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Published on


Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 7 320
Demarino Stubbs
Demarino Stubbs 9 hours ago
Latifah nobles
Latifah nobles 22 hours ago
I cried 😫😫🙈🙈😍I can't believe you guys are really having a baby 😩 😥😢😢😢
Tay & Dev
Tay & Dev Day ago
We wish you a healthy pregnancy and congratulations💙🥰
Tay & Dev
Tay & Dev Day ago
GoldJuice is one of our many favorite couple RUvid channels!🙌🏽💛
Keiah B!
Keiah B! Day ago
december 29 2014
Keiah B!
Keiah B! Day ago
thats my brother birthday
Thatch Family
My son look just like his dad literally spitting image. And my son 1 and pregnant now. Babies don't be planned and I was on birth control
MM _xo
MM _xo Day ago
Will got the pre baby shower Burberry shirt 😂😂😭
Emily Lucas
Emily Lucas 2 days ago
Congrats On 1 m views ! Prob not the first def not the last !
lons world
lons world 2 days ago
Brittany Shawnae
Brittany Shawnae 3 days ago
December 29th is my birthday 😍 congratulations y'all!!!
SHOOK BITCH 3 days ago
I leave RUvid for a minute and come back to find out y'all PREGNANTTT???? Y'all look good and beautiful and glowing I'm so happy for y'all wth 😭😍😍😍
Alexa Arias
Alexa Arias 5 days ago
Stacey Louis
Stacey Louis 5 days ago
Look how happy she is ❤️❤️❤️
mayy x
mayy x 5 days ago
BABY BOY FINNA BE A DRIPPED OUT BABY!😍❤️#goldjuice for ever uno🥰
Reabetswe Makhene
Congrats ya'll!!!😍
KC Hjra
KC Hjra 7 days ago
Omgggg!!! They are having a baby??? Haven’t watched this channel in so long but I’m glad they having a baby.
Rosy Guzman
Rosy Guzman 7 days ago
Song from the end of the video??
Ricantv 7 days ago
Lol my birthday on December 30
wario in waluigi show
I love when God blesses you with boys first so when you guys have another child boy or girl. They'll have q big brother who always got their back congrats 💎
JulieJules Longman
loool football team..Will cracks me up every time tbh
Miya Corbin
Miya Corbin 8 days ago
Helena Begum
Helena Begum 8 days ago
You to look cute your baby will be beautiful
Trinity Grant
Trinity Grant 9 days ago
Congrats on your boy.
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 9 days ago
His bday a day after mine
Terry Bradford
Terry Bradford 9 days ago
Cimorn Rodgers
Cimorn Rodgers 9 days ago
so happy you guys got what you wanted.....congrats
Céline Gadenne
Céline Gadenne 9 days ago
You are so cute omg😚
Jazlene Mendoza
Jazlene Mendoza 10 days ago
December 29 is my mom birthday omg well I can't wait to see the little boy❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙
FUNNYXAYY TV 10 days ago
Audrie Silva
Audrie Silva 11 days ago
Y’all r so fucken cute and look so happy
Lissa Placide
Lissa Placide 11 days ago
Capricorn gang !! HAAAN , Baby boy is going to be the most calm baby
Jamika Taper
Jamika Taper 11 days ago
Congrats On Y’all Baby Boy 💙🥰
B G 12 days ago
I knew it was a boy!!!
Kelis Smith
Kelis Smith 12 days ago
OMA TV 12 days ago
Congratulations 💯
angel Crowley
angel Crowley 13 days ago
Who else was counting down with them 😩😭💙
Ella Spelta
Ella Spelta 14 days ago
AHHHHH MY BDAY IS ON THE 29 th of December!!!!! Dhsusuayxhsnna
Ella Spelta
Ella Spelta 14 days ago
I’m lowkey going to cry I remember 2 years ago when they did the no hand kissing challenge and now this gender reveal😢
Myzz Laydee
Myzz Laydee 14 days ago
Liv really did look absolutely beautiful in this video. I kno for an absolute f'n fact that their son is gna be so freaking handsome 😍 when they have a baby girl omg she's gna be so freaking beautiful.
Chardae' Craig
Chardae' Craig 14 days ago
I have a strong feeling it’s a boy!! Let’s find out...
Karen Shaw
Karen Shaw 14 days ago
congrats on it being a boy.....I have 3 boys then a girl....I`m so glad I had my boys 1st....they protect their sister to no end…….. not only does a boy have to worry about meeting her dad....but also her step~dad then 3 brothers....congrats again
Bonjaneke marshall
Bonjaneke marshall 14 days ago
Dec is my birthday day
Tondalaya Coleman
Tondalaya Coleman 15 days ago
My birthday dec20
Good girl Kay
Good girl Kay 16 days ago
Love @gold juice❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Orange Socks
Orange Socks 16 days ago
Im so happy for y’all omg 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Zion Toney
Zion Toney 16 days ago
Awwwwwwwwwww its a boy
Cita Cita
Cita Cita 17 days ago
Tht was so cute
Lenae Dawson
Lenae Dawson 17 days ago
Lydia Santana
Lydia Santana 18 days ago
Aw he really wanted a girl.
Lydia Santana
Lydia Santana 18 days ago
You look so beautifulllll
Lydia Santana
Lydia Santana 18 days ago
Why am i just finding out about your pregnancy wow congrats
jocelyn corley
jocelyn corley 18 days ago
Do y'all think they wanted a baby all along when they did I want a baby now prank
_Faithful Girl
_Faithful Girl 18 days ago
Congratulations so happy for you both
Stacey Njuguna
Stacey Njuguna 19 days ago
Yay.. go down if u can't wait Boyyyy!!😃😃😃👼🏽
jade marie
jade marie 19 days ago
imagine the baby is born on new year’s eve instead of the 29th lmfao
Mason 19 days ago
You post to save the “babyshower” shirt for the babyshower 😂 if you know you know 😭😭
Loyalty 19 days ago
This how I’m trying to be 🙏🏽💕
XO XO 19 days ago
We’re having a boy tooo !! 🥰🥰💙💙 ruvid.net/show-UCM8EuePWnJ4e7Z85zbjU4UQ
Somur Time
Somur Time 19 days ago
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