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Every Golden Buzzer On America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent Golden Buzzers from 2019!
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Dec 30, 2019




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Kinza Batool
Kinza Batool 3 hours ago
What's that song played when Tyler gets the golden buzzer?
Marcela Ojeda
Marcela Ojeda 6 hours ago
I’m in love with the way you shine✨✨✨✨
retired yo
retired yo 19 hours ago
crying cause i see others success in life...me not im alone in im getting old.for a simpple life but thanks god for my life that he given to me...
Kristina Day ago
I didn’t grow up in flint man, but I could relate 100% to what Mr Terry Crews had to say 😔. He a real one
shahnaz fathirrizky
They all deserved it..😘😍🎉 i love all of them, including Giorgia ... Is she really 10 Years old that time? Wow... she composed that song by her self and she exactly hit the correct notes. I want to buy the full version.... It's really amazing. Once again, I love all of themm so much..😍🎉🤗🤗
Skyler Jones
Skyler Jones Day ago
Uhhhh that just gave me chills all over and my eyes water that is , just so amazing and heartwarming and it is just so inspiring
Elmort Em Em
Elmort Em Em Day ago
Terry crying is a fckn tears bomb on me.
Mabel Zapata-Jaquez
" I will throw you across the stadium " 😄😂😂
Analisa Patino
I am learning violin. I know I will never be as moving as Tyler butler, even after a million performances. I’m not crying. You are
Locutus Day ago
What's with all these sad moping stories. For once I want to see a happy story
Georgios Toulias
He may not be able to talk perfectly, but DAWMMMM he Singsssssss, I am not crying you are.
Anjelica Arias
meli Walker
meli Walker Day ago
Wow that’s just amazing... I am so happy to hear such a beautiful voice.. I’m crying so bad right now cause this is just amazing 😭😍😍😍❤️🥺
Coach_Rick Dorian
6:20 Die Mutter Denkt sich nur könnte er das Sehen Möghe allah den beiden kraft geben biss am ende ihrer tage
rudy sapoetra
It's all about Inspiration for people, the Blind young'mans have A Big Talented in music. Good Voice, strong interpersonal and be Hummble
tommy montgomery
tommy montgomery 2 days ago
iqra awan
iqra awan 2 days ago
this is amazing so beautiful , i got all teary 🤍
chloe jacquet
chloe jacquet 2 days ago
I cried with EVERY audition
chloe jacquet
chloe jacquet 2 days ago
I think I cried with every video
Jordan May
Jordan May 2 days ago
I wish i could shake Tyler's hand and tell him how much of an inspiration he is to the world. No adult in this world has the strength or motivation to go through what that young man went through and come through like he has with his head held high, standing strong ready to show them bullies just how wrong they are. My message to Tyler is take your violin with you wherever you go and drown them bullies out with that beautiful sound you create. If playing the violin makes you happy then play it forever and let that feeling of being proud radiate throught you. There are no words to describe how truly amazing you are. Congratulations Tyler and keep spraying your inspiration.
Dan Seavey
Dan Seavey 2 days ago
I literally cried on kodi's performance, i salute his mother! shes the best
o1a1k 2 days ago
TTW Witness
TTW Witness 2 days ago
Tyler Butler got bullied for having cancer. Me: Getting laughed at for being short
Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig 2 days ago
TTW Witness Being short is a serious condition, someone might call you a dwarf...
Quang Tú Nguyễn
11:20 what song?
Nada Ibrahim
Nada Ibrahim 3 days ago
That is a beautiful voice 😍
AhmedDzN 3 days ago
Kodi sounds like the weeknd
Tabatha Mickey
Tabatha Mickey 3 days ago
Beautiful!! Tears running down my face!!
Jackie Wills
Jackie Wills 3 days ago
Bless his heart! He deserved the win!
Jack 3 days ago
People who are differently abled live life better cause they know it’s value
Swørd Tv
Swørd Tv 4 days ago
It brought tears outta my eyes😭😭 Give me d names of those that bullied u
Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig 2 days ago
Swørd Tv I could do that but then you would take them out...
Juan Perez
Juan Perez 4 days ago
he’s more talented than all of us nd he’s blind nd autistic
Sam Pam
Sam Pam 4 days ago
Why am I here, at this time, knowing I'm gonna cry??? I'm literally tearing up in all the performances, because they just show how much happiness is important.
Who made fun of that kid for having cancer.... I just wanna talk
Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig 2 days ago
FilmMakerGirlChina No you don't, you want to kick ass 😁.
You can say it Tanoli vlog
Ohh my God I’m proud on my self Best of luck young boy hope you healthy life
You can say it Tanoli vlog
I got tears We see this fire well but he just feel that moment ohhh my God
Psycho bot
Psycho bot 4 days ago
mh no list... no attention on the performer... damn
Psycho bot
Psycho bot 4 days ago
no way i can find out who they are... sad
Chantel Angelique
Kodi and his mom are inspirational!
truongthai truobg Blogs
final fantasy
Kai Vicari
Kai Vicari 5 days ago
Joeseph Allen.... Get off the street private Allen!!!!
glassgames 5 days ago
I'm not crying, your crying.
iranhy heart
iranhy heart 5 days ago
amazing video
Oliver Eriksson
Oliver Eriksson 5 days ago
I am 13 years old boy i started crying when i saw all those kids
Dar Andrew
Dar Andrew 6 days ago
I cried to all of these and praised god
Manuel Rendon
Manuel Rendon 6 days ago
I can't.. I just can't... :*(
Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig 2 days ago
Manuel Rendon Yes you can, baby steps. Just take baby steps...
Vipul 6 days ago
I guess this is the 10th time I must have watched this video but it is never enough.
Charles Hammoud
Charles Hammoud 6 days ago
Jesus christ dude
Tef 6 days ago
52:23 I watched this live on tv when I lived in the UK, and I loved every second of his performance
Tushar Dhoundhiyal
Last one got my nipples cutting glass
ᴘɪɴᴋ ᴍᴏᴏɴ
The fact that Kodi couldn't saw that everybody was on his feets makes me cry.
Kookie c:
Kookie c: 6 days ago
Same! He is soooo talented💜 also hi army!
Cvv Fhf
Cvv Fhf 7 days ago
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja
abu kad
abu kad 7 days ago
I love black people and also white we r one 💥💥💥💪💪💪
Divya Nair
Divya Nair 7 days ago
When Akshit started dancing and also when Kodi started singing everyone was like: 👁👄👁
Forrest mori
Forrest mori 7 days ago
41:37 can someone tell me what is the title of this song
iPanacea 7 days ago
1:07:36 Alishas t-shirt is from Ukraine
justin jones
justin jones 7 days ago
20:17 was a track sorry
DevilPaks Insta
DevilPaks Insta 7 days ago
its the first act and im crying already. edit: im crying the whole video.
Tubagus Bayu Subagja
36:00 wht song ?
Patricia McCoy
Patricia McCoy 7 days ago
is it me or kody brother look like k pop and i wanna mary him from k pop
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 8 days ago
Is it RUvid putting this many commercials in or is it just this channel? Way to many interruptions
Peepz4Ever 8 days ago
57:28 like i know im funny but are you joking me?
justin jones
justin jones 7 days ago
Black reparations in golden buzzers
Danny Lavala
Danny Lavala 8 days ago
I cant stop crying like a baby. I love Terry. He is such a good person. I lost it when he gave the choir the golden buzzer
sillygoose 8 days ago
okay but that one kid had his eyes popping out his head it’s scary💀
Anja Escheberg
Anja Escheberg 8 days ago
After view months , I see the World, I know , shows, like this are the admission ticket for the world of pedophiles. Every girl, woman, boy or man, which have talent and dont win , dont accept the laws of this World to be a big star and they dont sell their soul for a little bit attention.to All little young singers, you dont need a big stage to heal the world, you do it with your voice and your personality
justin jones
justin jones 7 days ago
Kody was the only talent in this video. Rest were coloured sympathy golden buzzers
jayaraj johnson
jayaraj johnson 8 days ago
Luke Aslam & the Kids choir ...the best...
teavup 8 days ago
Omg Tyler the boy who played violin ..wow did that have me in tears ..Just an amazing young man who's had to be so strong ..so proud
Solange De Fatima Ribeiro Collodel
Meraviglioso...ouro meritato....
MrSoBitchy 9 days ago
13:32 this dude's charisma is on another level, it's unreachable
MASTUR BIKER 10 days ago
I've only watched the first one, Cody. I'd be a freakin mess if I was a judge on this show....
Mo Salah246
Mo Salah246 10 days ago
Plllllllz i want the song name time 23:25 🙏🙏🙏
Daisy Sousa
Daisy Sousa 10 days ago
I didn’t expect myself to cry so much during these performances
Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig 2 days ago
Daisy Sousa Don't worry you are not alone...
Basheer Abdulla
Basheer Abdulla 11 days ago
See his confidence He Challenged the anchor !
Variant 11 days ago
I bet the kid with cancer practiced fortnite dances
R R 11 days ago
Hiden Biden the fake Catholic commercials keep interrupting the video.
News Now Tammy Lynn Lynn
the boy with the violin dont play that thing he makes it sing
Chancellor Musatenda
I almost cry guys
Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig 2 days ago
Chancellor Musatenda Almost is not good enough, CRY!!! 😁
Galicias Gone
Galicias Gone 11 days ago
Galicias Gone
Galicias Gone 11 days ago
Tumor Board
Tumor Board 12 days ago
I wasn't prepared for Kodi... 😭❤️...God bless you...
Angel Muñoz Moraga
bad guy billie eilish
Michael Ashong
Michael Ashong 12 days ago
I find it hard to cry ..buh I literally cried when I watched the judge press the golden buzzer for Kodi... I mean being autistic alone is a very big challenge and to be blind all together ?? Omg
shewon nez
shewon nez 12 days ago
I cry every time they push the golden buzzer. ❤️
Raphael Bataglia Rodrigues
I love Terry's reaction in the back in the when the boy sang
Devesh Arya
Devesh Arya 15 days ago
All of them deserved this 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Mendoza__ 15 days ago
My boyyyyy codyyyy thoo
김성배 15 days ago
38분에 나오는 노래 제목이 먼가요?
so amazing...
marcos brito
marcos brito 15 days ago
I think im dehydrated
Alex Lauff
Alex Lauff 15 days ago
Every of these auditions made me cry
Linda Lee
Linda Lee 16 days ago
FS is at 42:57.
Leo Malpartida
Leo Malpartida 16 days ago
Julia Busch
Julia Busch 16 days ago
To everyone disliking a video like this, why? Like for real, why do you dislike such a beautiful, heartwarming video?
Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig 2 days ago
Julia Busch BOOM! 💥💨. This comment has been guineApproved! 🌸🌼🌻
Skillful U-Tubist Gaming
damn akshat singh made my day
TED Spidy Gaming
TED Spidy Gaming 17 days ago
The happiest man alive is Joseph... His smile is astonishing
Крепышок Сольвычегодский
Эвон как белых ненавидят.
samuel samson
samuel samson 19 days ago
Ember Anderson
Ember Anderson 19 days ago
brie larson
Luciérnaga 838
Luciérnaga 838 19 days ago
Merly Homdos
Merly Homdos 19 days ago
CurrenSky 19 days ago
WTH is the song of this first singer? omg...
Hannah Amann
Hannah Amann 20 days ago
Terry is such a good man omg
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