Google's Stadia Announcement at GDC 2019 in Under 14 Minutes

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All the biggest announcements from Google at GDC 2019.
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Mar 19, 2019

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Comments 9 103
Mozzman 16 hours ago
Borat seems to have lost a lot of hair
Johnson McBig
Why do they have to use the PS4 controller design? It's so uncomfortable compared to Xbox... Shit...
Nicholas Balakrishnan
Ash H
Ash H Day ago
Typical Google to come up with an awful name like Stadia!
unkown 34X
unkown 34X 2 days ago
Cool idea though... It will be better if I didn't have to pay every month! Isn't music and movies subscriptions enough? Good... And plus non internet connection will be better than using a actual GTX. Not now anyway
oggy jack
oggy jack 5 days ago
Would be useless if data centers are located in N.America and Europe only. Other online game services have latency problem due to limited data centers .
Don Diego Fuera
Don Diego Fuera 5 days ago
Sounds good but what if I wanna play my game offline this isn’t for real gamers this is for people thinking about gaming where’s the console and from what I can tell it just software so it should be free because it looks like you just download it besides the controller but I can use any controller from what’s its saying
Bacon Persuasion
Bacon Persuasion 7 days ago
It will be dead in 2 years like so many other Google products.
raandall whitehead
Is my phone lagging or is stadia lagging 😅😂😭
tee kay
tee kay 6 days ago
Ninja Kid
Ninja Kid 9 days ago
Rest in peace Xbox one and PS4 😆😂hahahahah hahahahah in your face gamers!
Nuwwi 9 days ago
It’s obviously going to have Minecraft and fortnite
KenDiriwan 10 days ago
*Skips 2nd presenter*
Winner cc
Winner cc 10 days ago
do not buy anything of stadia!!! because it will much more cheaper than xbox and ps hardware, then it is a more powerful game addiction. you have been spend so much time on internet, we need spend time on work and famlily life. do not let game suin your life!!!!!
Md. Rejvi Ahmed
Md. Rejvi Ahmed 11 days ago
love it ♥️
GTM kab
GTM kab 11 days ago
Its going to take games to next level
Romenx Mendoza
Romenx Mendoza 12 days ago
I guess I'm the only one that see the real use for this system.. Let me explain the true nature of this STADIA it STANDS FOR Ai-Data S ystem.. (STADIIA-AIDATS) We are helping the Artifical intelligence get smarter it will learn from us the problem solving task. I'M SURE.. OR IF NOT YET GOOGLE PHONE WILL TAKE PICTURE AND REORGANIZE WHAT THE EYE SEE....../@\ JUST CONECT. THE DOTS /AND \ YOU WILL SEE WHAT FUTURE COMING T😎..
Ray charles Eshun
Ray charles Eshun 12 days ago
This game will change everything, Xbox and PlayStation will be crawling on their knees Lol.
TobyRecorded 13 days ago
I am excited by this
Stuart Carter
Stuart Carter 13 days ago
The real tragedy here isnt even the incredibly awful looking control, lag problems, ad problems, high cost of running... (etc!) Its the fact our stupid old world went and done got itself all digital in everything... Need to drive to the store this weekend? Nope go next day amazon, Need to do work? Nope got facebook and instagram to scroll through... need a relationship? Nah got friends online... Now your taking games online... This makes me incredibly sad that generations moving forward will never experience that unrivalled feeling of ripping open christmas wrapping paper and seeing "Nintendo 64" and Goldeneye looking back at you.... That is euphoric and that is natural human interaction. Physical and nostalgia for me thanks.
Robert 16 days ago
I’m sick of playing games on a t.v screen. It would be cool to have two VR head sets for two players but where you see each other’s full bodies in the game. No split screen,, Work on VR gaming. Fix motion sickness
75rmc75 19 days ago
nicolaj 19 days ago
anyone excited for this is retarded but then again americans will buy anything lmfao.
Vijay Tilak
Vijay Tilak 20 days ago
End of graphics cards ? Well if Stadia works, then it is going to kill a lot of things!
Offical Harry Weldon Youtube
How about give us unlimited internet with no slow down or data caps? Yeah, didn't think so.
Aurun Bhattarai
Aurun Bhattarai 27 days ago
Yoooo 1000 battle royals....count me in!
the faceless Vaper
the faceless Vaper 27 days ago
WoW can't wait for stadia
1 eggy boi
1 eggy boi 29 days ago
This is gonna be the Thanos of consoles. Can’t wait to play console quality off of my chromebook though
GMT 29 days ago
First time I've felt happy about my country having terrible internet. I like owning my games, and especially my own PC/consoles.
gozxdesastros Month ago
Until they decide to hold game developers hostage so that they cant publish on Stadia unless they meet their ever changing SJW policy. Like on youtube.
BigC Gaming
BigC Gaming Month ago
Will you be able to bring any game progress from any console (like Xbox or PlayStation) over to Stadia upon release??
Muhammad Atif
Muhammad Atif Month ago
SAO can be real ?
Bad Company
Bad Company Month ago
Streaming games will be a bombardment of advertising from google. What other service does google offer that doesn't constantly shove ads down you throat.....,Anyone?.....none
Brad Volt
Brad Volt Month ago
When it come out
Errol Delos Santos
November but you can pre order
Kadeam Greaves
Kadeam Greaves Month ago
honestly this is smart if you really think about it, because users always complain and saw oh they dont have a pc that can run this gmae or whatewver, but with this u dont need one just a good internet connection and google servers take care of the rest
Kadeam Greaves
Kadeam Greaves Month ago
and if your wifi sucks well... sucks to be you.
FaZe_ Crizz
FaZe_ Crizz Month ago
Stadia Scarlett Ps5 Nintendo shit
Nicolas Gonzalez
Who the hell wants a 1,000 player br?
KENNY LOVE Month ago
This is GENIUS!
ahmad tsabit dzaky
This innovation is like my theory when i played games with high graphic didn't work on my low spec laptop. "Why we got lag when we play video games, and why we got no lag when we watch video game. I think the difference between game and video is we can control the character to do something what we want"
ASSASSYN Month ago
That controller design is boo boo.
Gangsta B.i.g
Gangsta B.i.g Month ago
This man said : new gaming console The world : 👏👏😭👏👏👏✌ The same man said : it works with linux The same World : 🖕😬🖕
MarkXMyers Month ago
londonrd Month ago
The comment section here is why the gaming industry has limited competition on the platform front.
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali Month ago
Nah I think I'll stick with the ps5.
aan hyudi
aan hyudi Month ago
thats why usa baned huwawei for 5g hmmm
Kofi Nichols
Kofi Nichols Month ago
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. What about having your own console? Being dependent on a big tech corp? Hell no, although plenty sheep out there, go on get that sheep money...lol
Leon Month ago
Wifi is not reliable. I will believe this when I see it
Seun1987 Month ago
Hmmmm having to deal with fifa servers and google ads
will Brown
will Brown Month ago
So this is why we lost Google+.
will Brown
will Brown Month ago
I'm not sure, but I think they might be getting a little ahead of themselves.
Google shut up there are 3 platforms PLAYSTATION, XBOX AND NINTENDO and thats gonna be forever
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