Goblin : All Kiss Scene

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Read the description if you want to know which scene is in which episode
0:00 Ep 6
0:28 Ep 10
1:18 Ep 12
1:26 Ep 12
1:37 Ep 13
2:08 Ep 15
2:58 Ep 15
3:07 Ep 15
3:49 Ep 16
4:18 Ep 16


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Jan 24, 2017




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Comments 447
JaneCassiopeia 2 years ago
Song: Heaven Artist: Roy Kim
ettols ettols
ettols ettols Year ago
I'm obsessed with Roy Kim's ''Only then'' song rn
JaneCassiopeia 2 years ago
Tear The Blood That's right. Thank you for correcting it. I'll fix it
chic 2 years ago
JaneCassiopeia The first kiss is in episode 6 not 1.
I really don't like such big age difference but idk y but i m loving this
u got no jams
u got no jams 16 days ago
Age gap: 12 years My parents: 30 years
Yanna Luna
Yanna Luna 17 days ago
Gabriel Alena
Gabriel Alena 19 days ago
3:07 my favorite scene😂😂💝💝
Kim Jisoo
Kim Jisoo 15 days ago
Margarita Feliciano
I love u
Olene Howards
Olene Howards 21 day ago
I was sad waiting for the kisses but cried a lot when they kissed and reminded me how single I am
Fof F
Fof F 21 day ago
I really feel that I be single forever And i will die alone 💔
Sean Su
Sean Su 18 days ago
Poor you nvm im lonely forever too ;-;
Krizie Month ago
Sorry, but I can't feel anything when Kim Shin and Eun Tak kiss, it's miles away from "man or alien kiss" in coffee prince. That kiss was full of emotion and tenderness. Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye's facial expressions were just so impressive before and after the kiss. Goblin would be perfect if: 1. Yoon Eun Hye instead of Kim Go Eun (I have nothing against KGE, but her chemistry with Gong Yoo is so off) 2. Add all the skinship, canoodling and fiery kissing scenes from Coffee Prince.
Rania algerienne
احاااااي هكا الناس يبوسو؟ ؟؟ هدي تسميها بوسه
Dappie pie
Dappie pie Month ago
Sana oll eun tak
Aline Vilar
Aline Vilar Month ago
Qual o nome do Dorama 🙌😻😍
AMOR Month ago
Hello Misya
Hello Misya Month ago
auww..so sweet😭❤
Still the best drama for me.
Justine Nuesca
Justine Nuesca Month ago
1:12 - 1:21
MirianOliveira Month ago
O secretário era divertido
maggie Month ago
Why do I do this to myself🥺
Amelia Rosalina Blackblood The Hedgehog
This is so cute and adorable
Ellie choi
Ellie choi 2 months ago
They can’t kiss
Marga Pearson
Marga Pearson 2 months ago
I wsh i could met gong yoo
Sazali Rahman
Sazali Rahman 3 months ago
Ammie G.
Ammie G. 3 months ago
Surprisingly Hotel del luna has similar storyline as Goblin. Plus minus few plots. Who has seen both ?
Melting Moon
Melting Moon 3 months ago
Elizabeth Ruple
Elizabeth Ruple 2 months ago
Accurate lol
Maria Eli Gwyneth Calibuso
Best kissing scene for me. I've seen korean dramas where they do the kiss but only to freeze. Jealous every time i watch this. I want that kiss from Gong Yoo.
Yesi Nuqilla
Yesi Nuqilla 3 months ago
i think song seung heon is more 'click' if he becoming goblin than gong yoo
Ratnalestari Harjana
I love Goblin so much than others..so sweet
Still the best to beat.
Sairi Dutta
Sairi Dutta 3 months ago
It is really a good collations of kiss of this drama.
Park Jiminshi
Park Jiminshi 4 months ago
I Cry ❤️
Parody Life
Parody Life 4 months ago
3:09 no way you can't just kiss all of a sudden. Lol some one control my heartbeat
Roseli Vital
Roseli Vital 4 months ago
Eu estava assistindo o dorama Goblin derrepenti sumiu como vou assistir
Ana Beatriz da silva Montenegro Montenegro
@Roseli Vital baixar na play story!
Roseli Vital
Roseli Vital Month ago
@Ana Beatriz da silva Montenegro Montenegro como faço pra encontrar
Ana Beatriz da silva Montenegro Montenegro
Tem no aplicativo AD Doramas
ishan ahmed
ishan ahmed 4 months ago
Deniz Dincer
Deniz Dincer 5 months ago
Best movie
nicole flowers
nicole flowers 5 months ago
I feel so lonely after watching this . This drama is amazing
Jessie Herron
Jessie Herron 5 months ago
dewi syafeena
dewi syafeena 5 months ago
So sweet
Beth Mendoza
Beth Mendoza 5 months ago
Sooo I watched Goblin and I don’t really watch dramas that are like the magical type you know cause I know their will be like a cliff hanger ending and I just don’t want to do that to myself, but Goblin is like to good to be true I like that both couples have a happy ending but the Grin Reaper and Goblin won’t be bffs anymore cause the Grim Reaper isn’t the Grin Reaper anymore and he won’t be able to be with his sister because that’s not his sister anymore so it’s just a lot to handle but if I’m wrong someone please correct me so that I can sleep in peace again Thank You for coming to my TEDTalk
multistan blinkonce
multistan blinkonce 5 months ago
HES 40 SHES 28 WHY IS EVERYONE OVERLOOKING THIS (I’m kidding don’t take this seriously)
multistan blinkonce
multistan blinkonce 3 months ago
eychiryn I said I’m kidding....
H 3 months ago
12 years? Plus she's almost 30. Not bad 🙄
D.O Is my bias
D.O Is my bias 6 months ago
Where can I watch this drama?
Indah Irmawati
Indah Irmawati 6 months ago
yumin kitano
yumin kitano 6 months ago
3:40 that kiss always send me to my grave.. i wanna cry..
Jeik Helen
Jeik Helen 6 months ago
Uau que beiiiijo
Seggy Segundo
Seggy Segundo 6 months ago
Age is just a number
Büşra Çağılcı
Büşra Çağılcı 6 months ago
Bu dizinin yorumunu kanalımda bulabilirsiniz 💙💙
• babie •
• babie • 6 months ago
I'm fangirling! Ahhhhh
• babie •
• babie • 6 months ago
Am I the only one who felt like a third wheeling person? Just me? Ok
Myles Amores
Myles Amores 6 months ago
2019 anyone? 😊
kumpulan quotes keren
Nicole Montalvo nicolemontalvo41
The Goblin kisses nice 💋👄
My Hope
My Hope 7 months ago
Thanks!! Love it!!! 💜💜💜💜
Ainii salsabilaa
Ainii salsabilaa 7 months ago
marjorie aba
marjorie aba 8 months ago
Juin Saha
Juin Saha 8 months ago
does anyone know where i can see the drama...help plz
Sankar Bania
Sankar Bania 2 months ago
You can watch it on Dramacool.
malec.glitter 8 months ago
I watched Goblin 4 times and I'm gonna watch it again🤧❤️
Same. I can't find any other kdramas that will match Goblin. This drama is such an exceptional one.
Anju kunju
Anju kunju Month ago
@Blessing Amakor its available in Viki app
Blessing Amakor
Blessing Amakor Month ago
Where can I find it
Innocent Mask
Innocent Mask 8 months ago
still the best kdrama i watched❤️
in love
in love 8 months ago
I want to know the name of this song. 0_0
Somi Park
Somi Park 8 months ago
I'm crying right now! I miss them! 😭😭😭😭
mariel golben
mariel golben 8 months ago
Omg the last background
지호욱 8 months ago
Fadhl Ahmad
Fadhl Ahmad 8 months ago
Awas,drama ini byk dosanya
Aruna Siva
Aruna Siva 8 months ago
Where can I watch goblin kdrama with English subtitles
Jin Biased
Jin Biased 8 months ago
alyssaebueno 9 months ago
I am just starting to watch Goblin and looked at the main cast and the age difference is 12yrs! That is more than a decade but this drama is really good so I don’t really care.
Jin Biased
Jin Biased 8 months ago
if you think about there a plenty marriages with even more age different so it didn't bother me
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