Going to McDonald's w/ Jeffree Star

Trisha Paytas
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Comments 80
Kandy Johnson
19 minutes in had to rewind cause I know she did not just eat off the floor. 😂
Kandy Johnson
Just had to pause after the first minute and a half to say Yessss!!!! This that generosity I love to see!!!
Jazzmin Cotterell
how many times has trisha used this bike lol
Jesse Bradley
Jesse Bradley 13 days ago
I could listen to her talk forever
Mikey Lemay
Mikey Lemay 14 days ago
Love you both!
Stycie Stephen
Stycie Stephen 15 days ago
Hope Jefree doesn't get taken advantage of. Even though he's rich, he's humble.
Jacob S
Jacob S 16 days ago
I love hanging out with trish on her second channel I understand that it’s kind of her niche to be controversial or a troll, but it seems like she’s so down to earth and chill in her vlogs ❤️
Yank Ayuso
Yank Ayuso 17 days ago
*I want the employee of the month to serve me or I’m leaving , you feel me?* 0:34 MOOD💀😂
I just don't understand why the sudden and BFF situation of Jeffree and Trisha Payton ......she is a girl, yes no? Anyway, Jeffree has said some real heinous stuff about her last year, and last year she pretty much had a breakdown or 12.........so now they go to Mariah Carey, spend Valentines day, Jeffree has time to go to Mc D's with her???? Wow..........what about all that old shit said??? Sounds opportunistic.
Raymond Kingi
Raymond Kingi 18 days ago
Who is that other guy trisha
A B 5
A B 5 18 days ago
The fact that she would rather eat and cook with random things instead of washing her dishes is not cute , c’mon girl😖
You are literally my older sister
JR 22 days ago
Why did Jeffree take Jabba the Hutt to McDonald's?
Jaelynn Vazquez
Jaelynn Vazquez 22 days ago
When he has an Aventura hoodie and I’m like yea my uncles are in that 😭😭#santos life
Alex Kortscheff
Alex Kortscheff 23 days ago
Triggered by the mess
Bile Bily
Bile Bily 23 days ago
Oh ,21st century is full of freaks
Michelle Lopez
Michelle Lopez 23 days ago
Lol or ready to go drink liquor in an alley
Typo 24 days ago
Trisha making Rice Krispies got me so triggered
Living Thedream
Living Thedream 24 days ago
kyle pickle
kyle pickle 24 days ago
She walked into the police department... like.. that... 😳🤐
Rock Mercury
Rock Mercury 25 days ago
Why Do Yall Rich People Love McDonalds so Much 😭 its so Nasty and low Quality 😖
konstantinmilekic 25 days ago
omg trish should have a cooking channel i live
Macbasil 25 days ago
I expected a full 36 minutes.
Coco's Guesthouse Koh Phi Phi
Top post
Scott Lee
Scott Lee 25 days ago
Jeffree should really have body guards around him 24/7. Someone would mug him for that amount of cash he carries
jamie udelhofen
jamie udelhofen 25 days ago
It's not silly Trish you were violated and that's there job !!!
VENTURA_RAVEN 25 days ago
Trisha you should get a course of how to handle a house, how to cook properly!! I could definitely help you. You need to really know how to do stuff!! But I love you. ❤️😘 Kisses from a friend from Portugal 🇵🇹
Robby Rourke
Robby Rourke 25 days ago
It must suck to be you
Robby Rourke
Robby Rourke 25 days ago
It must suck to be you
jamie nolan
jamie nolan 26 days ago
the stove is still on and i want to tell her sooooo bad to turn it off. hahahahaha
Nadine Rich
Nadine Rich 26 days ago
Wait ! The Chris Angel Tee she said she sleeps in for a few days at the beginning, is what she’s wearing outside and to go to the precinct? Hope she’s wearing pants because when she showed her croc didn’t look like it 😂 still like you Trish so different from me so it’s interesting to watch
Andrew William
Andrew William 26 days ago
Trisha I love you so please don’t take this as a read, hearing you talk about your bike and it being stole etc. all that kept coming to my mind was that Pee-wee Herman movie where is on a mission to find his bike
michelle richie
michelle richie 26 days ago
OMFG cover yourself
Josh Strobl
Josh Strobl 28 days ago
Do a gender reveal
Isobel Vanderbilt
Isobel Vanderbilt 28 days ago
Breaking a tooth isnt that scary. Had happen to me while eating. I got over it 5 min later. It gets scary when the second one breaks.
Isobel Vanderbilt
Isobel Vanderbilt 28 days ago
Trisha: idky im gaining weight Trisha: cooks every meal with a stick of butter
Joshua Oganeku
Joshua Oganeku 28 days ago
Jeffree throwing $100 in the donation box in a bathrobe is a whole mood
Kimberly Harris
Kimberly Harris 28 days ago
I love how you're so gentle with your pans and everything. You really are a sweetheart, Trish. Keep your head up girlfriend! You're beautiful and I look up to you. I adore you and your laugh is so cute. And Jeffree is a sweetheart for putting $100 in the Ronland McDonald box. 🥰 He's a sweetheart, too. Gosh, I wish I could hangout with you both!
Tiffany Shadley Haul Kinda Girl
@ 11:4 9 Trisha You LEFT The STOVE ON! That's Very Dangerous! I love ya but WTH?
Tiffany Shadley Haul Kinda Girl
Trisha you left the stove on?
Kerissa trevino
Kerissa trevino 28 days ago
Slow .. down.. when you talk .. Jesus 🤦🏻‍♀️
Molly Weiner
Molly Weiner 29 days ago
why was your gas shut off? Don't you have an assistant?
Molly Weiner
Molly Weiner 29 days ago
glad that Jefree has a ton of coin. But let's face it the guy is a walking money drop. Announcing the cost of every purchase or thing he owns. Wish people would stop saying how humble he is That's not humble or down to earth. How about just putting the cash in the tip jar without filming? or maybe I'm not making sense cuz of the edibles.
Molly Cornelius
Molly Cornelius 29 days ago
At least I know I got a good laugh now 😂😂
diorlver 29 days ago
does anyone ever stop and think fuck she's making millions of dollars off this. like she knows what she's doing. we eat it up, while she literally eats everything up.
Julia Bogden
Julia Bogden Month ago
I love to watch Trish, she can be so down to earth, but sometimes I watch and literally just wonder why she acts uneducated at times. She has had a lot of intelligent conversations when addressing bad situations like her going through her addiction or when a situation is misconstrued and she publically explains it. However, sometimes I just wonder why she acts dumb so much, she questioned if she could use a metal whisk to mix the marshmallow followed by her excessively dumping the rice krispies into the marshmallows and into the pan. Rice krispy treats are 3 ingredients and as I read in the comments there is usually a recipe on the back of the cereal box. I also have watched Trish go through her weight fluctuations for a while and she is so gorgeous and strong after she's been through so much that it sucks watching her make a pan of rice krispies to indulge and then say she's going on Keto soon. I think if she just ate healthy on a normal basis it would eliminate the super unhealthy eating for a week or two and then crash dieting like she has. We all know and you even said it "I'm smarter than this" and we all know it, we just want to see you happy and healthy
Kaleigh Smith
Kaleigh Smith Month ago
I love how the video is titled “Going to McDonald’s with Jeffree” but that’s a very small portion of the video
Lizzy Brown
Lizzy Brown Month ago
Now I wanna make rice krispies 😵😂
Alex Denison
Alex Denison Month ago
Ya girl needs a tripod. We loved Jeffree for his donation lollll
Aline Khoury
Aline Khoury Month ago
This video made me like Jeffree Star
Gemma Diaz
Gemma Diaz Month ago
10:06 THANK YOU! I hate cooking/baking bc it could be the simplest thing and I’ll still end up fucking it up😂 it just stresses me out !
Musa Kitty
Musa Kitty Month ago
I want those cabinets
Nesser480 Month ago
sounds like they already suspect you of using theft for insurance fraud. Probably why they found this questionable. I think you are prob flagged in their system sis
shadowlover live
How about breakfast with Lamont at large? He's a big fan😁
Patricia Taggart
LOVE 💋 🐾 🐾
Butterflies are cool
Trish is so funny I’ve watched her for like 10 years!!!!! I love your hello kitty toaster trish so thrilled that you still have it where did you order it
Alejandro Acosta
This videos popped up by chance and lord it was painful to watch!
Sharni Lee
Sharni Lee Month ago
girl turn the freakin stove off !! your gunna burn your house down !!
Rina Concepcion
Rina Concepcion Month ago
Y’all out here can’t understand her but all my university/college students out there listening to lecture audios at 2x speed the night before can’t completely comprehend 😂
Rina Concepcion
Rina Concepcion Month ago
Jeffree: I do everything in 3s ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
Trishas face like jeffree, i'd take those 100 dollars for meeee
King Norah
King Norah Month ago
The stove gave me soooo much anxiety!!
Vicky ._.love16
Vicky ._.love16 Month ago
Jeffree: “Trisha I can eat ur pussy and all my ex’s after” Trisha: "OMG can I post it?"😂😂😂
J Couture
J Couture Month ago
Policing started after slavery was ended. It was a continued attempt to still control all the former slaves once they received their freedom and ensure they still appealed with the way things were ran by them and to prevent any sort of backlash.
Kim Harrison
Kim Harrison Month ago
Love how she speaks to the camera like we are actually standing rite beside her.. wish we could so we could try some this FOOD she be eating😘
Kim Harrison
Kim Harrison Month ago
Trish is dressed for the club
Emily Ward
Emily Ward Month ago
There was a spatula in that drawer closest to the camera😂😂
Amanda H.
Amanda H. Month ago
When trish has her make up on all she does is stair at herself
If u get your bike donate to charity to auction off!
Samantha Curschmann
Omg Trisha!!!! I think it’s only like 3 tablespoons of butter, one package of marshmallows, and 6 cups of cereal . TWO STICKS OF BUTTER?!?!?!? 😂
Jenny Mertz
Jenny Mertz Month ago
Slowwwww down girl! What the hell are u even saying??? Why is he even hanging out with her?? He’s so real and she’s so fake 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Horima P
Horima P Month ago
They so stoned
Max LGBTLaw Month ago
I only care about Jeffree.... 👎
Arielle Teabout
Arielle Teabout Month ago
What's crazy is ... I can literally understand everything Trisha says in all her videos 😭😭😭❤ illyyyyyy trish like fish
Alison Overstreet
"I'm wearing shorts under this.." *Later on* **Underwear shows** Love ya to death but your not wearing shorts so we seen ya booty. Lol
Julie Abcede
Julie Abcede Month ago
Just over here waiting for Trisha to turn off the stove......
CJ carp
CJ carp Month ago
I'm so friggen glad my parents moved from LA before I was born..... Never watched her channel before. I was just RUvid deep diving but trying to follow her thought process is making my head hurt . Although maybe if I could comprehend wth she's saying it would help . . She seems nice though ...... Oh the Wooden spoon would have been the logical choice.
Arie Berry
Arie Berry Month ago
Wow barley have a few minutes of Mr star in the video and only title it that.
Littleladylulu Lulu
I just had my package stolen it was my sons birthday blanket from his grandma and its so violating,
mini me
mini me Month ago
Is she on drugs?
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