Google Pixel 3 XL Review: The Shadow of the Notch!

Marques Brownlee
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Google Pixel 3 XL. The best camera got a better phone.
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Oct 19, 2018




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Comments 14 068
Damian Luna
Damian Luna 13 days ago
If I control rewind... I would want... fortni-
Mad Gamer
Mad Gamer 15 days ago
"why is this man been watching his phone for 2 hours," says the dog 6:19
The Human Comedy
The Human Comedy 15 days ago
me: laughs in xiaomi mi mix 3
headchog g
headchog g 12 days ago
Xiaomi is too laggy
Jay 17 days ago
Who else is here trying to figure out whether to upgrade to 3, 3a, or 4. I have a 2 so
SalahGaming 6 days ago
Say iphone 7
SalahGaming 6 days ago
Jaokay I would recommend a used old iPhone then
Jay 9 days ago
@SalahGaming I make about $210 a week and most of my diet is Subway.
SalahGaming 9 days ago
Jay don’t get the pixel 4 what is your budget maybe I can help you
Yannick Dongo
Yannick Dongo 18 days ago
I’m back here because I just got the pixel 3 xl. The pixel 4 is such a disappointment.
bigmaxcc 15 days ago
Yannick Dongo same
Graphene 18 days ago
I wonder if dbrand can cover the notch
virendrapratap karad
Marques: I have a problem with the gestures google releases a new phone which emphasizes on gestures
Math4We 27 days ago
Notch is the creator of minecrsft
cesar contreras
cesar contreras 29 days ago
Hmmmmmm so between this, the pixel 2 xl (which I own ) and the pixel 4 xl...is an upgrade even good? I love pixel but I'm a bit disappointed and drifting away from the pixel and iPhone 11 pro max is not a choice with that hectic price!!! What do you guys think ?
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer 28 days ago
I'd recommend OnePlus if you want an excellent Android phone
fabipr23 Month ago
I honestly don't get it. People get crazy for buying new phones and don't care much about specs. I own an LG G5, it has 3.5 mm Jack, SD Slot, FM Radio and infrared sensor (I can use it as a remote for almost anything), all things that this or newer phones don't have, at a fraction of the price. Since my phone is 3 years old, I am still looking for a reason to "upgrade" it to a newer one, but they're all disppointing for me. Manufacturers are offering you all the same shit at a high price! and peoople won't even notice. I have 4GB of RAM and that's Cool for me, the battery is replaceable so I do that every year, I don't know, you people go spending lots of money for a phone that won't get friends for you nor make you happy, that's up to you.
Ab. L
Ab. L Month ago
Anybody else here after the disappointing Pixel 4 release?
Ab. L
Ab. L 9 days ago
@Hafizi Amir honestly what i was thinking too. Looks like im gonna have to wait for the pixel 5 or just buy an iPhone 11
Hafizi Amir
Hafizi Amir 9 days ago
This pixel 3 xl also disappointing 😂😂
Ben Hamza Gon
Ben Hamza Gon 15 days ago
Hahaja, its not dat bad
Daniel Mielecki
Daniel Mielecki 15 days ago
not gonna pay 400 more bucks for 1 year newer and a 2x zoom
French Toast
French Toast 16 days ago
yup Im gonna buy a 3 Xl instead cuz of that sh*t pixel 4 review
Justin Jeffries
Justin Jeffries Month ago
Re-watching this to decide if I just want to get a pixel 3 or if I ACTUALLY want the pixel 4. I REALLY like the finger print sensor but I like the front of the pixel 4 better and it's not like either of them have wide angle lense so 🤷‍♂️
Rubén Lozano
Rubén Lozano 24 days ago
I can't believe I say this but now I prefer the notch... Pixel 4 is uglier on the front... No double front cameras
Moran Sorgec
Moran Sorgec Month ago
Came here after the pixel 4 well the 3 looked better lol
Wam My
Wam My Month ago
Whose here after Pixel 4? Makes this notch look pretty in comparison
Dodger the Crocodile
I honestly don’t get why people don’t Like bezels. I mean even if the bezel is an inch thick, as long as the screen size is good I don’t care. Meanwhile, the notch is just stupid because it cuts into the screen. I’m glad you can at least hide it
zali 2270
zali 2270 Month ago
Great phone Worst design
Pavan Krishna
Pavan Krishna Month ago
Anyone here before pixel 4 ?
Noatification Month ago
Am I the only that really doesnt like the back design of the pixel 3
VICARIUS Month ago
What is the Globe Sketch Art in the rear? It looks beautiful, I want one!
AJ Month ago
Review the Google pixel 4 pls
Deviant Sapien
Deviant Sapien Month ago
Nick Month ago
If they improve the screen Google could have some good flagships.
mr.maker GD
mr.maker GD Month ago
Wide-screen aspect ratio is great!
Diamon Barksdale
I love this review! I also did one on my channel, but this really goes into depth about the tech specs ☺️
EsteBandido4444 Month ago
Has anybody noticed how the video titles have changed from the Pixel 1 towards the 3? Pixel 1: Best Android Smartphone 2: smart 3: smarter and notch.. Last week I sold my 2 XL to get the 1 plus cash on the side. Good investment if you ask me
Claire Murray
Claire Murray Month ago
Great phone, but they probably could've done without the notch. It feels as though they went after getting more screen space, therefore putting a notch.
mieguistumas Month ago
That notch reminds me of the times when you are running home to the bathroom, but you start losing the battle just when you unlock the door.
Emmanuel Simeon
Emmanuel Simeon Month ago
I love these phones but can't afford them... Damn🤧
Bhavin Patil
Bhavin Patil Month ago
Please suggest which phone should i buy i want best camera and the Android must support p30 pro or pixel4
jose 22
jose 22 Month ago
wider screen !
Chiku Jenamoni
Chiku Jenamoni Month ago
What's the name of that wallpaper in pixel 3 at 3:32?
Shaunak Gujjewar
The Pixel I want :- 1) Hardware of Samsung 2) Camera Hardware of Huawei 3) Camera Software of Google 4) Video features of GoPro 8 5) Performance of Asus Rog 2 phone in terms of RAM and graphics.
神话凤仙仙 Month ago
Shaunak Gujjewar u missed apples chip
2JZBOOST Month ago
Picked up a 3XL 64gig a couple days ago for $200 out the door.
Jahid Sarkar
Jahid Sarkar Month ago
Who's watching it now?
Alpha Month ago
Google Pixel 3 Excel
Melroy Dmello
Melroy Dmello Month ago
Thank God you make videos n not catwalk, that shit got me nervous xD
Veteran Child
Veteran Child Month ago
I hate Notches
wilcox tam
wilcox tam Month ago
My dream phone but sadly I’ll have to sell a kidney even in 2019
bigmaxcc 15 days ago
Broke boy
corbin87445 Month ago
Only 600$ right now
Omar Awadeh
Omar Awadeh Month ago
wilcox tam not really, it’s not as expensive, and price is going to drop guaranteed because pixel 4 is on the way
Vik R
Vik R Month ago
just stop nitpicking
Winfred Oneko
Winfred Oneko Month ago
Keison B
Keison B Month ago
Just bought today and I don't regret spending $645 the fast charge is amazing & I am loving the camera better then the iPhones for sure and the software is so smooth the display pulls me in so much as well.. feels good to be back with Android and this phone for a good welcome back.
Sean Renzi
Sean Renzi Month ago
Embrace the notch !
Daniel Khani
Daniel Khani Month ago
ok so notch was top 2 not top 3 but whatever
Kyle Anderson
Kyle Anderson Month ago
10:53 you deadass buy the same plant as unboxtherapy?
Jasonizer1 Month ago
Google, I HATE the NOTCH and I HATEEEE that you got rid of the headphone jack. Why? Why???
Christian memes
Christian memes Month ago
I can't believe he did a face reveal and not talk about it
Ibrahim Bahakim
Ibrahim Bahakim Month ago
I hate notches with screens on them.. 😩
Junayd A.A
Junayd A.A Month ago
2 weeks left for google pixel 4 can’t freaking wait!! Gonna give this video a last watch and then gonna decide pixel 4 or iPhone 11 they’re not winning any awards for looks so.. yea pretty fair
Absolute Thinker
Absolute Thinker 2 months ago
I am notch going to mention it.
DeadlyBananas 2 months ago
It's 50% off at this moment through Google Fi... but still can't get myself to buy
Kim J
Kim J 2 months ago
David 110
David 110 2 months ago
Kim J how about don’t drop it dipshit
Stephen Leininger
Stephen Leininger 2 months ago
I really like this video format, it's taking other "review" channels "style" and turning it up to 11
Icezero 2 months ago
think google makes stuff to stir the market their pockets are so deep they really dont care lol Bu tthe Pixel 4 will be crazy interesting and im gertting that just for astro photography no one has that
Mahmood Shuvo
Mahmood Shuvo 2 months ago
Mahmood Shuvo
Mahmood Shuvo 2 months ago
Dan C
Dan C 2 months ago
I just think of the notch as the first step towards invisible cameras built into screens, it's that annoying stage in development.
Amit Sahu
Amit Sahu 2 months ago
Robin Renox
Robin Renox 2 months ago
There isn't anything wrong with the notch in my opinion, I don't mind it one bit I actually kind of like it.. If the pixel line was available in at&t I'd buy one, would have bought one.. hoping the pixel 4 comes to my carrier
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan 2 months ago
Samsung, the KING of display!
Shayne McC
Shayne McC 2 months ago
This was only 10 months ago and the pixel 4 is on the way out. 🤦🏾‍♂️ I'm still enjoying my pixel 2 xl
ENJ4321 15 days ago
@Melanie H Amazon
lynksis12 29 days ago
Still using my Pixel 2. Decided not to upgrade to the Pixel 4
Opi-Rage Month ago
I'm loving the pixel 2XL we well, although considering the 3XL. 4XL doesn't look great tbh.
acxel rose
acxel rose Month ago
@Melanie H Swappa is my go to place for used phones in great condition at a fraction of it's original price.
Νεκταριος κοκκας
I really like your videos keep going 👌🏼
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