Good Luck Charlie cast reunion after 10 years!

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One of Disney's hit shows, 'Good Luck Charlie' premiered 10 years ago, and to celebrate, Mia Talerico (Charlie Duncan), Bridgit Mendler (Teddy Duncan), Leigh-Allyn Baker (Amy Duncan), Eric Allan Kramer (Bob Duncan), Jason Dolley (PJ) and Bradley Steven Perry (Gabe Duncan) have a reunion on a Zoom call!


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May 23, 2020




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Jorge Jaime
Jorge Jaime 7 days ago
Kalea 9 days ago
KkRae :D
KkRae :D 27 days ago
Laura 7 hours ago
Wtf they all look the same after all this time, even Mia
Heloísa Bergamo
Heloísa Bergamo 10 hours ago
fãs loucas do brasil KKKKKKKKK
emmy 12 hours ago
this is crazyyyyy
alexis t
alexis t 14 hours ago
The is the one show where everyone is still friends
325 For Life
325 For Life 14 hours ago
i don't approve of this why wasn't mrs dabney included
Juan Carlos Orozco
Juan Carlos Orozco 16 hours ago
I wish they could actually reunite,Hugs,Hand shakes,and just all together.
RJPManaloART 19 hours ago
They're finally doing reunions of shows I haven't seen around the time I stopped watching Disney channel. That's it, I'm officially old.
Gilby Rodriguez
Gilby Rodriguez 20 hours ago
The little brother is still super cute 🥰
Shannon& Wynter
Woah everyone looks the same except Mia obviously and BRIDGET IDK WHAT ITBIS SHE LOOKS THE SAME BUT SO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT
Erica Poling
Erica Poling Day ago
im watching the show by watching this
Gaming Beasts only
Where’s Toby lol
Its Fossa
Its Fossa Day ago
Oh my gosh, 10 years already. Where'd the time go? Also, the actor who played Toby should have been in this.
okayajrenne Day ago
bridget mendler is a queen go stream her music
Brown Is The New Beige
Anyone else wondering where Toby is?! lol
Lee B
Lee B Day ago
Bridget and Leigh-Allyn haven’t age and they look the same
Thea Koss
Thea Koss Day ago
bridgit is GORGEOUS
Thea Koss
Thea Koss Day ago
when eric said "thank you for being part of the family" i almost started crying i didnt realize i had such an emotional attachment to this show bye
TVshow Fanatic
When Eric said the most abused father on television my mind went to a scene from 9-1-1 when he was helping his daughter build a wall and shot a nail through his chest.
RyZCh Day ago
My wife and I like this show so much that we called our daughter Charlotte just to give her the nickname Charlie. Another fun fact is that Charlotte is not a common name in our country so people get surprised in a good way when they hear her name.
pizza time
pizza time 2 days ago
Did anyone else lowkey dislike Toby? Just me?..
ah kkaebsong
ah kkaebsong 3 days ago
Featuring the cast of 'Good Luck Charlie' + Greg Paul
Rainbow Ferrret
Rainbow Ferrret 3 days ago
Where’s Toby?
Rainbow Ferrret
Rainbow Ferrret 2 days ago
@PusheenBoy51 and…
PusheenBoy51 2 days ago
He’s like 6
DeadEnigma LL
DeadEnigma LL 3 days ago
That beard though
Mia Vent
Mia Vent 3 days ago
Gabe just stole my heart ❤️
Ximena Lopez
Ximena Lopez 3 days ago
Mía is so pretty!!
Alli H
Alli H 3 days ago
The guy who played PJ looks like he got one of the evil goatees from Community
George Salazar1334
did charlie grow up
Maria Venegas Acosta
Alguien lo puede subtitular en español pliss 👏
Rosie Vids
Rosie Vids 3 days ago
Jayden Jones
Jayden Jones 3 days ago
Okay but where’s the queen Ivy at?
Mia looks like she could actually be Bridgit's sister.
{ *SunnyXFlower*}
I literally watch this show everytime ji love this show
John Foster
John Foster 4 days ago
They should do a reboot or something I love this show
Rachel O
Rachel O 4 days ago
the fact that mia is old enough to form coherent sentences is so crazy to me
Nayalis Rosado
Nayalis Rosado 4 days ago
Andre Coetzee
Andre Coetzee 4 days ago
Why can't they make a second part of good luck charlie. Like where Charlie reads all the video diaries and she learns out of them.
Sinister Ferb
Sinister Ferb 4 days ago
I miss this show so much
Sydney Curtis
Sydney Curtis 4 days ago
Just for this video imma pretend that Leigh-Allyn Baker isnt canceled
Sydney Curtis
@Toni Unboxed she called wearing masks "an overreaching suggestion". She anti vaccine, anti masks, supports police murdering people, and last but not least supports trump 🤮
Toni Unboxed
Toni Unboxed Day ago
What did she do?
Simone Busgith15
Simone Busgith15 6 days ago
Who’s laughing at dj over there
odera 6 days ago
Where's Mrs Dabney?
Valeria Esparza
Valeria Esparza 6 days ago
Is it just me or am I realizing that how lucky we got with the shows we got not what the little kids watch now
Indian 4477
Indian 4477 6 days ago
How many of u r from Best of luck nikki
Yourfavanimeperson 123
But wait wheres toby 🤔
Jorge Jaime
Jorge Jaime 7 days ago
Gie gie
Gie gie 7 days ago
Did anyone else hear her say DJ instead of PJ
Darth Matt
Darth Matt 7 days ago
Am i the only one that thought it was weird gabe was the only brunette in the family all the others are blonde😂
Riversidechat 8 days ago
Anyone else feel incredibly old rn lmao
I’m pIg OiNk oInK
This hurt right in the childhood 😔
Mamba Fan
Mamba Fan 8 days ago
Ivy Spencer and Emmitt Wonder what those guys been upto
Seryna Ramos
Seryna Ramos 9 days ago
Yea I’m saying it now Bradley is fine
Jae Flo
Jae Flo 9 days ago
We need a show called "Good Luck Toby" where Charlie uses teddy's videos to help her life and makes her own for Gabe to use
Goat Lover for ever
This made me cry 😭
S.A 10 days ago
DMANIACK05 11 days ago
Why Eric giving me Stone cold Steve Austin vibes a little bit
Mariam John
Mariam John 13 days ago
I loved Good Luck Charlie so much
Acadia Reece
Acadia Reece 13 days ago
Amy really has not aged
Jose Guandique
Jose Guandique 13 days ago
Good luck Charlie reunion
Pablo David Condoleo
Hola soy braham jackson David condoleo y Bradley Steven perry son novios el mundo real bombonazo romántico dulce tierno la pareja perfecta para siempre forever tredra anillo 2020
Destiny Sue
Destiny Sue 14 days ago
low key miss good luck charlie
Jasmine Logan
Jasmine Logan 14 days ago
The funny part is in one of the episodes tj imagined him looking how he looks now
Zayden Coatney
Zayden Coatney 14 days ago
Oml Bradley-Gabe he played in one of my favorite movies "Pants on fire" (Netflix)
Starla Hahn
Starla Hahn 15 days ago
I loved good luck Charlie 💜💖💖💖💖💖
Madeleine Van der Merwe
It's insane seeing Charlie have a full on conversation😱
Hannah Mayer
Hannah Mayer 16 days ago
they need to make another episode of them being like this i miss good luck charli
ᄒᄌᄉ 16 days ago
I'm glad to see my first sitcom's actors again on youtube!!! It was the first foreign program what I had met on five and it's also my favorite program for now on. I saw it in korean version but now I can understand the meanings so I'm watching it again in original version! I hope all of this program's actors to be happy for a long. I love you guys♥️ And i'll wait until it becomes 20 anniversary.
RickeGnool 17 days ago
It's scary how similar Mia looks too Bridgit now.
BangtanFanBoii 18 days ago
Amy and Gabe are the only ones that look the same tho
roxy dixon Dixon
roxy dixon Dixon 18 days ago
I didnt even recognize pj
roxy dixon Dixon
roxy dixon Dixon 18 days ago
Amy hasn't aged she looks the same
Johan Sson
Johan Sson 18 days ago
What are Stone Cold Steve Austin doing here 👀 has he gone soft!?? 🤔 🤔
Kendra Mazzu
Kendra Mazzu 18 days ago
Kendra Mazzu
Kendra Mazzu 18 days ago
Bradley Steven Perry made me cryyy
Loryn Jae
Loryn Jae 19 days ago
where’s toby attttt
Lightin GALL
Lightin GALL 19 days ago
seeing this was so dam amazing! i showed it to my younger siblings and they watch it all the time.... im 16 and i watched this show all throw out my childhood. UwU
BAY VE BAYAN MAUSE 19 days ago
Türkiyeden varsa like ve Gabe çok değişmiş tatlılığını kaybetmiş.
Jenna Riddle
Jenna Riddle 20 days ago
Good Luck Charlie was one of my most favorite Disney Channel TV series growing up! I always loved watching Good Luck Charlie every day on the Disney Channel! My two favorite characters on the show are Teddy Duncan and Charlie Duncan! I loved how Teddy did all of those video diaries of her little sister Charlie! Bridgit was the coolest ever as Teddy! I also loved how Charlie was always such a cute adorable little baby with a lot of love! Mia was also the coolest ever as Charlie! I’d sure love to see Mia in a new TV series someday! That would be way cool! It’s awesome to have the cast of Good Luck Charlie back again 10 years later! This is an awesome video by the way! 🤗
Gabryella Arevalo
Gabryella Arevalo 20 days ago
Alright. Pero where Ms.Dabney @?😭
LieuLieu Bear
LieuLieu Bear 21 day ago
I’m about to go back and rewatch it on Disney+💕💕💕💕
LieuLieu Bear
LieuLieu Bear 21 day ago
Good luck Charlie rebute please!!!!!!😂😂😂 throw backs
Tina Butler
Tina Butler 21 day ago
How old is all they now
2000series 21 day ago
Jason Dolley is the best
Jackpot Jackson
Jackpot Jackson 21 day ago
Omg pj's glow up tho. He has a beard!!!
zak_28 22 days ago
I know how most ppl are saying they should make “thank you Teddy” I think that if they do do that it would be brilliant but long for them so I would honestly just be happy with a special episode or a short movie They probably won’t but I’m just saying.
Osama Bin Ballin
Osama Bin Ballin 22 days ago
lmao when bradley brought up the birds and the bees everyone smiled but mia lol she had no idea what that was
Nicolás 22 days ago
Le faltaron poner más subtitulos :(
Nicolás 22 days ago
Ooohhh que buen video 👌👌 Saludos de Costa Rica 🇨🇷👍
Sakura2bloom TP
Sakura2bloom TP 22 days ago
I saw Bridget Mendler and Mia and when I saw mia I was like “who’s that she looks like Bridget, WAIT DONT TELL ME THATS CHARLIE”
Sakura2bloom TP
Sakura2bloom TP 22 days ago
I saw Bridget Mendler and Mia and when I saw mia I was like “who’s that she looks like Bridget, WAIT DONT TELL ME THATS CHARLIE”
Sia S.
Sia S. 22 days ago
God I’m so old💀
Camrentooreal cam
Camrentooreal cam 23 days ago
Last good show on Disney Channel. I’m so happy I was able to watch the good stuff! ❤️
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez 23 days ago
Los subtitulos en español se cortan a la mitad :(
Makena Iacobucci
Makena Iacobucci 23 days ago
Winter Nuke
Winter Nuke 23 days ago
Who else feels old seeing Mia Talerico in 2020?
dsignrdave 23 days ago
Yes where is Toby?
Princess Gigi
Princess Gigi 23 days ago
Amy Duncan disappoints me , she’s a antimasker and a turnip supporter
Alexa's Life
Alexa's Life 24 days ago
Where's tobby
Soraya Adefris
Soraya Adefris 24 days ago
I used to love this show so much
Ella Johnson
Ella Johnson 24 days ago
I totally forgot about Toby chjjtdgkj OMG!!!
Kassidy Zavala
Kassidy Zavala 24 days ago
i don’t think they should have someone who doesn’t know the show or watched the whole show, interview people. lmaooo
Kassidy Zavala
Kassidy Zavala 24 days ago
DJ’s my favorite character wow
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