GOBLIN episode 14 (goblin die) english subtitle

Yanthi Argata
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When goblin die episode 14

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Jun 18, 2017




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Comments 170
Betty Yurmanila
I like the way Eun Tak is crying. It was really hit me hard. It seems she's really get hurt with Goblin died.
Tavia G
Tavia G 2 days ago
I screamed so loud and cried so hard!!!!! 😫😭😭😭😭😭
sbinksi 3 days ago
i understand why he should find "goblin wife" because you need to love each other and it will hurt when you need to left or to die it really is a good punishment to be honest
babygurlcha 4 days ago
Superb acting. I love this scene.
Wulan santi
Wulan santi 5 days ago
lily jasmine
lily jasmine 7 days ago
2020 will come and i still cry for this 😭
Zeinab Ramadan
Zeinab Ramadan 11 days ago
*sop* I'm not *sop* crying 😭🤧
Katherine Ripia
Katherine Ripia 14 days ago
Man I feel her pain.
Nawfat Zarifah
Nawfat Zarifah 19 days ago
Seriously actor and actress did a great job expressing this moment. I hope every Korean drama addict sees this part of the show because this part is so well put and perfect. I really loved it and it made me fall in love with cinematography and made me realize why I watch movies and dramas ... for such great acting and feeling it gives me ... I really cried my heart out.
Heyb lenin
Heyb lenin 20 days ago
Is this rrally the ending? Ir is there a happy ending??
Multi fandom
Multi fandom 19 days ago
No. She was reborn 30 years later and they met again
Christelle Mwabi
Christelle Mwabi 21 day ago
This scene made me cry so much. Still getting emotional in 2019
Houdini Linguine
Houdini Linguine 22 days ago
Still the most brilliant and best kdrama I've ever experienced
jose 28 days ago
Goblin: I don't feel so good
lone luna
lone luna Month ago
Why do i like to Hurt myself by rewatching that😭😭😭😭
bangtan Forever
bangtan Forever Month ago
2019 and I still cry my soul off
Kat Niss
Kat Niss Month ago
This is exactly How BTS will leave US In the Future💔remember my words😢
Multi fandom
Multi fandom 19 days ago
What😂 this has nothing to do with them. Girl they ain’t dying
Yang bie
Yang bie Month ago
Kyla Paningbatan
It hurts asf till now
Via Austin
Via Austin Month ago
the epic twist
nurezzati athirah bt mohd noor ezzatiathirah
Sedihnya hero tak de dah pergi dalam hidup selamanya
Jona Tripoli
Jona Tripoli Month ago
I remember crying so hard on this scene 😭
Camila Díaz
Camila Díaz 2 months ago
Me da mucha pena esta parte 😿🥺
Eduarda Medeiros ' - '
Minhas lagrimas acabaram nessa cena 😭😭😭😭
Anwar Zikry
Anwar Zikry 2 months ago
Thanos did that
Peach Mochi
Peach Mochi 2 months ago
A-aish!! Ah waee!!! oppa!!..
gek dewi
gek dewi 2 months ago
Nice cry hihi
EXO-L, ARMY Forever
EXO-L, ARMY Forever 2 months ago
It’s 2019 and I’m still crying 😭😭
Naz Ahmed
Naz Ahmed 2 months ago
Why this scene like real?????😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭
namjoon and crabs
namjoon and crabs 2 months ago
It's Yeonjun's birthday and i am cryingg!😭
Valentine Girl
Valentine Girl 2 months ago
Aduh kalo nangis bikin yang liat ikut nangis mbak nya eh
Annealing Annealing
Annealing Annealing 3 months ago
still crying
k k
k k 3 months ago
Why the hell did she remove it
She did not... He pulled the sword using her hands
NeH Hgs
NeH Hgs 4 months ago
Just go already
Army jass Marques
Army jass Marques 4 months ago
Af vou ter que ver esse ep em inglês
Stephanie Fatiaki
Stephanie Fatiaki 4 months ago
Yah it’s 2019 and I’m crying over this 😢😢😢😢
yandra wiguna
yandra wiguna 4 months ago
Laura Alejandra Carrillo
My heart broke into two pieces in this scene :'( I'm still crying :'( :'(
Novie Sarmiento
Novie Sarmiento 5 months ago
Im watching this again and again.. and i love this kdrama ever ❤
M A 5 months ago
Still breaks my heart everytime I am watching this scene 😢
Juminten Juminten
Juminten Juminten 6 months ago
auto nangis
Danny Black7
Danny Black7 5 months ago
Sama 😭😭😭😭
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