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In Vegas, anything glows. Season 3 of GLOW arrives August 9.
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GLOW | Official Season 3 Trailer | Netflix
In 1980s LA, a crew of misfits reinvent themselves as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. A comedy by the team behind "Orange Is the New Black."


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Jun 17, 2019

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Comments 590
Joseph Acevedo
Joseph Acevedo 35 minutes ago
Geena Davis!!!!!!
Danny Dee
Danny Dee Day ago
Hoping for Zoya and Liberty to hook up...
Traveon Wilcher
We can finally see if bash likes boys
Kaelyn Cole
Kaelyn Cole 2 days ago
I love this show!!!!!
Henrique Ramos
Henrique Ramos 3 days ago
So much love 😍
Lindsay S
Lindsay S 4 days ago
This is the best show on Netflix that nobody's watching.
Marcie Conrad
Marcie Conrad 5 days ago
I am so READY ! I need Sam/Ruth to flourish this season!
salas7146 6 days ago
I'm so excited l can't wait to see glow season 3
SuppCarry_ [tragedyz]
Since the beginning of Glow I have the feeling that Bash is gay and I don't know why jesus.
Ethan Day ago
SuppCarry_ [tragedyz] definitely is. season 2 was littered with subtext about his sexuality. hope that story goes somewhere in season 3!!!
Viderson Figueiredo
Alguém aí fala português? Q venha logo a terceira temporada
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia 8 days ago
It’s 4:53 am and i just finished binge watchin... I CAN’T WAIT FOR S3 😫😫
We need trinity fatu/naomi
Hazy Swayze
Hazy Swayze 8 days ago
so ready for season 3 of GLOW :) thank you netflix
Jimmy Perez
Jimmy Perez 9 days ago
Can't wait!! Just got chills watching this!!
mclennon Skywalker girl
yassss!!!I CAN'T WAIT! I just finished yesterday!! and i can't wait! I was so dissapointed that there was only 2 seasons with 2 episodes!
Jeff Woodrey
Jeff Woodrey 10 days ago
The most heart in tv right now
boredstudent 10 days ago
Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling comes back!
Brandon Plaza
Brandon Plaza 10 days ago
Host Mo Berry
Host Mo Berry 11 days ago
This show is so good! Can't wait. They need more love!
AP Films
AP Films 11 days ago
I love this show so much. Especially a pro wrestling fan like me, this show has everything that I want and more. I hope this show continues for more than 3 seasons.
Iggy Pimental
Iggy Pimental 12 days ago
Can't wait!
Sam Morison
Sam Morison 12 days ago
I can’t fucking wait!
HidetoraToujou 12 days ago
I’m getting the vibe bash is a closet homo and just married the euro girl as a beard?
Feyza Guler
Feyza Guler 13 days ago
I'm ready for sam&ruth moments. I shipped them so hard😘
Feyza Guler
Feyza Guler 13 days ago
Emilia Márquez
Emilia Márquez 13 days ago
If anything happens between Sam and Ruth... it’s just not gonna be worth it
PammaChia 14 days ago
a 3rd season?!! ohmyyyyygo...rgeousladyofwrestling-ness!!
LadyMiss17 15 days ago
An entire month to wait is soooo long
thegenerel 15 days ago
The Zoya/Liberty Belle double turn looks like a great storyline.
Kali Santi
Kali Santi 15 days ago
Can't wait for this to come back. Been too long!
TheWalking Quadriplegic
Dayum I started watching on Saturday and finished both seasons
Tristann Robles
Tristann Robles 16 days ago
I hope this show finally get popular so girls can interest in wrestling and beat my ass
Patricia Hall
Patricia Hall 16 days ago
Scott Kehoe
Scott Kehoe 17 days ago
I love this show. I even buy the comic books.
Lars Nelson
Lars Nelson 17 days ago
Dominique Marita
Dominique Marita 17 days ago
Yes! I have enough time to re-watch the first 2 seasons. This is one of my favourite shows on Netflix 🤗🥰
Juggla Assassin
Juggla Assassin 17 days ago
I love this show! It's so awesome they made a show about GLOW. It fills in the gaps from what I remember as a kid. I remember the Rap, old lady tag team; I really hope they all landed on their feet, after the show rapped up back in the day. Glad to see they're covering the Vegas Era this season. Does that mean it's over after this one? The real show rapped up shortly after, if I'm not mistaken...
P A R I G O N 17 days ago
Aw shit, here we go again...
revisedreality 17 days ago
I hope this show doesn't suffer from the Netflix 3 Season Curse.
Peppermint Lazy
Peppermint Lazy 9 days ago
@Aviix most shows cancel after the 3rd season
Aviix 9 days ago
Whats that?
judetunes1 18 days ago
I'am looking looking forward to this much more then Orange is the new black last season.
Luko Dorious
Luko Dorious 18 days ago
wait there was a season 2 for this
Wwe evolution 2019
Wwe evolution 2019 18 days ago
How am i only seeing this now!!
Lou 18 days ago
more ruth and sam please
Hannah Whelan
Hannah Whelan 18 days ago
I’m so bloody excited!!! 😍
Dulce Roldán Miranda
Soy la única que shippea Ruth y Debbie?
SecretCommie 18 days ago
Sorry Glow went DOWN HILL Season 2. Season 3 isn't worth watching.
Cesar Pena
Cesar Pena 19 days ago
This show is so ultradramatic
Randall Skeffingtone
brooke6224 19 days ago
Funeral enthusiast
Funeral enthusiast 19 days ago
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