Google Stadia Is Here. Is Xbox Doomed?

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Google Stadia is here. Stadia marks Google's entry into AAA gaming via a new game streaming service. Google says you'll be able to stream game titles up to 4K 60fps on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV (via Chromecast). Is Google Stadia the future of video games? Are you ready for a completely online gaming experience?
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Mar 19, 2019




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Comments 12 262
Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Month ago
How are you playing games now.. PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch?
Johnny Williams
Johnny Williams 12 days ago
Xbox boys stand we don't need no introduction you know what it is
Rough Cuts Ltd
Rough Cuts Ltd Month ago
This type of service has been around for a long time on PS4. But the seemingly non existent input lag would be most prevalent on racing simulations. I'd like to know the difference in ms and what difference it actually makes when braking or changing direction mid corner.
chaswards Month ago
Xbox one and Nintendo switch
Filipe Saramago
Filipe Saramago Month ago
Playing on Geforce Now. How's it possible that the one service already doing what Google just announced wasn't mentioned?
JP Month ago
Sherazaad Abdulla
Sherazaad Abdulla 5 hours ago
Won't this effect game sales like badly? Idk
Adrian Oz.
Adrian Oz. 5 hours ago
So what if i wanna play without being connected to the network, does it work?
Missed opportunity for gg indeed
Nibba Boi123
Nibba Boi123 14 hours ago
I think it’ll be a flop because think about the overall consumer not everyone has internet that’ll be able to support this and stream games at 4K 60fps
Nissart Teska
Nissart Teska 18 hours ago
there's other companies that are already making it
Tristan Sauceda
but google hasn't made childhood legacies from 2001 and 1995 😑
MooseTrends Day ago
BOO! Xbox is not doomed ya dummy
STB Peezy
STB Peezy Day ago
Its like share play but with google serves
Boneless bananna
people with bad internet like me will hate this
The Cult of Memes
nice doggo ye got there
Night Parade
Night Parade Day ago
google wants to monopolize the gaming flatform.. the problem is it can be controlled by google like for example putting commercials in your game or while you are using their service.. another thing is unless you have a better internet service you can play this game but as we all know internet service providers are only good in receiving payment, but not the service...
happy ending
happy ending 2 days ago
another google+
Xpert ninja
Xpert ninja 2 days ago
Can someone tell me if you have to pay for the games?
Film Trucker
Film Trucker 2 days ago
The NVidia Shield already does this and it's Awesome.
Mfactor101 2 days ago
geforce now already did that oooof
CokeCph 3 days ago
i think stadia will never really beat Playstation just because of the exclusives the playstation got.
Michael Briggs
Michael Briggs 3 days ago
When Soulja boy made his gaming system did Xbox get in trouble? No this Tommy boy made bullshit isn't gonna last. What is is a plug in play you see on late tv? Give me a new system!
SHT CRK SVR 3 days ago
Can I play a game when the network goes down or the internet shits the bed?,No.
autism in a blanket
I'm on xbox but I'm using stadia when it comes out
The Royal Saiyan
The Royal Saiyan 3 days ago
If this will work GameStop will go out if business But that’s why we have eBay and Amazon
Benjamin Beaulieu
And the 5G network is coming in at the same time
grant turner
grant turner 4 days ago
So you need god internet to use the Stadia
Janzie 4 days ago
The real thing is : it needs a touchpad ;-;
Biscuit Butter
Biscuit Butter 2 days ago
Janzie it do not im not gonna walk to my google console and tap on stuff so lets just stick with the long range touch 😆
Mr. World
Mr. World 5 days ago
I am in. lets do this.
godly gaming 2
godly gaming 2 5 days ago
Xbox won't be doomed because of its exclusive games and better controller and any way Google just copied PlayStation controllers
_Lalloa _
_Lalloa _ 5 days ago
Why no just no
Ms. X
Ms. X 5 days ago
PC: Aye i got this fam
Ralf the COSMIC Coyote
"DOOM" Is An Awesome Series (So Is "QUAKE" Series) Getting this On STEAM PC Soon!
Daniel Rosheuvel
Daniel Rosheuvel 5 days ago
Android boys
Ralf the COSMIC Coyote
"Assassins Creed" Is OVERRATED, Games these Days CANNOT Compare to What Games Were In the late 80's / 1990's & Early 2000's
Cypherr 5 days ago
Xcloud combined with new xbox. RIP stadia and sony
Gerardo Iglesias
Gerardo Iglesias 5 days ago
i have sooooooooo many questions after buying this
The Visionnary
The Visionnary 6 days ago
Me(Mobile Gamer): Yes!!!( Being Excited) Reality: No Money, And I live in SEA(Philippines which data connection stays at 50BPS-500KBPS And WiFi connection stays at 1MBPS-5MBPS)
Haruko Anims II
Haruko Anims II 5 days ago
Shtt Me tooo! Btw Im a filipino too Internet in ph sucks
MysticAlolanRaichu - wrong channel XD
My point of this Short awnser- yes Long awnser- All consoles are doomed
LevelSmack.com 6 days ago
Lol sorry but Google needs first party studios or no ones going to care. Basically streaming PC games over RUvid isn't much of an idea weather it works great or not. Hardware will still be king for the next 10 years or so.
Mihai themaster
Mihai themaster 6 days ago
The answer is that it has always been
Louie Dewar
Louie Dewar 7 days ago
This is extremely similar to shadow tech, where you stream a pc with high end parts to your own pc tablet phone etc allowing you to run apex legends on a netbook for example. I used the shadow streaming service for like 2 months and have like no complaints I have pretty average Internet speed and it ran so smoothly I seriously hope Google can make this idea mainstream as it allows for so much possibility in gaming and allowing people with lower income to experience the amazing thing that is gaming.
jamaal Samson
jamaal Samson 7 days ago
Google doesn't have the platform of games to compete with Nintendo and Playstation Xbox had Halo what does Google have
leebog31 7 days ago
I refuse to use google products. They are now a Chinese company with censorship, monitoring and survailance. The same company that set up China social credit score.
AiErudito __-_-__
Sullivan Galindo
Sullivan Galindo 7 days ago
5G Will probably make it smoothe but we'll probably die from it
david gregory
david gregory 7 days ago
If you can click on the link to play the game who passed a game in the first place there’s something wrong with that?
Dunharrow King
Dunharrow King 7 days ago
Xbox doomed?!? Please...don’t make me laugh. Native 4K backcompat keyboard & mouse play anywhere
qbanz 8 days ago
Rob Yo
Rob Yo 8 days ago
I don’t think it’ll be that big. Don’t get me wrong, the idea is great. But, who’s internet is going to be that good? Let’s be honest; regardless the speed/type, your internet always drops off. Unless you download that bulk of the game to reduce download time, but I think this is only limited to a certain amount of people... but then who am I to say.
sajid bhat
sajid bhat 8 days ago
Google standia:I am back😁😁 X box:let's Suicide PS4:let's do it bro Gg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
RDM ViRuZ 8 days ago
If theRe is no R6 nO deaL
Mohammad Al-Awadi
AAA games are actually available in a lot of countries outside of the US and Canada sometimes even days before the initial release. Developers have caught on by making sure online gaming services of their games don't go live until like 3 days after the release date. You would be surprised by the abundance and accessibility of such games in Asia much more so than the North America or Western Europe.
Jorge Garro
Jorge Garro 8 days ago
Xbox is dead since 2010. No exclusives Abusive politics Kinect Crackdown 3 (after I don’t know how many years) Why are you focusing your video on xbox vs stadia?
Honey Cheese
Honey Cheese 7 days ago
Wtf do u mean millions of people still play it
Daniel Liang
Daniel Liang 8 days ago
I do not think that apple will allow this on iOS devices because apple didn’t allow steam link, also Nvidia already has a similar service. GeForce Now
Shahid Naqshbandi
I always hoped Google would get in the game, however with some kind of actual gaming system. I like this idea but think there is a huge opportunity wasted here by not having hardware plus this as an additional feature. Time will tell.
Bill Thibault
Bill Thibault 8 days ago
F Google and their lag tacular attempt to control even more of our lives. LMAO people are such sheep 😂
Mark Moros
Mark Moros 8 days ago
When can we get it how much
Garry Mills
Garry Mills 8 days ago
Oh look - another way of assimilation and media marketing using lag-verts. Soon downloads will reach 400 gig in size. Game content 400meg... Pointless ads.... The rest. You know its coming!
NPR-sgt RANGER Rick ringlemin
Xbox will remain the top dog features and gaming experience is by far the greatest ive seen the stadia is a pure rip off of sony and Microsoft not interested
Slaine 2010
Slaine 2010 9 days ago
I run @GamerGram_GG love it when someone anyone says GG
6mehul9 9 days ago
What's an xbox
Kyle Juggalo Newton
PlayStation controller knockoff
Pablo Crvzz
Pablo Crvzz 9 days ago
If this is good, everybody is dead...
braglish 9 days ago
Let's just forget the hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of gamers that like having an ever growing video game collection nicely organized on their shelves in a physical form.....no, no, no, say hello to digital libraries where you can never actually own anything and rights can be stripped from you at any point with the push of a button. I can't wait....😒
Lord Ryan
Lord Ryan 9 days ago
This is a piece of shit so you won't play games if you don't got internet? Google be tripping
Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege 10 days ago
perfect for EU and US others will get super lag
Adosyx 10 days ago
Just look up on-live and see how that turned out
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 10 days ago
I think it’s too soon nobody has a fast internet speed to support such achievements it claims to do.
Michael Meleady
Michael Meleady 10 days ago
Here's the catch, it's only available to those who have Google Fiber.
Priv4te Joker023
Priv4te Joker023 10 days ago
PlayStation cannot be beaten.
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech 10 days ago
I just got Google Wifi not that long ago now they want to replace my Xbox as well. Google = Skynet
Salam Hanif
Salam Hanif 10 days ago
Hey whats up just wanna say thanks for all u do alot of products have been bought because of you i just want to ask why people hate bixby its been the best thing about the s 10 and hell with the finger print sensor and the face recognition bixby allows you to unlock the phone with your voice yup voice command to unlock ur phone
Dave Young
Dave Young 10 days ago
Im sticking to xbox game pass
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech 10 days ago
Game pass is honestly the perfect service. Being able to download the games is better than stream them
SnaKe DoCk
SnaKe DoCk 10 days ago
Around 35 Mbps is the recommended minimum internet speed for Stadia
CasualMCZ TMC 10 days ago
I really like the PlayStation style controller. Classic
Felix T
Felix T 10 days ago
If it works the way they show it...goodbye console. I will never buy one again. I'm ready to push the (cancel subscription button) for xbox.
Mie Hz
Mie Hz 10 days ago
they better have minecraft or roblox
Karl Karlson
Karl Karlson 10 days ago
Google is not the only ones trying this but internet speeds are far from what they need to be for this to be successful. (Its gonna be laggy)
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech 10 days ago
I just upgraded to Google WiFi recently and it's been faster than ever. Google is taking over.
enlightened one
enlightened one 11 days ago
xbox will bounce back to the epic 360 days. multieplayer is dying out .
Jorge Garro
Jorge Garro 8 days ago
enlightened one you’re joking aren’t you?
Shim Jordan
Shim Jordan 8 days ago
Bahahahahahahahaha Haha ha Haha ha
Red Spyder
Red Spyder 11 days ago
WHY IS EVERYONE ACTING LIKE THIS IMPOSSIBLE? Ever heard of a device called NVIDIA SHIELD($149)? Stop!! For everyone one that says my internet speed can’t handle 4K gaming, Xfinity offers 150mb for $49 and 250mb for $69.. 4K works very well. I know everyone does not have Xfinity but for those that do, you have options.
Andrew Only
Andrew Only 11 days ago
What if they release it at E3?
MySplatterhouse 11 days ago
No thanks , I'm good.
Jamus Khan
Jamus Khan 11 days ago
I like how the title says is Xbox doomed? Haha if Xbox is a primary competitor then maybe google is doomed from the start.
Kevin Solgaard
Kevin Solgaard 11 days ago
Streaming caused a lot of musicians to have a hard time making a living. Hope this wont affect game devs the same way.
Rahul RC
Rahul RC 11 days ago
Xbox Is Doomed.. Did You Know
Rahul RC
Rahul RC 10 days ago
+Blue Eyed Tech poda panna patti
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech 10 days ago
I don't know if I would go that far. Stadia could still possibly fail
Matteo Peveri
Matteo Peveri 11 days ago
all right. how long before they cancel the project like google glasses and google plus?
Dee-Jay M
Dee-Jay M 11 days ago
I like the way the title said is xbox done and not playstation🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂👍👍💯
average mobile gamer
Thumb sticks aren’t in the right spots same goes for the dpad
Timmiejane Carter
Timmiejane Carter 11 days ago
I love this idea, I truly do...but we are on a fixed amount of data per month. Not gonna waste it streaming a game.
Aiden Basil21
Aiden Basil21 11 days ago
im on xbox switching to ps4 hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
Jedi Knight
Jedi Knight 11 days ago
i wouldnt touch anything to do with google , there getting too big for there boots we need to keep them down or were all fucked.
Naylun Myrie
Naylun Myrie 12 days ago
I'm tingling! That's the one I've been waiting for.
Jihan Carrington
Jihan Carrington 12 days ago
Way to promote 5g.... nice
Mr. J Media
Mr. J Media 12 days ago
no cheating or hacking thank you!!!!!
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech 10 days ago
You no every hacker just went... Hackers: challenge accepted
Pratham Angre
Pratham Angre 12 days ago
GTX 1050ti is the best selling GPU in India and you can already check PS4 and Xbox sales in Indian and I can guarantee they're huge
Pratham Angre
Pratham Angre 12 days ago
Did he just say places where gaming consoles and gaming PC have not reached like India? Lmao wut
Kanishka Bardhan
Kanishka Bardhan 12 days ago
As an Indian I can assure you a lot of our population do have consoles.
Dirt Sanchez
Dirt Sanchez 12 days ago
I liked the other format better, sets are for staged news.
Jarred Reed
Jarred Reed 12 days ago
Didn’t we see this in the terminator movies 🤔
Yup. Mass control champ
Jay Manley
Jay Manley 12 days ago
F PlayStation
marcul tondreau
marcul tondreau 12 days ago
If this happens psn and xbox ur dead
Francisco Frank
Francisco Frank 12 days ago
Dude dont. How dare u made this video.
FOGPIVVL 12 days ago
Yeah good luck playing literally any shooter or competitive game to ever exist with that massive input delay, not to mention ping because your internet is trying to stream this shit lol
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