Going to HEAVEN in Roblox !? (Heaven Simulator)

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►Episode - Going to HEAVEN in Roblox !? (Heaven Simulator)
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Comments 80
Lupe Mora
Lupe Mora Month ago
do you know what i wanna say its harharhar done
Poupou _123
Poupou _123 2 months ago
I have played that game for hours and days almost none stop to get up there... it's hard but I'm addicted to getting up there even thought I'm always falling off.... none stop people are normally always playing on it for hours lol
Antonio Guzman
Antonio Guzman 2 months ago
You are wasteing everybodys time go to tofuu and he posted a video of this 4 months ago and he has better content
Xylon Carlton
Xylon Carlton 3 months ago
Xylon Carlton
Xylon Carlton 3 months ago
Best bro!!😎😎😎😎😎😎
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez 4 months ago
Ryan in heaven simulator you can buy milk bloxy cola and water to upgrade your energy I know because moose played this 1 year ago by the way in the game the map changed check mooses video just type moose heaven simulator. By the way love your vids your welcome I sub and like every video
T & C Mumford
T & C Mumford 4 months ago
When will you be uploading Minecraft daycare???????????????
Otter 4 months ago
Love your vids
killerwinks and ryguyrocky Brother
the drinks give you more points
Glenn Allen ggbt
Glenn Allen ggbt 4 months ago
0:47 cant say **** but in the irl Channel he did
Shadow_ Trap
Shadow_ Trap 4 months ago
oh yeah i played that game a looong time ago,lets just say when i was on my ipad i made it to the top ;D
NicoGG55 rbc
NicoGG55 rbc 4 months ago
T Dotomain
T Dotomain 4 months ago
I already made that jump Ryan
Wolf Charge
Wolf Charge 4 months ago
I want Minecraft daycare
JMuny 4 months ago
I love your vids pls friend me on ROBLOX my username is Rylank101234 pls friend
Powershot Games
Powershot Games 4 months ago
Who else is waiting for the next episode of my hero academia on hulu
Mini Cake
Mini Cake 4 months ago
Ryan: What a jerk me: what just happened
Asher VanTassell
Asher VanTassell 4 months ago
Hey if you’re playing games that don’t get a lot of recognition you should play the Blood Moon Tycoon its a game on roblox I play everyday that doesn’t get as much players as it deserves
Joseph Baldwin
Joseph Baldwin 4 months ago
play Ninja Legends
Collin Ferrell
Collin Ferrell 4 months ago
I played that parkour game it’s only fun if you know how to play it it used to be the most popular game
Milly Wahl
Milly Wahl 4 months ago
you can use an auto clicker
Korie Evans
Korie Evans 4 months ago
Hi you're so 😎 and amazing awesome and Tina is 😎
Brayden Dover
Brayden Dover 4 months ago
that was funny because i love seven eleven because i used to go there with my dad to get slushy or bug juice or something like that
Gaming Galaxy fox
Gaming Galaxy fox 5 months ago
Play ROBLOXian life with ash503 or tina
B Major
B Major 5 months ago
Mdblueman07 Roblox
Mdblueman07 Roblox 5 months ago
You should try ninja legends
Cherry Mundy
Cherry Mundy 5 months ago
Ryan please more daycare I started watching you because of it and still like watching it please do more of it
Sandra Fierros
Sandra Fierros 5 months ago
Shamaya Johnson
Shamaya Johnson 5 months ago
Bridget Magee
Bridget Magee 5 months ago
When Ryan started clicking hard on his mouse I was like that's what happens when you need content
BMO Rigby
BMO Rigby 5 months ago
Did it go black for you guys too?
Maverick Versus Everything
SO dope. You inspired us to start my own. :P
Chase Sober
Chase Sober 5 months ago
Hey Ryan you should try out Loomian Legacy
Brennan Lord
Brennan Lord 5 months ago
Hey Ryan, play speed simulator!
Beef boss
Beef boss 5 months ago
Hey Ryan nice mustache
The Gaming Tacocat
The Gaming Tacocat 5 months ago
Man I miss parkour but my PC is broken. I'm really good at the game
Troy Kirkpatrick
Troy Kirkpatrick 5 months ago
im late im sorry ryan
Dragan 5 months ago
You should play anime fighting simulator for a daycare episode
Tyneesha willis
Tyneesha willis 5 months ago
Love you video
Jade Gaming
Jade Gaming 5 months ago
Ryan I must give you a warning their are bots that are monitoring big youtubers and people in the star program
Eduardo Olivares
Eduardo Olivares 5 months ago
Please play pet simulator please
Charlie Norton
Charlie Norton 5 months ago
One like equals another new daycare video please bring back the daycare😭😭😭
brandx907 alaska
brandx907 alaska 5 months ago
You do relize that all the music that is played in roblox is non copy righted
Ballistic Uzer
Ballistic Uzer 5 months ago
No one absolutely no one Ruyguy at the office: HE PUSHED ME!!!
T & C Mumford
T & C Mumford 4 months ago
Does anyone no when ryguyrocky upload Minecraft daycare videos?😭
Blob Gaming
Blob Gaming 5 months ago
Do a tycoon with ash unicornman and goldy mabye peter
Gaming Boy
Gaming Boy 5 months ago
yeah there are alot of bots in that game
Yukigaming 5 months ago
I have play this simulator it was not that great in my opinion
Kelly The Kitty
Kelly The Kitty 5 months ago
Another game that doesn't make sense: life. Also, if u wanna play a game to kill your eyes, ask my friend Truffi Krusty. He can show you.
Aaron Schultz
Aaron Schultz 5 months ago
Do more mad city
Mrm1rocks 24
Mrm1rocks 24 5 months ago
Play super Saiyan simulator 2 plz plz
Eugene Farr
Eugene Farr 5 months ago
The video stopped playing for me after he beat up his mouse And I know it’s not RUvid or my Internet because I just want to see another video and his Minecraft channel
Leasa and Destiny Love
Please tell about my birthday, it is heavy way 18th February. Celebrate my birthday, I thought one of yo guys just short texted my mom Google sending whatever, and sorry if I said Google Sy, he'll go all, I just I'm just so so happy for you guys on like Ashley.
XSavagDarkX 5 months ago
The red guy looked like the flash running down the building
XSavagDarkX 5 months ago
Ryan look at the thumb up it’s 666
Maiya Willis
Maiya Willis 5 months ago
Please play baby simulator
Xd Galaxy
Xd Galaxy 5 months ago
Ryan please more daycare I started watching you because of it and still like watching it please do more of it
deku uzumaki
deku uzumaki 5 months ago
Hi you're my favorite youtuber and why i getting a RUvid channel and my first youtuber
Nia Clayton
Nia Clayton 5 months ago
One like equals ten mouses that aren't beat up by ryan Save the mouse's they did nothing
JMuny 4 months ago
Nia Clayton hi
J Mayes
J Mayes 5 months ago
It’s mice not mouses *OR* mouse’s
Nia Clayton mice*
Aj Perone
Aj Perone 5 months ago
Comments down below if u want Ryan to play more saber sim
Mr_BlueSky11 5 months ago
You can get on the ground
Bryce Howell
Bryce Howell 5 months ago
Aren’t u not supposed to be a kid channel and do u know what kids say now a days
radiated gamer
radiated gamer 5 months ago
if u say hell as a place its not a cuss word
hey dude
hey dude 5 months ago
Guy Haha I kill ryguy later send request to have him join his party 🤣lol
X_Demon King_X
X_Demon King_X 5 months ago
Ur weird and have bad grammer
Uni_The_Unicorn 5 months ago
You Could Have Gone Afk With Auto Clicker :/
savage__sharp 25
savage__sharp 25 5 months ago
In the parkour game press shift right before hitting ground amd use the light during night
Yvette Smithen
Yvette Smithen 5 months ago
you know u could use auto clicker XDD
Alexander Felfel
Alexander Felfel 5 months ago
Ryan play tower defence simulator
crazy frazy
crazy frazy 5 months ago
Play ninja simulator
Allenthefox1 5 months ago
Fighting simulator
Allenthefox1 5 months ago
Play it its pretty fun
Carter Moore
Carter Moore 5 months ago
You should do a roleplay of what happened at army camp at unicorns friend roleplay
Mrcool YT
Mrcool YT 4 months ago
Carter Moore
Carter Moore 4 months ago
Korie Evans
Korie Evans 4 months ago
Orlando Little
Orlando Little 5 months ago
Ryan play the Halloween game again
Orlando Little
Orlando Little 5 months ago
Pls you don't have to
Ricardo McIntoshOttley
is at parkour tag?
hanluc max gray
hanluc max gray 5 months ago
ryan: HE PUSHED ME jerk face as ryan calls him: ha ha I killed ryguy me: I hope this guy get karma
hanluc max gray
hanluc max gray 5 months ago
me 3mins later: wow that jerk face dude is a NOOB
Julia Warden
Julia Warden 5 months ago
Sup ruan
Anitaaccount2 5 months ago
50th comment
wolf king
wolf king 5 months ago
Ryan u what ever happened to shark and saber
cyberwolf 23
cyberwolf 23 5 months ago
Play ninga simulater
John TG
John TG 5 months ago
Atleast heaven accepts me in roblox....
mymooncakez thefirst
Hit the like button if you love ryan
Amir Robinson
Amir Robinson 5 months ago
By stuff 8n ahop
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