GoPro HERO 3 - Diving in Egypt | Full HD

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Here is my first diving edit, which i made last week of a friend of mine who went to Egypt for a diving-trip. It was a new experience for me to edit because usualy i got more action in my videos, but i hope that you like it as well! Leave a LIKE and SUB if you want to see more of my new projects!
Please comment and let me know what you like or not and give me a feedback.
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Shot 100% on GoPro HERO3 Black Edition!
Song: Niklas Aman- Wings
Edited with: Sony Vegas Pro 10


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Apr 7, 2013




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Comments 80
itsmeamyge 4 years ago
omg I can't stop laughing!! watched the Video because I wanted to see how other people film with their gopro. I was at the same hotel. I learned diving there and I miss being there! but your video makes me feel like I'm home since I was there 5 years in a row :D
Youssef Tareq
Youssef Tareq 4 years ago
Nice video & Welcome to Egypt :)
daan schaft
daan schaft 5 years ago
may i ask wich settings you used? and did you use any filter for under water? Thanks
vladispock 5 years ago
beautiful video - well done!
Luu 5 years ago
cheers man =)
Sooper Vision SB
Sooper Vision SB 5 years ago
What bit-rate do you export at?
Elena Le Hir
Elena Le Hir 5 years ago
Bien. Good.
Igor Travels The World
love this video! thanks for sharing!
Ethan Mcmurray
Ethan Mcmurray 6 years ago
Im going scuba diving and im 11
Kyle Mckenzie
Kyle Mckenzie 6 years ago
this is so sick i really enjoy your work a lot man keep it up :)
Thomas R
Thomas R 6 years ago
Nice ! but you don't have red filter ?
Thomas R
Thomas R 6 years ago
I broke my filter at the first dive this summer. I'm disgusted, I have to rebuy one because I go in Mexico in May but it costs really expensive ...
Freizeitschranzer 6 years ago
We´ve been diving in Egypt (Marsa Alam) in Summer.. a friend of mine with his gopro3 without redfilter and me with red filter. huge difference as you can get out more in post processing, than if you would color correct it in post processing. I havent uploaded any videos, but its worth the money (to buy a good one) I use the URPRO CYD. Good Diving Supply Stores should offer Red Filters too. There are different types of filters, for different types of sea. Next Week I am going to malaysia... but I will use the same for there anyway
Thomas R
Thomas R 6 years ago
because when you go under about 10 meters, water absorbs red color and you get a green picture. you have 2 choice to bypass it, you can use a red filter (better solution) or apply a color correction at the video mounting
PlaneSpottingHD 6 years ago
You deserve a lot more publicity, all of your videos are inspiring!
Jonttuf17 6 years ago
Where in Egypt is this?
TheFroZeNWire 6 years ago
What frames and quality did you use ? Would be great if you answered
Mic_dammers 6 years ago
I would love to know how to use my gopro hero 3 underwater. How did you used you gopro in this video? Did you use a rig or a wristmount?
TheAJVFilms 6 years ago
hey what mounts did you use for your go pro?
Luu 6 years ago
no filters...just the standart housing
CarolinaGroupers 6 years ago
Did you used any filter o any housing for this? or just used the one that comes with the H3?
Oscar Dash
Oscar Dash 6 years ago
How do you make your shots so steady!??
StfuSiriusly 6 years ago
where you in sharm?
Tyler Donlon
Tyler Donlon 6 years ago
Mitchell Van Empelen
with the same song btw
Mitchell Van Empelen
/watch?v=U32Ppj25t7Y me diving egypt
ErK 6 years ago
Amazing! :D
Luu 6 years ago
1080p 60fps
GoPro Martinique
GoPro Martinique 6 years ago
720P 60fps ?
Phenix Sailing
Phenix Sailing 6 years ago
I assume you used a red filter? And what about white balancing? This video is GREAT!
Ben Short
Ben Short 6 years ago
Please Please PLEASE do a tutorial on color correction!!!
Luu 6 years ago
Thx for 10K views =)))
Luu 6 years ago
Thx dude
Stella Cam
Stella Cam 6 years ago
Love it!!!!!!!!!
Jerry Wansing
Jerry Wansing 6 years ago
Really nice edit. love the music you chose. keep up the nice work. check out my channel if you got some time.
Luu 6 years ago
a normal pole ;)
Mitchell Van Empelen
with what did you shot it with a pole or something?
Luu 7 years ago
nope thts a friend in the video.. i don´t dive haha
Luu 7 years ago
exactly :)
Mathias Søholm Bennetsen
I don't know if it's the exact same, but TYPOGRAPHIC PRO is really close related :-)
Mathias Søholm Bennetsen
Were any mounts used for the GoPro in this specific video? :-)
Bálint Gr
Bálint Gr 7 years ago
Hey Luu :) Can you tell me the name of this font? You wrote "Diving in Egypt" with. Thank You
Mitchell Van Empelen
GoNikolaj 7 years ago
What settings was this shot with? 1080 x 60 fps? :)
Gionata Boschetti
Gionata Boschetti 7 years ago
ahaa. Ich wollt noch sagen machst echte geile Videos. Du bist richtig Pro. :DDD
Daxter 7 years ago
Great, are you diving often? :)
omhermansen 7 years ago
Ok. Thanks luu
Luu 7 years ago
cause im luu and would like to gave the channel my name and now i can do it so i´ve changed... hope it doesn´t creates confusion
omhermansen 7 years ago
WHY have u change name on the chalnnel?
Vallu Heinila
Vallu Heinila 7 years ago
great video, reminds me of my own a little bit too much, seems like we where even diving in the same riefs and noticing the same fish, check it out: /watch?v=9KOyJh28K1M
Luu 7 years ago
danke, nana es originale, und holt colorcorrection nor geats schun :)
Stefan Mahlknecht
Stefan Mahlknecht 7 years ago
yeah fett!! wia hoschn di GoPro eingstellt dass die Unterwosser Aufnohmen so guat gwordn sein? a eigenes Chase khop?
Luu 7 years ago
thx ;)
Max Meier
Max Meier 7 years ago
really impressive video, nice job!
Michêl Meeh
Michêl Meeh 7 years ago
GREAT Footage
WW Old Channel
WW Old Channel 7 years ago
Hi I am going diving in Egypt in a few months and I was wondering how you were holding your GoPro. Did you have a handle, or was it mounted on something. Great video by the way, cant wait to go there. btw I am a keen skier and your other videos are great as well.
maciixx 7 years ago
btw. were you using a filter?
maciixx 7 years ago
sick! I wish I could go right now to Egyp and go diving :(
Luu 7 years ago
thx =)
Adam Pikielny
Adam Pikielny 7 years ago
haha thanks I will. What film mode settings do you suggest?
Luu 7 years ago
enjoy it ;)
Gopro3UK 7 years ago
Awesome! You should make some more diving videos there great! all your other videos are great and i'm sure everyone else agree's with me!
Gstruf 7 years ago
Sick Bro :D !!
JulianGoesPro 7 years ago
Nice! How much time did you spend with color correction? Great edit! :)
filip fleischer
filip fleischer 7 years ago
So sick
CKProductions2000 7 years ago
This video looks pro ! Check our new video free-ski with gopro hero 3 :)
Luu 7 years ago
yes, ja ^^
Gionata Boschetti
Gionata Boschetti 7 years ago
Are you RUvid partner? Bist du RUvid Partner??
Adam Pikielny
Adam Pikielny 7 years ago
haha k thanks, any tips for me? I'm going on a dive trip next week.
Giflekidden 7 years ago
Witch diving certificate do you have?
darrian Roy
darrian Roy 7 years ago
Luu 7 years ago
no I didn´t used it xD
Adam Pikielny
Adam Pikielny 7 years ago
haha sorry i meant for the underwater clips. Thanks!
Adam Pikielny
Adam Pikielny 7 years ago
Hey Luu, did you use a red filter for the under
byZinck 7 years ago
That was amazing!
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 7 years ago
Awsome man, awsome :)
Kranck 7 years ago
hi, lounmaster... :(
Eric 7 years ago
Beim Feuerfisch um 1:20 ging der Filmer aber auch aufs Ganze... ;)
Luu 7 years ago
thx for the kind words bro :)
Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole 7 years ago
Lukas, this video is so professional man, looks amazing! for a second i thought i was watching the discovery channel. No joke this was so great, i loved seeing new styles and it shows your a great editor when you can edit in this many styles. Once again, your videos always amaze me, Cheers! - Andrew
Jack Watkins
Jack Watkins 7 years ago
Great edit man! Potential of an 'o2' advert @ 1:25 ;)
Adam Pikielny
Adam Pikielny 7 years ago
Awesome video! Just wondering, what settings were used(I'm debating between 1080p and 2.7k for an upcoming dive trip). Thanks!
Alex 1407
Alex 1407 Year ago
Adam Pikielny habe Hero 3+ Black snorkeling with Dolphins tomorrow can’t decide 1080 30 or 60 or 2.7k 30 .. what do you used and how it looked?
Prestige Saunas
Prestige Saunas 7 years ago
Lovely video superb
Edward HK Brown
Edward HK Brown 7 years ago
So sick dude
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