Goblin Highlights: Kim Shin - Ji Eun Tak (Episode 3)

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Jul 10, 2019




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Deo Valkyrie
Deo Valkyrie Day ago
Why i don't like Korean drama film until now ? Their artist name or film title confused us. Such us "Parasite", "Goblin", as film title or even "BoA" as the name of an artist. They didn't use the name for the true definition. For example, Drama series - Goblin, what exactly they describe a goblin ?? They just gave us a handsome man ... They didn't use any special effect or costume to describe a real goblin, right ? They just gave us a boring drama with pretty girls and handsome man in the drama. When i searched "Boa" on google to know about a species snake. What exactly emerging on my screen ?? BoA was a korean girl. WTF !!! I hate south korea because they like bullshit, like plague on film references and internet references. Only put a handsome or pretty people to attract audiences. Without give us a real definition and describing. I think their fans like " Oh look the cute face" , "Look they have a perfect skin face". So what's the quality of the drama or film ? Only put a perfect body ??
Grace Villacura
Grace Villacura 3 days ago
I really love her expression...hehe
k k
k k 7 days ago
Song at last?
Park Minsu
Park Minsu 5 days ago
Song : Stay with me
3K Reality
3K Reality 9 days ago
Guys watch this ruvid.net/video/video-Ybtdjw7pyMU.html
Tahia Haque
Tahia Haque 9 days ago
Where can I get all the episodes with eng sub?
Tahia Haque
Tahia Haque 2 days ago
@Michael Piga thanks alott!
Michael Piga
Michael Piga 2 days ago
Viu.com then search there
Merlin 7 days ago
Parody Life
Parody Life 9 days ago
*Why does she ask her to stay when she don't love him?*
Binal Doshi
Binal Doshi 17 days ago
I also think LDW is uselessly handsome 😍
Michaela Coel
Michaela Coel Month ago
The drama that I can't forget at all
Fatya Firdaalfaridzi
Semakin aku nyari episode per episode drakor ini semakin aku bingung alur ceritanya😑
Atikah Mikayla Sandhi
Nonton di drakorindo aja chingu
fitri ayu
fitri ayu 28 days ago
man man
man man 28 days ago
Go to viu then watch all the eps of this movie
Just a Kai
Just a Kai Month ago
This series was sooooo good😢😢😢
Open your ears And listen to Gfriend vocal
I mean its understandable that Euntak is mad like who would be happy to see Grim reaper comes to save you😂
Binal Doshi
Binal Doshi 9 days ago
If GR looks like that... I would be dumbstruck in a good way though. 😍
Celeste Joy Ragel
She was mad because they didn't bring a car when they save her 🤣🤣🤣 and he yelled at her lol ( Grim's fault 🤣 ) omg! This scene cracks me up
Agnes Dulog
Agnes Dulog Month ago
Dongwook is cute
Karen Angela
Karen Angela 16 days ago
Agnes Dulog No!!! He is HANDSOME 😍😍😍😂
Celeste Joy Ragel
Celeste Joy Ragel 3 months ago
After these years, I still love Goblin. I miss Shintak and Grim reaper. 😊
Binal Doshi
Binal Doshi 17 days ago
Rakuten Viki. Or kissasian
PandaPoop Month ago
Celeste Joy Ragel .. Happy to help 🙂. I forgot to mention that its not called Goblin there. Its called “Guardian : The lonely and great God”. 💕
Celeste Joy Ragel
@PandaPoop thank you for sharing. I just uploaded the app. 💕
PandaPoop Month ago
Zainabbutt Zainab .. You can watch it on the Rakuten Viki app. I just finished binge watching it there..
Celeste Joy Ragel
@Samaira Meghla he let her come inside and they talk. To cut the story short, she moved in there. It is so funny seeing them three living under the same roof ( Ji Eun-tak, Kim Shin and Wang Yeo ).
Prema asha
Prema asha 3 months ago
Gong yo I like you
vivi064vivi1 4 months ago
bonjour quel est le titre du film merci
johnrein marcelino
johnrein marcelino 27 days ago
i love you
Sofian Benabi
Sofian Benabi Month ago
Kate T
Kate T 3 months ago
vivi064vivi1 Salut. C’est un drama (serie). Goblin. Je recommande
Silvia Lakra
Silvia Lakra 4 months ago
Where or in which app I can watch full episode?? Can anyone tell me??
Gabrielle Dee
Gabrielle Dee Month ago
Velery Vean
Velery Vean Month ago
Deepa Ohal
Deepa Ohal 2 months ago
Viki app for latest and old amazing drama
Aiko Fidelia
Aiko Fidelia 3 months ago
K-Drama Maniac
K-Drama Maniac 4 months ago
this is the site i use: ww4.drama3sonline.com/
my adventurous life
my adventurous life 4 months ago
Where is 4...oh damn now im into korean drama??
yellow lemonades
bruh, this drama is the best kdrama ever dude. Watch it and u wont regret ur time.
Da Toch
Da Toch Month ago
Yesi Nuqilla
Yesi Nuqilla 3 months ago
you are worth it
you are worth it 4 months ago
Just watch it on kissasian.si kissasian.sh This drama is really amazing I don't watch kdramas but i watched it and loved it Didn't expect so much from a drama Made me cry,laugh....and made me feel so many emotions
syaeful aziz
syaeful aziz 5 months ago
Please to continue 😟
Na neth
Na neth 5 months ago
Waiting for episode 4..
a. s.
a. s. 5 months ago
Please continue 😍😍🙌🙌
Naya dyar
Naya dyar 5 months ago
Again please
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