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In Vegas, anything glows. Season 3 of GLOW arrives August 9.
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GLOW | Official Season 3 Trailer | Netflix
In 1980s LA, a crew of misfits reinvent themselves as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. A comedy by the team behind "Orange Is the New Black."


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Jun 17, 2019




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Comments 798
witchhunters 3 days ago
Debbie and Ruth need to be endgame
bobby brown
bobby brown 15 days ago
Awesome cast. Keep up the gteat work.
MariaO 21 day ago
These series are trash and will never replace the original... and always pushing the homosexual agenda in everything!
Nichole Month ago
Love it Netflix! Hate the ending. Hurry up with season 4!
Joe Wiewiora
Joe Wiewiora Month ago
not enough wrestling in season 3 of Gorgeous Ladies of WRESTLING. First 3 episodes had no actual wrestling.
MariaO 21 day ago
just trash!
Vihaan Ramesh
Vihaan Ramesh Month ago
I really liked the first two seasons. Season 3 just felt like a run of the mill drama. There was barely any wrestling involved. *sigh* one less show to watch now.
It’s just sofie
Ok this is random but I need Netflix to see this for everyone who LOVES flash Pls bring season 5 and 6 I need it in my life because I don’t have anything to watch there exept for those seasons
Mia maven
Mia maven Month ago
I love this show!💜
In Orbit
In Orbit Month ago
This season is soooo amazing.
Mac Box
Mac Box Month ago
Nope... it’s woke 🤮
Tammy Month ago
Omg it started good but by outward bound they literally through every gd sjw victimhood man bashing b.s. into that episode. Wtf is wrong with Netflix. I would have been fine if the didn't shove everything into it.
zebda Max
zebda Max Month ago
Netflix security is very weak I lost my account, credit card data is at risk Very bad security
Cameelah Carter
Cameelah Carter Month ago
Im just knowing now this came back
Mujtaba Azim
Mujtaba Azim Month ago
This show literally has the best music and characters. That's what makes it so good.
Megazell 2 months ago
They need to stop fucking around and cast Mark Maron as Stan Lee.
lucky 13
lucky 13 2 months ago
am i alone? i loved this show til season 3..no it seems forced and i do not care about the storylines
lucky 13
lucky 13 Month ago
@Just Being Random are you talking about me? if so it has nothing to do with my reasons for not liking it
Just Being Random
Maybe this show isn't for you then. The whole speech about being a so-called agenda is just an excuse saying you're homophobic. If it was three girls having a threesome, you wouldn't say a word about it because it's a titillation.
lucky 13
lucky 13 Month ago
@Stan Ford i completely agree
Stan Ford
Stan Ford Month ago
lucky 13 You Are Not Alone. It seems that this show is more about the transgender agenda than wrestling this season. to me they seem to be jumping the proverbial shark. and I don't care what somebody wants to do in their own bedrooms but damn if it doesn't seem like you're throwing this down our throats. I couldn't even finish the season after that nasty guy guy girl bisexual three-way actually it was three men in that group because that woman is actually a man in real life. Either way it just was a little too much for me I'm not cool with having this forced down my throat
H. G. Wells
H. G. Wells 2 months ago
Netflix is about 99% shit. This show kinda helps prove that.
Shawn Scorpion
Shawn Scorpion 2 months ago
This show turned into shit.
daveheel 2 months ago
this is one of the few shows i find really binge worthy on netflix besides stranger things. easy to get hooked on these characters.
8 subscribers
8 subscribers 2 months ago
Best season and it only 3
Lars Nelson
Lars Nelson 2 months ago
S3: Rythm flat, story boring, humor gone. What the hell happened? What is that melodramatic bs? WHERE DID THE GLOW GO???
zinuron 2 months ago
Muy divertida! Amo la Vikinga! Buena música de los 80.
MegaAshWilliams 2 months ago
I had no idea that was Chris 'I'm a Libra' Lowell from BriTANick. Boy done good!
fgnfwgnfgfrnhp35y 2 months ago
This was by far the worst season from GLOW. I hope Marc Maron isn't involved going forward because he is a genius and this show doesn't deserve him (he is barely in this season at all). Any wonder why this season won awards? You can crap in a box but, if you dress it up in a rainbow flag and add a pro-zion messsage, it is easy to win awards apparently. What I noticed this season is that the actress that plays Welfare Queen is very, very talented and that the Ruth character needs to be redeemed. She is only sympathertic because you want her to stop being so entitled.
DEXTER GINETE 2 months ago
the best show in television
Rj Yee
Rj Yee 2 months ago
Why can’t Netflix get 2 broke girls? I always love that show and why can we have that too.
Jess Belén
Jess Belén 2 months ago
No thanks
Kriss de Valnor
Kriss de Valnor 2 months ago
"Oh, darling, I'm your daddy now" Glow s3 out of context
Nelson Gonzalez
Nelson Gonzalez 2 months ago
I’ve just binged watched all of season 3 ..... no spoilers other than ..... OMG!!! I want season 4!!! 🔥 🔥💥💥💥💥☄️☄️🌈⚡️⚡️
Why is everyone gay all of a sudden
Earth Quake
Earth Quake 2 months ago
I never been so ready then so disappointed in a season in my life season 3 was horrible
Blue Collar Men Productions
Bash loving magic was fantastic.
Leman Kurtz
Leman Kurtz 2 months ago
This show was good the first 2 seasons. The 3rd? ........Too much preaching and nobody cares. What the fuck were they thinking? Prediction: No 4th season.
Boomerang Trotter
Boomerang Trotter 2 months ago
The casting for this show is amazing, not a weak character in it, is there gonna be a season 4
ProjectGibix 2 months ago
Well if we were to point out the weakest character on the show with little story it would be the Viking chick.
Cantblendthis 2 months ago
0:00 - 1:19: hmmm not sure if this something for me ... 1:20: hears Roxette 1:20: I'm in!
Elnaz Qg
Elnaz Qg 2 months ago
😂 l lovet ❤️
Alex Dixon
Alex Dixon 2 months ago
Man they could have shown awesome kong fully nude at least once ....
Far too busy
Far too busy 2 months ago
What happened tranny bs racisim its a wrestlung show how do you f that up?
Doug T
Doug T 2 months ago
This went from being a show about women's wrestling, to just another bullshit preachy drama show. Absolutely hated this season, you've sucked all the fun out of it.
I hate Dany.
I hate Dany. 2 months ago
I love Glow, with that said I don't really like this season as much as season 1 or 2.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 2 months ago
In Soviet Union we watch pylat.
Daniel Castillo Ruvalcaba
This has been my number #1 since day one! I am so happy where the story went this past season!
billybrooks1 2 months ago
Geena Davis forgot how to act... sad
MahdiRanger 2 months ago
Where the fuck did the wrestling go! I thought we were going to dive deeper into the drama that is in wrestling, promoters being shitty, putting another wrestler over, lies about matches, and outcomes... This season did a 180%. Has little to nothing to do with wrestling! Fuck this show now.
SUSHIL TIRKEY 2 months ago
Holy shit almost all character arcs were completed to wholly I have a proud tear for this show.
Strong as Tower
Strong as Tower 2 months ago
1 season - nice...2 season...really well...3 season...homo promotion and Ruth, who go back to beggining...most dissapointing ever
Tushar Vasandani
Tushar Vasandani 2 months ago
Sam for an oscar
babalon 777
babalon 777 2 months ago
This is the most misleading trailer I can think of. You make it look exciting and fun but this season is a total bummer. PLEASE FIX IT! I WANT FUN LIKE YOU PROMISED IN THE TRAILER! Thank you. Oh, and where is the WRESTLING?
Victoria 2 months ago
HOW DARE RUTH...that’s all I have to say, ASLO Netflix there better be another season.😤
2012XF3 2 months ago
Why cant i watch it...
arjun murali
arjun murali 2 months ago
I have finished watching whole season 3 and I can't wait for 4!!!!
Iffeany260 2 months ago
BEING a wrestling fan, this was truly one of the best shows I've watched that's about wrestling. Very underrated its a show that wrestling fans will love because we understand what's sport entertainment and the scrafices that these performers go through.
Iffeany260 Month ago
@Stan Ford yea well its still wrestling you fool
Stan Ford
Stan Ford Month ago
Iffeany260 the third season isn't about wrestling. It's about them pushing the transgender agenda and the gay agenda on everybody. Not to mention that a good portion of the lady wrestlers are actually men
Repulse theMonkey
Repulse theMonkey 2 months ago
Netflix has ruined this show. Used to be wrestling based fun. Now has soap script written by Diversity Police.
GuGu E. Michaels
GuGu E. Michaels 2 months ago
Man I was so ready for this season and my goodness, they fucked it up with the gay agenda. Jesus, when does it stop?? I can't turn on the TV, watch a film or TV series without the gay agenda being shoved down my throat. So yeah, I will not be watching season 4. I see Netflix caught the woke, gay pride train. Smdh
pollitical junkie
pollitical junkie 2 months ago
By far the dumbest show ever made! And netflix has made many dumb shows. This proves that leftists are completely stupid!
JGE Music
JGE Music 2 months ago
how is this dumb lmao, its just based on a true set of events.. how is that dumb haha
CVetteMan1111 2 months ago
Great stuff.... BUT, I am very disappointed in the final end credit. Stating that all the characters in the show are fictitious and that no depictions of real persons are intended. Anyone who watched the final episode and saw the final "ghost" knows without a shadow of a doubt that character clearly depicted Mark William Calaway. Better known as THE UNDERTAKER. The look, the style, the mannerisms, the lightning strikes, the thunder bolts, the purple boots, and on and on. Absolutely NO question, including the sitting up move in the ring. Give some credit to the Undertaker. A true legend. Anyone who has watched wrestling long enough would tell you instantly that GLOW character was done in the image of Taker.
MrUseless247 2 months ago
Just got through this season, and I love how they tried to give the other girls and new characters, just as much screen time as every other side plot. This is one of the few shows that has real diversity without it being forced. (Sexuality, parenting/family, religion, battle of the sexes, race, and so much more, and it's still funny, heart warming, and dramatic).
Suzy Banyon
Suzy Banyon 2 months ago
I’ve been counting down the days to my Season 3 BINGE!!!! Absolutely LOVE this series almost as much as the original GLOW. GLOW was a huge inspiration for me and many friends back in the day. It was the original inspiration for “Strong is the New Sexy” and this show is bringing sexy back! Very well done. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ PLEASE DON’T LET IT END! P.S. Would LOVE to see cameos from the original ladies who left a lasting impression on so many young girls. Thank you.
Timbo Quintus
Timbo Quintus 2 months ago
Third season is SHIT. It has tuned into a liberal gay propaganda to brainwash young people. Same as all netflix crap.
Ruth: i love u Sam: about the movie Ruth: that has nothing to do with it Sam: u didnt get the part Ruth: *fuq u*
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