Going Through Drive Thru's Dressed as Celebrities Challenge

Niki and Gabi
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We love drive thru tanks and challenges, you guys loved our previous drive thru twin swap challenge video, so we wanted to start a new type of challenge.. going through drive thru's dressed like celebrities prank / challenge LOL watch to see how we did
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed ourgoing through drive thru's dressed as celebrities challenge prank video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, drive thru challenges, boyfriend swaps, pranks, twin swaps, shopping challenges 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, life swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

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May 19, 2019




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Comments 32 572
Claudia Loizaga
You dont know how much i laughed. 😂😂😂
yt world penny
Billie es igual a Sofia Castro
THE MAYA Day ago
Я только ради БИЛЛИ зашла(I just came for Billy)
Aldito Yesa
Aldito Yesa 2 days ago
Billie ellish have a big boobs bitxh
Neha Nessa
Neha Nessa 2 days ago
Who's the girl at the back of the car?
Snow Owl
Snow Owl 2 days ago
They are so good and nervous
Snow Owl
Snow Owl 2 days ago
Twist Tv
Twist Tv 2 days ago
very cool you well done
John Paul Carey
John Paul Carey 3 days ago
The Billie Eilish One Was The Most Realistic Once!!!! It’s Funny How The Drive Thru People Actually Believe That!!!!! The Ariana One Was Really Cringy!!
Animaröl 3 days ago
Aqui está o comentário em portugues que vc procurava...
Nicolle Cartaya
Nicolle Cartaya 3 days ago
Said the one who billie elish copied her. But she dresses as billie. So yeah.......
Madelyn Nguyen
Madelyn Nguyen 3 days ago
Sister:isn’t Billie Eilish 12 Me:WTH ARE YOU DUMB SHES 17
Ali Monus
Ali Monus 3 days ago
Why is there someone in the trunk!? 🤔
Tally White
Tally White 3 days ago
Love you!😍
mariamsy _
mariamsy _ 3 days ago
Poor Erin in the back .... :/
Vincent Sansanjeevan
Billie elish looked the most realistic
Elodie S
Elodie S 3 days ago
Hola me llamo elodie y tengo 16 anos, Vivo en Estockholmo en suecia. En mi teimpo libro me gusta hago con mis amigos. Lmao did i get that right
Miyar Simavong
Miyar Simavong 4 days ago
Fc form Laos
Cassie Hastings
Cassie Hastings 4 days ago
Moon Grande
Moon Grande 4 days ago
Niki actually looks kinda Billie elish
Infinity Xxx
Infinity Xxx 4 days ago
Y’all look nothing like the celebrities.... just being honest.
That One Weird Narwhal
the billie one didnt rlllyy look like herrr
Kristen Jones
Kristen Jones 4 days ago
dont look like ariana grande
Faith Graham
Faith Graham 4 days ago
He said lady Gaga !!!!
Katrina Lopez
Katrina Lopez 5 days ago
Ni sr parecen pónganse más maquillaje pa verde más bonitas k se ven re feas
Isaiah Gomeztrejo
Niki put concacts in blue wons
Amari Price
Amari Price 5 days ago
Billie Eilish was most realistic
Thsachemba Sangtam
They don't even look even a bit similar
Kenzie Kellogg
Kenzie Kellogg 5 days ago
theres like a random girl chilling in the trunk sjsjjdksk
a r i v l o g s
a r i v l o g s 5 days ago
why is there someone in the trunk? Hi
Abes Reinavy9
Abes Reinavy9 5 days ago
Why you cursing
Koreo Cookie
Koreo Cookie 5 days ago
When you say lady gaga made me think about lady gogogaga that I named my dog
K.C Cheyenne
K.C Cheyenne 5 days ago
Who else thought aless looked like Lily Singh 😂😂
xXGrace Xx
xXGrace Xx 5 days ago
Billie specifically said to stop copying her or using pranks that involve her look for clout... I get this is old but still
Save The World
Save The World 5 days ago
Who spotted the person in the back of the car just sitting there like "im bored"😂😂😂
_Pąýţøň_į_łøvę_yøų_ _
Афигеть на Билли похожа
Luiza Ramos
Luiza Ramos 5 days ago
entendi porra nenhuma mas foi tri
Rogelio Moreno
Rogelio Moreno 5 days ago
Jim k chozah
Jim k chozah 6 days ago
I love Billie Eilish and who support her. 👇👍.
CupCake Suzy
CupCake Suzy 6 days ago
Billie:when we fall asleep were do we go? Me:IS THAT FROM BURY A FRIEND?!
Samantha Michelle Rico Cervantes
Le faltaron los pupilentes para parecer mas a la billie elish
Aïchabou 123
Aïchabou 123 6 days ago
Rayssaap santos
Rayssaap santos 6 days ago
Franciny Elhke?
lo mejor
lo mejor 6 days ago
Alguien habla español aparte de mi 🤔
ronikbommi 6 days ago
Carly Campos
Carly Campos 6 days ago
Anyone else see the girl in the trunk?
Tomato Deabak
Tomato Deabak 7 days ago
She doesn't have accent 😂
koneko_chan 7 days ago
"oh oh oh its not good ew." continutes to eat it anyways
Evelyn Weber
Evelyn Weber 7 days ago
You guys should do more Kardashians stuff it was really funny
Henney Coco
Henney Coco 7 days ago
Hello Sister ❤
Billie elish's story is interesting 😂😂
NIXFAM squad
NIXFAM squad 7 days ago
Omg arina
kotori shan
kotori shan 7 days ago
Wooow butoful
Emma Watson
Emma Watson 7 days ago
billie eilish last name isnt even eilish its o'connell
El sol Andujar
El sol Andujar 7 days ago
Alguien español
Sara Mamo
Sara Mamo 7 days ago
beautiful girls
beautiful girls 7 days ago
look the back of the car
Emily Stout
Emily Stout 8 days ago
Plus how they gonna believe they all have the same car?i don’t even think Billie has a car (idk just assumed)?
Ava Wolf
Ava Wolf 3 days ago
they all out here in a mini van meanwhile billie's driving a dodge challenger
Kylee V :3
Kylee V :3 8 days ago
*oh mah*
Frantic Freeze
Frantic Freeze 8 days ago
Billie posted that she didn’t want people pretending that they were Billie just sayin
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