Google Pixel 3 Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Oh hey, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are finally official! Here's your first look.
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Oct 9, 2018




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Comments 19 838
I Gaming
I Gaming 22 hours ago
Anyone else here with a shitty iPhone
Hunter Monzon
just ordered mine getting here Saturday keeping it for a couple months while i save up
TukTuxedo Day ago
Friggin bathtub notch
Breakthrough Skip or Slide
I would get it.
Tommy Ostrowski
Tommy Ostrowski 3 days ago
I am currently a reluctant iPhone user. I started off a Galaxy user from the Galaxy S3 till the S5, and would immediately upgrade as soon as possible, and absolutely loved every model, that is until the Galaxy S6. I had the S6 briefly before losing it, and upgrading to the S7 but at that point, I was no longer a Samsung Galaxy Fan. I have always had the latest iPhone and Galaxy SmartPhones, one for business, and one for personal. Like I mentioned before I was originally a Galaxy fan above all, So I always made that my most used personal phone. However, since the S6, and no longer being a Galaxy Fan, I reluctantly became a iPhone user. Making the latest model my personal, and the model right under it my business phone. I say reluctantly because I was at one time the biggest Galaxy fan, and despite being familiar with using an iPhone, because always had an iPad. I never loved any iPhone product, and because of how Apple operates as a business, never wanted to become an iPhone user, but I did. Well, for the first time since the disappointing S6, I am considering getting away from the iPhone again. As of now I’m heavily leaning towards going back to my first love the Galaxy S model, but have thought about the Google pixel as well. My concern with the pixel is I will be lost and frustrated by its operating system. Because a long time ago when I was looking to purchase my first tablet, I did a ton of research, since I wanted to avoid buying an Apple, iPad even though I was familiar with it, and really like it. As I mentioned before rather not give business to a company like Apple, that in my opinion almost intentionally makes their users have to pay Top a Dollar for everything, and deliberately does things to maximize profits. So because of that I did a ton of research and everything I read either had the iPad as the best tablet with the Google Nexus a close second, or vice versa. So I purchased the tablet being rated the best that wasn’t an apple product and bought the Nexus. BIGGEST MISTAKE I EVER MADE, so I started doing some research on why despite it being called the best I hated it, and found out, that google nexus used a pure android operating system and for those familiar with it or comfortable with using it, realize how much better it is. However those not familiar with a Pure android operating system tend to have a huge learning and getting use to curve. Well the curve ended up being to great for me since I only used it a handful of times and then it just sat being unused for a long time till I decided to sell it on eBay. I should mention it held it’s value unbelievably well, and sold it for not much less than I paid considering how long I had it. Anyways ever since then and because I have also tried the Moto smartphone operating system and could never get use to it. I’m hesitant about going with anything than what I already know Samsung and/or Apple
Rigga 1963
Rigga 1963 6 days ago
Thanx mate I am looking at this phone to replace my Samsung as my plan has come to an end this was a good in-depth review I am excited
Adam Welsch
Adam Welsch 11 days ago
This guy puts me to sleep he seems he is so excited about this phone as if he was doing his taxes.
I-Deni-I 11 days ago
Honestly the best looking phone of all. Not to mention the best in general. I love it!
Craig 16 days ago
Pixel 3 = budget specs at a flagship price ,a fine example of google trying to be apple an sell overpriced junk. Thank god we still have Samsung doing it right.
Dante Jenkins
Dante Jenkins 17 days ago
Where can I find the wallpaper seen on thumbnail? Links please!
Peter Caiazza
Peter Caiazza 25 days ago
Dual speakers worth the notch
Yu linka
Yu linka 27 days ago
Guys what is the flame icon in the status bar?
Al Junaibi
Al Junaibi 27 days ago
7:40 Mind blowing
akhil sharma
akhil sharma 28 days ago
In Feb'19 i bought Pixel3 phone and till today i am facing multiple issues with device. It was already diagnosed by B2X authorized center Mumbai for seven days but after one week i found multiple issues with my phone. 1. Again Earbuds are not working properly. 2. Phone is hanging too much. 3. Overheating of phone. 4. Touch is very slow after repairing. Now looks like I am using a cheapest and worst phone. Such a pathetic service by a brand like Google. Will never suggest any one to buy this expensive worst phone. Totally worthless.
teesaccount 29 days ago
The black square on the right isnt perfectly in line. Great Video though
Spyarch Month ago
I'm 18 and I've never had a phone..............
Spyarch Month ago
@Hussain Aqeel 《Tech Savvy》 okay.....
Shayne McC
Shayne McC Month ago
I'm always mad when they don't add the headphone jack but then I realize I never use it anyway. All my headsets are wireless but I just like having the option anyway. You never know. 😆
LotsOfLogan49 Month ago
"This is so Google" lol. 6:50
Funist Month ago
i think the notch was tall to match the chin and umm for symmetry or some shit idk i am just a random kind on youtube.
KAI Month ago
Why would they add that screen calling mode to other devices? Wouldn't more people buy the phone with a unique feature like that?
Joseph Soto
Joseph Soto Month ago
I got it on my gen 1
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Month ago
You don't have to get the xl if you don't want the notch
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Month ago
I got mind today and I'm loving it so far
don’t mind me
don’t mind me Month ago
I KNOW WHY YOU KEEO REMINDING ME OF SOMEONE!!! Anyone remember the guy who would make cartoons to his hilarious life stories, his most famous about high school and college? Maybe his name is Swoozie or I’m completely wrong. Anyways you look very similar to him. Also I love the review!
Tivoughn Smart
Tivoughn Smart Month ago
Should've stick with the Pixel 2 xl design for both... Facts?
Rocky Johnson
Rocky Johnson Month ago
Best phone all over the web and i use to buy phones from >>>PARTYSHOP...WEBSITE
Aaliyah macken
Aaliyah macken 2 months ago
as soon as he said no headphone jack I just wanted to cry
Sarah the YouTuber
Sarah the YouTuber 2 months ago
Wanna know a fun facet I’m watching on my phone
Naogames Month ago
Nobody cares stfu
VISHNU meena
VISHNU meena 2 months ago
hiii bro nice hair style
Michael 2 months ago
It's a terrible phone and Verizon is a terrible carrier. Problematic since day one and the contract fucked me over. I hate this pos phone. Don't waste your money on it and fuck Verizon
Michael 2 months ago
It turns itself to silent when I call, assistant is useless, my camera didn't work. Now it crashes for no good reason. Now I bearly get any signal.
sow_zee 2 months ago
i am Notch that impressed
Jon Deaton
Jon Deaton 2 months ago
can someone tell me what a notch is
Faiyaz Hasan
Faiyaz Hasan 2 months ago
DBFighterYT 2019
DBFighterYT 2019 2 months ago
Google is better than Apple
Americans -
Americans - 2 months ago
You look like Hannibal buress’s better looking brother
Natsumi Chan
Natsumi Chan 3 months ago
I hate the over large notch but that call feature looks promising
Life Game Changer
Life Game Changer 3 months ago
Even though phone notches dont bother me, the pixel 3 notch is just to much
Ashton S
Ashton S 3 months ago
I used the pixel 2xl for a few weeks and it was honestly the worst phone experience I have ever had. The phone wasn’t smooth and personally I find the pixel phones ugly. Especially the pixel 2. U g l y.
Organized Entropy
Organized Entropy 3 months ago
I have the Google Pixel 3 and I'm using it right now. I hate it and I want to return it. The picture quality is very poor. The video is amazing but the pictures are horrible. They come out blurry almost like watercolor. There's something wrong with the speakerphone. People can barely hear me when I use it. But when I switch it off I come in Crystal clear. I was just so shocked when I saw the photo quality. Do not get the pixel 3.
Imtiaz Mahmud
Imtiaz Mahmud 3 months ago
Google want to sell their small phones more than the big one.
ImIzykArellano 3 months ago
This phone is so cool 😁😁😁😁😁
Magick Power
Magick Power 3 months ago
I guess I was so into my zmax I didn't care about other phones. Can you still activate this thru metro PC's?
vic12 3 months ago
He sounds like a white guy
22k Rainbow
22k Rainbow 3 months ago
The things I don't like about my pixel 3 is I really wish I got anything but the Not Pink version the white and black look way better also my Verizon one has a locked bootloader
Brianna Mukadi
Brianna Mukadi 3 months ago
My dad going to buy the google pixel 3 but my sister have apple phone but I don’t no the goggle phone is a good phone? Can you tell my me google is good or not ????
Brianna Mukadi
Brianna Mukadi 3 months ago
Buy the phone for me not for her
Brianna Mukadi
Brianna Mukadi 3 months ago
My sister have the iPhone xr on apple but google is good or not ?
Adam Matak
Adam Matak 3 months ago
Got a brand new pixel 3 boxed also with google goodies message me for more info
Tobias 3 months ago
Wrong side for volume buttons in my opinion, but it's a nice showing when turning the volume up or down!
DEPREDADOR Blue.- 4 months ago
KDG XO LIF3 3 months ago
I assume you said iPhone is the best in the world, well, you’re wrong
Matt Libra
Matt Libra 4 months ago
So the camera on this beauty is better than iphoneX camera?
KDG XO LIF3 3 months ago
How is this a beauty?
gloriousholy 4 months ago
As far as notches go, this is Hitler's bristly moustache.
SiegeFN 4 months ago
Android and Apple together 😂😂
Arnim Shtha
Arnim Shtha 4 months ago
I already have pixel 2xl panda variant and i love taking potrait mode from the primary camera so should i upgrade to pixel 3 specially for the portrait mode from the main camera or not? Is there any a big difference between pixel 2 or pixel 3 main primary camera? What should i do please suggest me...i m not asking for the front camera only for photo capturing from primary camera and for potrait mode
Steven broke my finger
Markass brownie
Erwin Ailes
Erwin Ailes 4 months ago
Notch, Notch, Notch, Notch, Notch ,Notch.... Everybody! Lol
Shagrof 4 months ago
J Rod
J Rod 4 months ago
looks like a nice phone. but probably wont be worth to upgrade my galaxy s7 yet.
Casey Waters
Casey Waters 4 months ago
i dropped my phone in a pool it was a i phone 6 R.I.P so im proabably going to get this one thanks for sharing :)
Casey Waters
Casey Waters 4 months ago
@Naythan Jones thanks for sharing your ideas!
Naythan Jones
Naythan Jones 4 months ago
Get a pixel 3a!!
Alvin Henry
Alvin Henry 4 months ago
I don't know why I I'm always watching these reviews when I know I can't afford one 😂
Mudkip Legend
Mudkip Legend 4 months ago
Hello! iPhone XR user here, I have a secondary phone which is the first gen google pixel. The camera software is outstanding! I really like how when you take a picture or video it automatically saves to the Google Cloud!
DASH BARKS 4 months ago
No head phone jack 😢
Danays Silva
Danays Silva 4 months ago
Forget about the notches, I have a 2008 car, how am I supposed to listen to music if I forget the adapter? Are headphone jacks that difficult to design around? Do they make the phone more bulky? Help me understand! >.
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