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Cenk Bezirci
Cenk Bezirci 3 months ago
Being a good person is not coincidence 🙏 #respect
yo mo
yo mo 19 days ago
You missed the ultimate one where Dennis Law scored a goal against his former club (man utd) which resulted in them getting relegated. He looked positively depressed.
Saint-louis Delenx
Cenk Bezirici
Esraa1994 Hmb
Esraa1994 Hmb Month ago
joseph lumumba
joseph lumumba Month ago
Cio Babba ,,b y. Hi "J7uil
sipho cebo
sipho cebo Month ago
the music is a bit sad though
Topboxing Day ago
One of the few parts of football where respect is still a major part
Wandi Pratama
1.47 Sule wkwkwkwk
Elias17 Day ago
Falta el penal de Zarate a Velez. Ah no...
Jeremy B
Jeremy B 2 days ago
Where's Messi?
Alhassan Abdul Raman
LAMPARD goal hurt me bit
Alhassan Abdul Raman
Still luv his former team n he think past too CR7
prithivi narayan shah
And there comes suarez😂😂
Abulbasher Mocha
Abulbasher Mocha 2 days ago
Please make video between 5 minutes
Dominic Minick
Dominic Minick 2 days ago
James Rodríguez is just on loan
Asvin Chauhan
Asvin Chauhan 3 days ago
who is here after suarez being a little shit
Supong Kichu
Supong Kichu 3 days ago
Emmanuel Adebayor has left the chats 🙃
Don Morello
Don Morello 3 days ago
Victor Manuel Zepeda Portillo
El loco Abreu nunca festeja los goles.
Beatriz Kise
Beatriz Kise 4 days ago
Faltou o hyoran
Akbar Ruslan
Akbar Ruslan 4 days ago
RVN DXSQEIT 4 days ago
Ronaldo has left the chat at Juventus
5/10 Cricket Countdown
Suarez in first leg against Liverpool ,disrespected them Now, in 2nd leg Liverpool disrespected him.
OhRyan YouMaster
OhRyan YouMaster 4 days ago
Nursultan Partaev
Ебаный автор показал все, кроме самого празднования(точнее то, как не праздновали) дизлайк тебе жирный
Canal Secreto do Genésio Rosado
A famosa lei do ex.
xMuzza fps
xMuzza fps 5 days ago
tyron kach
tyron kach 5 days ago
And there is always one idiot Luis Suarez
Ritik Jain
Ritik Jain 5 days ago
What is name of the player in thumbnail.?
Youyou Cherrab
Youyou Cherrab 5 days ago
James Rodriguez
Susy Sanchez
Susy Sanchez 5 days ago
Who ever is going through the comments have a great day and night
Mohit Choudhary
Mohit Choudhary 5 days ago
This video doesn't deserve messi 😂
Ow Max
Ow Max 5 days ago
Legend has it he’s still saying bacca
Gamer Joe
Gamer Joe 5 days ago
Luis suarez celebrate on barca vs liverpool first leg
Abul Hassan
Abul Hassan 5 days ago
And then there's David Luiz who celebrated crazy against Chelsea
Moudy Mchemia
Moudy Mchemia 5 days ago
Respect with mean James Rodriguez
김태근 5 days ago
현타 오지게 오나보다 자살골도 아닌데..
Ade Rama
Ade Rama 5 days ago
Messi Argentina
Aryaman Jain
Aryaman Jain 5 days ago
Neymar agaisnt Barcelona!!😢😢😢
Van persie scored against former club Arsenal for Man utd.....
Leonardo Leite
Leonardo Leite 5 days ago
Qual a 2 musica que apareceu
Aya Walim
Aya Walim 5 days ago
While Ronaldo show off his pack after scoring against Man Utd.
Fikri Azlan Dab
Fikri Azlan Dab 5 days ago
@suarez pliss respect ur old club
Steven Gerrard left the chat
Perdylasta 6 days ago
Where is messi?
Pro Ty
Pro Ty 6 days ago
sub to me if you support Liverpool or any rivals to them
Arush Nepali
Arush Nepali 6 days ago
Messi scoring against barcelona *ERROR 404*
Ganime 6 days ago
Lionel Messi has left the chat
Joger Gerald
Joger Gerald 6 days ago
Lampard 😥
Bong Phea Roth
Bong Phea Roth 6 days ago
Abbas Tehfi
Abbas Tehfi 6 days ago
6:08 Willians skill move was 🔥🔥
Ricardo D
Ricardo D 6 days ago
It's not football, it's soccer
abdelmoughit essafar
the mixtape at the end please ???
Robert P
Robert P 7 days ago
idk it's the back ground music or what , this video is kind making me emotional
TitanKnxck 7 days ago
In Germany we call this an "Ehrenmann" 🙃 Wo sind hier die Deutschen?😊
Bram 6 days ago
Dont talk german, i have to learn that stupid language
Prajjwal Jain
Prajjwal Jain 7 days ago
Which song is it that starts around 9:20
NenadGames FTW
NenadGames FTW 7 days ago
Darude Sandstorm
Gerson Stannah
Gerson Stannah 7 days ago
Tu matas pra depois se desculpar ,quando é assim não marca.
Macdee Kays
Macdee Kays 7 days ago
Actually am in tears ,seeing this kind of loyalty
Imran Iqbal
Imran Iqbal 7 days ago
While Ronaldo over here celebrating his ass off scoring against Man U XD
Siamkimi Renthlei
sTaTIIc AJMIX7 7 days ago
I just scored against my former team yesterday
cali loc
cali loc 7 days ago
sTaTIIc AJMIX7 that’s good bro keep grinding you are going to make it one day !
Jose Luis Illatopa Arqueño
Xfin encuentro este hermoso canal Por cierto nuevo sub
Naushaba Binte Farin
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllll -The commentator when Cristiano Ronaldo scored from a free kick against lizbon!
Bush Kangaroo443
Bush Kangaroo443 7 days ago
Face reaveal
iXLRRR 9 8 days ago
5:54 waw thes is arabic voice☺
Fares Jasser
Fares Jasser 8 days ago
فاول رونالدو ضد مين 3:38 ؟؟
Fares Jasser ما اتذكر
Fares Jasser
Fares Jasser 6 days ago
+JustSomeoneWhoIsAlwaysOnRUvid متى لعب ريال مدريد ضد هذا الفريق في اي بطوله؟؟
Fares Jasser سبورتينغ ليزبون، اول فريق لعب فيه
Elti Kasmi
Elti Kasmi 8 days ago
Salute to Suarez that did not celebrate againts Liverpool on the first match
Frenzy Phoenix
Frenzy Phoenix 7 days ago
Why do you people post the same lame joke again and again🙄 (I hate it even though I'm a Liverpool fan...)
TheArmsDealer CW2
respect? lol theyre feel like shat.
TT N 8 days ago
So what? Are they going to never celebrate their goals against their former clubs?
Sourabh Abhishek
Sourabh Abhishek 8 days ago
Nice video Emotional
Luqshaker 8 days ago
David Beckham cant even celebrate
Nandella Anurag
Nandella Anurag 8 days ago
Then there are suckers like di maria and luis suarej
danny sumo
danny sumo 8 days ago
This is why we play... the beautiful game
maddy love
maddy love 8 days ago
Robin Van Persie not celebrating and standing ovation of the crowd.... Unbelievable love
J Hyper
J Hyper 8 days ago
mad respect to james for real madrid💔😭
First Name Last Name
J Hyper Even tho they weren’t kind to him in Madrid.
J Hyper
J Hyper 8 days ago
this video bro😭
James McCarthy
James McCarthy 8 days ago
First person I thought of when I see the title, Luis Suarez. Oh how it came back to haunt him @ Anfield on another glorious night for the 'Pool. Karma had its way !!!
Aman Panda
Aman Panda 9 days ago
MO didn't celebrate because of an attack on a mosque in his homeland leaving 300+ dead.
Alvin Söderberg
Alvin Söderberg 6 days ago
I thought it said mosquito
Grammar Nazi
Grammar Nazi 7 days ago
It was several churches and a hotel, not a single mosque
Arif Budi
Arif Budi 9 days ago
Wow. All people here comment english. But the title is Indonesia language. Amazing.
Icgaming 9 days ago
How about messi?😂😂😂
hose lujan
hose lujan 9 days ago
Why is it wrong to celebrate against an old team?
Jøséph Āntöñ
To show respect i suppose
fuck germandogs
fuck germandogs 9 days ago
Germany is nazis germany country help to Nsu and pkk germany kill everday muslim and Turks
Cire Selarom
Cire Selarom 9 days ago
Anime girls be like 0:36
ddmte 9 days ago
Rui Costa cried like a baby when he scored against Benfica, you should've added that
Alpha Pack Bishop
The one with RVP is the best, even the crowd acknowledges his effort and contribution to the club.
khang gia
khang gia 9 days ago
Robin Van Persie not do this with MU...why he did it with ARS....he had longer time play in ARS...ask him LOL
elisa nara
elisa nara 9 days ago
Lampard respect
Lengunhao Chongloi
it really touch my heart but wat to do its a part of game😥😥
IG Mylegasi
IG Mylegasi 9 days ago
PM Luis Suarez
Vlad Ionescu
Vlad Ionescu 9 days ago
And then there's suarez
izmalcheahmad 9 days ago
Most of them didn't even want to score but they have to. Huuuu :')
Anthony Joefield
Anthony Joefield 10 days ago
Cant wait to see cr7 score against RMD lol
Jose F
Jose F 6 days ago
I’d cry
First Name Last Name
Anthony Joefield me too
Lim Ray
Lim Ray 10 days ago
Scoring is their job, shudnt celebrate anyway. I dun see the waiter celebrating after he takes my order.
Jone Odden
Jone Odden 10 days ago
Baks baka baka baka baka aka aka aaaaa
Varun Kumar
Varun Kumar 10 days ago
Only Suarez is an asshole, specially when your former club is legendary club "Liverpool"
LiT 10 days ago
That goal from Lampard still hurts
RULLY BUAN 10 days ago
Suarezdog must watch this
Seka Beats
Seka Beats 10 days ago
bacca bacca bacca bacca baccabaccabacca ratatatatatata
Dean Ackles
Dean Ackles 10 days ago
Huge respect to all the players.....try to include suarez in my respect list but 🤔
DrOetker1991 10 days ago
If you love your club so much, stay with it!
mohammad haris
mohammad haris 8 days ago
Plus sometimes you might not get along with the Manager, forcing you to leave the club
Arcamenel Gaming
Arcamenel Gaming 10 days ago
In some cases the club itself wants to or needs to get rid of a player. Regardless it’s a sign of respect for the club and more importantly the supporters that took them in at some point not necessarily love.
STAY CHILL 10 days ago
Where messi
Zecuencia ☣ Games
1:40 si apenas jugaste en el real, vende humo hijo de puta.
Linar Khaybunasov
Linar Khaybunasov 10 days ago
И что теперь вообще не радоваться забитым голам? За карьеру игроки много клубов меняют
Caleb Goforth
Caleb Goforth 11 days ago
i couldn't imagine having to score on a club that i started at
Stanley Nathan
Stanley Nathan 11 days ago
Atleast Messi don't have to worry about this.. 😜
NenadGames FTW
NenadGames FTW 7 days ago
Or Totti 😜
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