Going Through My Cringey Old High School Cell Phone

Garrett Watts
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I found my 10 year old cell phone from high school! I could not believe the level of cringe that it contained. Join me in going through this mildly upsetting and highly embarrassing time capsule!
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If you're reading this I love you and thank you for watching the things I make.
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Jul 6, 2018




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Comments 80
Alyssa Ponce
Alyssa Ponce 2 days ago
5:27 "i love your gay voice" same
Alyssa Ponce
Alyssa Ponce 2 days ago
5:22 "stay straight"
boba tea 先輩
boba tea 先輩 3 days ago
Why is Garret's first boyfriend actually THE CUTEST
Corinne Nixon
Corinne Nixon 3 days ago
I have a question,why is Garrett so cute...even tho he’s gay😂 I love gay people!
Ryker Linger
Ryker Linger 5 days ago
In most of Garrett’s videos he’s like “sorry I’ll stop talking about Harry Potter” but literally we need MORE
Angelixღ May
Angelixღ May 6 days ago
Hi It’s me
Hi It’s me 6 days ago
I wish my school had cool yearbooks like that
Alanna Sanders
Alanna Sanders 6 days ago
Omg he was so hot
*_Beetastic_* 6 days ago
I asked garret, i asked 😌
Lucy 1
Lucy 1 7 days ago
Okay so I definitely would have had a crush on Garrett in high school
Sophie Amber Sixx
I legit love Harry Potter and I’m so jealous that he got to see the half blood prince when it first came out 🙃🥺
Crying Crystal
Crying Crystal 8 days ago
Garrett looked cute back in high school and he looks STILL FUCKING ADORABLE AND CUTE NOWWW
Frederique Raats
Frederique Raats 8 days ago
I was born in 2006..
Rachel Jennetti
Rachel Jennetti 9 days ago
10:17 garrett looks like shane in that pic 😂
Isabel Weeks
Isabel Weeks 10 days ago
Garrett was literally a band kid
Tatum H
Tatum H 10 days ago
You look like shane now
Esther Hollander
Esther Hollander 11 days ago
When I watch his videos I wonder why his craziness is just like me 😆love you’re vids Garret ❤️
Fifi Ewers
Fifi Ewers 11 days ago
I wish schools in the UK have year books 😭
Claire • Shaw
Claire • Shaw 12 days ago
was i the only one who thought garret was fine asf in hs ??
Sophia Peterson
Sophia Peterson 12 days ago
can i have that Cedric Diggory badge?????
A.M. 13 days ago
Ah yes my favorite holiday: *ilicrismis*
Lily Oshea
Lily Oshea 14 days ago
I HAAATE when ppl be like “so what’s ur story” sis I ain’t a character from a BOOK
Giselle Talavera
Giselle Talavera 16 days ago
Ugh I wish I could just casually wear a kill bill outfit at school :(
Arianna Mulroy
Arianna Mulroy 16 days ago
I am super late on this video lol. Im in 9th grade right now and i think my favorite memory so far was getting a free pack of fruit snacks from the lunch lady for no reason at all. Im trying to make friends. I need some help though
Royce Nevin
Royce Nevin 16 days ago
When he put the charger I gotta and I saw eren I was like *HUUUUUHH*
Yo dude Not cool
Yo dude Not cool 16 days ago
Dude Garrett=perfect boyfriend material 😳
Lexie the annoying One
What is going on with is hair
Bailey Dixon
Bailey Dixon 18 days ago
So I'm realizing that scolling through the comments, I'm not finding any answers to your questionnnn
Bailey Dixon
Bailey Dixon 18 days ago
I ligit stripped down to my underwear, note that this was OF MY OWN FREE WILL and MY IDEA, and went outside in the snow at recess, this was 5th grade and I had no friends so I had to make my own entertainment, then proceeded to climb the snow hill and roll back down it multiple times while the guys cheered me on and the girls screeched because they thought it was WAYYYY too cold for that. One of the guys, my best friend now, stripped to his underwear too and CAME DOWN WITH ME. This guy is awesome btw and he's gay😂 Anyways, thats my favorite memory :)
C Kearbey
C Kearbey 19 days ago
corinteen is so boring its the middle of the night watching this video and eating a bag of mini m&ms
Alex Widener
Alex Widener 19 days ago
Benjamin is GORGEOUS
Potato Soup
Potato Soup 20 days ago
His first bf is like SUPER CUTE. I wish mine was cute. Mine was just rude. :,)
mr.nibblesxgrace 20 days ago
nobody gonna talk about the "i love your gay voice" lmfao
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim 21 day ago
8:29 JOSEPH JOESTAR!!!!!!????????????!?!?!?
fan of Preston
fan of Preston 21 day ago
Garrett Watts
Mr Random
Mr Random 22 days ago
Trash 🗑
You_like_jazz 22 days ago
I’m not in high school im in Elementary oof
aNd WhAt Am I dOiNg HeRe?
i know im late but im only in 7th grade so im pretty young but when i was in 5th grade my fav memory was when me and my bestfriend snuck out to the carnival XD we were like 11
mitch 23 days ago
omfg one of my friends ended up in prison after he left secondary school (ages 11-16, i’m from england) like we weren’t close friends but we have photos and shit together and basically when he turned 18 he was waiting in jail (TW TW TW) for a court trial for 18 counts of rape of a minor, 3 counts of child pornography, making a KILL LIST?!!!!! and sending death threats, and 2 counts of stalking✌🏻 and there i was thinking this kid was gonna become a lawyer ...
McScuseMe B
McScuseMe B 23 days ago
7:50 he high key looks like Noen Eubanks
lonley theifs
lonley theifs 24 days ago
🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂THAT FUCKInG cerIAl Killer EdIt🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
lonley theifs
lonley theifs 24 days ago
Claire Abel
Claire Abel 24 days ago
Bro I just came from Shane’s video about his friend that got life in prison...
The Crazy Gryffindor
her: ugh stop showing ur harry potter stuff!! garrett :OK OK!! me: U will die a slow and painful death if u don't let Garrett continue....kidding but i do wanna see more about his harry potter collection!!! *everyone stares at me* me: guess I'm the only one ;w;
The Crazy Gryffindor
i actually ask myself that about my brother and myself ;w; but i just wonder what they will be rather than about high school cause none of us are in high school yet ;w; I'm going into high school next year any advice? you probably won't see this but..it was worth a shot!!
Lauren Feore
Lauren Feore 25 days ago
OMG I actually would want to be your friend in high School I’m mad now Edit: not mad that I would want to be your friend but mad I wasn’t old enough for high school then
"0.016GB of memory" My game is literally 2GBs XD
Lydia Stevens
Lydia Stevens 26 days ago
can we meet nick cause like yessss
Rylan Green
Rylan Green 26 days ago
im in 2020 9:55
Rylan Green
Rylan Green 26 days ago
mine is a girl ho was mine to me
Vanessa Guerra
Vanessa Guerra 26 days ago
How is this guy so wholesome?
Jak Wiles
Jak Wiles 26 days ago
I love how Benjamin is just chilling in the background😂
Marlee Goodyear
Marlee Goodyear 27 days ago
Cami 27 days ago
literally all true crime fans: *freaks out when they see one of the my friend dahmer scenes*
Faze Ineex
Faze Ineex 27 days ago
Me looking at Benjamin the whole vid
AlwaysBored 22
AlwaysBored 22 27 days ago
omg he wore a candy necklace to share candy with people!? he is a fricin angel
Andrew Minyard
Andrew Minyard 27 days ago
garret’s first boyfriend looks like someone from tumblr that i’ll get a huge crush on for 2 months with just one picture.
0 28 days ago
Why did he look like Justine bieber-
Gavino Diaz
Gavino Diaz 28 days ago
Garret is lowkey really cute😁
Nevaeh Jones
Nevaeh Jones 28 days ago
garrett was actually hot in highschool
Sistershelby Johnson
Last month i got a note from some girl that said have you seen my bird🐦 and ah i dont know where her bird is and i might never
Q 29 days ago
does anyone else want to know what happened to nick and why they broke up 😭😭 i want them to reconnect so bad
Ivey Silvas
Ivey Silvas 29 days ago
Mila Oyama
Mila Oyama Month ago
no one - no one *ever* - I hope these people are still alve......
Casey Sheryn
Casey Sheryn Month ago
I kinda hate high school just like the food 😩🤰🏻
aeisha barraclough
makes me so sad in so many of his videos before he stays stuff he says 'i know no one asked but...' :(
YMEX Month ago
I remember when this video didn’t have that much blurs over people
Caroline Gabel
Caroline Gabel Month ago
when garrett threw benjamin the position benjamin was in looked like petra after she died from attack on titan
kayla snyder
kayla snyder Month ago
He was in highschool the yr I was born
シAmelia Month ago
One of my favorite memories was when someone was bullying my brother and I told them to stop and someone in my class came up to me and said “ don’t tell my friend what to do” and slapped me. My face was num for the rest of the day. :)
Bry Studio
Bry Studio Month ago
I thought I was the only one who liked the Titanic when I was a kid
Le'ah K
Le'ah K Month ago
The look for the HP 6 premiere.. DAMN!!
Glam Bunny
Glam Bunny Month ago
Is dollar shave club available in Ireland? Do they ship ?
Corgi Lamp
Corgi Lamp Month ago
my favorite memory was on the 1st day of 1st grade, I threw up on the "line leader", she had to get a change of clothes, and I got to go home and eat ice while watching Great British Baking Show :)
Brandie Wall
Brandie Wall Month ago
At 5:27 I think I girl wrote her home number in there and said much love
blxez 29 days ago
Brandie Wall no dip-
Shameel asad
Shameel asad Month ago
My entire high school hates me for absolutely no reason
Angie Yamileth
Angie Yamileth Month ago
Ok so nobody thinks that garret in senior year looked like Shane Dawson in the movie not cool
Ivy Rolls
Ivy Rolls Month ago
ooohh boy. I’m in quarantine and am missing out on school... yay?
kylie berg
kylie berg Month ago
No one: Garrett: I think both my eyes are gay :(
Annabelle Simmers
you look like a freaking psycho
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