Goblin[Wang Yeo & Kim Sun][王黎&金善][姻緣] Kim So Hyun&Kim Min Jae

Mint Coco
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The story of Wang Yeo and Kim Sun , BGM:[Fate] by Lee Sunhee
Kim So Hyun&Kim Min Jae , Lee Dong Wook& Yoo In-Na

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Jan 26, 2017




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Joshua Xiong
Joshua Xiong 10 days ago
0:14 I just realized she's the girl from "Who Are You: School 2015"
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 15 days ago
Phim này tên gì vậy mọi người
3ama4life 17 days ago
This storyline was super sad!!
เล็ก สีวิไล
Cp MooN
Cp MooN Month ago
Still waiting for the period drama of Kim So Hyun and Kim Min Jae :x
sunjjo bae
sunjjo bae Month ago
김소현 왕비로 너무 어울리네 !!!
Em casos de Emergência aperte o foda-se
Alguem sabe o nome desse dorama?
Hien Huynh
Hien Huynh Month ago
Phim nay phim gi vậy mn
Hương Hoàng
Hương Hoàng Month ago
Kim So Hyun is so very beautiful
Grace Ann Esmeria
This needs a season 2 For the Grim Reaper and Sunny
hk Month ago
god damn he looks like a 12 year old transgirl
Joshua Xiong
Joshua Xiong Month ago
Oh, this was the song I was looking for.
主坦 Month ago
fatimatus sadiah
Title of the song?
Nadiyatul Hanan
Nadiyatul Hanan 2 months ago
0:11 why that man cried when he saw the picture?
ᅳᅳ Month ago
U r everywhere
Ejoy's Food & DIY Vlogs
うゆたるぎ 2 months ago
Phượng 1012
Phượng 1012 2 months ago
Phim gì vậy m. N
Mich R
Mich R 2 months ago
Montha Nonsee
Montha Nonsee 2 months ago
Matet Yueyue
Matet Yueyue 2 months ago
Aww im so sorry i didn’t notice KIM SO HYUN b4( 2017) ❤️thanks to LOVE ALARM, RADIO ROMANCE etc in Netflix. ECQuarantine is real.
LanceRSM 2 months ago
Did anyone else thought that was yeo jin goo and not kim min jae when they first saw wang yeo?
Cham Cham
Cham Cham 2 months ago
ร้องไห้บ่อยมากเพลงเพราะมากๆและ ความหมายจี้ดเจ็บ ทำให้นึกถึงคนรักที่ต้องเลิกรากันความหมายทุกท่อนสุดแสนเจ็บปวด 😭😭
ศุภกานต์ อานูน
apry elbin
apry elbin 3 months ago
ini judul lagunya apa ya???ini BKN dr ost goblin.
sora2014 3 months ago
T_____T it mades me cry
AJOY Mandi
AJOY Mandi 3 months ago
Name of this song???
つるちゃん 3 months ago
วสิตรา ไตรศรี
dileesha mendsi
dileesha mendsi 3 months ago
How to watch full episodes???
LJ the Kpop Stan
LJ the Kpop Stan 3 months ago
이현정 3 months ago
이선희 님 이 부른 노래가 소향님으로 체인지 된 제목..
youappear oneday
youappear oneday 3 months ago
I just finished my second round of this drama. It still made me cry alot. A beautiful love story.
amanda paramytha
amanda paramytha 3 months ago
I just realize that she is the one who played eun bi in school (2015)
LJ the Kpop Stan
LJ the Kpop Stan 3 months ago
yes. she played the twins
Andreina Ch
Andreina Ch 4 months ago
Debieron dejar a los mismo protagonistas de cuando eran jóvenes en lo personal el rey me encantaba
Erisha Gabriel
Erisha Gabriel 4 months ago
Kim Min Jae is ❤️
。CHERRYさん 4 months ago
Elizabeth Salome Olivera Limascca
Alguien sabe cómo se llama la canción x f
Ani Ani
Ani Ani 4 months ago
mary jenelle magnait
Wait! So Gream Ripper is the Min Jae in the future and Sunny is So Hyun in the future?
Gwen M
Gwen M 2 months ago
Yep. They both got recarnated
alex alex
alex alex 5 months ago
Can't i talk to something..what drama..please tell me🙏 i hope
SuperSecretdream 3 months ago
Ya Lin
Ya Lin 5 months ago
你不喜欢我。说实在话我也不喜欢你 还好啦 不是很讨厌你 明明就是你对不起我在先
John smith
John smith 5 months ago
김소현 참 예쁘다
Mishil Vila
Mishil Vila 5 months ago
This is not only a drama but a masterpiece .
วารีเล่นลม 55
อยุ่ใกล้เเค่ตรงหน้า เเต่เหมือนอยุ่ใกล้สุดเเสน ไม่มีเเม้ร่องลอยบาดเเผล เเต่เจ้บปวดสุดเเสนจะขาดใจ
DRA TV 5 months ago
What is song name ???
Stray Kidz&Twice Living heartbeat
That was her!!! I did not know that!!
supernatural093 5 months ago
I tried watching Goblin and their pairing totally made me stay. I'm not really into reincarnation stories where one of them start off so young. But also, this pair is just too tragic. I know they end up reincarnated but the story of Wang Yeo and Sun was too much for them to really be able to move on. I was really so happy the first half of the show but the second half was too depressing. I keep tearing up lmao I know they recently had another drama and it doesn't always happen that pairs work together as lovers again but they really have chemistry. I hope they work together in the future again because sometimes it does happen lmao
Julaluck Vitoonbundit
I miss you Korea’s boyfriend
사참ANA 5 months ago
슬퍼요 ㅠㅠ
Ginger90 -
Ginger90 - 6 months ago
Omo dong joo... wkwkwkwkwk
dalia perez
dalia perez 6 months ago
beautiful song
Balázs Palicz
Balázs Palicz 6 months ago
Sorry but can you tell me ( anybody) the title of this movie?? :) please. ;)
Ahna 9197
Ahna 9197 5 months ago
Rosee 7 months ago
I love the song❤
Belle Wangsee
Belle Wangsee 7 months ago
Why did He killed her?
Yuliana K
Yuliana K 7 months ago
tell me the name of the song please
Chibi Ngọc
Chibi Ngọc 7 months ago
so hyun nhà mik quá đẹp
Lockhart _
Lockhart _ 7 months ago
Yes. I know touch your heart exist but can someone make one drama about their story in goblin??? The drama that focus on them only. The same plotline without goblin and his bride
Wvking Нямкаа
Wvking Нямкаа 7 months ago
Дариа - Би чамд хайртай
syabina srikandi
syabina srikandi 7 months ago
November 2019???😔
lyrical song
lyrical song 8 months ago
can somebody please tell me all the episode
Siwelihle Luthuli
Siwelihle Luthuli 8 months ago
what's the name of the drama? Is it Goblin?
jisoo black
jisoo black 6 months ago
葉濟蒲 8 months ago
葉濟蒲 Month ago
@王杰 孤單又燦爛的神-鬼怪
王杰 2 months ago
葉濟蒲 什么电视剧
y y
y y 8 months ago
Newlife PSR
Newlife PSR 8 months ago
Senthamil Selvam
Senthamil Selvam 8 months ago
김 서휸 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🥰🥰😍
fatYa syamlan
fatYa syamlan 8 months ago
Dari cerita mereka berdua sy belajar bahwa amarah dan dendam itu menghancurkan semuanya.. bahkan akhirnya dy meninggal dalam keadaan sangat menyedihkan karena termakan amarahnya sendiri..
Li卡莉 9 months ago
王杰 2 months ago
李嘉莉 什么电视剧
笑笑 9 months ago
この曲はなんて言う曲かわかる人居ますか?居たら教えて下さい。誰の歌でなんと言う曲か凄く知りたいです。 お願い致します🤲
khitai 8 months ago
이선희의 인연
S ?
S ? 9 months ago
와...김소현 진짜 넘 예쁘다 김소현 주연으로 다시 보고싶네요
DAHYUN Tofu 10 months ago
So did Kim so Hyun reincarnate as sunny?
Selen Özcan
Selen Özcan 9 months ago
Samruay Ff
Samruay Ff 10 months ago
khitai 8 months ago
Grace D.
Grace D. 10 months ago
Wait. This is a korean drama.
Vitória Soares
Vitória Soares 9 months ago
Yes, Goblin
نورهان زين
نورهان زين 10 months ago
انا عايزه اعرف هو اقتل كيم سو هيون ليه وكرهه ليه عشان هو مش نازل ع اليوتيوب وياريت اللي يعرف يقولي
Hafida Abdo
Hafida Abdo Month ago
شو اسم المسلسل
CUONG VAN 10 months ago
Phim j đây ak
Pratima Ale
Pratima Ale 10 months ago
I would love to see them together in historical drama
Ahmed Desouky
Ahmed Desouky 10 months ago
Such a beautiful song ! 💖
fariha prova
fariha prova 10 months ago
Drama nam
Ahmed Desouky
Ahmed Desouky 10 months ago
Miss Mean Chyn
Miss Mean Chyn 11 months ago
Can someone tell me the title of the song?
sally h
sally h 10 months ago
Lee sun hee - Fate
Vũ Anh Thơ
Vũ Anh Thơ 11 months ago
She always protects Wang Yeo no matter what. Even when he killed her and turned away leaving her bleeding to death, she only looked at him. She chose the death to protect her lover and her brother. She is very smart, she realizes everything, Park Joong Won’s scheme in the past and every detail in the present. Apart from Kim Shin, she’s the only one who remembers. I like this character bc she’s gorgeous, smart and always sacrifice herself for the ones she loves.
Sky King
Sky King 11 months ago
Please add English subtitles.
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