Google Drive: Uploading Files

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In this video, you’ll learn more about uploading files in Google Drive. Visit www.gcflearnfree.org/googledriveanddocs/uploading-files-to-google-drive/1/ for our text-based lesson.
This video includes information on:
• Converting files to Google Drive formats
• Uploading files and folders
• Converting files to Google Docs format
We hope you enjoy!

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Aug 24, 2015




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Comments 25
Pedro GamerXD
Pedro GamerXD 3 months ago
Thank for the help
GCFLearnFree.org 3 months ago
Sure thing!
Chetan Superman
Chetan Superman 3 months ago
Thank You :)
GCFLearnFree.org 3 months ago
You're welcome!
Lina Rathod
Lina Rathod 5 months ago
Hi.After uploading it into Google drive can I delete it on my phone or comp and still access it in Google drive?
GCFLearnFree.org 5 months ago
You should still be able to access the file, yes. However, since you may not always have an active connection to Google Drive, we can't say whether you should delete those files from your phone or computer. That decision is up to you!
Fazira Noor
Fazira Noor 6 months ago
Okay but how do we move a file to a different folder in drive???!!!!
GCFLearnFree.org 6 months ago
Click the file you wish to move, then click the three vertical dots near the top-right corner of the window. (They're below the Settings icon.) Select Move To, then click the arrow in the top-left corner of the window to see your Drive, including any folders you've created. Hope this helps!
Casey Kittel
Casey Kittel 9 months ago
A new video would be great!
gley_gley 11 months ago
I had some songs in a drive, I tried uploading them to google drive through a desktop, but I’m not able to listen to them when I log in on my phone. It says “problem with file” . I just dragged te files into google drive from my computer but doesn’t recognise . What’s going on?
ᴅʀᴀᴄᴜʟᴀ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ
Any help for android users?
Kieran MP
Kieran MP Year ago
Liked it
Muhammad Rauf
Muhammad Rauf Year ago
Ricardo Montanez
Whirlipie Year ago
can i add it to slide if picture
You can upload pictures to Google Drive and then add them to a presentation. We offer Google Slides videos that cover this as well: ruvid.net/group/PLpQQipWcxwt8VFQWcbUcmlHKejroVSzs0. Hope they help!
Anthony Wilson
Levon Hardy
Levon Hardy Year ago
Man, I been trying to upload videos on my google drive and it fails every time. Is there a way to resume/ continue the upload if it failes or was interrupted? It suck that the damn uploads fail and then I have to start the upload from the beginning.
Sorry, but we're not sure what might be happening here. You may have better luck contact Google directly via its Google Drive help page here: support.google.com/drive/?hl=en#topic=14940
Katherine Angel
Maggs Year ago
Sorry. I suggest you start on the launching of GDrive from the email. That's what I needed, for a client.
Sorry, but we don't have plans to update this video.
Miah Majasty
Miah Majasty Year ago
thanks a lot bro...😁😁😁
Salman Shuaib
Salman Shuaib 2 years ago
Thank you!!!
Power Fitness
Power Fitness 2 years ago
last week I've upgraded because my 15GB was full. I've installed the google drive app so I can work offline and synchronize. Then I copied my files to start synchronisation. But I notice it won't upgrade the new files (red crosses). Google Drive app shows that the reason files can't be uploaded because I haven't enough storage space. Looked in Google Drive storage online. It says I have a 100GB but the diagram to the left shows 15GB fully used.I looks like the upgrade somehow dit not process properly for last weeks still not updating my storage. Anybody an idea what I can do?
GCFLearnFree.org 2 years ago
We're not sure what would cause that, sorry. We'd recommend contacting Google support, though. Best of luck to you!
Gamer Cartt
Gamer Cartt 2 years ago
Can you help me I need to knwo this for my science fair project, how do you upload a document from google drive ONTO a fiel, and check the file size, PLEASE HELP ME.
GCFLearnFree.org 2 years ago
Hopefully this helps: ithelp.brown.edu/kb/articles/search-your-mail-and-google-drive-by-size.
Illousion in YouTube
i also have an iPad so how do you upload files in iPads
GCFLearnFree.org 2 years ago
You can click here for our iPad-specific videos. We hope they help! ruvid.net/group/PLF61ED46632342CFF
Matt Graham
Matt Graham 2 years ago
how do you pause an upload?!?!?!??
GCFLearnFree.org 2 years ago
While we're not sure about the ability to pause an upload, you should be given the option to cancel it before it's done uploading. We hope this helps!
Joseph Cayamanda
Joseph Cayamanda 3 years ago
thx dude i liked the vid and subscribe to make it up to u ;)
M P 3 years ago
Hello, Thank you for this video. You have made it with which video editing software. It is very clear and clear
GCFLearnFree.org 3 years ago
We use Camtasia. We're glad you like it!
John Davis
John Davis 3 years ago
Lol you can download games with a flash drive, them put them on a slide so that when you go on a chromebook, ( I am in 8th grade and have a chromebook from school and games are banned ) you can go on a game and it won't get blocked!
Craig Cothren
Craig Cothren 4 years ago
Really a great straight-to-the-point tutorial. Excellent job!
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