Gleyber Torres' HUGE game leads Yankees to win | Yankees-Astros MLB Highlights

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Gleyber Torres became the youngest AL player to drive in five runs in a postseason game, pacing the offense in the shutout win
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Published on


Oct 13, 2019




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Comments 964
Gene Spight
Gene Spight Month ago
We just don’t have it. We had a great year maybe we can come back if not it’s ok . It’s just a game Tell my TV that🤣🤣 tv
Mag neto
Mag neto Month ago
No one beats my Astros!!!
Mag neto
Mag neto Month ago
@nikesback Much better than the Yankees yes I agree.
nikesback Month ago
Their starting line up is totally rigged. You cant have that many super stars in a single line up... They're probably paying altuve 50cents an hour.
DeeJay Phonzo
DeeJay Phonzo Month ago
Here after game 4 just to read some of these delusional NY fans lol
The Saminater
The Saminater Month ago
D Tomo
D Tomo Month ago
Enjoy it Yanks, it'll be the only win you get in this series.
Justin Naranjo
Justin Naranjo Month ago
@D Tomo TakeItBack!!!!!!!
D Tomo
D Tomo Month ago
@Daniel Rodriguez lol!!😆😆😆😎
Daniel Rodriguez
You could be right lol GO STROS!!!
Tye Nielsen VO
Tye Nielsen VO Month ago
Has anyone seen Gleyber Torres' Yankee sports water commercial on TV?
Luís Colon
Luís Colon Month ago
Saludos desde Villalba puerto rico
Luís Colon
Luís Colon Month ago
Saludos desde Villalba puerto rico
Paula Zamora
Paula Zamora Month ago
Alguien q me diga quien gano ayer el partido de beisbol, astros y YN.?xfis!!!
Stationary Wilburys
How can that actually be the Yankees’ play-by-play announcer?
Maria V Solis
Maria V Solis Month ago
To Houston Astros Series safe travels and come back home as winners . 💯💯💯💯💯
Maria V Solis
Maria V Solis Month ago
All things are possible for Houston Astros Series in Jesus Christ name and be blessed with God's unconditional love and prayers and thoughts are with you all Houston Astros Series. Have a great blessed trip and come back home as winners. 🤩🤗🤩😊😎🔥💥🔥💯💯👃👁️👁️
Maria V Solis
Maria V Solis Month ago
Shhhh. Go Houston Astros beat Yankees baseball games. 😉😎😎💓💓💯💯🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥💥
Glapiciita Gonzalez
Yankee 💪
Luisa Cruz
Luisa Cruz Month ago
OMAIGAT!! El 95% de los jugadores de baseball gringo tan como el doctor los receta!! SUMANIFICA! DIO' BENDIGA LO QUE VEN MIS OJOS! ♥
Mic Tactical
Mic Tactical Month ago
F the Yankees! And the annoying announcer
farandulero jajajajaja
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Month ago
2:17 joe buck showing excitement
Ruben Baez
Ruben Baez Month ago
The Yankees got lucky in luck doesn't win championship
Comment God
Comment God Month ago
we gon win it all on god
BlackAF1s _
BlackAF1s _ Month ago
Comment God 3-1
Comment God
Comment God Month ago
on god yall f'd up
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Month ago
The Great John Sterling On The New York Yankees Radio Network
okow tina
okow tina Month ago
As a Rays fan I’m rooting for the Yankees
BlackAF1s _
BlackAF1s _ Month ago
okow tina 3-1 🤒
Sammy Lomax
Sammy Lomax Month ago
Joseph Agent Araiza
okow tina
okow tina Month ago
3 to go...
Mike5 Month ago
Yankees pitcher is Foreeal.
Los Rizos de Yoli
Victor Marquez
Victor Marquez Month ago
This team needs way bettet batters instead of just swinging a bat like crazy
Victor Marquez
Victor Marquez Month ago
See i know what iam talking about i know i was right no home runs no win one home run is not going to help you win
ProSkills216 Month ago
Thank you god. Tim Mccarver is GONE!!!
Collin Hearne
Collin Hearne Month ago
mixio hili
mixio hili Month ago
Hope everyone had a spectacular Gleyber Day yesterday
Jose Manuel
Jose Manuel Month ago
Like si heres Dominicano
As I have been saying all along the Yankees are scheduled to win the World Series this year by MLB! They pick who they want to win according to getting fan interest in the big cities to generate income.
inreach38 Month ago
No one beat Masahiro in October 💪👍
mixio hili
mixio hili Month ago
All you yankee haters better get used to seeing aaron judge's gap toothed smiling chipmunk face. It's gonna be everywhere because the Yankees are back. Deal with it
Benjamin Guzman
Benjamin Guzman Month ago
When you live in Houston but love the Yankees...
JN336 Month ago
Get out of here
Scott Conner
Scott Conner Month ago
The Great John Sterling On The New York Yankees Radio Network
Scott Conner
Scott Conner Month ago
The Great Joe Buck On Fox Sports
Jomaru Joestar
Jomaru Joestar Month ago
That ending is so corny THHHHAAA YANKEES WIN LOL
john rivera
john rivera Month ago
Yanks in 4 don’t @ me
Justin Naranjo
Justin Naranjo Month ago
3-1 lol
sintwoOone Month ago
3 to go...
Simja Villalobos
Only a younger Venezuelan could replace Altuve! Caracas Power baby! Vamos vieja
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Month ago
Astros we never forgot 2017... Revenge is not over yet
sherri sanders
sherri sanders Month ago
Junior blanco vicent
Liam Month ago
This is the YANKEES YEAR #28 with Incoming 💪🏼
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Month ago
#7 on trending
Kyotosomo Month ago
aye trending
John-boy Month ago
Wow, five RBI's for Torres, awesome. Tanaka with a masterful game to control the big hitting Stros
JN336 Month ago
Yeah, you're pitching good Tanaka. You got pitches 4 inches off the plate and out of the zone called for strikes, but whatever floats your boat
Comedy Room
Comedy Room Month ago
Should've had Richards pitch the game.
Justin Everett
Justin Everett Month ago
Calm down yankee fans we had grinkie on the mound i knew were gonna lose cus he is trash. But now were gonna have our stud jv on the mound next and its gonna be whole lot different next game.
ThatHoosierGuy Month ago
Torres was the man of the game but let's not sleep on that double play from the outfield by Judge.
Jay Wolin
Jay Wolin Month ago
Everyone loved an underdog. Stros aren't out of this yet!
رزان الاموره
yas l good
Bob Heck
Bob Heck Month ago
Lou G=TRUMP2020 TROLL who trashed Yankees all year is kissing everyone's butt now! PSYCHO SICKO!
Sacramento Tv
Sacramento Tv Month ago
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Steven Brousseau
2:42most beautiful swing in baseball
Santos Arredondo
What happend whyt zack greinke
John Matzye
John Matzye Month ago
Please so-called Yankees -will you all quit saying we? The players are the ones will help win the W.S.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Month ago
#7 on trending
TheBatugan77 Month ago
Whatever happens...for at least the third year in a row, the NY baseball season has lasted longer than the NY football season. 😱😨😰😭
James Carlucci
James Carlucci Month ago
Bronx Style..
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