really know what else to recommend since I have never experienced this problem. Does the issue persist if you have the GoPro in standard 1080p video mode? Also what memory card are you using? If it isn't fast enough it might not be able to handle all of the information coming its way when you start riding fast and each frame is so different from the last.
StephanieRoze 6 years ago
1920x1440 is not standard ( 16:9 ratio) 1440p. Standard 1440p is 2560x1440.
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
I simply got the numbers from the GoPro site (gopro.com/cameras/hd-hero3-black-edition#technical-specs), but thinking about it I think you are both right and wrong. The resolution of the actual video is 1920x1440, however once you add the black bars on the side to make it standard 16:9 it turns into 2560x1440. I guess the the resolution specs would all hinge around whether or not you included the black bars.
4k video on youtube lags for me so i use 1440p on this video
Trash or Stash
Make sure your graphics card and monitors are capable of playing 4k, same with your internet. There are many other factors, not just youtube.
ZRP Studios
ZRP Studios 6 years ago
It is not you. GoPro can only shoot 15fps in 4K
Luuie Apex
Luuie Apex 6 years ago
Hi just subscribed to your channel. Would love it if you to return the favour or just perhaps check out our Gopro videos :) 
YourTechGuide 6 years ago
Excellent video! what I just needed to see the quality on each settings! good job!
Valeriugnd 6 years ago
how you rednder this video at 4k?
Valeriugnd 6 years ago
@Digital Tech Reviews & Tips i edited video useing sony vegas pro 12 .. thanks for response
Digital Tech Reviews & Tips
I simply set resolution for the project in Final Cut Pro X to be 3840 × 2160 (4k). If you aren't using FCPX to edit I don't know the exact way to go about it, but I imagine it's about the same procedure.
Alicia Florenze
Alicia Florenze 6 years ago
cool underwater shot! thanks for the comparison
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