Google's Stadia Announcement at GDC 2019 in Under 14 Minutes

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All the biggest announcements from Google at GDC 2019.
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Mar 19, 2019




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Comments 10 051
Pratyush Routray
I don't have a android tv how I am gonna play?
Sound God 55
Sound God 55 Day ago
Just leave Australia out of it
Maestro Games And Trolls
Get ready guys gta 6 is coming soon to old gen ps4 xb1 and next gen ps5 xbox 2 google stadia
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 3 days ago
0:30 2:50 5:50
C.Mechelle B
C.Mechelle B 3 days ago
No one: Me: I just died
C.Mechelle B
C.Mechelle B 3 days ago
Me: two minutes ago 🤔 Me now: I can't believe I made it here 😂
Michael Briggs
Michael Briggs 3 days ago
Did they ask solja boy to help design the remote? Some one let me know. Trash!
MontagsMuffel 4 days ago
I know this sounds stupid but... Do we have to pay for it? I can use my dualshock 4 controller, and I don't need to buy a platform. So I only have to pay for the games?
Alaa Alden
Alaa Alden Day ago
You pay $6.99 per month for the whole service.
Denzil Langford
Denzil Langford 5 days ago
What Bandwidth do i need?
_ItsMeNerad _
_ItsMeNerad _ 5 days ago
Will 2k20 be on stadia? Spoilers: Nab 2k20 will come out in late August or Early September this year
danglarsurf 5 days ago
game best part suddenly stops ... 1 2 3 4 5 skip add > and you are back
Flooster 7 days ago
Yes I can now play any game on high graphics on my mac, my ipad and my iphone! wait...
Flooster 7 days ago
I can already feel the input delay
_ItsMeNerad _
_ItsMeNerad _ 7 days ago
Will 2k19 be on stadia?
Tommy Culpepper
Tommy Culpepper 7 days ago
Forgot this wasn’t an April fools joke lol
The Daily Meme
The Daily Meme 7 days ago
where do i buy this?
Zororak Fan
Zororak Fan 8 days ago
Sure, 25mbps isn't too much for *SOME* people, but the amount this program eats up of your data (20gb/hr) is absolutely absurd. There's no way anyone could use this with any type of data caps, meaning unlimited is the only choice. Problem is, unlimited slows you down hard when you go over a certain threshold of data usage, making fiber the only way to play decently. MEANING only people living in very specific areas with enough money can actually enjoy this, but if your able to afford that kind of internet, why wouldn't you just buy the games so you don't have to deal with input lag and other problems this service will certainly spawn up? How I see it, this service is trying to appeal to some kind of niche audience that can afford fiber and don't care about ownership or modding or the such. If you want accessibility and being able to play games wherever you want, buy a Switch.
Douglas Brown
Douglas Brown 9 days ago
Didn’t take long for the matrix to show up
when it comes in india?
xPreatorianx 10 days ago
tl;dr - Even with Google's infrastructure, you can't sidestep consumer ISPs. If they have DSL, google could give you acess to 1,000 machines for your own Stadia instance. It will still run like shit. Till internet/data caps are absolutely standardized across the entire globe. It will fail for the exact same reasons that other "cloud gaming" platforms have. Internet. It's WAY more unpredictable then any hardware currently offered in gaming. Their ambitions are way too big considering the current internet infrastructure. If we were all on 10gbit lines, sure, this would be an amazing product. But the world is HIGHLY segregated on speeds and data caps. Data caps didn't use to exist in the US. (Or at least were VERY uncommon on mainstream ISPs such as Comcast, Verizon, etc.) Now? I think the only remaining high quality ISP that doesn't have an "official datacap" (meaning they don't have an unlimited package for $50+ extra. But will send you a letter if you exceed their hidden threshold) is Verizon Fios. Which, isn't even offered in my new area. Best fucking ISP in the country (I used to be a subscriber) and when I moved, I lost access. Every other company? Lower speeds and data caps out the ass. And this is in the US. Personal note : FUCK YOU COX! $100 for gigabit connection, with another $50 for unlimited usage. This platform will be amazing when ISps all offer roughly the same package speeds/quality of internet, with no data caps. Until then? NOPE. As the internet connection becomes the bottleneck instead of the hardware. Which is easy to account for. (Hence why there's not true cross-platform play.) As Xbox One users are connected to other Xbox One users. (Devs work within the bottle neck of the hardware.) Same thing for other platforms. The only exception to this is PC gaming. As there's no true way to keep everyone on an equal playing field due to the sheer breath of hardware. So the devs do Min-Maxing instead. (Game barely runs on minimum spec hardware or absolutely amazing on recommended/over recommended hardware. So most people fall somewhere between minimum and recommended, or exceed it.)
blaakheart8 10 days ago
A WiFi controller...... Akbar get the stones, I need a second BFG 10,000 to point at stadia
Justin Poindexter
Justin Poindexter 11 days ago
NemesisUnknown 13 days ago
Meh. I'll just wait for the PlayStation 5. At least Sony knows what they're doing when it comes to the gaming market.
Chris Lim
Chris Lim 13 days ago
This is a game changer.
Becaso55 13 days ago
Google big lie this in dream
Mike Bugbman
Mike Bugbman 13 days ago
to bad most, if not all the games are shit.
Matteo Peveri
Matteo Peveri 14 days ago
meanwhile in Australia.... whoopsie... Internet sucks!
dragon rage
dragon rage 15 days ago
Sounds impossible? This is the company which can identify songs by just saying a phrase from a song
Caleb Joeseff
Caleb Joeseff 16 days ago
Do you still have to buy the game for each screen lol
G 13 days ago
From the rumours i heard it was coming as a subscription service like Netflix so as long as you have your log in on all devises its all good but lets see what games they have before anyone gets excited.
silver hit
silver hit 16 days ago
But can it run crysis 3?
Indrajit Boro
Indrajit Boro 17 days ago
Pan Cytryna
Pan Cytryna 15 days ago
Its not console
lalmimola chhantea
lalmimola chhantea 17 days ago
Not possible with my internet which speed only 512kbps
Me Goke
Me Goke 17 days ago
Everone say ur prayers we can't let Google win
Mirak M
Mirak M 18 days ago
governements have to dismantle that thing
A-man Nakata
A-man Nakata 18 days ago
why am I excited but also terrified?
The Donald
The Donald 16 days ago
A-man Nakata it will steal your internet
anju sharma
anju sharma 18 days ago
Guess people are good with cds
Bored Dude
Bored Dude 18 days ago
done by nvidia grid almost 5 yrs back
Amila Madusanka
Amila Madusanka 18 days ago
No wonder if they add google toilets in the future. Take a shit from your home. Our high speed plumbing network carry your shit faster than ever to our nearest shit depot . You have to pay only $99 a year. 😂😂.
cracked gameplays
cracked gameplays 18 days ago
Are these games free.? I dont think so sorry stadia you cant beat consoles for example what about red dead redumption 3 if its come out can we get that game for free on cloud lol i dont think so
The Thunderbolt
The Thunderbolt 18 days ago
Whats the cost
Atharva Kulkarni
Atharva Kulkarni 18 days ago
Stadia all Gangsta...Till PS5 Arrives...
FORTUNE CAT 19 days ago
Well, if each player plays a different game, then wouldn't each player require a separate server, and wouldn't each server need to be a fast computer, so how many servers can they actually have to make this work and wouldn't it be the same cost as we building our own computer?
Rolf Saitoti
Rolf Saitoti 19 days ago
I couldnt even use PlaystationNow while in a partychat. I cant play online games while downloading a update on another game. Safe to say this console is highly unnecessary for a guy like me.
DoctorWatermelon 19 days ago
Imagine playing GTA on Google Earth!!!
Bradley mazimba
Bradley mazimba 19 days ago
No one is talking about how much data you have to pay to your ISP, Esp if you dont have an unlimited dedicated plan
Ryan Daugherty
Ryan Daugherty 19 days ago
What about the people with slow internet service 😂they'll be lagging on everything
sasuke65743 15 days ago
Exactly. Also input lag and i can only imagine super lag on multiplayer or even no multiplayer at all. With high or higher costs like Ps Now.
Ryan Daugherty
Ryan Daugherty 17 days ago
+Mooncake I'm sorry but I'm not listening to anyone named Mooncake
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar 18 days ago
+Mooncake 😁😀😀😀Come in india u will not get speed of even 1 mb per second😑😑😑
Mooncake 18 days ago
Ryan Daugherty If you post a comment actual research something first, google stadia can run perfectly on 5mbs and the cheapest internet you can by provides 10mbs
Toroトロ 19 days ago
I watched this in 240p
Emmanuel Yusufu
Emmanuel Yusufu 19 days ago
Ready Player One movie will soon be a reality.
ZzDYNA MICOzZ 20 days ago
Future of real life sword art online
Unruly Don
Unruly Don 20 days ago
so how will google benefit
tcanada17 20 days ago
One thing is for certain ....This will be a tech game changer or one of the biggest fails. I would love to see it provided at a low monthly subscription rate like $3 to 5 a month at limited usage or $5 to 10 monthly unlimited usage.
Aim OnTheK
Aim OnTheK 20 days ago
If you have shit wifi what the point getting this 🤦‍♂️
Ali Shan
Ali Shan 21 day ago
before the game ............. helllo how to create your wix site
TupperwareNinja 21 day ago
Damn google, I just bought a gaming PC. Why you gotta do this to me with Stadia
Yar D Blah
Yar D Blah 21 day ago
Soooooo Skynet is real?..hmm......one sec...............................do you need the long card number or my sort code?
hb123 0o
hb123 0o 21 day ago
I want to play fortnite
TheDex2TRex 21 day ago
Emmy Leke
Emmy Leke 21 day ago
Add VR and you have Ready Player One
V blaze
V blaze 22 days ago
I have an Xbox but i will definitely be getting this
V blaze
V blaze 22 days ago
It looks like an Xbox controller this is the future if everyone gets on bored
Shubhankar Klra
Shubhankar Klra 22 days ago
April's Fools Day
sf49er sjshark
sf49er sjshark 22 days ago
I like it but I'm going to be one of those old people laughing at the word esports athlete
Amitava Roy
Amitava Roy 22 days ago
It's funny to see these comments where they think they are smarter than the people sitting at Google..Get over it if they are launching something they know the challenges like internet speed...u morons don't have to repeat it...
primuler 22 days ago
This sounds really cool at first glance, but if you look several decades later into the future, I really don't like this at all. Like the other comments say, you don't get to own the solid copy of the game, which you can play anytime in your life.
primuler 21 day ago
+DasAntiNaziBroetchen It's different. Steam lets you have the downloaded game file, Stadia doesn't. That's a huge difference, considering that you don't know how long Stadia service will last.
*cough* everyone is using steam *cough*
Musikal __
Musikal __ 22 days ago
11:17 I thought that their first game would be the dinosaur game
Musikal __
Musikal __ 22 days ago
Oh oh
SplendorMan 22 days ago
well nobody is talking about latency. it would be impossible to run a game on cloud as of 2019. I dont believe it will work out well
pratham suwasia
pratham suwasia 22 days ago
game will not lag it will buffer
Tommy Akins
Tommy Akins 22 days ago
if this actually takes off, Sony and Microsoft will have some hectic competition!!
Musikal __
Musikal __ 22 days ago
Nintendo too!
Derpy Harp
Derpy Harp 22 days ago
I’m an Xbox player and there’s some pc games that we can’t play like csgo and gmod will those be on stadia
Super Tanmaster
Super Tanmaster 22 days ago
Sad luck for North Korea, doesn’t even have internet,stadia is a dream
Andres Diaz
Andres Diaz 22 days ago
Can we just stop saying this is bad? I thing that thia extreamly awsome and brings gaming to another level.
Andres Diaz
Andres Diaz 22 days ago
Thia is actually "this is"
Mr Chubby
Mr Chubby 22 days ago
I've Liked Google But Not Stadia
HolaPlaneta 22 days ago
The dead of hardware for the masses, everything will be a dumb display terminal with a controller. Good bye game consoles, good bye graphics cards, hasta la vista physical media content.
محمد ترك
محمد ترك 22 days ago
Lol here in egypt most of us gets 1mbps as speed and i hardly gets 5 mbps 😖 I don't think it gonna work here
Raghavendra Shekhawat
Buddy in India the supposedly4g speed is arnd 200 kbps
Massive Agressive
Massive Agressive 22 days ago
this sounds like a wonderful new way for consumers to be exploited... sorry the "FUTURE" of gaming...
skaterfreak 22 days ago
iPad? And achievements
Uncle Jordan
Uncle Jordan 23 days ago
in my place i can barley play online mobile games i rather buy a powerful pc because the internet is very bad
r e
r e 23 days ago
This will be like nokias ngage. Died very quickly. Google aint going to stick with this for long.
Promise IllBeNice
Promise IllBeNice 23 days ago
i cant wait till this finally kills nintendo. im sick of hearing about link and mario
G k
G k 23 days ago
Mad stuff
Raymond Zhang
Raymond Zhang 23 days ago
Who will pay for those google cloud bill?player?
Del 23 days ago
Say goodbye to your family, friends and humanity.
Kolanchiyappan Raaghul
Okey.......so what's the price
Hamza Tag
Hamza Tag 23 days ago
rtx 2080 for 5$ after this 😅
Hangover Gang
Hangover Gang 24 days ago
Warning there's Alot of butthurt ps fanboys in the comments below. But they can keep their VCRs Google stadia is the future. And I'm all in
Dipesh *
Dipesh * 22 days ago
A spoiled future where there's no originality.. Sorry but I prefer hard copies.. And u know what stadia sucks... Imagine the huge amount of data it may consume... Costlier than any of consoles.. So.. Stadia sucks and it will die faster than google lens did..
ultra gaming
ultra gaming 24 days ago
i want this stadia
ultra gaming
ultra gaming 24 days ago
please lunch in india
Sangeeta Sharma
Sangeeta Sharma 24 days ago
Thank you for this video it is just what I needed
Muhammad Afraz game
Seriously !
Ixiah27 24 days ago
Thanks...but i rather play Games on the Move with my Switch without worrying about Datacaps or Lag.
Inter Net
Inter Net 24 days ago
ザッくんS. 24 days ago
11:45 her stance is unnaturally wide
Kevin Samuel
Kevin Samuel 24 days ago
But can it run Minesweeper?
MAURIFICO 24 days ago
I have no interest in game communism. I want to own my games please. thanks but no thanks
Ing. Victor Santillan
Excellent and original answer.....
Dipesh *
Dipesh * 22 days ago
That's originality.. Yes u'r right bro....
سباب الصحابة
In future you will be forced to implement the new tech as how all of us left the flopy disks
Shanaboi Mayn
Shanaboi Mayn 24 days ago
...the end of Data consciousness.
Hendry Irvin Maynard
what's up with companies these days defining and using "future" for marketing while the "future" is based on their preferences?
Canal do DIDI
Canal do DIDI 24 days ago
RUvid live videos delays about 10 to 15 second
Joe Grizz
Joe Grizz 24 days ago
thank you this is exactly what we need ps4 and xbox are getting watered down
Dipesh *
Dipesh * 22 days ago
Its not a revolution for me.. It's Shit.... I'm happy with PS a lot.. It's the God believe it or not
RayRay 24 days ago
Just another way to eat through my data cap. 👎
jogn haso
jogn haso 24 days ago
Ya this is why shadow tech exist... Where u get a whole entire Windows PC on any device. And game on it
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