Google Pixel 3 XL Review: The Shadow of the Notch!

Marques Brownlee
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Google Pixel 3 XL. The best camera got a better phone.
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Oct 19, 2018




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Comments 100
Angel Teale
Angel Teale 23 hours ago
The camera is good, I'm here for the doggies 馃槀馃惗
Mat Watson
Mat Watson Day ago
One of the most google s high tech phone,
C jay C jay
C jay C jay 5 days ago
Pixel 3 pixel 3a which one is the best
Gaurav Patel
Gaurav Patel 6 days ago
Sir I am from India 2020 Shall we take the phone Google pixel 3xl please answer sir
Ahmed Shakil
Ahmed Shakil 6 days ago
So you did scroll
Jayden Pallister
Jayden Pallister 7 days ago
This is going to be controversial but... I like the way the screen with the notch looks.
Sarang Tambe
Sarang Tambe 7 days ago
Incredible video.On a bit of a lighter note I feel MKBHD looks like a cowboy in this new wide angle馃槀
John Stagl
John Stagl 12 days ago
Great work and great review!
Neil Manning
Neil Manning 14 days ago
I want to buy a google so bad but always something on them that is a deal breaker
BODOMPS 15 days ago
Are you sure pixel 2 wasn't water-resistant? I've kept my pixel 2 xl underwater for hours and its perfectly fine without a case !
Hersch :
Hersch : 15 days ago
It iz what it izzz
Veer 17 days ago
*laughs in 2020*
Jader Araujo
Jader Araujo 18 days ago
he麓s an iphone guy, lol
bigmaxcc 14 days ago
Jader Araujo no watch his recent vidz a one plus user
Vaibhav Sinha
Vaibhav Sinha 18 days ago
5:35 he was right!
ChubsTheSeaLion 21 day ago
i searched for this and thought frick no MKBHD video then i clicked on this only to realise this was a MKBHD video.....
Iam Flashin
Iam Flashin 22 days ago
HEY THANKS MARQUESS skipped a lil through the video BUT KEEP BEING A KING BROHAM
Billy Bob Jenkins
Billy Bob Jenkins 23 days ago
Why did he even bother discussing notches at all when he could've just lead with the fact you can turn it off LMAO.
Seth Design
Seth Design Month ago
Craig Turpin
Craig Turpin Month ago
Banging opening tune!
KVS Ram Charan
KVS Ram Charan Month ago
Nobody Marques: Android pee instead of pie 6:06
wakefield production88
Does anyone eles like the way the cameras are put on the original pixel
Sub Ripper
Sub Ripper Month ago
A phone with the best camera, made by HTC, with a screen by Samsung, running pure Android.. 馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣
Ke Fl
Ke Fl Month ago
I have Pixel 3 as primary with Ones on the way, but Pixel will remain numero uno!
Luke P.
Luke P. Month ago
You know...in developing options you can legit hide the notch lo?
Michael Namoongo
I still need more information on whether I should upgrade to pixel 3 or 3a or pixel 4
Curt S
Curt S Month ago
great review but Man, I hate those Notches
Yashwardhan Singh
Mangesh Shinde
Mangesh Shinde 2 months ago
He鈥檚 pinned India on that globe 馃
The Stranger
The Stranger 2 months ago
Isn鈥檛 Hitlers Mustache
Hashim Gilani
Hashim Gilani 2 months ago
give me your pixel 3 xl for free pls i have no phone and cant buy one cuz my parents are in a financial crisis plz help lmao y am i doing this this'll never work but k
bigmaxcc 14 days ago
Asong nkemzi
Asong nkemzi 2 months ago
Crazy Collections
Crazy Collections 2 months ago
Why did everyone have damaged Pixel 3s?!?! IJustine鈥檚 screen cracked, Austin Evan鈥檚 phone got cracked on the back, and MKBHD scratched it?! What an odd coincidence!
Emerald 2 months ago
When I use the screen call thing, people who scam using phone calls just hang up because they're scared?
Peter Ford
Peter Ford 2 months ago
Thanks Marques, I have the 2 xl now and was debating the 3 XL over the 3a,,and you've made my mind up. Thanks,
Jonathan Robertson Louw
Apple put a notch on the iPhone x and now everyone just copied the notch
Apple Juice Media
Apple Juice Media 2 months ago
MKBHD: Google pixel take better photos than any other phones iPhone 11/11 pro: bet? Hold my bear
Tait Citarella
Tait Citarella 2 months ago
Honestly, I don't mind notches. This one's a little big, but I don't mind the general style at all. It feels clean to see the screen bleed over and around the invisible bevels and it doesn't get in the way as you don't really use the top of the screen at all, as it is usually devoted to time, notifications, battery percent, et cetera. Idk, I've never had a phone with a notch, but I have seen them in person a lot, so it might just come with owning it.
febriadi 1997
febriadi 1997 2 months ago
when corona is over ? 5:20
worldwidehappiness 2 months ago
I don't get why they don't make the notifications white with a black background. It would hide the notch while keeping the screen real estate.
Fans & Appliances With Bobbie Ochieng
That's the same smartphone I want.
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas 3 months ago
This phone is notch gonna be my phone.
MY NAME 3 months ago
Just got me chills when he said "2020" 5:35
MY NAME 17 days ago
@Randomizer Man see the timer bro
Randomizer Man
Randomizer Man Month ago
When did he say 2020 then?
Kwamena Koomson
Kwamena Koomson 3 months ago
I鈥檓 wondering if I should upgrade to 3xl or 3a xl
Ali R Merii
Ali R Merii 3 months ago
who鈥檚 watching this during quarantine?
ruzzell907 3 months ago
I'm disappointed that there is no Kinda Blue option.
Sadiq Khalid
Sadiq Khalid 3 months ago
Watching on my pixel 3!
Zane Thind
Zane Thind 3 months ago
The notch was way better than the Pixel 4 design and the Pixel 4 series had a fingerprint sensor when the 4 apparently doesn't for some crazy reason
David E.
David E. 3 months ago
7:49 GUYS HE'S HAD THE 2020 MAC PRO FOR TWO YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JMoose 3 months ago
Just snagged the XL for $200. Feels like a steal.
丕亘乇丕賴賷賲 賴賷孬賲
But that 2020 mac pro tho ...
Thisuka Nemitha
Thisuka Nemitha 3 months ago
Notch 馃敟
Bruno Neri
Bruno Neri 3 months ago
hi i'm from the future, and i don't know if notches are still relevant in 2020.... sorry
One Who Does Simply
One Who Does Simply 3 months ago
He's right, the top three comments are about the notch.
J D 3 months ago
Maxx Viintage
Maxx Viintage 3 months ago
0:26 great wide-screen vid... and amazing on my s10... Try ninos home vids...perfect vids with that 1440p and perfect fit screen...
Kirti Kharche
Kirti Kharche 3 months ago
Alexander 3 months ago
Orgil Batsaikhan
Orgil Batsaikhan 3 months ago
Just got this phone for $200. I can鈥檛 believe it was $1100(including tax) phone last year. Super happy with it.
Rakesh Rakesh
Rakesh Rakesh 2 months ago
How The Camera perfom
Dave Conrad
Dave Conrad 3 months ago
Anybody using Google Fi on their Pixel? Worth it?
moom gaeee Productions
Why doesn't he use dark mode
Joshua Goose
Joshua Goose 3 months ago
I used to love my pixel 3xl. I can't turn off haptic feedback anymore on fingerprint senor and google assistant after Android 10 update. Another Google Fail.
Joshua Goose
Joshua Goose 3 months ago
@karen hawkins unfortunately those are both turned off and I still have vibration
karen hawkins
karen hawkins 3 months ago
@Joshua Goose Settings > Sound > Touch Vibration Settings > Accessibility > Vibration and Haptic Strength
Joshua Goose
Joshua Goose 3 months ago
I have factory reset my phone 5 times. The finger print sensor, and Google assistant vibrate no matter what.
Joshua Goose
Joshua Goose 3 months ago
@karen hawkins how did you turn it off? What setting did you use?
karen hawkins
karen hawkins 3 months ago
I can turn it off. It should be in the settings
Muaz Baharin
Muaz Baharin 3 months ago
I'm still using Google pixel xl in 2020. It's a great phone! No problems at all. With android 10. It's still is a beast. If anyone want to feel the pureness of android. You can try pixel phone
Techno Kid Nepal
Techno Kid Nepal 3 months ago
My pixel 3xl doesn't have caller screem option..how to enable it please reply
Ayaz Aharar
Ayaz Aharar 4 months ago
Intro music name please
al zu
al zu 4 months ago
My Notch is bigger!
Snyder 4 months ago
watching this on my mac pro 2020 with pro xdr display and $999 monitire stand lmao 7:50
Eyezack R
Eyezack R 4 months ago
The notch didn't bother me. Amazing phone
Nithish Kumar
Nithish Kumar 4 months ago
En da ithae t shirt potruka
Muhd Hafiz
Muhd Hafiz 4 months ago
Who came here because love technology 馃槄馃槄馃槄
Bilal Iqbal
Bilal Iqbal 4 months ago
Manny Vel
Manny Vel 4 months ago
As usual, another open minded great review.
vannak keo
vannak keo 4 months ago
CreepDude 4 months ago
Wait, so it鈥檚 good that they included USB-C headphones, but he says it鈥檚 the opposite of what apples doing by removing the dongle from the iPhone XS. But doesn鈥檛 he know that Apple includes Lighting Headphones and they have been since the iPhone 7? I鈥檓 not trying to take away the fact that google actually included headphones for once but why is it cool to throw shade at Apple constantly?
Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha 5 months ago
That is one big notch
VinSquishy 5 months ago
What鈥檚 the song @3:49?
jon wik
jon wik 5 months ago
tht notch is disgusting ... what makes its worse is tht disgusting chin down below....
Gabriel Tobing
Gabriel Tobing 5 months ago
Apple: Scratch level 6 Google: There is no such thing.
Dave Lovell
Dave Lovell 5 months ago
Bro that's kinda cool how your charisma/ethos motivates us want to be a part of something bigger/cooperative so we all say NoTcH according to your prediction at 13:59
Jamie James
Jamie James 5 months ago
The 3aXL may actually be better. It lacks wireless charging, Samsung's screen, water proofing and the notch but has better battery life. Sooo yeah like whatever man
Ahabab Zarif
Ahabab Zarif 5 months ago
D Rud
D Rud 5 months ago
What鈥檚 going down
MackWaffle 6 months ago
Since you scrolled down here because he told you to at the end, Im gonna be the guy who doesn't talk about that bathtub at the top.
David Gorash
David Gorash 6 months ago
Actually considering buying the pixel 3 in 2020 because how much of a disappointment the pixel 4 is
Matej Rendek
Matej Rendek 3 months ago
Same. And the price is so much better for 3xl
Savalore -
Savalore - 6 months ago
Marquees: *Does wider aspect ratio video* IPhone Notch users (also me): *:D!!*
Nomadic Colours
Nomadic Colours 6 months ago
I love how we take phones so super seriously. My cash goes into living all over the world ;). Phones are a waste.
AlbaniaGamingHD 6 months ago
PlatypusGuitar 6 months ago
Marques: I hope these notches are a temporary thing and that by 2020, they'll be gone Me, watching this in 2020, after seeing countless reviews where everyone is still complaining about notches and trying to hide them with clever background images: LMAO
Arkapravo Choudhury
Arkapravo Choudhury 6 months ago
Yea, we're over it by 2020
robert 7 months ago
Johnny Xu
Johnny Xu 7 months ago
Wow, I'm watching this video with my Google Pixel XL in 2020. And, actually my phone is not that bad at all.
JaredSVX 7 months ago
I don't know about you but I'm NOTCH going to talk about it either
Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt 7 months ago
Was gonna buy the 4, but after all the issues I went back to the 3 xl.
Pink_hair 1
Pink_hair 1 7 months ago
Lol the first three actually say notch.
Valkerie K
Valkerie K 7 months ago
Only gods will think of the creator of Minecraft when they here Notch
Jayden Honaker
Jayden Honaker 7 months ago
I actually didn't believe the top 3 comments had notch in it馃槀
Naj husainy
Naj husainy 7 months ago
Maxwell Collins
Maxwell Collins 7 months ago
Excited for the Google Pixel 4a, love the Screen on it.
louth1770 7 months ago
Got it for free on postpaid corporate plans with 4GB data plan, monthly fee of less than US$23++. Shan't complain, telco company is basically giving it away for free.
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