GOBLIN episode 14 (goblin die) english subtitle

Yanthi Argata
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When goblin die episode 14

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Jun 18, 2017




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Comments 80
Shiela Magaway
Shiela Magaway 22 hours ago
Ansakit sakit ng part na to. Ramdam na ramdam ko😭😭😭😭😭
?? Day ago
damn it my favourite k drama ❤
Yantiw Fiatmaja
Yantiw Fiatmaja 3 days ago
Ga ada full movie nya apa?
Ken Ken
Ken Ken 10 days ago
goblin so sweet
It's Muskan
It's Muskan 10 days ago
She cries so disgusting
It's Muskan
It's Muskan 10 days ago
Her laugh is so disgusting
international playboy jk
This scene feel so real. The way go eun cries, the way she sober, it makes me feel so sad and hurt. 💕
Aydan Kzmzadə
Aydan Kzmzadə 15 days ago
...apart ?
Az Querra
Az Querra 17 days ago
Always sad this scene .. Gong yoo
Nodene Sheik
Nodene Sheik 23 days ago
The cinematography for this scene was so good besides the awesome acting. You could feel the pain like a knife going through you. The tone in her cry; it was so real. There has been so much of crying in this series; these actors sure have talent & so much passion for their profession. 🙏 Thank you
J Brothers Vine
J Brothers Vine 23 days ago
You want more crying guys watch kill it
Lil Minhooo
Lil Minhooo 26 days ago
This drama was trully a masterpiece😭💓
Mariam Elsayed
Mariam Elsayed 26 days ago
Actually I cried alot when I saw this scene it looked very real and this ma fav scene in this drama and this is my fav drama
닉is뭔들 27 days ago
ㅠㅠㅠㅠ다시봐도 슬프다
LOVING__ BEIGE Month ago
My favorite Scene😓
Sofia Dela Cruz
Sofia Dela Cruz Month ago
when eun tak started crying I lost it :((
Adination Month ago
I’m here coz I just want to cry alooootttttt 😭😭😭 I suddenly remember this scene and it still gives me the same pain I felt when I watched it before. 💔💔💔😭😭😭
Saphira Month ago
To me, the ending isn’t a happy ending. It’s a bittersweet one, because you know that she has three/two lives left and he’ll live forever. She won’t always be around, and he’ll be alone forever
Jesika Month ago
the drama should have ended here. the last 4 episodes were unnecessary
구선희 2 months ago
When I say I’m sobbing I mean...I am literally sobbing.
Gillian Ackerman20
Gillian Ackerman20 2 months ago
it touches my heart its more sadder than anime deaths
Cha Cha
Cha Cha 2 months ago
😭 im still crying seing this clip /2020
NA NI 2 months ago
This is the moment that i cried
Kübra K
Kübra K 2 months ago
Its 2020 and i am still crying
ash m
ash m 2 months ago
what was the song?
Yanthi Argata
Yanthi Argata 2 months ago
I will go to you like first snow
Farah Ain
Farah Ain 2 months ago
i hate ur title but i love it hurm
Αναστασία Μάντζιου
It still hurts so much, I'm literally crying and I have watched this like 100 times! What a masterpiece!
Din Misman
Din Misman 2 months ago
This scene stabbed me in the heart u know. It felt so real
kim kimchi
kim kimchi 2 months ago
Can someone please tell me where I can watch the whole series
melips otaku
melips otaku 2 months ago
Visi Egiawati
Visi Egiawati 2 months ago
nangisnya bikin nular 😭😭
Aisyah 2 months ago
Imagine this was how group bangtan boys will ended between army n bts.
Eboy Iluhaiman
Eboy Iluhaiman 2 months ago
that tears.. daebak!
Sj 11
Sj 11 2 months ago
Sukanya Siva
Sukanya Siva 2 months ago
The heartbreaking momen😢😢😢😢😢t💔i cried like a baby at late midnight........ i cant cantrol my tears...... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Flower sunshine
Flower sunshine 2 months ago
Again and again i watch this scene,always cry 😰😰😰😰
konthoujam hiyang
konthoujam hiyang 3 months ago
Why this man have to die in every movie, serial. It really breaks my heart. His acting really I have no words to say. He deserves an Oscar award.
Jaderade T
Jaderade T 3 months ago
ugh this was sooooo saaddddd but ....he looked so tired...it was time...
Chan Aribam
Chan Aribam 3 months ago
Anyone in 2020 (april) 😭😭😭♥️
Ayesha Month ago
unicorn unicorn
unicorn unicorn 3 months ago
This scene made me cry asf😭😭😭😭
Titan Hero
Titan Hero 3 months ago
This scene didn't make me cry cause I'm numb but still the acting is superb her cry is perfect, you can feel her pain I still have 7 eps till I finish this drama
Rodolfo Jr. Lazo
Rodolfo Jr. Lazo 3 months ago
This part is a heartbreaking one I can't get over with this I keep on crying because it hurts😭
Itsme cutey
Itsme cutey 3 months ago
where i can watch this?
K P Month ago
It is available on netflix! Definitely a must watch!
Mandy San
Mandy San 3 months ago
fi Nabila
fi Nabila 3 months ago
I feel the pain
Saidi Sandi
Saidi Sandi 3 months ago
Kasihanya goblin meninggal
Saidi Sandi
Saidi Sandi 3 months ago
Kasihanya goblin meninggal
min miya
min miya 3 months ago
No cry challange
kaoula 3 months ago
Please what's the song ?
sparklemin 3 months ago
It is sad. But i dont cry pls tell me im not the only one who dont cry
abdelghani sahraoui ben sedira
حلقة جميلة وممتعة
Lar Chayada Soirrab
Lar Chayada Soirrab 3 months ago
Nazri Yusa
Nazri Yusa 3 months ago
My ship😭😭😭
PT Wanderer
PT Wanderer 3 months ago
When you realize that this story is a tragedy because Eun tak after this life only has three more lives left while the goblin will remain immortal.
Never Alone
Never Alone Month ago
there are analysis about how eun tak is actually incarnation of god’s daughter, an angel.
han 2 months ago
He will always go to her at first snow! He made a promise. Where she goes, he follows.
Tanga Not
Tanga Not 2 months ago
나교이 his punishment is indeed over but he remains immortal and the only thing that can end is his immortality is no longer there.
megan kiuuu
megan kiuuu 2 months ago
okay but...couldn’t he just like you know, return to the afterlife after all of euntaks lives are over? the Almighty said his punishment was already over...
Duy Lê Đức
Duy Lê Đức 3 months ago
After all of Eun Tak's lives, he will be literally forever alone again, not even a single friend like Wang Yeo or Deuk Hwa. I hope the God will do something for his sake after saying that he was her "child".
Iris Blanco
Iris Blanco 3 months ago
2020 y aun no supero este K-drama 😭
Tyuza andTyuza
Tyuza andTyuza 4 months ago
I can't move on with this movie😭😭😭😭 FOREVER LOVE😭😭❤️❤️❤️💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
Wai Sel
Wai Sel 4 months ago
I had goosebumps . I my god .
BAE BAEXO 4 months ago
Septiana Ambarwati
Septiana Ambarwati 4 months ago
2020 and still crying:((
John 4 months ago
I'll be honest. Did not like this crying scene- Too much aspiration and it sounds like she's sneezing and dying.
Deo Sanchez
Deo Sanchez 4 months ago
AJEON __ 4 months ago
People disliked this because it made them cry so much the couldn't see the difference between the like and the dislike button 😭🤦🤷
Nur Haninah Harun
Nur Haninah Harun 4 months ago
It has never been easy to lose someone. She had done a great work to express the feelings. The best actor.
디비리리립 5 months ago
which country are you from? i just wonder😊
Alexis Jainet
Alexis Jainet 5 months ago
2020 and still can’t get over this drama
เดือน 5 months ago
NEO LIGHTS 5 months ago
When ailee starts singing...
siti fatimah
siti fatimah 5 months ago
sad moment
SHARKARS _YT 5 months ago
Gabriela Guerrero
Gabriela Guerrero 5 months ago
2020 and I still crying 😭😭
Siti Mariam
Siti Mariam 5 months ago
izin serh
Emely Garcia
Emely Garcia 5 months ago
This last part always hits me
F P K 6 months ago
2020 and i still love this so much. Eun tak cried her heart out. Omoo I can't handle this. Kim go eun you're such versatile actor. Gong yoo..... I don't have the dignity to praise about you. I love you so much.
Siti norhafizah Hanafi
It look so real....
Shah Jehan
Shah Jehan 5 months ago
Erotic movie
Baby Wolf
Baby Wolf 6 months ago
2020. Still heartbreaking
Bridget Gomes
Bridget Gomes 6 months ago
still crying soo harddd
Sachi Gaming
Sachi Gaming 6 months ago
Siti Sarah Hakim
Siti Sarah Hakim 6 months ago
Wow such bleeding wow
Ari Faisal
Ari Faisal 6 months ago
So cray
Renee 6 months ago
Best Drama
Mikazuki Cayuna
Mikazuki Cayuna 6 months ago
Last month of 2019 but i am still crying of this😭
maya 6 months ago
where real men cried
froopyz 6 months ago
the acting is so raw, truly a cinematic masterpiece. usually in every movie a death consists of slow, painful tears. but in this, you can actually hear her sobbing, her throat clogging up struggling to breathe through her sobs. amazing
plsyoon 18 days ago
it’s so amazing
Nodene Sheik
Nodene Sheik 23 days ago
I could not have described it any better. Brilliant acting
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