GOBLIN Ep 2 - Rescue

Kim Hyeung
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May 13, 2017




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Comments 30
Elisabeth Kittel
Elisabeth Kittel 26 days ago
please upload again the whole series of Goblin
GIAN ARISTO LIM 2 months ago
The music makes it felt so magical
Luisa Cruz
Luisa Cruz 2 months ago
The cinematography here is sooooo perfect!!
KR Zi-O 2 months ago
Why lie ? If you don’t have full episodes , don’t post it as full episodes. This is like the third channel that says full episodes and not one full episode that I can see.
Shahnaj Akhter
Shahnaj Akhter 3 months ago
Please upload all the episodes of goblin...i am tired of searching..
Raymond Farmer
Raymond Farmer Month ago
@s. y. Yes and if you understand Sanish, it starts with ep5, can't get English
s. y.
s. y. 2 months ago
iirc they were available for free to watch on viki app
dean park
dean park 2 months ago
Me too
fluff.y babies_.
fluff.y babies_. 3 months ago
The most epic sceneeee🥵🥺🥺🥺😆♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Eljay Atienza
Eljay Atienza 4 months ago
.. Kaganda..
Eljay Atienza
Eljay Atienza 4 months ago
.. Kaganda..
Arjhay Palma
Arjhay Palma 5 months ago
The best scene in kdrama
Sweetest Downfall
Sweetest Downfall 7 months ago
this is actually my FAVOURITE part!!
creativecakes 8 months ago
Best scene EVER!
Irma Dizon
Irma Dizon 9 months ago
love this scene
Natalia 10 months ago
Come straight to 2:17
Erika Esparas
Erika Esparas 10 months ago
This scene is so ICONIC👑
CT 10 months ago
It's been two years and no other scene can top this one for me. Just superb~
xoxo 11 months ago
sheena angeles
put goblin in netflix please please please,,, thank you very much
Raymond Farmer
Raymond Farmer Month ago
@Manpreet Kaur and not all epsodes in Englishg, so if you undertand other languages ou are in luck
dean park
dean park 2 months ago
@Manpreet Kaur ive tried to look for it but can't find it
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur 2 months ago
@dean park it is on viki
dean park
dean park 2 months ago
Its not everywhere am tied of looking for it
Taryn Lambert
Taryn Lambert 11 months ago
@thatfangirl .2364 it's not there
Falone Exo l
Falone Exo l Year ago
The most amazing is they have the same height 1m84
Dez Girl
Dez Girl Year ago
Never get tired of this show!
Donna Decipolo
2019 hahaha
phing amar
phing amar Year ago
June 17,2019.. Na punta ako d2 dahil sa #bLade mAn
ankita kawale
ankita kawale Year ago
Idzni Year ago
I dont like you
diana dipayen
diana dipayen Year ago
If all of you want to wash full movie go to the official page untitled viki.com and search goblin
Gulistan Gulistan
When u will upload episode 2
Masiat Haider
Masiat Haider Year ago
Gulistan Gulistan kissasian
Sputnik Geller
Please some1 tell me where I can find 2nd and the rest episodes of goblin??? Iam dying here!😣
kee kee
kee kee Year ago
U can watch the full drama with subtitles on 'Daebak Drama'.....
Dinthanliu Rongmei
mi 2
5HINee World
5HINee World Year ago
@Megan Perney yep... It's strange.. hope it works soon for you😅
Megan Perney
Megan Perney Year ago
@5HINee World it works on a different show! How strange.
5HINee World
5HINee World Year ago
@Megan Perney They appear as soon as the video starts...Then In the same site try opening another drama and see whether subtitles are working or not..
Merry yangfo Merry yangfo
Pls full ep someone pls..
Norhidayah Md isa
watch in facebook
5HINee World
5HINee World Year ago
enialha gaba
enialha gaba 2 years ago
Valhen Rico
Valhen Rico 2 years ago
Nothing full episode im so tired to search 😣😥
shehzy choudhry
shehzy choudhry Month ago
@5HINee World thank you
priya chhantyal
priya chhantyal 3 months ago
@Shahidul Haque Hamidi still couldn't find one
Brooke 2000
Brooke 2000 9 months ago
5HINee World omg thank you so much nothing was working cause I'm in Australia but this does
Norhidayah Md isa
u can watch in facebook
Shahidul Haque Hamidi
U can watch it on iflix
Sohel Bagwan
Sohel Bagwan 2 years ago
Goblin's drama ke all episodes plz plzzzzzzz jaldi upload kre
Masiat Haider
Masiat Haider Year ago
Sohel Bagwan kissasian
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