Giving Teachers $1,000 If They Can Answer This Question...

FaZe Rug
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I went to my old middle school and asked 5 teachers some trivia questions.. If they got them right, they win $1,000. Sounds easy...
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Oct 9, 2019




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Comments 7 656
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug Month ago
What’s your FAVORITE subject and why?
FrostTetseo Zx
FrostTetseo Zx 5 days ago
Computer Science
Chad Caldwell
Chad Caldwell 6 days ago
English! Because I live in Indonesia and people barely knows English like really.
Spongebob Is Watching You
Experiments are fun
Spongebob Is Watching You
Abdul Haq
Abdul Haq Month ago
I love any lesson with cover or supply because everyone messes about
Dorl 4 hours ago
4:37 *_"Kids counting to 1000 be like"_*
Mostafa Ayesha
Mostafa Ayesha 6 hours ago
I live in India 🇮🇳
Jojo Ziegler
Jojo Ziegler 7 hours ago
That’s amazing I love how he gives back to the community specially sense tearcher get pay very little
Camila Rodriguez
Camila Rodriguez 7 hours ago
5-5times5+5 I thought it was 5
Salem Aldosari
Salem Aldosari 7 hours ago
This video is rigged Even my mom can tell that. Don’t believe me 14:45 they cut the third shot because she failed so they recorded again when she actually scored. Cmon Brian your better than that I’m still a fan but don’t do us like that we know most of your vids are rigged I know it’s hard to make new content but don’t lie to your fans that love you
Yumi Ireland
Yumi Ireland 8 hours ago
We were always Taught that Burpees had to have a push up when you went down sad times
Sesumii 13 hours ago
Faze Rug is such a sweetheart to do what he does. Love being a part of this family. ❤️
Claire Wasserman
Claire Wasserman 13 hours ago
I'm in fifth grade and in my school we learnt onomatopoeia in grade 2
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 19 hours ago
What kinda run was that
Nobody’s Gamer
Nobody’s Gamer 22 hours ago
Ryan to the gym teacher: so for your second question you have to do 10 burpees in 30 seconds. Gym teacher: What’s a burpee?
JKAJ -Roblox
JKAJ -Roblox 23 hours ago
Did she just say go have sex at 14:13 ?
Charlie O Sullivan
The teachers are so cringy
Heer Modi
Heer Modi Day ago
He suddenly went from being invisible to being the favourite one in the eyes of his old teachers.......😂😂😂
faadumo nuur
faadumo nuur Day ago
Where did you make all of these money answer me plz??
faadumo nuur
faadumo nuur Day ago
Where did you make all of these money answer me plz??
Mischa's Unicorn Style
Im not smart but Im good at math and english and science
Armando Rodriguez
Hey man, what do you think about doing something like this at the local VA hospital for a disabled vet?
Keily Valle
Keily Valle Day ago
When you asked the Nelson Mandela question I was Like IK IT ! Cause I’m studying history 😅
Nathaniel Heenandez
No teacher in the world: Faze rug's middle school teacher: 13:57 dabs
Da Best
Da Best Day ago
4:24 she said n not a
Arjun Bansal
Arjun Bansal Day ago
That disgusts me: she is t doing burpees, she is just doing push-ups and jumping, she has to push-up, something I forgot, and then a *jumping jack.*
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 2 days ago
mrs.douglas threw the 4😭
alexiss 2 days ago
omg history teacher is *GUESSING* when Rome was founded
Exiiツ 2 days ago
i had to spell onomatopoeia in my 5th grade spelling bee and i was the only one who spelled it right
Cesar Perez
Cesar Perez 2 days ago
For the boys !! 🤟🏽
iWilliefv 2 days ago
Ok, i was so good watching your videos, and i love this video too, but the moment that you did the WHITE POWER' sign 12:22 that made me feel that this channel is owner by someone that think that white people have a higher level. You've got to say something about it.
rake loan
rake loan 2 days ago
9:23 he just cussed infront of his teacher ??
kids only tv
kids only tv 2 days ago
Did the gym teacher just do a dab
Ariq Zachry
Ariq Zachry 3 days ago
shoot i learned a lot of things from this video like, my school sucks man
sumit tewari
sumit tewari 3 days ago
Now every teacher is dtf when they saw money
kamo mo
kamo mo 3 days ago
I'm grade 7 and I do 10
kamo mo
kamo mo 3 days ago
I'm grade 7 and I do 10
Golden Asian
Golden Asian 3 days ago
I like how ms Douglas raised her hand that killed me 🤣
Rishi Kabra
Rishi Kabra 3 days ago
I loved the way he was running while showing the topic
Golden Asian
Golden Asian 3 days ago
These are not 6th grade questions
Hugo Solorzano
Hugo Solorzano 3 days ago
MineGamer 3 days ago
Rug it’s acutely 75% of the earth is covered I. Water
Boeu Diandrei Alfonso
I think the answer to the thumbnail is Y= -2x + 5
Hello People
Hello People 3 days ago
Nice 👍
Mazen Mohamed
Mazen Mohamed 3 days ago
It is very ironic that faze is telling the teacher "No Cheating"
Om Desai
Om Desai 4 days ago
Did the P.E. teacher dab after doing the burpees, jeez.
Harry Palmer
Harry Palmer 4 days ago
I called the first history queston
King Jasiah
King Jasiah 4 days ago
Great vid this really make me feel great
Usman Maidabino
Usman Maidabino 4 days ago
Buzzz Playz
Buzzz Playz 4 days ago
He went to my school
OnslowJ 4 days ago
The math teacher is such a mood lmaooo
Tiang Kemong
Tiang Kemong 4 days ago
I like your video bro,giving back to teachers👍👍👍
AM playz
AM playz 4 days ago
I am from India
Victoriagymnastics Queen
History 🔔 Rug: 🏃🏻 Math 🔔 Rug: 🏃🏻 English 🔔 Rug:🏃🏻 Science 🔔 Rug: 🏃🏻 Also rug: Oh yeah, did you do the homework? Lemme copy it. *writes with imaginary pencil and talks to random person* P.E 🔔 Rug:🏃🏻
oK.A.Y 4 days ago
7:50 I thought he was sniffing her butt
Kc’s Vlogszzz
Kc’s Vlogszzz 4 days ago
That’s easy and I’m an 6th grader they taught me that 2 weeks ago🤣
Lily Cakaunivere
Lily Cakaunivere 4 days ago
The PE teacher was like super confident the whole time
Cuh-lay 4 days ago
My fav subject is math or writing
Botazoid 4 days ago
Y=-2x + 5
Joseph Deleon
Joseph Deleon 4 days ago
Yeah Google is smart
Eli Taylor
Eli Taylor 5 days ago
The math problem wasn’t even worked out right on the picture for the video
Joshy 5 days ago
If I was I would make o dollars
Samantha McGinnis
Go Blue
NoobieMakeCombqz 5 days ago
She didnt do the burpies wrong
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