Google Pixel 4a Review: Simple and Clean!

Marques Brownlee
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The mission is simple. Beat the iPhone SE.
Pixel 4A grip case: dbrand.com/4a
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Phone provided by Google for review.

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Aug 3, 2020




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Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee 2 months ago
Small correction on the speaker: 4a does use the earpiece up top for a subtle stereo effect. I think they could bump up the volume on it a bit more, but it is there!
TheBrave Cupcake
Hey what about the wallpaper link?
mrbrainchild76 3 days ago
@yn very noticeable. Mkbhd needs his ears cleaned a bit I think. Lol
K. PacificNW
K. PacificNW 6 days ago
Is there any way to TOTALLY remove those FIVE app spots at the bottoms of the home screen? The ones that are always in position right above the Google search bar. I know I can change WHICH apps are there, but I'd like NO apps there. Instead of 5 app icons always at the bottom in a row, I would love to have NOTHING there. Is there a way to do this? Thank you!! : )
Shreyas J
Shreyas J 6 days ago
Right. This makes the deal complete!
jck 31
jck 31 8 days ago
@Marques Brownlee hey i like wallpapers of ur phones ,,pls tell me hw to get this wallpaper
Babu and Buba Bros
Babu and Buba Bros 5 hours ago
"headphone jack" me: perfect
S3N4 _2020
S3N4 _2020 7 hours ago
Actually a 730g is very good
Julian Potter Music
Julian Potter Music 16 hours ago
"i'm trying to call marquez but i'm a spam caller so what are u going to do now"
Khushnur T.
Khushnur T. 23 hours ago
I have bought a Pixel 4a and it has stereo speakers, I understand that with the number of phones you review it is very difficult to remember all small things, so just for people to know.
Rohan Van Baren
4,444,444 views lol
spartansouls Day ago
I know this is a review and all but how does he have any ram left with about 8 apps open at once lol
MDR Day ago
Hey everyone, 1. Smartphones are not shoes, you don't need to perform a bend test. 2. 3140mah is a pretty good battery. 3. At 350$ you need 120Hz refresh rate. 4. You were talking about one plus nord, camera of that phone sucks. 5. At 350$ you will not get a super computer speed. Last but not the least you are getting a phone from Google ok, did you heard that GOOGLE. Don't compare it with Apple high end premium mobiles. I think you are getting paid from Apple and One Plus.
Andy Marshal
Andy Marshal Day ago
Great review as always M
Raging_ Nate
Raging_ Nate Day ago
Tbh the Google pixel 4 a is 1/3 of the price of the iphone 11 pro and is just as good
Junayd A.A
Junayd A.A Day ago
such a hard choice for me here, $710 for the Pixel 4a in my country, and $699 for the pixel 5 if i order it from US, what do i do so hard to decide omg kek
Time Lapse Wolf
I had a j7 crown and when i first got it i loved it it was 16 gb and imagine what i will be like when i get that 😀
emilio peck
emilio peck 2 days ago
Sajedul Islam
Sajedul Islam 2 days ago
It is so nice phone..
Vineeth Kothari
Vineeth Kothari 3 days ago
2:10 I almost didn't buy this as he said it's a mono speaker, but guess what! It's stereo speakers and it's pretty good too!!
Vineeth Kothari
Vineeth Kothari 3 days ago
Atleast correct yourself MKBHD
DEEP 3 days ago
Apoorva S
Apoorva S 3 days ago
Why am I watching a review for a phone I own??
Lalmuanawma Mualchin
I'd rather buy a Pixel than having your stuff stored somewhere in China. (meaning Chinese phones spying vs American security)
Mellow Texan
Mellow Texan 3 days ago
I have owned many 900 plus phones and this hands down is the best bang for your buck if you are looking for neat clean google with no fillers. I wish it was a little smaller I like small phones but hey I am a happy guy. Badass phone with cash to spend on other necessities . I doubt I ever purchase a so called premium again
Ajoy Das
Ajoy Das 4 days ago
Sir what is your opinion about 3.5 headphone jack output?????
Ajay Sasikumar
Ajay Sasikumar 4 days ago
For some weird frikin reason the headphone jack is pulling me back from buying this
さち 4 days ago
i decided to buy after see this video,thank u
Cody Goldstein
Cody Goldstein 4 days ago
@mkbhd or others, just wondering if you have tried out Pixel 4a or other phones in this price point like the nord with Android auto. My experience with Android auto on my lg g7 has been semi decent(works majority of time with occasional hiccups of lag with the rare crash). Trying to hold on to this phone as long as it lasts, and these lower price phones are at a much more enticing price then flagships if I need to replace my current phone, but I worry that the android auto experience will be worse then the g7.
HENCHBOYS 4 days ago
Dope vid! We have a video thrashing the Google Pixel 5, check it out we'd appreciate
dsfgh zxc
dsfgh zxc 5 days ago
i might have concidered it if the screen wasn't broken, i know its a feature not a bug... just delete the selfie can
BlindGuardian050 5 days ago
no front facing speakers kills it for me
Mr Chicken
Mr Chicken 4 days ago
it has front facing speakers, he's wrong
Ayush Bhatt
Ayush Bhatt 5 days ago
If i ask you to buy one among OnePlus Nord, iPhone SE 2020, and Pixel 4a. Which one would you prefer? Please respond it'll mean a lot.
The Dragonic X
The Dragonic X 5 days ago
I am watching this on a Pixel 4a right now and the user experience is really great.
Z390 6 days ago
Simple and clean is the way that you'r making me feeeel tonight
Mortis 6 days ago
Marckesse bhrownlean
Jonathan Blair
Jonathan Blair 6 days ago
But yet here we are and zack still hasn't tested it...
4 ron
4 ron 6 days ago
I have the 4a and find it very smooth running. Marques, I vote to disagree. Great phone! I also love your reviews.
Naramo Peace&Love
Is anyone here with a Lenovo k6? :D
Vidya Sagar Chennagiri Sekargupta
I have pixel 2xl. Is it worth upgrading to 4a. Pls suggest.
Mr Yusuf
Mr Yusuf 7 days ago
Slow garbage lol
Bob Collinge
Bob Collinge 7 days ago
It's a great phone for the money. They are around 500 dollars Canadian here
TechRealm 7 days ago
Legend says that Zack hasn't done the Pixel 4a's durability test.
TheMrfrodough 7 days ago
"Excellent camera" my 2 year old lg g7 has a better camera.
avdhoot kadam
avdhoot kadam 8 days ago
Please suggest which phone to buy Google pixle 4a or iPhone se ?
Mr Chicken
Mr Chicken 7 days ago
Mary Raju
Mary Raju 7 days ago
MUKUL PATEL 8 days ago
Is that google sponsor that video
Kirc 6 days ago
Vivekananda N
Vivekananda N 8 days ago
God.... It's 435$ in India..... Loot lo sab.....
Vivekananda N
Vivekananda N 7 days ago
@Mary Raju it's just for few guys na bro.... Every other guy will have to pay 32k for that phone.... I can understand about Apple but why everyone has to get their phone prices like crazy high?? ☹️
Mary Raju
Mary Raju 7 days ago
I bought it for 27K ~ 370$ 🚶🚶 ( sbi card discount )
gato raivoso
gato raivoso 8 days ago
quem curtir vai se rico esse ano?
Atv Gamer
Atv Gamer 8 days ago
It's not 350$ in India It's around 400$ here
Mary Raju
Mary Raju 7 days ago
++ ImportTax
suresh kumar mandapati
Very nice review. Thanks much. Will we get any cloud storage free or something with this phone?
Marc Arne
Marc Arne 9 days ago
The problem with this phone is that Pixel degrades in value so much that you can get a Pixel 4 for $350 by now. And with that you have the wide angle camera, an 855 series Snapdragon, and all the 'flagship' features from the actual Pixel 4.
Mary Raju
Mary Raju 7 days ago
There is no wide angle cam in Pixel 4 🧜‍♀️
Kristy Woodward
Kristy Woodward 9 days ago
John Smith
John Smith 9 days ago
Shit phone. My iphone 6 is more reliable. Good battery. Everything else is trash. Don't listen to the shills. It's $350 for a reason
John Smith
John Smith 6 days ago
@Mr Moseby You're the one speaking for him so I directed my questions to you.
Mr Moseby
Mr Moseby 6 days ago
@John Smith i dont agree with pixel being a shit phone but i respect your opinion. I was just explaining what he said so you should @ him for questions
John Smith
John Smith 6 days ago
@Mr Moseby And the Pixel is a mainstream phone too so I'm even more confused by his comment. I don't agree with him so I'm a sheep. But then if I agree with him I'm a sheep too, right? I'm so lost
John Smith
John Smith 6 days ago
@Mr Moseby Yeah but how does that relate to me
Mr Moseby
Mr Moseby 6 days ago
@John Smith the i from iphone and sheep being someone who follows the herd and cant think from himself. So a apple sheep aka iSheep
Mohamed Siyadh
Mohamed Siyadh 9 days ago
guys i am looking to buy a phone for mother..nord or pixel?she watches youtube and zoom calls a lot..suggestions pls
Mary Raju
Mary Raju 7 days ago
Pixel coz it's compact
Samarth s nadig
Samarth s nadig 8 days ago
Pixel ! Stock android gives you the best feel !
Armando Garcia
Armando Garcia 9 days ago
where is the wallpaper ? Hahahahahah
Mr Chicken
Mr Chicken 7 days ago
App called backdrops and the name of the wallpaper is beacon of light
4munitas 9 days ago
Using it for a week at this point. Im super happy with it. It runs super smooth, great camera, clean pictures, very detailed screen. I like it a lot!
squishable1000 9 days ago
The repeated use of "budget" for a phone that's still €400 made me feel poor 😂
Bibin Benny Jacob
Does it support multiple user accounts like guest?
Varun Sharma
Varun Sharma 9 days ago
The max i can go is 150 bucks.
Arun S
Arun S 9 days ago
The pixel 4a doesnt undercut the oneplus nord in price here in India.
Mary Raju
Mary Raju 7 days ago
Oneplus cost more in the US 🧜‍♀️
charles 9 days ago
The best way to live.......SIMPLE!!!!!!
Shreyas J
Shreyas J 10 days ago
Stereo speakers was the highlight of pixel 3a! Should have been here too
Mr Chicken
Mr Chicken 7 days ago
it does have stereo speakers, he just made a mistake
prabhu dx
prabhu dx 10 days ago
வாங்களாமா வேண்டாமா அத சொல்லு தல
Kishore Nanda
Kishore Nanda 10 days ago
Pixel 4a come with unlimited google photos storage....??
Gururaj Chadaga
Gururaj Chadaga 10 days ago
It's been 2 months already. Releasing in India tomorrow. I'm still waiting for JerryRigsEverything. The only thing holding me back from getting the 4a.
Sasi Kumar
Sasi Kumar 7 days ago
It will bend & snap because search in google!! I got a good deal but durability is the first factor, nokia 8.1 is a solid phone
rahul sinha
rahul sinha 10 days ago
Waiting for flipkart sale 😁 to buy pixel ❤️
Anwit Paul
Anwit Paul 10 days ago
0:50 OP spoiler alert: this is one piece. So one piece does exist.
Rishabh Mishra
Rishabh Mishra 11 days ago
Country of manufacturing ?
Michael Mackey
Michael Mackey 7 days ago
The box mine came in said Made in Vietnam.
Tim Gentz
Tim Gentz 11 days ago
Still using a 3a after a year and on the fence about upgrading to a 4a, just not sure about "upgrading" to a hole in the screen......
Max Per
Max Per 11 days ago
Don't buy it. I was putting my phone on the table, and it inadvertently dropped from my hand maybe 10 cm above the table. The glass panel cracked from one side to the other ! I don't know what glass they use but it's the weakest glass I have ever seen on a phone ! That's totally unacceptable. And I just got the phone today, wth.... I'm so pissed. Just buy the OP Nord, better in every other way except the camera but seriously for the kind of pictures people take nowadays who cares.
Divyansh sharma
Divyansh sharma 11 days ago
Divyansh sharma
Divyansh sharma 7 days ago
@Mr Chicken thanks a lot man!
Mr Chicken
Mr Chicken 7 days ago
App called backdrops and the name of the wallpaper is beacon of light
Jessie Randall
Jessie Randall 11 days ago
Thank you for this review! This is exactly what I needed. My Pixel 2 XL just kicked the bucket after a nasty fall, and I've been looking for a quick, affordable replacement. I love the Pixel so much that I didn't want to deviate from the brand, but I also didn't want to splurge on the 5 (the Pixel camera is so great to begin with, I have no need for more). I believe the only downgrade from the 2XL to the 4a is that it's not water resistant, so I'll just have to be more careful. The flimsiness is fine as I'll be putting a case and screen protector on it.
MirrorSound95 11 days ago
I must agree with the position of the finger print reader. I really miss it now that I'm using apple's face ID, it's simply gimmicky and noticeably slow.
PMV- Tech
PMV- Tech 12 days ago
Need some support sir Much love ❤
Parker Brooks
Parker Brooks 12 days ago
Dude it runs smoothly and its kinds perfect
Evan Mulryan
Evan Mulryan 12 days ago
It's good to use but it looks awful
Shreshth gupta
Shreshth gupta 12 days ago
If aliens come to earth mkbhd- so I've been with aliens for a year now and here's my thought about them.
Aparup 13 days ago
Can you please share the wallpaper? Please. @mkbhd
Aparup 7 days ago
@Mr Chicken Okay brother. Thanks a lot.❤️ I really liked the wallpaper. 😁
Mr Chicken
Mr Chicken 7 days ago
App called backdrops and the name of the wallpaper is beacon of light
Ripunjoy Sharma
Ripunjoy Sharma 13 days ago
This is the best budget mid ranger undoubtedly
Ak ash
Ak ash 13 days ago
The God of Phone reviewers 🙏❤️
Pixels-In-Motion 13 days ago
MB: "It's doesn't feel very fast" He flicks and everything moves very smooth.
기현 Arikadou
기현 Arikadou 13 days ago
I never get why manufacturers put the headphone jack on top of the phone.
TECHSOME 13 days ago
Great review. I also just posted mine and I think it's a stellar device for the price. Finally google made a solid phone! Check it out on my channel 😊
mazhar mhate
mazhar mhate 13 days ago
Waiting for your review on the pixel 5 & pixel 4 (5g).
Abdullah Mustafa
Abdullah Mustafa 13 days ago
Ok so you say it's not slow, but then you start zipping around rlly smoothly, I think it is definitely you coming off gaming flagship phones.
Ayman Hazim
Ayman Hazim 13 days ago
i want to see a phone without camera this year !
Centurion Sun
Centurion Sun 14 days ago
Does it have facial recognition to open the phone?
TokyoKazama 14 days ago
The pixel 5 has the exact same camera as 4a. For all those wondering how good the pix5 cams gonna be. They stated it in their launch.
SSC CGL 14 days ago
I'm still using Nexus 6P!! It's been 5 years! I'll upgrade now. Middle class things!!
Overplays AceKing
@Ilir Cami everyone I know had the hardware issue that made them brick
Ilir Cami
Ilir Cami 3 days ago
Prob one of the best smartphones ever
yaswanth R
yaswanth R 6 days ago
We don't need too many features I'm an idiot to buy One Plus 7T pro 256 GB I take pictures rarely, maybe 2 selfie and 3 pics in a month I don't use much apps, 185GB is free out of 256 I bought something which I don't need. I got to know myself that I'm not a geek who always run behind new Smartphones😂
Johnny Deep
Johnny Deep 13 days ago
Pizzatravel 14 days ago
its worst phone.. its hangs and slows down... takes few seconds to capture camera... stop selling reviews to companies... very bad phone...
ClasHeR PhoeNiX
ClasHeR PhoeNiX 10 days ago
Do you own a pixel 4a?
Saba behat Zafar
Saba behat Zafar 14 days ago
2mp macro and 5mp depth sensor should be banner for forever. Ultrawide is way to ho. With high resolution
Aditya Kelkar
Aditya Kelkar 14 days ago
Do an Iphone SE(2020) vs Pixel 4a comparison video!!!
Raw Rants
Raw Rants 14 days ago
Selling for 450$ in India :(
Devesh Tiwari
Devesh Tiwari 14 days ago
Can we charge this phone with a higher power adapter, say 25W, or 18W is the only and maximum option?
apoorva donthi
apoorva donthi 14 days ago
This phone got released yesterday in India. What a bummer at over $400
Abhinav Tayade 1030
Bro which earphones were in ur video the red jack ones
Xeptc Semper
Xeptc Semper 14 days ago
Me sitting here with my 13 hours of screen on time 😶
denise porter
denise porter 14 days ago
Thank you for your review. I already bought it and your review is right on with what I am finding. Just working out a few clitches
Abhinav Tayade 1030
Bro which earphones u used in the video
Daniel Gomes
Daniel Gomes 14 days ago
Why you wearing a mask inside your own home/office? Seems stupid
Mr Chicken
Mr Chicken 7 days ago
there are others in his office
aayush purohit
aayush purohit 14 days ago
4a vs NORD?
foman ase foman
foman ase foman 15 days ago
7:04 LOL
Sumana Mukherjee
Sumana Mukherjee 15 days ago
It should atleast have a Snap Dragon 765 processor in this price range
Artur 15 days ago
I don't understand why Google makes phones so expensive. The pixel5 is very expensive, more than € 600. Google should sell the cheapest mobiles since they obtain from us all the information that we give them without charging anything. the Pixel 4a is missing a wide angle lens
Joaquin _King
Joaquin _King 15 days ago
Photos: 4a is better Video: SE is way better
Danny Peychev
Danny Peychev 15 days ago
Its like the lg v30+.
Alex George
Alex George 15 days ago
Will games like COD or F1 2020 lag on it or work fine at optimum level?
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