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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 80
10k The frenchie
10k The frenchie 12 hours ago
0:55 are you really an adult if your age has the word “teen” in it 😂
Kaitlin Lacy
Kaitlin Lacy Day ago
I have subscribed to your RUvid channel
Ava Tomnay
Ava Tomnay Day ago
This is how many times Emma tucked her hair behind her ear | V
Jennifer Villa
Jennifer Villa 2 days ago
Does she give anyone Miley Vibes haha is it her voice?
Sumayya Makada
Sumayya Makada 2 days ago
Emma burps a million times and swears a million times
Neomi Ng
Neomi Ng 2 days ago
*I just watched Emma be lonely for 19 minutes straight because i'm lonely*
Cassidy Snow
Cassidy Snow 2 days ago
18,001th comment
Sophia :3
Sophia :3 2 days ago
I was the 18,002nd comment
GIA MORINA 2 days ago
When she was sitting in the hot tub i fuckin lost it
Sousou Hamdou
Sousou Hamdou 3 days ago
I don’t want to be rude but asking if any of the smoothies are vegan like is that even a question
Kashkarti Zay
Kashkarti Zay 3 days ago
how many times emma said by myself? lmao
Christopher Brandsema
when she said "oh gooood" i thought it was gonna hard cut to her doing the slippers on the hands thing lmaooooo
I love how anytime someone honks she is genuinly worried if its about her
Hala Kanafani
Hala Kanafani 3 days ago
I love humus
alya marsha
alya marsha 4 days ago
Kristen Miller
Kristen Miller 4 days ago
emma you dont have to be bored come on be productive
Caitlin McKelvie
Caitlin McKelvie 4 days ago
if i see one more “who’s here bored in quarantine?” i’m gonna go fucking crazy
Caitlin McKelvie
Caitlin McKelvie 4 days ago
istg the top comment on every single video on youtube made 2018 and before is “who’s here during quarantine?”
Sophia :3
Sophia :3 2 days ago
Ikr like no one asked
Maria Gardner
Maria Gardner 4 days ago
For some reason she reminds me of Nick Miller from New girl 😂😂
Syn 4 days ago
who watching in 2020 derp
Just me and My fam
Let’s get Emma to 9 million!!! We can do it
Greg Carr
Greg Carr 5 days ago
Well now please all Americans don't fall for government bs this Coronavirus is nothing more than a way to ousting trump. And big business to make all the money and too protect there tax dollars income. U and I are out of work. Well I am protest and staying armed all the time. Never know what is going to happen. God bless you all and rebelling against your government every chance you get educate yourself about the laws in your neck of the woods. Happy rebelling. See ya
Ahmad Ali
Ahmad Ali 5 days ago
U are tooooo funny 😆
Georges Makhlouf
Georges Makhlouf 6 days ago
im a girl using my dads acc btw, anyway I LOVE HUMMUS, if u dont, how tf, its AMAZING
Victoria Isabel
Victoria Isabel 6 days ago
1:28 lol I thought that car was gonna crash into you
Karina Wong
Karina Wong 6 days ago
2:47 emma: i dIdNt Do AnYtHiNg!!! me: exactly.
Tiktok Mashups
Tiktok Mashups 6 days ago
I actually hate hummas 😂it's not delicious
Liana W
Liana W 6 days ago
I hate hummus
pranjallpahuja 7 days ago
Emma: you guys don't even know what I went through to get this ice Me: but we do know that cause you filmed it-
Riley Snyder
Riley Snyder 7 days ago
It's funny. When you're young you think everyone is looking at you and judging you, but when you grow up you realize everyone was just thinking about themselves the entire time.
Bianca Saldivar
Bianca Saldivar 8 days ago
When’s your bday
Lola Teresa
Lola Teresa 8 days ago
Every time Emma gets honked at or says the word lonely everyone take a shot...I mean a glass of water 👍
Maggie Carley
Maggie Carley 9 days ago
Why do those hallways look like one of those scary familiar things to everyone..
ma. lourdes igaya
I'll come with you *if i can*
Francisco Villayai
I love how she es so real and authentic
Violet Moissant
Violet Moissant 9 days ago
love this video
Sjors Emmers
Sjors Emmers 9 days ago
EvAnA LuGo
EvAnA LuGo 9 days ago
Social distancing :)
Carlie Guercio
Carlie Guercio 10 days ago
“Are any of them vegan”
Carlie Guercio
Carlie Guercio 10 days ago
Who else wishes Emma posted more🤕🤕😓
Bottle Of care
Bottle Of care 10 days ago
ok editing is HARD ASF but filming is nice (((:
Saja Herbawi
Saja Herbawi 10 days ago
14:37 I felt bad lol
Tori Purcell
Tori Purcell 10 days ago
I love her shirt lol
Austin Powell
Austin Powell 10 days ago
Happy birthday you so beautiful This corny but so are you Hopefully I can see more of you The call me A.P They call you emmy pooooo Pretty BLUE
Megan Brummer
Megan Brummer 10 days ago
she swears alot
Oyyai Plays
Oyyai Plays 11 days ago
This is how many likes she got honked at 👇🏻
Abundant life Apostolic Assembly
Sorry I’m allergic to humus
Christina Sarles
Christina Sarles 11 days ago
wtf why arent i doing homework
MR. AKH 12 days ago
Why don't you be friends again with Dolan twins and James Please
Kaylee Wilson
Kaylee Wilson 12 days ago
Emma- "its called damage control also Emma "it sounds like a nightmare but maybe ill do it"
Christine :D
Christine :D 12 days ago
14:27 made me laugh so hard 😂
Shxy 12 days ago
if you're reading this comment and you like hummus what is wrong with you?
gacha pop U.U
gacha pop U.U 12 days ago
I'm in I'm
Sydney Barrett
Sydney Barrett 12 days ago
Emma what hotel did you go too?
Sophia Memmi
Sophia Memmi 13 days ago
can anyone else not find her merch??
Mia Zarraga
Mia Zarraga 13 days ago
Who sit in the car like that
Yo Ly
Yo Ly 13 days ago
Omg so manny views look
Kelsey 14 days ago
Daaanng! How many times does Emma get honked at in a day?
safia hamed
safia hamed 14 days ago
Ava rockwell
Ava rockwell 14 days ago
emma: here’s the issue there’s a lot of them also emma:i forgot the issue
Olivia Downey
Olivia Downey 15 days ago
Im tripped out by that butt on her shirt
Bianca O
Bianca O 15 days ago
9:08 In Australia you'd be able to drink when your 18, #bestcountry
Angela Val. Palma
Angela Val. Palma 15 days ago
quarantine has me rewatching all of emma’s older videos lol. something about this girl’s video’s & craft just calms me. even if her shit is constantly a roller coaster, her videos just calm me 😂😂 i love herrr
Ariadna Torres
Ariadna Torres 15 days ago
Hold up, is that her knee? 🙃
Sean Strange
Sean Strange 16 days ago
I saw this chick in a d dobrik video. Her videos are hella funny . Subbed
Mira Pietrantonio
Mira Pietrantonio 16 days ago
new drinking game, take a shot everytime emma gets honked at
Ruby & Phoebe
Ruby & Phoebe 16 days ago
Anyone else watching Emma’s old vids while in lockdown 😂? Like if you are
J Vlogs
J Vlogs 16 days ago
how many times she said “ am i getting honked at?” 👇🏼
EducatedDoggo 17 days ago
Its oky Emma, you're still young you will meet the love of your life sooner than what you'll expect.
Vanessa Anderson
Vanessa Anderson 17 days ago
Because the lights flicker
Vanessa Anderson
Vanessa Anderson 17 days ago
I get scared to even go to the restroom😳
eric gallmon
eric gallmon 17 days ago
Emma looks like billie illish and if she would try to be her it would realy work
Selma 18 days ago
Like the way you drive with one leg
Ava McMahon
Ava McMahon 18 days ago
Take a shot every time Emma says "by myself"
I’m a Pancake
I’m a Pancake 18 days ago
Emma: it’s not that hot out it’s only like 68 degrees. Me pale living in the Midwest and would KILL for 68: 👁 👄 👁
Addy Jody-Lea
Addy Jody-Lea 18 days ago
i wuv u my idol
Tia Collins
Tia Collins 19 days ago
That was lowkey the best sponsorship thing ever 😂😂😂 I wish every youtuber did that lmao
Tia Collins
Tia Collins 19 days ago
Anyone else think automaticly that she wasn't alone and that she was with Ethan, well Grayson would be there too, but yannoooo
Brooklyn Weisheit
Brooklyn Weisheit 19 days ago
Emma’s mom listing things for her to do, is so relatable it’s funny😂
Inathi Madikizela
Inathi Madikizela 19 days ago
Her: these are things I won’t be touching Her after she turns the camera off: time to have a taste of adulthood. *its just a joke I don’t actually know😂*
Alyssa Gathright
Alyssa Gathright 20 days ago
when she was in the hot tub i WHeeZEd
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