Gold vs Silver Color Challenge!

Troom Troom
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New challenge from Troom Troom team - gold vs silver! Original tasks that will definitely make anyone bored!
Supplies and tools:
• Cornflakes
• Edible pearl powder
• Confectionery brush
• Milk
• Food coloring
• Clear lipstick
• Silver pearly makeup powder
• Glass
• Sauce container
• Hot glue gun
• Light clay
• Acrylic paint
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Jan 19, 2020




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Comments 1 122
Troom Troom
Troom Troom Month ago
Like the video? Don't forget to share it ;) More funny pranks: ruvid.net/video/video-CqWuqm51aUs.html ★ Let's be friends: Facebook | facebook.com/troomhands Pinterest | www.pinterest.com/troomtroom Instagram: instagram.com/troomtroom
Nora Palmatier
Nora Palmatier 4 days ago
Andres Vasquez
Andres Vasquez 6 days ago
Juan Jimenez lplp0pppllplllllll
Dawid Batory
Dawid Batory 6 days ago
Kenny Sydenstricker 66
Yuanjie Lin
Yuanjie Lin 6 days ago
Zarin Tasnim Dia
Zarin Tasnim Dia 8 days ago
Yes !! We are friends ❤❤❤❤
Jason Howcroft
Jason Howcroft 34 minutes ago
Cara Potter
Cara Potter Hour ago
Haley Reynolds
sniper k1000
sniper k1000 3 hours ago
The bride is a stupid gold digger let's be real you are not gonna not marry someone only because they gave you a silver ring like bruh
*hotslut.ru* 4:49
devi gopaul
devi gopaul 5 hours ago
The bride has more cereal to eat than the groom🙄
Hubert gamer 123
Hubert gamer 123 5 hours ago
Edwin Gutierrez
Edwin Gutierrez 5 hours ago
Zoe Lefk
Zoe Lefk 6 hours ago
the golden bri👰👱👰👰👰👰👱👱👱👱👱
Soledad Ceja
Soledad Ceja 9 hours ago
Stop trying to hide your voice choose your normal voice
Soledad Ceja
Soledad Ceja 9 hours ago
Oh and she has silver shoes
Soledad Ceja
Soledad Ceja 9 hours ago
Por eso que me estás si Has se ve y 25 y sigues
Snow Empress _Gacha
Snow Empress _Gacha 10 hours ago
What...? Anybody else notice that the bride got silver earings even if she said she hate silver and fight for it pretty lol XD
Luis James
Luis James 13 hours ago
No no my worst nightmare
Stephanie Hanchak
Stephanie Hanchak 14 hours ago
My phone case it’s golden
Salma Macalin
Salma Macalin 17 hours ago
I like the golden
Quan Bui
Quan Bui 22 hours ago
Golden bride
Yass Queen
Yass Queen Day ago
Why does no one question the food or challenges
J SAM Solutions
i like both
Shaneela Fahim
Erick Gonzalez
i like the silver swagster better : p derp\
Natasha Ricks
Cookies with Milk
Silver looks more like blue
Davina Fitzgerald
JIM MURRAY 2 days ago
Alvina Au
Alvina Au 2 days ago
Actually I can’t see the difference between gold cereal and regular cereal
Najma Khan
Najma Khan 2 days ago
Gracie B
Gracie B 2 days ago
I like the golden bride better sorry Silver your dum
Adalgisa Monteiro
I liked the golden bride because my favourite colour is gold . Can you please make a nother video about this because i just love this amazing vieo i need to show my mum she will love it😍😍
Wendy Seignoret
Wendy Seignoret 2 days ago
That bride is a damn gold digger she needs a hard slap and spankkn it is the groom money he can decide what ring he want duh
Baljyot Cheema
Baljyot Cheema 3 days ago
My mom is so happy
amie colleh
amie colleh 3 days ago
Sheryna Dayrit
Sheryna Dayrit 3 days ago
Gold I like gold
Keera Slagle
Keera Slagle 3 days ago
Keera Slagle
Keera Slagle 3 days ago
Oh my god I can talk now But I can only dog bailey and real life😅😘😍
the wolf family
the wolf family 3 days ago
I like Gold sometimes
Muhammed Rahiman
Muhammed Rahiman 4 days ago
I like the golden bride
IDIKA DAVID 4 days ago
Amazing every time
Gacha Wolf
Gacha Wolf 4 days ago
I prefer silver ;-; gold looks wierd but I do like rose gold :)
chefmasden 4 days ago
What is the silver and gold taste like
chefmasden 4 days ago
Why don't they like each other but they are really good but I don't really get it because it's just really weird because and not in the video like behind the scenes they really like each other but not in the video that you not like each other
rawan nsheiwat
rawan nsheiwat 4 days ago
Charlotte Brackenbury
Task aren't fair its fix to a tie always at the end
Melanie Asha
Melanie Asha 4 days ago
Golden bride won
Saaga Laitio
Saaga Laitio 4 days ago
Susan Hettich
Susan Hettich 4 days ago
Golden bride
Mr Heater
Mr Heater 4 days ago
job Jacob cherian
There is a mistake when they carry eggs together the groom bend but the egg didn't fall 9:36
Bobby Okoinyan
Bobby Okoinyan 20 hours ago
It is obvious he probably used super glue
Caticorn Club
Caticorn Club 5 days ago
Lena Anyango
Lena Anyango 5 days ago
The. Gold. Bride. Was. Better
Angela Spencer
Angela Spencer 5 days ago
I like glod
girly gurus
girly gurus 5 days ago
Mylinda Beene
Mylinda Beene 5 days ago
*hotslut.ru* 5:27
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