Godzilla (feat. Juice WRLD) [Official Audio]

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From the album Music To Be Murdered By, out now: smarturl.it/MTBMB



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Jan 28, 2020




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Comments 80
Chocolate FrostyMilks
Chocolate FrostyMilks 5 minutes ago
Eminem: ah, would you look at that, lungs. *eternal screaming*
Feszter the brain tester
This song: exits This comment section: OxYGen
Edynn N
Edynn N Hour ago
Listen ruvid.net/video/video-rDwU9c1mh8Y.html
jadedbrow 2 hours ago
I listened to this on 1.75 speed and accidentally opened an inter-dimensional wormhole
MiguelPlayz GG
MiguelPlayz GG 3 hours ago
👹Monster (ayy) You get in my way🚶‍♂️, I'ma feed you to the monster👹 I'm normal 😐during the day, 🌞but at night, 🌑turn to a monster👹 (yeah)
Doom Guy
Doom Guy 4 hours ago
I feel bad for that guy who made rap god, his record got broken.
Gray Area
Gray Area 4 hours ago
I wonder if he could power a car like that
cams sol
cams sol 5 hours ago
Nikki lynne Stempien
I saw a video
Vertigo V66
Vertigo V66 5 hours ago
Cemal Can Canseven DJ dansından gelenler +1🖤🇹🇷
Ant 5 hours ago
This guy has four lungs
Super Bowser eli
Super Bowser eli 6 hours ago
Hay play it 100000000 faster
Nicolene Stevens
Nicolene Stevens 6 hours ago
em em em just amazing bruh
ᗩή๓oL BaJpai
ᗩή๓oL BaJpai 6 hours ago
1:00 Some Audio Glitch happened!!! Did u notice!? Hear using earphones & Good Noise level & Listen closely!
mıguəl 10 hours ago
**Corona virus tries to attack Eminem's lungs** Also Corona virus: "why do i hear boss music?"
R1OX 10 hours ago
No subtitle oh sorry I'm listening to the Godzilla
Holloway Kevin . M
Holloway Kevin . M 11 hours ago
begin 808 eh toe a know
Yosuf Hoque
Yosuf Hoque 11 hours ago
Eminem can rap faster than my WiFi 😂
ouz conker
ouz conker 11 hours ago
Yok mu hiç türk🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Hubert Spitholt
Hubert Spitholt 12 hours ago
Eminem's fastest verses ever Not alike 9.8 syllables per second Homicide 9.9 syllables per second Rap God 10.2 syllables per second Offended 10.5 syllables per second Lucky you 10.7 syllables per second Speedom 10.9 syllables per second Majesty 11 syllables per second Godzilla 11.5 syllables per second I calculate it like this, go to the fast part of the song and play it for 10 seconds, then count all syllables and divide it by 10
Peter Ma
Peter Ma 12 hours ago
We went from rap legends and fast rapping jokes and to corona virus jokes (WHAT ARE U FOR REAL MAN)
Peter Ma
Peter Ma 12 hours ago
Eminem performing Godzilla on the stage (dude with corona sneaks in and pass it on and gets caught). Corona:*goes into Eminem’s lungs and thinks where are his lungs* *after goes to juice wrld body and where are his lungs *damn it u stupid corona juice wrlds not even here and sees juice wrld on the tv him singing and hits the tv *crap ouch and electric shocks Mr corona dies *dude with corona virus try’s to run but a dude with a biohazard suit just smacks him on the head and that dude with corona does a back flip and passes out
John Paul
John Paul 12 hours ago
that one verse in rap god was p a t h e t i c to g o d z i l l a
Videos 4 U
Videos 4 U 13 hours ago
Woooooooo .........
Patrik Koivisto
Patrik Koivisto 13 hours ago
Берик Умурзаков
Есть руско язычные?
TACKYYARD 0 15 hours ago
Me presenting my school project how I talk 2:57
Krishay 16 hours ago
Eminem breathes through his ears
Daven Young
Daven Young 16 hours ago
Airport security : sorry we cannot let you take weapons on a plane Eminem : it's only a pad and pen Security : exactly...
Obsolete gamer
Obsolete gamer 16 hours ago
doctor: you have lung cancer Eminem: no i have Godzilla
Anere Jr
Anere Jr 16 hours ago
Em's got no lungs💯
Mauricio Lopez
Mauricio Lopez 16 hours ago
I can do this In my sleep but why in real life 😢
Gray Area
Gray Area 17 hours ago
Em doesn’t smoke because he dosent have anywhere for the smoke to go
benja y tici pros
benja y tici pros 18 hours ago
2:56 speed
Daddy 94820
Daddy 94820 18 hours ago
Em is god...
Kathryn Baldwin
Kathryn Baldwin 18 hours ago
Houston weather to go through you
Kathryn Baldwin
Kathryn Baldwin 18 hours ago
Crystallized time capsule or existence Apache blinde blond8 beat Charleston wv service up moving love
Love Child
Love Child 18 hours ago
No body can do it like Eminem
LostLonelySoul 20 hours ago
Choose your difficulty: Super Easy Easy Medium Hard Really Hard Extreme Asian Eminem
JoeTheBro *Games*
JoeTheBro *Games* 20 hours ago
yeah im gonna need to give you a speeding ticket
Gael Rodriguez
Gael Rodriguez 20 hours ago
I put it and 2x so he have lot a lung cancer
Furkan-Skill-Nr1 21 hour ago
can you do me a favor could you help me to reach 1000 subscribers because I want to make custem games
Ryan Prenter
Ryan Prenter 21 hour ago
Eminem is literally immune to Coronavirus, he has no lungs
Kidd sparf
Kidd sparf 22 hours ago
he said the n word, props
Hubert Spitholt
Hubert Spitholt 22 hours ago
4:25 Oh wait wrong song
Jamie Wort
Jamie Wort 22 hours ago
Miniminter and ksi diss track have more views than this
Versuchender _
Versuchender _ 22 hours ago
Alcohol: *exists* Eminem: yes
Rodrigo Pinto
Rodrigo Pinto 22 hours ago
Maybe em and juice would be a great duo
Amar 23 hours ago
Ahhhh you're a monster. Next up is Eminem.
Savage Gamer
Savage Gamer 23 hours ago
I think if eminem made a diss track on COVID 19 it would be over by tomorrow
Hubert Błoński
Yes, I totally understand what he said :)
गरुड़ ™
RUvid should put Eminem's every song at speed of 0.25x default 👏 above speed then this level is illigal 🙃🤔👍
Abdo Reda
Abdo Reda Day ago
I did the fast part on 1.25 and even exceeds it 😂 CHECK MY CHANNEL
Josh Houp
Josh Houp Day ago
It's him
PG3D PEPSI Day ago
0:37 And 1:23 Juice WRLD
Tim Börger
Tim Börger Day ago
Moin Leude Trymacs hier!
MAYURO Day ago
Eminem faster than eminem
Phycotic Rehack
Anyone else been here sisnce it came out and can’t stop listening to it?
Somia Deff
Somia Deff Day ago
Anyone else skipping the juice wrld part?
Zach Simmering
someone disses eminem Eminem: so you have chosen.... death
Camryn Fraello
Eminem rapping : The person trying to type in the song :wmjeyvhfgvcwyjefgyjcwdfkcjvwcdiujcvwjdgcfyhwdfkychgvuwdhfgvchwbfegucybchgvsdfbhcgwehfjhwefycghbkwjfbhugwerjhvfkuwfdgcuvcweryf
최빙빙빙 Day ago
Jesse Whitlaw
great song R.I.P juice wrld
Loregogaming Day ago
I can hear this Song day and night
Brenden Petralia
After liaising to this for 100 times I can finally rap at .25x speed
Gael Rodriguez
Gael Rodriguez 20 hours ago
no I can speak rap and 0.75
Brenden Petralia
Akihito Kiro
Akihito Kiro Day ago
Random Vlogs
Random Vlogs Day ago
I bet someone will still call Eminem m and m’s and yet Eminem as a 70 year old man will get mad
Lucifer Day ago
Bruh all the lungs and Oxygen jokes are getting out of hand🤣🤣
ROB LOX Day ago
Jennifer Daniil
I am super inprest
Sami Sack
Sami Sack Day ago
Lungs : we are just showcase in Eminem's body Oxygen : yeah true that!
Fred Westerburg
Who genuinely dislikes this. How?
Karl Shrestha
When you don't need a dictionary.
Nameless soldier4
Image how huge a boost this would of gave juice world...rip
Rap levels: 6ix9ine Jake Paul *Pornhub* *Pornhub Premium* Is that a JoJo reference? *Your Mother* EMINEM
No one says this a lot. Eminem you are an inspiration, even if u think slim shady made rappers wanna be hard. No u opened up the door for young MA and....juice wrld
KG animations
He is sooo talented
Josh Reeves
Josh Reeves Day ago
This song at 2x speed sounds like hes rapping to mario music
williade90 10 hours ago
Josh Reeves ikr
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