Golden State Warriors vs Utah Jazz Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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May 10, 2021




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Rover Dela cruz
Rover Dela cruz Month ago
WTF ! Jordan clarkson .. so proud of you.
נטיי מנגיסטן
Clarkson n this it
Peter Falzon
Peter Falzon Month ago
Golden State Warriors vs Utah Jazz
ess yjm
ess yjm Month ago
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Kat Dc
Kat Dc Month ago
JTAs fake passes to Curry show results. 🔥 3:13
Dolan Am
Dolan Am Month ago
What if klay was on d court??? Jazz would start doing disco.....
Aasar Ptah
Aasar Ptah Month ago
GSW throw back years SC and DG played ball both offence and Defence enable the win against the Spirited Jazz......
Michael Stephenson
NBA acknowledged that they missed 3 fouls on the jazz in the last 30 seconds.
Eduardo Pacheco
Eduardo Pacheco Month ago
Una locura!! 🔥🔥🔥
Jong Pi
Jong Pi Month ago
Warriors will be facing a challenge in the next few years Poole,Mulder and JTA's worth will increase.
Harry Nugroho
Harry Nugroho Month ago
Steph 🎯
Rene Estebal Gastanes Jr.
Unphazd Month ago
Christoper june Varona
Clarkson lang sakalam..
Jayson Pedreña
Jayson Pedreña Month ago
Credits to Clarkson. What a performance. 🔥🔥
jeffdaddy jeffrey
At 6:32 when Poole saw the time and went Curry with a Three
Restoration333 Month ago
hello everyone
Chris Phally
Chris Phally Month ago
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Papa Kofi Ammissa
9:30 Steph's smile.....woooowwww. How can you ever hate Steph Curry. HE IS THE TRUE MVP
curry good
0025 travis
0025 travis Month ago
Sometime, I misunderstand No15 is Steph Curry.
RockyTooGucci 3
RockyTooGucci 3 Month ago
Clarkson played his heart out
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Month ago
Jazz made a good comeback, at it was tense at the end, but there was a big stretch in the 2nd half where I was thinking "Which team is #1 in the West and Which team is in the play-in tournament?" - If this becomes the 1st Round matchup, GSW have a Legit Shot-- also Jordan Poole's shot at the end of the 3rd qtr was Bank
Yanto Mahadi
Yanto Mahadi Month ago
Good to see some fans can go back in the stadium. Stay safe to all of you guys in the US.
MADAGASCAR xii Month ago
UTA 4th Q scoring is 41 against GSW's 30. That's quite a run!
KTV Made
KTV Made Month ago
Tbh respect for Clarkson having such a strong game, but at the end Bogdanović shoudl have get the Ball
MADAGASCAR xii Month ago
Andrew Wiggins is becoming very deadly! GSW will go for 70+ wins next season with healthy Klay and Center.
MADAGASCAR xii Month ago
So proud of Jordan Clarkson! We're rooting for you! 💯💪💪💪
Bethany Harrison
Ball boy get out of the way 😂
Marquis Blakemore
I’m Glad y’all actually showed the clothes shots at the end of the game unlike the other video another page posted
don kingoftheworld
this game was like road runner vs coyote... warriors were Beep Beep from start to finish... kerr great coaching
Philip Motosue
Philip Motosue Month ago
Golden state might just play the Jazz in playoffs
Czech-Filipino Couple Vlog
7:24 That was J.Harden.
RebornKingz Month ago
Man that first shot for the lead late at the end should have went in. He split the double team and then hit a mean step back on Bog and it rimmed out. Thank god Wiggins and looney was hustling for that rebound or else they would have lost
Diego Aponte
Diego Aponte Month ago
This is another we believe season
Drewbii Month ago
Looney is so crucial
Jack O'Neill
Jack O'Neill Month ago
9:07 Battling back from 18 down with 8 minutes to go in the fourth, now with a 1 point lead, Rudy Gee, two time DPOY, goes to sleep in the key and let's Baze go back door. I'm not saying Rudy Gee is terrible, but his rep is sooo over blown, a la Deandre Jordan.
Zorlek Month ago
"and thats what utah does. they make SIMP"
Daffa Farel Gustavito
good defense by draymond🙏🏻
Rodrigo Soares
Rodrigo Soares Month ago
Golbert should have grabbed that last rebound. The guy is sometimes very clumsy.
rocco cicoria
rocco cicoria Month ago
Steph MVP, no doubt for me. Draymon giant. But Clarkson is a star!
Saint Wretched
Saint Wretched Month ago
As the only PG on the Jazz lineup, Clarkson had 0 assists. The boy is a ball magnet?
Wildan Alhafidz
Wildan Alhafidz Month ago
omg that defense is really good, but curry still went 36 😐😐😐😐😐
Minoru Mineta
Minoru Mineta Month ago
Thumbnail looking like a cover of a horror book
Deven Shivolo
Deven Shivolo Month ago
That Poole kid is special
Happy Hour 1
Happy Hour 1 Month ago
I loved that Jordan Clarkson took the responsability of the offense even though he missed the last shot 💪
Goodboy30 Month ago
Being at that game man, when Curry hit that clutch 3 the crowd was roaring sounded like the whole arena full attendance
Almost 💪🏻
LEN90 Month ago
Clarkson taking 33 shots..... 😬
Bartłomiej Month ago
Jordan Poole is becoming the closest thing Warriors wanted in Klay's absence in offense. He is becoming more reliable as a scorer and can create for himself if he has to. Sad that Wiggins is worse after promising 1st half of the season.
Steven Edrada
Steven Edrada Month ago
The crowd is back🔥
RG King Mello
RG King Mello Month ago
MVP Steph🔥
I am Blitz
I am Blitz Month ago
JC for 6th man and MIP?
Bach Pregil
Bach Pregil Month ago
Clarkson ballhog
tune! Month ago
9:24 it was bouta be a jazz dub but looney w the clutch tip
Strongest D
Strongest D Month ago
retro boi 6:30
J Son
J Son Month ago
Clarkson unstoppable 🔥🔥🔥
MrEstate Month ago
No one can guard curry
Angelina Gonzales
I will not be surprise if warriors will get to championship level with their persistence, and hard work 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👋👋👋
Ben Joven
Ben Joven Month ago
My guy Steph unconscious but Jazz the deepest team in the NBA, 6 players > 10 PPG, 8 players with > 15 MPG, def my pick to win the West. Pretty sure it’s going to be Nets and Jazz
_VPE_Skye_ Month ago
kent is trash asf
Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos Month ago
Clarkson got good game, Jazz def has a shot at the chip if theyre healthy
Szczubi Month ago
9:31 😈
Bay Area510
Bay Area510 Month ago
Green Curry combo is soooooo not talked about enough.
Leaf Anew
Leaf Anew Month ago
half court 3-point oh my...
jdkelly_28 Month ago
Jazz in 4 against warriors Round 1
lulabelle lewis
lulabelle lewis Month ago
The warriors came to play
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Month ago
This is the reason why Steph deserves mvp. Every game he tries so hard to carry his team since they are nothing without him
Legima Titanji
Legima Titanji Month ago
Clarkson was balling.
Black Void
Black Void Month ago
Clarckson underrated
Tatianaplay Month ago
Jordan Poole and bazemore stepped up!!!!!! Draymond defense And good offense plays came through. Stephen Curry is just a god so even on his off nights he amazes me. Good team win.
Ian Chong
Ian Chong Month ago
how did wiggins let the hottest jazz cut in just like that at the close
Kardell Hooks
Kardell Hooks Month ago
When Curry is playing it's like he's making the Defenders look like they can't defend
Peter Lo
Peter Lo Month ago
he is so good
Joselito Yonzon
Joselito Yonzon Month ago
Cynthia Tumewu
Cynthia Tumewu Month ago
Curry really got a magic hand
Just HitWick
Just HitWick Month ago
Needless to say, you can't blow a 17 point lead in the 4th guys, come on. You made all that hard work pointless
Arent Jan Linde
Arent Jan Linde Month ago
Loved every second
Adolfo Rios
Adolfo Rios Month ago
When the bench shows up and the refs aren’t helping Lebron win, the warriors can beat anyone. 🙀👽
SCITG.61 W.陳柏燁
U know who the real MVP is SC30🐐
p Month ago
Jazz needs to fix their big hole in rebound. They are half the GSW’s.
iago mello
iago mello Month ago
curry and clarkson, battle of beasts
Blop Month ago
Golden State played so well against Utah a tough defensive team not a GS fan but they really came through
Daniel Tatum
Daniel Tatum Month ago
JC got hammered on that last play, Even tho it was a foul then again can’t expect the refs to call that maybe he should of stepped back and taken 10/15 footer shot instead
The Basketball Historian
Curry willing his team to a #7-8 finish. #7-8 makes a world of a difference as you only need to win one game in the play-in tournament to make the playoffs. So inspirational man.
leo hernandez
leo hernandez Month ago
The ref didnt call foul at the last seconds bias.
dwayne coleman
dwayne coleman Month ago
MVP right there.
Tiago Santos
Tiago Santos Month ago
Curry = clutch, Steph for MVP no doubt about it, props to Jordan Clarkson what an amazing game, just out of his mind. Huge win for the Warriors
Henry Month ago
Draymond playing great lately
Jpaul Pereira
Jpaul Pereira Month ago
Nobody notices that, but we gradually end up with a team where everyone is dangerous, Mulder, JTA, Lee, Poole, Looney gradually and especially Bazemoore. Add to that the return of Oubre and maybe a good form of Wiggins and voilà
etang5 Month ago
I like the new recap stat images at the end! It's usually the first thing I want to go check for context :P Thanks and great work!!
Spencer Brooks
Spencer Brooks Month ago
Steph is playing like his self in 2016
Grand Scratch
Grand Scratch Month ago
Ivanzter Month ago
Everyone talking about curry, but no one is talking about Jordan Poole and basemore, Poole is a future all star and warriors have improved dramatically, they seem to play way better without oubre
Com Ceill
Com Ceill Month ago
Wow more love GSW..go go to win
Rizky Riv Alhamid
31.2 ppg.. curry for MVP
Ladyaira Feliciano
Mishael William
Mishael William Month ago
Warriors with 8 roster man
CorrectedByJi Month ago
JC tho!