Google Pixel 3 Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Oh hey, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are finally official! Here's your first look.
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Oct 9, 2018

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Comments 19 881
Isaac Butler
Isaac Butler 5 days ago
Even though phone notches dont bother me, the pixel 3 notch is just to much
Ashton S
Ashton S 7 days ago
I used the pixel 2xl for a few weeks and it was honestly the worst phone experience I have ever had. The phone wasn’t smooth and personally I find the pixel phones ugly. Especially the pixel 2. U g l y.
Organized Entropy
I have the Google Pixel 3 and I'm using it right now. I hate it and I want to return it. The picture quality is very poor. The video is amazing but the pictures are horrible. They come out blurry almost like watercolor. There's something wrong with the speakerphone. People can barely hear me when I use it. But when I switch it off I come in Crystal clear. I was just so shocked when I saw the photo quality. Do not get the pixel 3.
Mohammed Mahmud
Mohammed Mahmud 9 days ago
Google want to sell their small phones more than the big one.
D Mora
D Mora 10 days ago
I didn't realize it was trendy to hate notches. I think notches are fine, but they're definitely not preferred. Gotta get that screen to the end.
ImIzykArellano 13 days ago
This phone is so cool 😁😁😁😁😁
Hoodo Henna
Hoodo Henna 14 days ago
I guess I was so into my zmax I didn't care about other phones. Can you still activate this thru metro PC's?
Rio Jones
Rio Jones 19 days ago
Looks like so knock off iPhone or something
123mrbeefy 20 days ago
He sounds like a white guy
22k Rainbow
22k Rainbow 20 days ago
The things I don't like about my pixel 3 is I really wish I got anything but the Not Pink version the white and black look way better also my Verizon one has a locked bootloader
Brianna Mukadi
Brianna Mukadi 21 day ago
My dad going to buy the google pixel 3 but my sister have apple phone but I don’t no the goggle phone is a good phone? Can you tell my me google is good or not ????
Brianna Mukadi
Brianna Mukadi 21 day ago
Buy the phone for me not for her
Brianna Mukadi
Brianna Mukadi 21 day ago
My sister have the iPhone xr on apple but google is good or not ?
Adam Matak
Adam Matak 23 days ago
Got a brand new pixel 3 boxed also with google goodies message me for more info
Tobias 24 days ago
Wrong side for volume buttons in my opinion, but it's a nice showing when turning the volume up or down!
DEPREDADOR Blue.- 28 days ago
The Fallen Angel
The Fallen Angel 22 days ago
I assume you said iPhone is the best in the world, well, you’re wrong
Matt Libra
Matt Libra 29 days ago
So the camera on this beauty is better than iphoneX camera?
The Fallen Angel
The Fallen Angel 22 days ago
How is this a beauty?
gloriousholy 29 days ago
As far as notches go, this is Hitler's bristly moustache.
Siege Month ago
Android and Apple together πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Arnim Shtha
Arnim Shtha Month ago
I already have pixel 2xl panda variant and i love taking potrait mode from the primary camera so should i upgrade to pixel 3 specially for the portrait mode from the main camera or not? Is there any a big difference between pixel 2 or pixel 3 main primary camera? What should i do please suggest me...i m not asking for the front camera only for photo capturing from primary camera and for potrait mode
Steven broke my finger
Markass brownie
Win yanga
Win yanga Month ago
Notch, Notch, Notch, Notch, Notch ,Notch.... Everybody! Lol
Shagrof Month ago
J Rod
J Rod Month ago
looks like a nice phone. but probably wont be worth to upgrade my galaxy s7 yet.
Casey Waters
Casey Waters Month ago
i dropped my phone in a pool it was a i phone 6 R.I.P so im proabably going to get this one thanks for sharing :)
Casey Waters
Casey Waters Month ago
@Naythan Jones thanks for sharing your ideas!
Naythan Jones
Naythan Jones Month ago
Get a pixel 3a!!
Sam Park
Sam Park Month ago
Google doesn't disappoint
Alvin Henry
Alvin Henry Month ago
I don't know why I I'm always watching these reviews when I know I can't afford one πŸ˜‚
Dave Jones
Dave Jones Month ago
you get all this and more in the samsung s10?
Mudkip Legend
Mudkip Legend Month ago
Hello! iPhone XR user here, I have a secondary phone which is the first gen google pixel. The camera software is outstanding! I really like how when you take a picture or video it automatically saves to the Google Cloud!
DASH BARKS Month ago
No head phone jack 😒
Danays Silva
Danays Silva Month ago
Forget about the notches, I have a 2008 car, how am I supposed to listen to music if I forget the adapter? Are headphone jacks that difficult to design around? Do they make the phone more bulky? Help me understand! >.
tasha C
tasha C Month ago
Why do they put the finger print thing on the back!? Do they not know of phone covers?!!
Colin Wendt
Colin Wendt Month ago
Any phone cases are designed with openings for fingerprint sensors. This is quite standard.
Jelny Jaquez
Jelny Jaquez Month ago
Hey Marques! Have you noticed that Google pixel phones don't require a PIN/Password or anything to turn it off while is locked? This is a lack of security and one reason of why I would consider another phone... The majority of other phones have this. How come that Google doesn't have this in their phones in 2019?
Sachin Purewal
Sachin Purewal Month ago
bless they come with headphones
Phoebe Pillon
Phoebe Pillon Month ago
So no headphone jack so you can only use Bluetooth headphones
Jonathan Woodill
Say you get a pixel 3 as your first phone. When you put you google email in, does it use the the number on your gmail? Because i put my moms number and we cant share a phone
Ian Pender P
Ian Pender P Month ago
Are the speakers better on the XL
Michael Fawbert
Michael Fawbert Month ago
Must admit, this guy is the boyo when it comes to reviewing tech stuff, top guy.
PHNX EN3RG Month ago
Simply put. This is the ugliest phone I've ever seen.
Arif Limbalo
Arif Limbalo Month ago
i really like this phone
mangoKae Month ago
Can you sometimes mention the UI? I haven't gotten a chance to look at the design that google uses
Botond Bors
Botond Bors Month ago
Jeffrey Sunderland
Jeffrey Sunderland 2 months ago
What wall paper is in the video?
Frederickdawg 2 months ago
Did you pay for your pixel or was a " sample" sent to you in return for favourable review by Google? Similar to your Samsung reviews.
Block Party Saint
Block Party Saint 2 months ago
That notch can kiss my ass!
The Xardas
The Xardas 2 months ago
no jack no storage no interest
drico thomas
drico thomas 2 months ago
A speaker on the bottom...
Jasper van der Kamp
Jasper van der Kamp 2 months ago
Hey Guys, my iPhone is getting older and i would love to Get a new Phone and im considering the pixel 3. Would you Guys recomend this phone? And why? :) and should I Get the pixel 3 of the pixel 3a? For me the camera, speed and display quality are the most important. What do you guys think? Thanks guys!!! :)
MaRoOn MoNkEy747
MaRoOn MoNkEy747 2 months ago
P3XL surely wins ugliest notch award lol
Ikbal Hussain
Ikbal Hussain 2 months ago
Why do androids have to copy the iphones crappy notch. It just degrades the androids specially considering the notch was just lazy design they marketed as a gimmick.
Mitchell Kmatz
Mitchell Kmatz 2 months ago
Pixel is a joke trying to be apple...
sam zbieszkowski
sam zbieszkowski 2 months ago
Just don't get the bigger sized one. Smaller one=no notch
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