gold and guns found in 200 dollar abandoned storage

Storage Stalker
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Come, step into my office...This is my version of modern-day treasure hunting. Vlogging the good, the bad, and the really really bad, alongside a bit of everyday life. Staring yours truly and some of my very close family and friends. The grind never stops, there’s no Monday-Friday, it’s a cycle of everyday courage to wake up and level up.
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Apr 27, 2019

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Comments 1 545
Big R K.A.N.P
Big R K.A.N.P 39 minutes ago
8:00 that would be perfect to open throats not boxes😂😂😂😂
Paolo Aliaga
Paolo Aliaga Hour ago
Ahora en español
Stephen Frasher
Ramming though just looks disrespectful to me! I’m not against the concept of buying storage locker !
vitaliy rudnev
vitaliy rudnev 2 hours ago
Fake as FK. They wouldn’t be able to keep those guns anyways. No one abandons this much $$$$ if this was real
Corey Mayer
Corey Mayer 4 hours ago
“I thought it was like screws, or something else” 😂😂
Zura Talakhadze
Zura Talakhadze 5 hours ago
He is putting clothes so well😂
GamingWithDre 6 hours ago
When you were talking about being buff🤣🤣 Na but you can do it bro
H3ymos li3r
H3ymos li3r 7 hours ago
Abdul Latif
Abdul Latif 11 hours ago
I feel that storage belongs to a serial killer or hitman shit.
Jonathan Blount
Jonathan Blount 11 hours ago
19:39 lube on left
SSDom Smith
SSDom Smith 14 hours ago
16.30 all cliper and shaving gear 👳you need that.
DaAlmondTreeAssc 18 hours ago
Dude was an aircraft mechanic. Tools, Delta jackets, and tons of flashlights.
Jimi Twotimes
Jimi Twotimes 18 hours ago
Why would you want to wear another man's draws anyways
The ORIONGREY 22 hours ago
Yo I thought that was a bag of loud too lmao
Savage Beast 21
Savage Beast 21 23 hours ago
bro trap phones
High carbon Hoosier
I need that silver bic lighter holder; u still have it?
Kay Andrews
Kay Andrews Day ago
I had to laugh at you two doing the "THUMBNAIL" 😃 🐨🦘🐨🦘
Wildy Strict
Wildy Strict Day ago
lmao when i heard your phone i thought it was me
Tkholbaek Telefon
Thats an iPhone 7 though
Dylan Donnelly
4.15-4.20 funniest shit I seen all night
Edgar Martinez
I know it's weed
0 punt 2
0 punt 2 Day ago
if you are already sweating then you are not used to working. you're really a fat man
0 punt 2
0 punt 2 Day ago
you need to puche it fat man
young SwirL IAIGG K
bb gunz 💯
Phil Almeida
Phil Almeida Day ago
Niners baby!!!
shahrul hazman
I hope the owner see this video. .you do this thing like you own
Hurrty 11 hours ago
Lmao what
Ediz Kaan
Ediz Kaan Day ago
Powerspark _51007
I love you
Paul Gonzales
Paul Gonzales 2 days ago
Is that real see all the cloths something not right!
Kranf Navolog
Kranf Navolog 2 days ago
Why so exited about toys and trinkets. Only precious metals count up.
RC CAR boy
RC CAR boy 2 days ago
2:35 weed
Zachery Kesler
Zachery Kesler 2 days ago
This guy must have work for Delta grounds loading and unloading plans
Jaithan Cruz
Jaithan Cruz 2 days ago
Can i jaf the gun one wich ever ples i leve 9426 eloise st can you bringet
Layoner14 2 days ago
Nice video bro, keep it coming..💣💣💣💣
h.p thing
h.p thing 2 days ago
How can a man have gold and somehow have a free template intro with roilty free music
soundwavsonny 2 days ago
Still got the brown boots? What size are they?
Jerry Nuts
Jerry Nuts 2 days ago
U fat fuck u don’t know any gun rules
soundwavsonny 2 days ago
That's a good locker for a duece. Good for you bro.
cameron lawson
cameron lawson 2 days ago
Love your videos man!
Armani Lopez
Armani Lopez 2 days ago
When old ppl try to use the new gen technology
Alfredo Cernas
Alfredo Cernas 2 days ago
Alfredo Cernas
Alfredo Cernas 2 days ago
No Bro yes
Janna GriveoCanada
you both are very gooid looking ppl
Israelite Nation
Israelite Nation 3 days ago
Your help looks thick 😜 put the camera on her bet you get more views 😈
what a bummer
Jlitt1129 3 days ago
this fat fu**ing loser probly brought this crap from his house so he can try and be a youtube star. what a herb. everyone a fiend to get views. sadd
m0rph 3 days ago
I was convinced the original owner was a hitman up until the BB/airsoft guns.
BIZZY Mc 3 days ago
That was killers locker
Ryan Schlerf
Ryan Schlerf 3 days ago
J P 3 days ago
This fat mother fucker, click baiting asshole, btw u need a bigger hat or a smaller head
Matthew 3 days ago
Lol... Toy guns and arcade tokens.
Kushman Tv
Kushman Tv 3 days ago
You fat fuck click bait mother fucking son of a bitch
Israel Mercado
Israel Mercado 3 days ago
Bro I swear this guy killed somebody
HoboClash 5
HoboClash 5 3 days ago
He didn't say real guns so don't say CLICKBAIT CLICKBAIT CLICKBAIT CLICKBAIT
Austin Law
Austin Law 3 days ago
The lights went off perfect timing
Assassin_ale_ joe
The shose are like 100 something because I think I saw it saying the brand is Jordan
junior 1017
junior 1017 Day ago
😂😂 jordans flights resale for almost nothing so like he said 10-15 bucks
British First
British First 4 days ago
That's why your fat & out of breath, cos you get woman to do your dirty work....hope your proud of yourself...
James Bond on a Budget
Bag of weed
lucian dimulescu
lucian dimulescu 4 days ago
Airsoft replica gun
Insta Hood
Insta Hood 4 days ago
Why does this dude look like hes a Fat Muslim from New Zealand.
Eilon Egii
Eilon Egii 4 days ago
Those 2 cash is from mongolia bills. I thought items look like mongolian construction guy.😎😎😎
Rico Hale
Rico Hale 4 days ago
She said do ur hair 😂😂
whats really going on #reality
put the jacket on and sing" fat guy in little coat"
SS-50-CAL 3232
SS-50-CAL 3232 4 days ago
That's a storm defender carhartt jacket I paid $105 for mine. Best jacket for rain.
Sgt. Hollow Point
The thumbnail looks like you have the barrel pointed to your melon.
marek wisniewski
marek wisniewski 4 days ago
this is 1500 easy
Dead900 shot
Dead900 shot 4 days ago
No gun fake
jago efter
jago efter 4 days ago
fake fake fake..no dust and the Dan Wesson revolver are like new,, naah bullshit..and the music player are the stupiest..ohh nice a speaker from 2015 hmmm..funny doh 200 dollar hahaha..next time u better be a little bit more excited! uSnadA
Muff-Man 5 days ago
Might start doing this.
Russ Williams
Russ Williams 5 days ago
I'm 18 and use obsession
Glowingamysue 5 days ago
What size are the jordans
PD5K 5 days ago
Chumlee should've stayed on the island.
bababootoctoc 5 days ago
Don't forget to put dust on bags next time (try to be more credible)
Hom Mer
Hom Mer 5 days ago
Click bait!!!!
supermonkone 5 days ago
Y'all funny, cant believe I just watched you go through that locker for 25 mins. Now I wanna buy a locker.. damn!
Alex Taco
Alex Taco 5 days ago
Definitely an old employee from delta was coming up on a bunch of bags explains All the Cologne and bags lol and tools in the bags to get into them ....
Mohammad Ghanbari
every thing looks fresh and that odd !
X54 Ak47
X54 Ak47 5 days ago
Click baiting fat ass and beaver teeth biach
Xavier Xavier
Xavier Xavier 5 days ago
Like Martin would say YOUR SO CRAZY
SOULJA OF GOD 5 days ago
Straight stolen from the airports
Aaron fenimore
Aaron fenimore 5 days ago
Hey little guy what are youu lighting up ... Wife "your life" Not uhhh.... I got calven Kline and chucky cheese coins.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jesse Brill
Jesse Brill 5 days ago
definitely got well over $200 there. all the good stuff there sells easily.
Douglas Sandstrom
U got more than 200 in tools alone
THE LEGEND 5 5 days ago
ReaperJ Lastwolf
ReaperJ Lastwolf 5 days ago
Alright youtube DAMB!!.IM WATCHING IT!!!
KingLeeko -_-
KingLeeko -_- 5 days ago
This was a good video very well made over what you paid
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin 5 days ago
“Wake up and level up” 💴💵💸
James Newman
James Newman 5 days ago
OMG this guy needs an education! Boring... boring... lame
What you mean Thirsty?
This looks like a locker someone used to store abandoned luggage from the airport
Jacob Aulaumea
Jacob Aulaumea 6 days ago
honestly. for 200 dollars, you got your money back and more
MikY 6 days ago
Predebeo si da udjes u to medjede debeli
21 cabbage
21 cabbage 6 days ago
entertaining af
Vickie Randolph
Vickie Randolph 6 days ago
Awesome couple thanks for the fun time
Tristan And Asher
Was this tec rexes unit 😂 😂
Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell 6 days ago
Why is it that most people that buy storage units have no idea what some of the most common tools are?
travis rawling
travis rawling 6 days ago
nice click bait, RUvid needs to let us "unview" a video
nicholas monchak
nicholas monchak 6 days ago
49ERS FOR LIFE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nehemiah Brown
Nehemiah Brown 6 days ago
It’s an iPhone 7
ishemane 6 days ago
Fuck you you Fat fuck
jiig savv
jiig savv 6 days ago
The delta jacket is an airline run way jaclet
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