Google Pixel Slate: This Ain't It Chief!

Marques Brownlee
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Don't spend $600 on the Celeron Google Pixel Slate. Just don't do it.
But here's a link anyway: store.google.com/us/product/p...
iPad Pro Review: ruvid.net/video/video-N1e_voQvHYk.html
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Dec 22, 2018

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Comments 9 462
TreeFrog 29
TreeFrog 29 3 hours ago
Literally my 2013 ipad air has less lag than that 😂
Michael Plouffe
Michael Plouffe 4 hours ago
So basically a shitty surface book 2
My Tech HD
My Tech HD 4 hours ago
Great video! Keep up the good work! Just subbed to your channel.
Javit soi
Javit soi 19 hours ago
Did u borrow this thumbnail from the unbox therapy? 😂😂
The Dot
The Dot Day ago
To be honest I think it was the exact one you got, because other RUvidrs didn't have the same problem with the Pixel Slate.
luca coakley
luca coakley Day ago
My Nexus 7 is faster
Krish Rai
Krish Rai 2 days ago
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 review plzzzz
Ian Low
Ian Low 2 days ago
Can we get a 'Google Slate Revisited' video please. I want a tablet but don't want an ipad.
David Peng
David Peng 10 hours ago
Microsoft Surface.
Ethan Morris
Ethan Morris 3 days ago
Ok, I have watched this 2 times and RUvid continues to put it on recommended for me.
Catherine 4 days ago
Renegade 4 days ago
Again “matt black”
Rubin lopez
Rubin lopez 5 days ago
LMFAO don't spend $600 just don't. But here's the link anyways lmfao
Alex A
Alex A 5 days ago
Just get a Microsoft surface go
DENMONKEY 5 days ago
good legit review. Nothing burns me more than a product hitting the market that is simply not fit for purpose. For someone the size of google with the number of hands this must have gone through before launch, it's simply not good enough. soooo many people must have given it the thumbs up despite its short falls, knowing full well it wasn't fit for release. Offensive to your customers on a whole new level. No way they could have missed this, so they did it knowing full well what they were doing.
sanjith añañd
sanjith añañd 6 days ago
I would have watched this vid if he didn't have a moustache
Fedor Kurilo
Fedor Kurilo 6 days ago
You should try that again. I bought mine and the fixed it.
Fedor Kurilo
Fedor Kurilo 5 days ago
@Kade It would be if Google didn't pay such a big "CPU power" price for entering the PC world with Linux apps... They tried to sit on both chairs(PC&Tablet) and the do both 5/10. While apple is doing only tablet that is 10/10. Answering your question - depends on your needs. If you need a code writing machine with nice tablet features, slate does it perfectly. (Unlike Surface f. ex. which has bad tablet UI).
Kade 5 days ago
is it better than iPad for the price though?
foxfire1112 7 days ago
Watching this really gives me chills, what are they thinking
Curtis Womack
Curtis Womack 7 days ago
And for 500 bucks, an iPad mini. I do banking, trading and light gaming on this thing. I never have bugs or software issues. All videos play smooth. It’s fast. App store and iTunes is the biggest and best, with the largest music source in the world. My complaint about allof them is that the factory should treat the glass with a clear plastic film. I even thought about brushing Minwax Polyurethane on the glass, for fingerprints and bumps along the way. Fingers would peel up protector sheets.
DeathBook 7 days ago
I'm getting sick just watching him use the thing
JSL Mendi
JSL Mendi 8 days ago
Next 😂😂😂
Whatsapp Videos and GIF's
Android devices only look good on paper
Enzo Roman
Enzo Roman 4 days ago
This was a disappointment but most androids are better than apples devices
Muhammad Amry Sahrir
You watch weird alyankovic
BlueCreeper 9 days ago
intel celeron makes it slow
Jack Suwanpradit
Jack Suwanpradit 9 days ago
Damn, when he opened up new york times reminded me how the first ipad was actually smoother
Temmie gaming and memes
Just go with Samsung cromebook plus honestly
Calaspo 10 days ago
$600 for a celeron computer
Luis Escamado Nhamue
The form factor and hardware is good. One or two iterations will make it perfect.
Mushroomstamp 12 days ago
How could they fuck up this bad this is inexcusable... and no update can fix intel fucking celeron
TheBlackShinigami 12 days ago
Does anyone have one to see if it got better?
Teja 13 days ago
Dont ever say better than ipad pro ... ipad pro is dopeeeeee
MaZ 12 days ago
Teja surface pro is better than ipad pro
GamingTechReview 14 days ago
I think apple is long for tablets. I dont mind that. I use a windows for video editing but only because I play video games. I'd get a mac pro any day for editing over any pc.
Tanmay sharma
Tanmay sharma 14 days ago
Google is a software company people :p
Sagar Kapoor
Sagar Kapoor 16 days ago
Mkbhd i think you didn't do justice to this thing.. Coz.. You didn't try to buy the version which is possibly far kore better. Like the upgraded version with i5. Everybody who reviews apple products buys the maxed out models and here you just went with the base model and didn't even bother to try the upgraded version.. That's kinda sad..
Juuso Peltoniemi
Juuso Peltoniemi 15 days ago
Google stops making tablets. What does that tell you?
Riot_Pubg Mobile
Riot_Pubg Mobile 16 days ago
"Welcome to lag city, population, Pixel Slate"
Wockes 16 days ago
Aaand it's gone
Anurag S
Anurag S 19 days ago
You really need to update this review, Marques! Apparently the new OS update is fucking amazing and has fixed just everything wrong with this tablet! I'd love to see what you think of taking notes/writing/drawing with the pixelbook pen. :) EDIT: Also, the celeron was scrapped because you're right about it being a bottleneck.
Angultra 21 day ago
Noticed they pulled the celeron, looks like the reviews paid off
senor frog
senor frog 22 days ago
delta means change. maybe a better word choice might have been... variance?
Matt Woldanski
Matt Woldanski 23 days ago
Alec England
Alec England 23 days ago
Lmao, the link to the celeron version is broken, the low option is an m3 now. Assuming that the m3 actually performs well..
chemi fermi
chemi fermi 23 days ago
Yeah like I care what a black guy has to say about technology !
BTS Army
BTS Army 23 days ago
MarkASS brownlee
Pranav appu
Pranav appu 24 days ago
It's Celeron you are not expected to do multitask or even open multiple app on that😂😂
Matthew Burke
Matthew Burke 24 days ago
Ashvith Shetty
Ashvith Shetty 24 days ago
Mark yo Ass brownie , that hot and that *cold*
RedblueRenegade 24 days ago
Dont blame Marques Brownlee, blame the fan website
BadROBTHEBOSS 24 days ago
google is watching this video and crying
Romeos Sandorini
Romeos Sandorini 25 days ago
Did they fix lag issues by now through update ?
Nicholas Lam
Nicholas Lam 25 days ago
Adam Rx
Adam Rx 25 days ago
Thnx markass for the review
Electro Nugget
Electro Nugget 25 days ago
how much apple pay this guy?
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